What you should know about Scientology...

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What you should know about Scientology...

Post by BTs2Free » Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:04 am

I wrote this up tonight in an attempt to explain to someone else about what I'd witenessed and experienced as a member of the Cult called Scientology. I felt that I should just go ahead and put most of it on here because frankly, it should just be known about. The facts need to be heard and more people need to start coming out and speaking up for sure.

Yes, I have witnessed first-hand, DM beating the hell out of people. Specifically, during the WIS? Campaign, (What Is Scientology? Book), this was in the mid 90’s, I saw DM beat up Marc Yager, who was the CO CMO Int at the time. DM was pissed at Yager because he hadn’t followed orders and that the book was behind target, etc… DM grabbed him, tossed him around the room, punched him, shoved him, screamed at him the whole time and then threw Yager out of the PDO exit. That’s Planetary Dissemination Org (the international marketing arm for Scientology), which is a division of Gold

On another occasion, I witnessed DM beat the crap out of Jeff Hawkins, who was one of the executives in PDO. I saw Jeff get beat up on a couple of occasions by DM for missing targets, and not following orders, etc… Screaming always, in addition to Dave having an entourage of goons and assistants around him at all times.

I witnessed another Int exec, Steve Marlowe, who has held all sorts of high positions in the church grab Hans Huber by the ear lobe and physically drag him through the Estates building, about 30 ft – of course Hans trying to keep up without his ear being torn off. Then Steve decided that Hans needed to be even further humiliated so preceded to scream which you could hear even through the heavy doors. Steve is no longer in the SO and I think I heard he was in Arizona or something with his wife Laura. I’m not sure where they stand in terms of Scientology though at the present.

Joe Jarchow, who had been CO CMO Gold for a while and then later was an Exec in Gold shoved me so hard once that I almost fell on my ass, I definitely went back a few feet, but I was ready to fight him and I think he could tell. I remember thinking that if this guy comes at me, I’m just gonna fight his ass and not care about the result. He probably could’ve taken me, but he would have left the fight in major pain.

Ironically, I have Scots roots, grew up listening to punk rock music and going to punk shows and here I was, a cog in a Cult! I think people could recognize that I always had a streak of this attitude in me, so people didn’t really get in my face and I was productive. That leads to why I was later promoted to being in high level positions within the Dept 3 (Ethics and Security sections) of Scientology.

For years, I was in positions responsible for reading through people’s personal mail from friends and family to make sure that there was nothing negative about Scientology or would make the person want to leave. For listening in on every personal phone call to ensure that nothing confidential or “out-security” was being said to outsiders about the happenings at the base or about ANYTHING about the base for that matter. When talking to family on the phone, there’s literally nothing you can really talk about because your whole life is AT the base, so all you can really say is that you’re doing fine and miss them and hope to see them someday, “Soon, I promise!”

Also responsible for finding “out-ethics” people within the organization, the non-producers or “down-stats” and get them to use Hubbard’s ethics “tech” to get productive again and if not, turn the screws on them with “ethics gradients” and “justice” actions until they became productive or RPF’d or off-loaded.

Responsible for keeping dossiers “ethics files” on the people which contained copies of Knowledge Reports (there’s Scientology policy that states that if you don’t write people up when you’ve witnessed an unethical action, you yourself become an accomplice to the crime and could get the same penalties or justice actions – HCO PL KNOWLEDGE REPORTS), also containing OW write ups (personal write-ups in your own handwriting admitting to your own “overts”, “withholds” and “crimes”. Also containing sec-check KR’s from “I am not auditing you” confessionals or even auditing sessions.

The ethics filing system is monitored by the MAA or Ethics Officer for fat files. Per Hubbard’s ethics policies the fat file points out who the criminal or even “SP” in the fold is. People with fat ethics files get investigated and at the Int Base we used what was called the “SP checklist”. This was a form – a checklist with all of the points that Hubbard listed as “traits of an SP.” Including a point to check if the person actually made case gain or not, a report you can obtain from the Case Supervisor (an SP makes no case gain per Hubbard). Anyone considered to have SP traits were immediately investigated in all aspects of their life.

