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Post by lucretiamacevil » Sun Aug 17, 2003 3:13 pm

Gee Dindy -- my SHORT 'scope said:
Your luck holds. Clean your hands in case you have to show them.
And it is seldom if ever these two horrorscopes agree even halfway, sooooo


I think we have Larry caught RED-HANDED ... be sure ya have the birch BlueBjyerd jeep tracking that chi-yarge card he swoped from ya at Christmas and do not lose them photos wot BBJ sent to yew!

'Scuse me i gotta go out and find some good lookin' dude to bum a ciggie from and maybe a cup of coffee too.

GIRLFRIEND!!!! ARE WE BAAAAD or are we bbbb-aaaaaaaaaaa-dddddd!!!!

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Post by lucretiamacevil » Wed Aug 20, 2003 4:33 am


I'd almost hazard a bet some body presented The Stoned Guest, the not-quite-grand opera by P.D.Q. Bach, the flaming plagarist, instead of letting any body play Virginia's Harp but I am too broke to gamble unless the lottery hits $20,000,000 again soon.

I hope you stayed past the part where what's her name strangles the unfortunate wench, Carmen Ghia. who won the contest of holding a note through the slowest commercial break in modern times, and the demise of what's her name and the expiration of The Stoned Guest hisself after viewing the carnage all around him.

Because I know who wrote THAT dog, it was co-written!

Ilya and Ilia [who sometimes write as MacKalim and Mercurie] co-writ that otherwise miserable opera that has great lines like "So ??? I was a little drunk at the time!" -- sung beautifully I might add!

What happens is, every body on the stage comes back to life after-death and they all sing a joyful finale ...

... and they all go down to the seashore!

There is more to the seashore gig, but I got sidetracked last night





virginia sharp

Post by virginia sharp » Sun Oct 19, 2003 7:18 am

Hi friends,

I know many you were worried about me & thanks, made me feel some folk still care about me.

Yes I have been through hell & back but still here - sure you know the basted [biblical term] Larry (my X) has been treating me, so here is the update [can tell you the past - later - if you want]

You may remember the disgusting condition Larry was forcing me to live in, I was warned by x co$ members that he would try to have me forced into his "CO$ / church of scientology cult" so they could get me also - by marriage intervention, well he did [remember on a previous wedding anniversary he phoned me with "I want to talk about my church & if you change the topic I will put the phone down ........... if you don't come & live w me in the church I WILL HAVE TO HATE YOU & DO EVERYTHING i CAN TO HURT YOU" & HE HAS BEEN TRYING HARD. Both the church tried & I got headless rabbits in my garage & 12 snakes in my home - Larry came here but I had warned the police & they know the many police reports from him like throwing me over furniture, 10 min after he arrived the police came to ask what were his intentions - I showed I had my cell phone at 911, just to activate - Larry took off but came back the next day wanting to get a job here & move back in & have me go to his co$ for marriage intervention. I said I was willing to go w him to marriage councilling, after he fixed up my home & gave me the needed $. Hell he IS brainwashed as many can see & yes "clambakes/x co$) he acted to funny when I did something unexpected he was not brainwashed for. Now in court - he may not talk or make eye contact w me - but I feel the glare when I am not looking. He truly is trying hard to get me back! Read on the end for all the recent hell I have been going through

