Scientology covers up another OT suicide (Steve Brackett)

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Scientology covers up another OT suicide (Steve Brackett)

Post by Sponge » Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:50 am

Scientologists Continue Cover Up of Suicide

The Bluemel Reader 6 June 09 ... up-of.html

Previous breaking story from 4th June:
Rank and File Scientologists Cover Up Suicide to Protect Church Image ... er-up.html

Also: ... ck_check=1\

info and discussion also at: ... eath-47025


This guy "donated" MILLION$ to the cult.
Mind rape and financial rape. They sucked him dry and threw him off the bridge.


Standing behind Bart Simpson and the dwarf, next to fat-Alley....


BTW, Nancy Cartwright was scheduled to marry this guy in early/mid 2008 but it was cancelled. Was that before or after she discovered he'd spent all his money on the cult?

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Post by JohnS » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:43 pm

Apparantly the guy killed himself by leaping off a 200 ft
high BRIDGE! Was he trying to say something somewhat
poetic in his choice of suicide mode?

There are some who would maintain it was not the
leap off this bridge that really killed him; what killed
him was going "up" a Bridge of a different type.
Maybe he thought the only way to get off that fantasy Bridge was to
jump off a real bridge. So sad, there are many on this forum
who could have helped him without such drastic action.

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Post by Sponge » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:40 pm

Glosslip takes on the story:
Scientologist and Nancy Cartwright Ex, Steve Brackett Jumps To His Death — Cover Up and Conspiracy To Follow ... to-follow/


Post by Gumbythetruth » Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:07 pm

Sad to see another life tragically wasted. I wonder what actually drove this man to take his life. Something terribly traumatic must have occurred. It humbles me to see what many of us view as success in life can sometimes leave us so empty.

This man had it all. Money,power, respect and the knowledge his chosen religion had him on the right track to enlightenment. I look @ this mans picture and see a nice guy. Whenever something like this happens, so many questions arise with few answers. My condolences to his family.

Makes this poster question the meaning of "Success".

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Post by Simonymous » Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:19 am

Link #2 wrote:
It is truly sad when one considers that Brackett would not have had anyone, such as a relative or close friend, with whom he could have discussed his depression with. In the Scientology belief system, one’s “case” cannot be discussed with anyone other than their counselor, especially if they are an OT. That means Brackett could only talk about his issues with strangers or acquaintances at Flag, which is located across the country in Florida. Furthermore, OT’s are expected to embody the best of Scientology. So Brackett would have gone through this experience while feeling he must convey to those around him an aura of happiness and control. Also, considering Brackett’s money trouble juxtaposed against Scientologist’s belief that wealth is a sign of spiritual superiority, the pressure on Brackett must have been overwhelming.
This is exactly why Scientology must be stopped. This poor man was unable to speak to anyone. Psychiatry could have given him a better outlook, probably couldn't help the cash situation, but they could have saved his life. But no, psychiatry is "evil"... and this guy is dead.

It's twofold why he couldn't: PTS and money. Let's say he were to confide in a buddy from the church. Scilon Buddy, by virtue of his religion, would be forced either by his own fear of ethics or directly by the church to think, "this guy is going broke, he obviously has overts, how did he pull this in? I better stay away from him, he might be SP!" Remember, sympathy is in the realm of "dispose of quietly and without sorrow!" And next time Scilon Buddy goes to auditing, he's gonna write a report on poor Mr. Brackett for having problems.

Second part: money! Since he couldn't talk to Scilon Buddy, he might to to the auditors. Problem is, that takes a LOT of money. Someone who donates millions certainly won't get a cents-off coupon! When you go to auditing, you get regged heavily just after, making the money problem much worse.


This just makes me sick. I'm so sad for his family: his kids, his mother; and they don't even know how he died! Scientology cares so little for adherents, only about itself. Depression is a bloody horrible thing... anyone under its grip should never be denied help.
“...the injuries that {Hubbard} handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.” --Tommy Davis

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Post by probity » Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:19 pm

Consider the world told, lothar.
lothar on WWP Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide wrote:
Originally Posted by TinyDancer
TRUFAX: the OCBM thread on Steve Brackett has exactly 4 posts and exactly zero of them add any information. (Before you infract me at least tell the world that in fact I am the OCMB shitter-on'er ITT and no one else)
Having read entirely the threads here and at WWP, let me add one piece of information: Steve's first wife, Karen, died young of cancer. She is still remembered by those who knew her.

Steve was a dedicated scientologist who lived life on his own terms, aloof and seemingly willing to take on exceptional risk in the attempt to live larger than life. Perhaps some of this risk finally caught up with him.

Steve's passing brings my mind the LRH quote “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.” Suicide may have been Steve's way of making his own tomorrow, prompted by regret not of yesterday, but of today.

My best guess about Steve's response to eulogies on OCMB, WWP or at CC Int is he'd be the first one to laugh and reply, you STFU!

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Post by probity » Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:17 pm

WWP Anonymous wrote:That scifi cult really fucks people up, these ex's really think like this..
Suicide was prompted by him making a better tomorrow.
Not a better tomorrow, but his own tomorrow.