Security guards at Int as well as MAA’s would do “berthing inspections” unannounced to the crew at the base and without them even being there. In fact, you had no idea that you even had an inspection at your living quarters, unless a security guard or MAA pulled you in to confront you on something they found in your room. These inspections are done in order to find out if people have any “out-security” or confidential materials, any TV sets, any personal computers, any phones or anything that would seem odd enough to question the individual. Laptops are strictly forbidden.

Also, responsible for “over-boarding” people, in fact, over-boarding entire divisions of Gold because their stats were down or because of a divisional flap. This, all based on Hubbard policy – Flag Order OVERBOARD which states, not verbatim, that a crew member may be over-boarded for basically creating flaps or being unproductive. This is done by the MAA and the Chaplain, which was held by Ken Hoden the Port Captain Gold. The crew member is allowed to take off his shoes, jewelry or watch and that’s it. You get pushed in by the MAA with the Chaplain reading something like leaving your sins to be washed away by the sea. At the base we used the lake and pushed people off of a bridge that went from land to a little island on the lake. One time the entire Qual division of Gold was over-boarded and the water was feezing cold. An elderly lady froze up in the water and couldn’t swim herself to the side and I jumped in myself and swam her to shore or she would have drowned. The Div 2 (money) Division and Cine divisions were constantly being over-boarded. If overts came up in O/W write ups or sec checks such as masturbation or something that resulted in a Hill 10 that wasn’t known about, they were publicly humiliated in front of the whole org and then over-boarded. This kind of crap was happening all the time and was enforced by Miscavige, RTC and the execs of the base.

The internal investigations and witch hunts became so serious that there was an RTC mission called the Int Data Base mission that installed a computer tracking system with everyones personal ethics information – so much for these files being “priest penitent – confidential” files right? In other words, you could log into a data base with every staff member and instantly get a summary of all of their overts, withholds, Knowledge Reports, major items from O/W write-ups, session KRs – including everyone’s outside connections, and the addresses and phone numbers of those connections if available. All of that info can be gotten from what’s called a Life History write-up that you fill out when you first join the Sea Org and this is kept in your personnel folder. Every SO member has filled out and knows what a LH form is. There is a section that literally asks you for the addresses and phone numbers of close friends and family in case they ever needed to be contacted “in case of emergencies” etc. A life history also requires that you write down every sexual act you’ve ever done and every drug you’ve taken including how many times. Life history forms are also checked on the meter “if you’ve left anything out” and cleared to F/N.

Can you imagine these practices being done in a business in the real world today? If Scientologists and SO members were allowed to have outside legal representation, heads would roll and there would be quite a few fines and prison sentences. This is all hidden behind “our religious beliefs” and thus protected by the Governments who recognize Scientology as a religion.

The Int Data Base mission went though every ethics, pre-clear and personnel file for everyone on the base and litteally culled out all of the juicy information and input in into the data base.

The connections section of the data base was also very interesting and useful for Ethics investigators and OSA because all of the connections were interconnected and you could tie people together who knew who and who was connected to who. In other words, if you had a friend named Joe Smith and he was also connected to someone else in your org the data base would give a summary of all the people connected to Joe Smith. We would literally draw out connections charts down to finding out who “outside negative influences” were, and who was being affected by them by connection alone.

Yes, people were also disconnected from family members who were deemed SP by the church or who were antagonistic towards Scientology and not “handling” on it. I personally had people disconnect from family many times because it was all based on Hubbard’s policies. You really are shaped into believing that there is this 2 ½ percent of the population that are SP’s and another 20 percent who are PTS - those connected to SPs and become the adverse affect of or even take on the valence or personality of the SP themselves. Hubbard described the SP in one of his policies as a “cancer’ that had to be “burned out.” Sounds like what Hitler and the SS propagandized about the Jews to the peoples of Germany during the holocaust.