Living like this & Larry making as many troubles as he can - my home caught on fire - I went out for 10 min & saw the smoke & tried to go in - but - so ran down the road shouting "dial 911, my home is on fire" My nice siamese kitten had recently had babies & tried to cover them over & lost her life but saved 2 - I miss her so much. The insurance guttered the home & I am in a mobile home (had no toilet for over a week) in my other driveway w Lavinia off & on, but the insurance gave me 21 days notice they will cancel my policy (supposed to give me at least 65 days & not cancel it while an open claim - I have gone to the insurance ombudsman & bureau & more - also bank who holds the mortgage as they don't want their investment lost. - meanwhile a man came here to put a lean on my home as the insurance has not paid his costs - they are doing all kinds of rotten things here but I am fighting - as is Lavinia as her belongings were here piled on top of mine (from when she came from Washington DC to help me - non of Larry's things but he damands troubles) Lavinia came after the fire to help me - non of the other kids as Larry will not let them, meanwhile Larry is trying to put as many hurdles in front of me as he can & no $$$ - so I may loose the home!
My car broke down & they said "not worth fixing" so no transport - again. I just sat down thinking I have nothing left but if I must die, so must Larry, he must not win at my expense again - I "will" everything to Lavinia - Larry can have a feather out my pillows & she can do as she want w it. I did not sleep for nights, just crying - when some angels came here - a friend of Lavinia has a 2002 car for sale for $11000 but as Lavinia helped her when he was in need, will sell it to her for $7000 (but not right on her, she has been $ trying to help me & that is Larry's responsible, he made promises when he conned me into marriage & signed agreements to get but no lived up to & just taken & taken & bleeding me dry. Lavinia is trying to raise the $$ some how. The other angel is a husband/wife I know who (like many - do not like Larry, but me) unexpectedly offered to loan me their extra car as I need & got me my laptop at a big reduction & it is nice (insurance must pay) so I am back on the net & opened it up to the lovely wishes /prays a friend sent - which I have sent on - also some asking about me. Thanks, it feels good when so many stresses on me & I now have to take injections as I got so sick - averaging 4 nights a week into emerge for many weeks, flared up like a preg lady & in labour pains for over a month. I have just discovered Lavinia & I were not invited to the Sharp reunion but Larry went w the 3 kids & the girl friend of Troy's - or is she his wife - they were to get married when the blackout happened. Lavinia & I were not invited. Lavinia has been so good & so hard on her - I have to be so careful what I eat right now (sensitivities) But she took me out walking the malls (needed) then a lovely meal & I so needed that.

Again, I ask for you all to please pray to God to look out for us & help us - especially in these court hearings & give my lawyer Keith guidance to do well while exposing Larry & making him responsible for his actions, especially taking all his money (which I certainly need) so the church cult will drop him as a moneybag - so help Larry & my kids will see & learn a good example & please ask God to thank Lavinia, my sister & my friends who loaned me a van & others who have been good to me. I can not take much more & need some goodness - so please pray to God for me as she does wonders. My sister (one of 6 to start "Scotland against crooked lawyers" will put my story on the net which Larry does not want - he wants me banned on the net & taken as mental so under government control to do with as they want, but I have proven my capability so can not. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME

