Designer Rebecca Minkoff IS a Scientologist !

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Designer Rebecca Minkoff IS a Scientologist !

Postby Don Carlo » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:49 am

Rebecca Minkoff runs a handbag and fashion empire, soaking in Scientology connections.
Rebecca Minkoff’s designs are a favorite of both everyday women and celebrities such as Agyness Deyn, Lauren Conrad, Keira Knightley, Ashley Greene, and Reese Witherspoon. Rebecca has appeared on shows such as Good Morning America, Fox Business News, and Extra to discuss her take on fashion and business. In 2009, she was honored as a New York Moves Power Women for her entrepreneurial success in the fashion industry. As passionate about connecting with her consumers, as she is design, Rebecca Minkoff has quickly grown to become the #1 independent accessories designer in the United States. Rebecca’s goal is to become a complete lifestyle brand for the fashion-forward female(1)

She's got flash - Glamour Magazine covered her Tuscany wedding (20 to Scientologist Gavin Bellour (born 1977).

She had a big fashion show last September and February, at the Lincoln Center Theater, with celebrities(3), and likely will have a big one this September that would be interesting to attend.

But is she a CoS member? On the pro side, she is married to Scientologist Gavin Bellour, is the daughter of disgraced Scientologist Dr. David Minkoff (4). She has 20 course completions as Becky Minkoff, between 2001 (at age 11 !) and 2006. And, she is friend to Jenna Elfman:

On the other hand, she doesn't talk about Scientology in recent years.

(2) ... becca.html
(3) ... he-runway/
(4) ... ntologist/

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Smurf » Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:16 am

Yes, Rebecca is the Scilon daughter of Dr. David Minkoff, the ER doctor that Lisa McPherson's handlers took her to see after she died.

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:25 pm

Rebecca's testimony on the Clearwater school named True School:
The data that L. Ron Hubbard has put together is so effective that students are happy and wanting to go to school. Just like me!! Some of the successes I have had I couldn't of had if I was in a school that did not use these methods.
I can study without any problems and I get all the information. This school has changed the way I study, and that's good.
Becky Minkoff, 11 ... t/DAY1.TXT

Fortunately, Rebecca later avoided Scientology schools and graduated from Gibbs High School in St. Pete, having worked in their costume department. That, and her sewing her own clothes, seems to be her only fashion experience before her NY internship with Scientologist designer Craig Taylor (see discussion below) ... 996954.ece

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:02 pm

How did Rebecca, a high school graduate, break into the fashion biz? Talent, sure, but maybe money from Dad, too?
Biography & Genealogy Master Index
Name: David I. Minkoff
Birth - Death: 1948-
Source Citation: Who's Wealthy in America. A prospecting list and directory of more than 110,000 affluent Americans...
from, which also has Rebecca Aliza Minkoff's birth date 11 Dec 1980, San Diego, where her father lived and where her brother Uri was born (with the same mother, which confirms I have the right Rebecca). Her brother Uri is CEO of Rebecca's company, so Dad has extra reason to be generous.

Brother Uri put in a lot of money in 1995, so he gets some credit. ... Out_of__7/

Fashion Weekly says Rebecca got her first big break when Jenna Elfman wore her T-Shirt on Jay Leno. They also sell Ben Minkoff handbags for men, named after their grandfather. ... ca-minkoff

Fashion Weekly doesn't mention them selling high-priced handbags made by low-paid Chinese workers, or stiffing their American suppliers. Rebecca Minkoff = Chinese Take-out or Scientology Garbage?, The Purse Advisory Forum, Sept 16, 2011, ... ca-minkoff

Uri's bio says "Education: Hubbard College," at 40 under 40 Winners,

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:48 pm

Uri Minkoff was director in 2006 of the Church of Scientology Mission of Hyde Park, in Tampa, FL, at ... le.php?n=m

"Scientology has helped me to become successful in all aspects of my life and truly become me!" from Uri's I Am a Scientologist page, probably created in 1997 like many similar pages.