I personally declared a couple of people SP who had blown the Sea Org. People who had taken off and never returned. Anyone blowing the SO or staff and not returning automatically get declared an SP and then they’re Fair Game. Scientology will say that Fait Game was cancelled, but it wasn’t, only the use of the term was cancelled but all policies on the handling of the SP were specifically stated by Hubbard to not be affected and still be enforced.

As well, I did many sec-checks, metered interviews and investigations on people within the organization. All because I felt I was helping people by getting off their overts and withholds. The Scientology film entitled “Confessional TRs” portrays the “beingness” or personality or identity of a sec-checker to be that of an angel (portrayed by a very charismatic woman). The SP in the film is the devil and the person she’s sec checking happens to be a guy who went to hell because of his overts and withholds, “sins.” At the end of the film, she basically sec checks him out of hell, the devil gets pissed off because he has nothing left to hold the guy there for anymore, the guys is freed and happy and the angel flies off in the clouds all smiling and glowing.

The problem with this “Tech” film is that it’s a complete misrepresentation. The film should go on to show how Scientology uses the information given up and extracted about yourself ,“all confidential” of course, and then uses it against you if you’re ever to question, speak out against or leave Scientology. The way Hubbard constructed this is really clever because he always had some technical explanation behind these “ethics” actions that were all supposed to be toward “helping” the person, or freeing them to be able to move up “the Bridge to Total Freedom.” You honestly believe that you’re helping people by sec-checking them as if it was a confessional to God. Only God can forgive us of our sins, but per Hubbard, that’s false because you can all get it off in Scientology, without the need of God’s forgiveness of course.

Additionally at the base, if you were considered to be PTS, you were put on the PTS list. In extreme cases of PTSness, you were restricted to the base and couldn’t leave until you handled or disconnected from your SP connection. One guy was restricted the base for months because his ex-wife had gone to the press about him not ever seeing his son or paying any child support. This was a major flap due to the fact that the guy was one of the Golden Era musicians and had been in a couple of popular bands back in the 80’s. His son who lived overseas with his mother was having epileptic seizures and needed his dad’s help. The mother was freaking out about the fact that this guy literally refused to help and being in Scientology was the problem, so she went to the press and a negative article was written about Scientology. Ken Hoden was the guy assigned to handling the situation and I don’t remember what the result of the handling was, but we were made to believe that this woman was an SP because she made a negative report to the press about Scientology. Years later I realized that this woman had every right to do what she did, and then some. I was appalled that I had ever been conned into actually believing and thinking the way I did. That poor child too! Here’s the clincher of this one though, the dad actually wanted to go see and help his son, but due to the fact that there were so many flaps on the musicians lines for upcoming releases and events etc., there was no way Miscavige was going to let him leave the base to handle the situation. Miscavige wanted the woman handled. I don’t recall how this situation ended or if it ever did, but it went on for months and months, almost as if Dave and even other ethics terminals enjoyed torturing this poor woman.

There are so many things to say and write about in regards to the Int base, I’m not even close to fully bringing to light all that needs to be spoken about and revealed. Even as I write this I’m pulling up memories that obviously I repressed and wanted to forget about.

I myself grew up in Scientology. My parents were Scientologists and it all started for my 1977. I went to Apple School in Los Angeles, which was a school that used a Hubbard “Study Tech” program to teach students. There was even an Ethics Officer on the Apple School faculty and KR’s were used by the students to report on other students. These are CHILDREN being taught at a very young age to write Knowledge Reports and keep a “watchful” eye on others. Kids would even be heard saying “Ohhhh, your going to Ethics!!!” I later went to 2 different Delphi schools including the one in Oregon which was like the “Int base” of the Delphi’s. After Bruce and Bonnie Bishop (the heads of Apple School) left Scientology and were declared, the Scieno parents immediately pulled their kids out of the school and most either went to Delphi, Larry Denison’s Academy, The Learning Connection, etc… Scientology conditioning started at a very young age back in the 70’s and 80’s. Probably even in the 60’s I would imagine. You grow up believing this crap. Luckily, I had a several year hiatus from Scientology back in the mid 80’s. I decided just to live a normal life, go to normal schools, have WOG friends, have a regular job, got my own place, etc… This is where I got some semblance of what people in the real world do and I liked it, but I also still believed that the planet needed to be “Cleared” and that we were in big trouble if we didn’t do it soon. Scientology being the “only answer” was always stuck in the back of my mind.