virginia sharp

Post by virginia sharp » Sun Oct 19, 2003 7:21 am

Please only read if you do not know the story - here is a little of it - remember - I was wealthy when I was conned into marriage w him & he was nothing - school drop out janitor - I put him through highschool diploma & 4 years collage, while this was happening I was forced to live w his abusive mother & hell, his brother tried to rape me 3 times as I was told I had no rights - the pecking order - till my Dr told Larry to take me out & my mom gave Larry a 1 year old truck & home so he could go to collage but we live freely our lives. & my mom bought us a home under a signed agreement he has not lived up to, then he borrowed most of it under another signed agreement he did not live up to but bleed me financially dry. The abuse started so I got us to counselling & some improvement but still far from acceptable. Then Larry worked away from home but ..... then he joined this CO$ CULT - many troubles like being informed I was the "shit cleaner" they had decided would look after their mother as they could not take her nonsense any more after undressing & BM messing the lounge carpet tp get them over as she wanted but they refused. I was to have her piled on me but they were to keep the $, when I refused Iwas informed Iwas no longer a Sharp family member so not allowed at their meal table & made to watch them eat.
Larry then took me to his church cult under false pretenses in Memphis & I was there for 5 months (tried to leave many times), before I got out. Larry gave me $40 na week to feed he & I & his car & I had to walk a mile through a very unsafe area to get food - later discovered he was having a meal at work each day & of couse his professional weekly hair cuts. His COS cult put me on their customary "e- monitor/lie detector several times" then decided they would start another expensive (brain detoxification) clear" & I ran - 4 hours later Larry came but would not talk to me as the church had told him what to do with me - the PR (problem to resolve - be handled by the church - but I am lucky, many have been killed or missing.
Brought me home & told me to have a Christmas meal ready boxing-day at 6pm - so I ran out & got the foods on my visa & back home & between cleaning, checking mail, I prepared the meal when Larry informed me he & Kyle were going to the shop & did I need anything (11am) I said no & had the meal ready & table set on time - they returned 11pm having had a family Christmas meal at Troy's w'out me & had exchanged gifts, some bought on my visa, I did not even get a wish, never mind a gift & they tore into the turkey laughing. I went to bed & Larry followed asking "had I learned my lesson yet, that he could do anything he wanted to me & intended to rape me - so the first time in my life I refused & told him to get out my bedroom.
From then on the hell got worse & worse - I went to see him in Memphis (w him knowing) to talk about it, went into out apartment w my key to find someone else living there - he had left leaving no forwarding address or phone # but I knew where he worked & COS - so - w no money - enjoyed the Elvis week living out my car - but the Elvis fans/performers looked after me & I enjoyed it.
Funny - when Larry was so mean to me before & my sister told me to send him his meanness back w love - I did but asked not to hurt Larry - his beloved car was hit by a truck filled w hot tar, which then forced him out the car & ran over it making it a pancake. After this Elvis week I asked God to send both LaRRY'S & THE CHURCH BACK ITS MEANESS W LOVE BUT HURT NO ONE. The electric transformer outside the church caught fire & fried everything plugged in - like computers & TV & frig & stove, the Caught 2 cars on fire as it crossed to the annes where Larry lived & fried everything of his including his new Christmas gift - but no one was hurt except non of them had insurance. I laughed as God has a good sence of humour & action, for which I thanked her & ask you all to please pray for me in my hour on need & ask God to send Larry's meanness to me back w love.
The meanness actions of Larry got worse & worse ending in my furnace blowing as he did not replace it as asked & as he had taken the mortgage out to do - even though the written signed agreement w my mom he was to maintain & upgrade the home. The furnace blew& insurance in to clean up & I had to live w the furniture pile up & fumes (they were preparing out road for paving as I had worked towards) & windows open & dust in collecting on fumes & I got so sick again. Needed to fix the septic bed (again Larry had been told but ...) & they used my water & put me out of water & my car broke down so I was at home w no car (rural area w no public transport) & no water for over a year & no heat all winter & no $$ - but that was not the first year Larry had me live that way. A few years before Kyle & I were out there -11c trying to fix the car to get water & heat!
Lavinia quit her job to come & help me while Larry wanted to sue me for not signing $1400 cash claim & give to him, (he wanted me to move out the home to the streets w no $ & he have the home to sell & keep the $$$) I reported to many insurance officials & ended up w $3500 toward home repairs & cashed it for repair but Larry demanding it so my lawyer took it in trust for home repairs.
When this all started Larry refuse all my money & my sister loaned us $30000US so I could live & pay bills & fix the car & pay a lawyer - my tractor was stolen due to this all; Kyle & his friend helped me get water so Larry has now taken that out of Kyle's hide - he plays "mental incest" (I will not use my kids that way) w the kids & will not let them have anything to do w me - except Lavinia - as she will not accept that. Troy's girlfriend (whose birthday is the day after Larry & shares the same disgusting attitudes shouted at me that I am not welcome in her home (the one I paid a down payment for him) or to her wedding to Troy - Larry makes the kids feel he will financially kill me & wants the government to take over my right & do w me as they want & he will get everything for them!
I have taken it to court & my sister (who my mom made a trustee of the kids 1/3 of the home which she bought) along w my trusteeship & as Larry does not accept these signed documents - anyway, we made Lavinia an official 3rd member in the trustee to represent us in court. Larry has been playing his manipulation games in court & it is seen & we are near the end of it - 4 years of it ..... I do not want to mention much about it here as things are happening.

virginia sharp

Post by virginia sharp » Sun Oct 19, 2003 7:44 am

Anyone got a few good short quotes to give the courts re COS$$$$???