The WWP discussion centered on what prompted Steve to suicide, to link that "what" to Scientology. Whatever "what" was, filtered through Steve's Scientology mindset, won't be conclusively known. It is all speculation, even more so coming from people who never met the man.

Please not to be relighting the shitting contest, but don't misquote the "ex", generalize ex's into a class, then imagine you accurately judge the quality of their thoughts or thinking. That is Scientology's job.

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Post by J. Swift » Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:14 am

Scientology is supposed to allow a person to communicate to anyone about anything. Why couldn't Steve Brackett have flown to Flag, for he had a ticket and plans to go, and then said to the Chaplain or his Case Supervisor, "I need help. I'm in such agony that I want to kill myself and have already made plans to jump off the Bixby Canyon Bridge. Help me!"

What would have happened if Steve Brackett had asked for help at Flag?

IMO, the C/S would have immediately declared him PTS Type III (the infamous "Psych Break") because of course C/S' are smarter than psychiatrists. Brackett would have been locked up in The Fort Harrison in an Introspection Rundown exactly as happened to like Lisa McPherson. After a Psych Break (PTS Type III), an OT is a huge liability to the Cult. Scientology does not want its Tech associated with suicides.
Toward the end of my (military) service, I avoided out of pride any mental examinations, hoping that time would balance a mind which I had every reason to suppose was seriously affected....I cannot account for nor rise above long periods of moroseness and suicidal inclinations, and have newly come to realize that I must first triumph above this before I can hope to rehabilitate myself at all.

– L. Ron Hubbard
Whereas Psychiatry could have compassionately handled Steve Brackett in many ways, he was religiously forbidden psychiatric help and undoubtedly believed that Psychiatry would have harmed him. Thus, it appears to me that Brackett was trapped on the horns of a dilemma: If he admitted to being suicidal, his career in Scientology was doomed. Brackett would have been locked up in an Introspection Rundown and suffered therein some indefinite period of time. Would he have emerged or faced the same fate as Lisa?

If he emerged from the Introspection Rundown in one piece, what was his future in Scientology?

What does an OT like Steve Brackett do after completing the Introspection Rundown and a breakup with Nancy Cartwright? Add in his reported serious financial problems to this scene and he is no longer IAS Royalty. He is an ethics particle.

Would Scientology have declared Steve an SP to emotionally protect and shelter its $10,000,000 golden goose named Nancy Cartwright?

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Post by newclear » Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:45 pm

My condolences to the family. What a sad tragedy. Steve was a smart, hard working guy. If you have been in, you know how heavy the regging is, especially at Flag and LA. Anyone could fall into this trap, especially someone whose livelihood is real estate.
You're so screwed, so screwed, the Way to Slappiness is the way to flappiness.

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Post by Sponge » Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:14 am

This was sent to WWP apparently by a co-worker of Brackett......
I wanted to comment on the death of my former boss Steve Brackett. I never thought Steve was the kind of person that would take his own life and I worked very closely with him for two years. I spent many hours and trips around Los Angeles meeting with business owners and helping Steve develop the marketing and sales of his company. I knew he was heavily involved in Scientology and it was the reason I left his company to work for myself.

Scientology is a weird cult that sucks in good people that simply need something in their lives to fill a void. Steve's first wife died of Cancer years before and I know that left him very sad. It took him years to get over her loss. I'm sure the break-up with Ms. Cartwright coupled with the financial distress of his company was not easy to deal with.

It's sad that people get invovled in Scientology because it seduces them into believing there is a higher form of enlightenment to be attained. When in reality, Scientologists simply hide from reality and over a period of time, mostly due to the teachings of their "church", hide their emotions from friends and eventually become trapped by their beliefs, which ironically the "church" claims will make them happier.

It's tragic to know that had Steve not been involved with this cult, he may still be alive today! This should be a lessen to anyone that considers joining these radicalists. Steve was a ski instructor once and loved to tell jokes. He had a great sense of humor and love of life. They stole that from him, they took the best of him and left him with nothing and no one. ... post943511

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Post by Sponge » Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:40 am

Bumping this thread in light of news of a lawsuit regarding late Steve Brackett's ex-company (of which his ex-girlfriend, Nancy Bart Simpson Cartwright had a financial interest).
For more on that, see this media thread....
Insurance Comapny sues Nancy Cartwright over Scientology Money...

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Re: Scientology covers up another OT suicide (Steve Brackett

Post by Dorothy » Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:56 pm

The Steven Brackett suicide seems very similar to the Rex Fowler attempted suicide/murder. Both diverted large sums of money from their businesses to appease scientology fundraisers. Both fell into financial ruin and believed suicide was the only way out for them. There are other stories like theirs. This is illustrates a pattern of illicit behavior by the church of scientology. When I was in, the "registrars" did not care how they got their money or where it came from. They did not care if it harmed someone's business or family. They often took money that self-employed people had set aside to pay their taxes. Honest business owners are pressured into making more income using illegal means. The dentist in Miami comes to mind- Dr. Piedra ... ls/1135436
“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”
― Hannah Arendt

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