I later joined staff and then the SO and moved up the ranks from there.

It took me a good 4 years after getting out, to finally get used to the real world and start thinking and feeling like a regular person again.

I had nightmares for years, and occasionally still have one now and again. Dreams where I’m back in the organization and having to escape again and thinking how the fuck did I get myself back into this?

I had hardly any experience with real employment, only the skills I had learned in Scientology. Luckily, I’m bright, skilled as an artist and at computers and know what pressure actually means! LOL. So, I’ve managed to get myself into a comfortable position for myself and am doing very well. I’m loving life to the fullest right now.

My ex is still in the Sea Org. Which reminds me of the fact that we were split up for years due to her being sent off on a project never to return. Splitting up couples in the SO is very common. Divorces are encouraged all the time. Talk about splitting up the family unit and literally destroying the 2nd Dynamic! Having children in the Sea Org is strictly forbidden and if it happens, you either have to get an abortion and if not you’re either offloaded or sent off to a Class V org. I know someone personally who had a child and got offloaded from the SO. The husband however is STILL in the Sea Org and was made to divorce her. He never sees the kid and doesn’t even have to pay child support because her and his parents are both Scienos and being in the SO is the “greatest good for greatest number of dynamics.” Even if she wanted to get legal representation for child support and get this guy put on the dead beat dad’s list, she couldn’t, or she’d be declared or her parents would disconnect from her. The parents are both OT VIIIs. Shame on them.

I’m going to cut off here. There’s so much more to say about all of this.

Hopefully I’ve said some things here that will help others understand more of the inner workings of Scientology and the fact that the public at large only see glimpses of this from the outside. To most people, Scientology is just a joke and a weird cult, mainly because of Tom Cruise’s antics the other kooky Scieno celebs. This makes it even slimier and more evil the more I think about it because those airy-fairy, “theetie weetie” celebs have no clue what they’re actually representing and if they only knew.

When all of this gets exposed, and Miscavige and other top Scientology criminals get nailed to the cross of the real world justice system, what do you think Tom Cruise or Travolta’s going to have to say about it? “Oh, well we had no idea that this was going on. It doesn’t sound like my religion.” Well, wake up guys, because it is!

I hope more people who were at the Int base, in the SO or in Scientology come forward and start letting everyone know what happened and what is still happening.


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Post by SchwimmelPuckel » Tue Jul 10, 2007 12:42 pm

Holy shit!!! - I see that the tendencies I saw in the Guardians Office has come to fruition in the cult!

That was a hell'uva writeup BTs2Free! - Class action suit seems more and more likely!

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Post by BTs2Free » Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:26 am

Exactly Schwimmel. Absolutely none of what the GO was doing ever stopped. RTC and OSA took over those functions and the GO was "disbanded" as a PR move.

It would really be great if a class action suit were to ever happen. If a competent attourney or team was put together, there's definitely a lot of people who were involved and witnessed what went on on the inside to provide mountains of evidence to the courts.

You can count me in if this ever happens.


Hammering out of existence incorrect technology would include $cientology itself!

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Post by I'mglib » Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:52 am

According to your report here, and the stuff Chuck Beatty just posted about the RPF, this is one of the most messed up organizations out there.

Thanks for posting this, because between the beatings, the overboardings, the sec checks, the dossiers, and the witch hunts, you have painted a completely horrible picture. Everyone who thinks this is just a misunderstood religion should read this.