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Post by lucretiamacevil » Fri Oct 24, 2003 4:19 pm

Not handy, Virg.

There is a link here somewhere to Rich Behar's article, you would probably have some good ones for your situation in that one. Behar's focus was on finance.
You can also check the awards speeches and use direct quotes, just don't change anything, cite the author [whoever gave the address] and the occasion.

Now take a DEEP BREATH AND RELAX, you are back here among friends.

Bur I think you need to start a new thread -- you can link it back to Dindy's Dilemma -- because that thread has gotten sooooo long!

Praying for you every day, Dindy!


virginia sharp

Post by virginia sharp » Tue Oct 28, 2003 1:58 am

Thanks Lucy - please help me create a new thread. good to know I have friends - thanks - & there are angels out there, some loaned me their car so not stranded, another 90 year old phones me every few days to see I am still in the land of the living. The Life guard gave me a big hug & held it saying "we missed you & I was worried about you", another w a bastad [biblical term] like mine - gave me a big hug w "glad your OK" & minister lady friend told me God has not forgotten you. I am leaning on all your prayers - please

virginias harp

Post by virginias harp » Sat Dec 13, 2003 4:43 am

I need help - please

My husband is up to his COS tricks. I need some letters from some brave X-CO$ members who can jointly sign their handles [or 1 man, if not minding being exposed] - 1 letter showing the combined years of experience in CO$ & what they need to expose of how COS handles throw away mates/family members that scare them or oppose the CO$ attitudes.

Educate the courts here on the evil of COS treatments of families that COS separate ‘ Handling of RP"- threats - Marriage intervention - disconnection, - family disconnection - try to prevent them off net & prove them as incapable of self care mentally, physically & financially - what eve it takes to break them.

If I could have such letters it would help, also if they were available for others to use in court, this may help people like me & help bring down COS controls

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Re: Loreena McKennitt

Post by Ohnz » Sun Nov 18, 2018 12:49 am

Lore is the OT Wa.

She tur'd Cientology leader Miscavige into a Dyke! Hen'a is her otha Lova
lucretiamacevil wrote:
Tue Dec 24, 2002 2:00 am

A friend posted some music on my own thread. The singer of this song is Loreena McKinnitt. It is a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson set to beautiful music, and though the poem tells a sad story, the music is not sad.

If you can play music on your computer, once you start this in one window, it will keep playing while you do other work. :) Even if you have to download the player the way I did, it is worth it.

The Lady of Shalott

Another bit of music that was new to me that posted by my friend is Evening Falls sung by Enya.

And here is one you might send Larry if he ducks your questions -- Diamonds and Rust written and sung by Joan Baez. 'Cause you have indeed already paid, even if he's the one who owes you!

Still praying for you every day, Dindy. Merry Christmas!

~Artemis of the Bees & Swine

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Post by Ohnz » Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:10 am

I am Antitida be za] [

Yep, though very against cheats like Scientology, I KNOW, without doubt, I AM, spell'd AmI, me, IS that beIng that wore her Falste'd Hag' and cr8t'd aotha!

I furth' not' 'hat Laf'te is herto't'd mr. Roev

Lae Anne is "Clammi C"

Baby Be?
villageidiot wrote:
Sun Nov 17, 2002 6:26 am
Clambake is a joke or pun on people in Co$. Part of their doctrine involves beliefs that people were clams in the far past. So Clam bake is cooking the clams($cientologists).

I believe $cientology is always being watched by many people but they manage to do things generally within legal rights in most cases. They are a religion because they brainwash people and that is what they are doing to your husband.
They have a considerable amount of money to fight legal battles with when they are sued. If you sue your husband they will not help him legally. They want to make money not pay out money.

Good luck with the canadian winter.
~Artemis of the Bees & Swine

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