London: Anonymous appears on 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square

Media coverage related to the Church of Scientology.

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London: Anonymous appears on 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square

Post by Sponge » Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:31 pm

London: Anonymous appears on 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square
Broadcast by SkyArts, on live internet stream on 19th August 09, 12pm-1pm

What's this "4th Plinth" thing all about? Go here:

Here is the anonymouse page where currently you can see a replay....


Some screen caps of the live stream (not in any particular order)....






More discussion here... ... don-51470/

At 12pm London time, Anonymous, in the form of "Anonymouse", appeared on the 4th plinth at Trafalgar Square. After initially chillin to some mp3 tunes on is earplants, over the course of the hour, Anonymouse produced a series of signs with messages for the audience and for scientology.

Here is a sample of these messages, for the first 20 mins....

"We are anonymous

You might recognise us

Over the last few years we have been watching you

And we are not impressed.

Anonymous does not like you brainwashing vunerable people

Nor do we like you disconnecting families from their loves ones.

WE don't like being called terrorists. We like peace and puppies and kittens.

You love money and control. You are shrouded in mysterious deaths. Why are they dead?

It is time to give up your control. We will not stop until all are saved.

We are anonymous and we love you. Even though we argue, You are our brothers and sisters.

Why do we wear masks?

To protect our identities. We are aware you don't take criticism kindly.

You will follow us and Fair Game us. ......."

...and it continued.

Hopefully someone has captured it and will show highlights of it on Youtube/vimeo etc. Currently you can see a replay on the official site anonymouse's page...

Apparently anonymous has more slots on the 4th Plinth soon.....
Anonymous wrote:We all need to get in the draw urgently.

And incidentally our next space will be at some time in the next 10 days (you'll be told nearer the date) and this time the theme will be our old friend David Miscavige (yes, we have a rather pleasing DM mask and an Anon who will appear suitably Dwarfified)

You should see what we have planned for the captions (absolutely nothing about beating staff, being a tyrant, conning people, musical chairs, his missing wife - honest, lol)

And just to rub some salt into the wounds, a call will be placed in to TCR exactly 60 minutes before we go on the podium so they have time to pop down and enjoy the experience.

Clear you diary Stefania ;)
ref: ... post973981

"Anonymouse" plinther, who shall now be known as EpicPlinthMan, has this post game report....
Hi Guys, EpicPlinthMan here.

Firstly I know I should be posting this in post-game reports but balls to it.

I was nervous as hell all week leading up to it and had to make sure that a lot of planning went into not only the protest but also the exit.

Oneandother we're absolutely brilliant. I explained everything to them and they worked together to protect me. A special shout out to that awesome security lady, you know you are.

One anon working on the ground in the crowd identified (myself as well) a member of OSA. This was annoying but inevitable. The cool awesome security chick warned me they wanted an interview and they weren't happy with what they saw of the protest. Intelligence from the ground indicates that these two (man and woman) are in Scientology still (the man has long grey hair) he also had an awesome camera and a massive frown. Bless. Thank you security chick! Also a special thanks to the other anon who kept an eye out for my escape plan, your counter-surveillance skills are an inspiration.

Anyways, the plinthery was amazing, it's an incredibly surreal experience seeing photos of yourself on different websites and forums and no-one knowing who you are. It's a very good feeling.

Thank you guys for your support, it would have been better if a few more anons turned up but the crowd was 99% supportive throughout, an awesome day and I hope I see more soon.

We are Legion.

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Post by Braveheart's Girlfriend » Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:26 pm

Thank you, Sponge! Such interesting new information, brought to us so regularly by ... Yours Truly! Love it. :)

And thank you again for all you do to keep bringing these to us on a daily basis!!! :kissysmilies: I couldn't keep up these days without your daily updates. You beauty!

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Post by antiscn » Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:38 pm

That is fantastic!I'm sure it will generate tons of publicity.The plinth concept doesn't seem to have been used for anything of great interest so far..I love it!
It's a shame that the signs weren't bigger and made of some sturdy card so they would have been easier for the public to read..
Can't wait to see pics of the DM one! :lol:

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Post by Sponge » Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:31 am

antiscn, yeah, the level of mediocrity so far had been yawnworthy. Nice to see something for the good.

BG, you're welcome.

BTW the OP has been updated with a post game report from EpicPlinthMan.

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Post by magoo1 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:55 am

Thank you SO much Sponge for transcribing that.

For the person that did it: Fantastic!!! :cheers: :onebounce:

Love u all :love5:


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