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Post by J. Swift » Wed Jul 11, 2007 7:40 am

BTs2Free, I recommend that you expand this thread a little bit at a time. Take your time, collect your memories, and add a post to this thread every few days. If you do this, this thread could become one of the most widely read threads in OCMB history. I say this because your writing is powerful and exposes the utter corruption and brutality that is at the very top of Scientology.

The great threads started by Blownforgood and Chuck Beatty have gone on and on. Chuck's thread "Hot INT BASE News! Ex-Int Staffers contact me!" has 85,000 views. What Chuck writes is what people want to read. What you have written is what people want to read.

People want to read the facts from people like you and Chuck who were there on the inside at the highest levels of Scientology. There is nothing more powerful than eyewitness testimony.

BTs2Free, let your words be your weapons against David Miscavige and Scientology. Tell the truth and people will be drawn to your words. You have begun a very important work here. Please keep adding your recollections to this thread. What you have to say is extremely important.

Thank you for sharing what you did. I hope you will turn this thread into a powerful series of messages about what you saw and experienced. More and more Scientologists lurk at OCMB and they need to read what you have to say. Do it for the people who are still in.


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Post by Wieber » Wed Jul 11, 2007 8:04 am

BTs2Free, I would just like to add that I hope writing this stuff down, whether you post it or not, gives you some relief from what you went through.

I hope you will see fit to post more of your experiences and thoughts.

Take care.
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
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Post by Patty Pieniadz » Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:20 am


Thank so so very, very much for your courage. I know what
it takes to write this stuff down and post it.

Big hugs to you!

Patty P
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Post by songbird » Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:25 am

As the saying goes, "sunshine disinfects."
Thank you for shining a light of truth on some of CoS's dark places.

Peace and blessings to you,
Mary Ann

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Post by moontaco » Sat Jul 14, 2007 6:28 am

Thanks for your post. I particularly like that you fill in background details for people who aren't yet familiar with such things as knowledge reports. That's helpful for people who've never been in and are just starting to learn about the CoS and its alternate reality. I hope you'll be posting more.

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Post by magoo1 » Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:45 am

BTs2Free----Great post! Thanks for ALL the detail.

Keep writing about your experiences. You'll feel chunks of junk blow off
as you write about it--------at least I have over the years. It's been pretty amazing, the deeper I've gone.

Thanks again for sharing all of this.

Good job on getting free!

Happy Week-end :wink:


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Post by BTs2Free » Sat Jul 21, 2007 7:49 pm

I find it kind of interesting that this posting almost made it to the third page with very few comments. Not even a comment from SuzanneMarrie?! Sorry if it's too long to read. Possibly I should have split it up in sections. IMO, this is the kind of information about Scientology that people need to know rather than some of the joke threads that hang around on the front page.

Thank you to those who took the time to read it.

There are definitely more things I'll be adding to this thread soon.

Hammering out of existence incorrect technology would include $cientology itself!

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Post by songbird » Sat Jul 21, 2007 8:01 pm

BTs2Free wrote:Thank you to those who took the time to read it.
Oh, no ... thank YOU for having the courage to post it.
Possibly I should have split it up in sections. IMO, this is the kind of information about Scientology that people need to know rather than some of the joke threads that hang around on the front page.
I didn't think it was too long at all. And it was very well written. This is the serious stuff, BTs2Free -- and it can be hard to read through, painful to confront. The joke threads and the threads about celebs are easier, and so they proliferate. But this is, as the thread title says, what people SHOULD know about Scn.
There are definitely more things I'll be adding to this thread soon.
I'm glad. Thank you. :)

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Post by opter » Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:47 am

Thank you for posting it.

I am waiting for the additions to this post.

Your posts are extremely important and interesting!!!!!



Post by Kilia » Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:10 am

Yes, BTs2Free ...please continue your story. :)

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Post by programmer_guy » Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:53 am


That was not too long to read.

If you want to post another one with further info I will read that one also.

Thanks for taking the time to compose all that.

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