Clark Carr,Greg Beha,NarcononStoneHawk,Per & Kate Wickstrom

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Clark Carr,Greg Beha,NarcononStoneHawk,Per & Kate Wickstrom

Post by behaser » Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:30 am

A year as almost past since I posted a letter to Clark Carr, Per Wickstrom, Narconon Stone Hawk and Kate Wickstrom.
At the end the letter I talk about playing ball, going fishing to catch that first bluegill, walking in the woods to see that squirrel in the tree, and seeing that big buck running through the woods. It looks like that’s going to happen this spring. (we already seen our first buck.) That was neat.
I truly believe we are on the right track. Of course there will be hi and lows but we will work through them. Currently there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel. I truly like to thank everybody that help me through some rough times.
Greg Beha

The following article was borrowed from ... 70122.html

Open letter to Narconon
by Greg Beha more
22 January 2007
Source: ... 6993d570c/
An open letter to Clark Carr, Narconon, Per Wickstrom, Narconon Stone Hawk, and Kate Wickstrom
Back in July I trusted you with my step-son's livelihood. I sent him to Narconon Stone Hawk with high hopes that you (your program) would clean him up of the drugs and give him hope and another outlook on life. My step-son also has a son (15months old), my grandson (I'm proud of!!) that deserves a dad which I hoped you would provide. My grandson needs a dad that will play ball with him, go fishing, hunting and be able to spend quality time with him.
I had hopes that Narconon was the first step to a long recovery. I took my step-son out of state and entered him into Narconon Stone Hawk, which I was told by your people that it was a 3 to 6 month program at a cost of $23,500 that had to be paid up-front upon entering "The Narconon Program".
For me $23,500 was hard to come up with, but if it was going to help my step-son clean-up his drug problems and give him a new outlook on life I was willing to go the distance.
In the first week my step-son was at Narconon you let him become dehydrated and was taken to the hospital. I didn't like what was happening but I was looking toward that light at the end of the tunnel.
When my step-son called and told me that he wanted out and that Narconon had Scientology beliefs, I thought that he was just a drug addict wanting out. I told him that I didn't care what they were teaching him, and what beliefs they inflicted on him just as long as he comes home without an addiction after 3 to 6 months. After 18 days you dropped my step-son off at a motel with $10.00 and "washed your hands of him".
I called you, talked to you in person and you think that you owe me nothing! You think you can walk into my life, take $23,500 and just walk away. I sent you an offer $16,400 that I could live with and you refused.
Is it your ambition in life to fix the easy drug addicts and the ones that do not conform to your lifestyle you just pass them to society, take their money and go on with your life?
You didn't want anything to do with me for 4 months. The answer was always the same, NO REFUND, I heard that so many times, it's beginning to sound silly. Now in November you want to offer me $7,500 so you can make a $16,000 dollar profit in as little as 18 days. I refused your offer and sent you a counter offer of $16,400, something I thought I could live with. You continued to think I'm a pushover and offered me $10,500, $13,000, $14,000, $15,000 and now we are at $16,000. My offer stands at $23,500.
Out here in the real world when a customer or consumer purchases a product or service and the consumer is unhappy with the product or service the consumer usually gets a full refund. It's not let's see how little we can give him to make the consumer go away.
When I first found Narconon I thought I found a Drug Rehab Center that was Sincere, Honest, Caring and an organization that was willing to help my step-son improve his outlook on life and leave the Drug World behind.
I was willing to give up $23,500 when I dropped my step-son off at your Center. Here it is 6 months later, my step-son would be getting out of your program, "drug-free" and ready to face the real world. I can see my step-son and his son (my grandson) running through the field playing ball, or down by the lake helping my grandson catch his first bluegill, in the woods watching the squirrels and seeing that big buck run through the woods.
Do you want to know what really is going on with my step-son and my grandson? Never mind, I forgot, it's all about the MONEY, isn't it. Human lives mean nothing!
Greg Beha
19431 Taylor Ridge Road
Glouster, Ohio 45732
gregbe [at] frognet [dot] net

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