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:45 pm

Here's a timeline for Uri Minkoff:
2005 - Present, Co-Founder and Board Member - Loop, LLC, Automotive
2005 - Present, CEO and Co-Founder - Rebecca Minkoff LLC, Apparel & Fashion
2005 - Present, Board Member - Tampa Bay Technology Forum, Computer Software
2001 - Present, Co-founder and CEO - Fortis Software, Computer Software
2000 - Present, Co-Founder and CEO -, Internet
1997 - Present, Co-Founder and CEO - LifeWorks Wellness Center, Medical Practice
1997 - Present, CEO - Home Health Works, Inc., Medical Practice ... 019b2847d7

My comment: This looks like Uri couldn't get into a college other than the unaccredited Scientology front Hubbard College, either through poor schooling or fear of SP's. So, wealthy Daddy Dr. David Minkoff bought his little boy a nice resume. He made Uri the CEO of Daddy's health companies, at age 22 (Uri was born 1975). Uri's background was unsuitable: I-went-through-high-school-in-one-year home-schooler. Any Hubbard College training is mostly indoctrination, weekly sales goals obsessions, and simplistic management-by-organization-chart. Next in 2001, Uri becomes a founder of Fortis Software. He talks about Fortis being a consulting company, and Uri's role may have been "get-rich-though-Hubbard-management-techniques" consultant. It looks like Uri supplied start-up capital and his friend Paul McDaniel provided actual software expertise.
Fortis was founded over four years ago by longtime friends Paul McDaniel and Uri Minkoff. Paul was winding-down an 11-year career at Microsoft where he led or contributed to many milestone projects including MS C++, SMS, MSN, ASP, WMI, IIS, and .NET. While at Microsoft, Paul is credited with inventing ASP Scripting and other patented technologies. For Uri Minkoff, a successful entrepreneur, Fortis became his third successful startup business, while still in his twenties.

Paul McDaniel is on many Scientology course completion lists, and donations ($250,000 donation to the IAS, $100,000 to the Cornerstone Club (Super Power Building).

Business Week says Paul McDaniel has a B.S degree from the U. of Kentucky, he has more education than the home-schooled Uri: ... d=10635743 . Uri boasted of completing high school in less than a year, so what else did he do from 1990 to 1997? (Besides taking ten Scientology courses, see ... nkoff.html .

Paul McDaniel described what Fortis did. Maybe Paul did the software and Minkoff provided seed capital and did the marketing.
Summary: I founded Fortis with my partner Uri Minkoff and built it with alumni from Microsoft Redmond. We have over 30 years combined experience building product for Microsoft at the Redmond campus. We design and build software for our clients, both locally in Tampa Bay, and nationally. We also build a suite of our own IT products that we sell via direct channels and national resellers.

Lifeworks Wellness, as well as Fortis Software were W.I.S.E. members in 2004, ... ctory.html which increases my suspicion that another role for Uri was getting clients, consulting to them, and persuading them to join W.I.S.E. on an ongoing bases. Uri could use his pseudo-credentials as a "founder" of his Dad's medical care companies to impress clients. If he did sell W.I.S.E. techniques, it was a mistake for his clients, since W.I.S.E. promotes rigid and authoritarian management-by-statistics, and its member companies have been sued for forcing their employees to take Scientology courses.

Interestingly, as his sister Rebecca Minkoff's handbag business has grown, Uri appears to have left behind Fortis Software. It's in one little suite of an office building in Clearwater, and the remaining workers have to hustle to sell their own products and consulting services, although they do some success. Uri has found there is more money in handbags. It would be most unfortunate if Uri is using W.I.S.E. techniques to run Rebecca Minkoff handbags. The "stats" obsession isn't so bad during the "up" phase of a business, but fashion is fickle, and statistics must go down eventually; then W.I.S.E. techniques show their toxic true nature. Underlings are punished for events beyond their control, and even with the poor sales, W.I.S.E. still wants a slice of the pie. Vendors and business partners have complained of lies, unfair lawsuits, and unpaid bills from W.I.S.E. member companies.

Don Carlo
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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:33 am

What's depressing about Uri's boastful bio is that the company he claims to have founded, Lifeworks Wellness Center, even ADMITS that Dr. Minkoff has lost his hospital admitting privileges.
Its patient form states on page 10:
LifeWorks' practice is exclusively office-based and is not affiliated with a hospital. If I become so ill that I require hospitalization, it is vital that I have a primary care physician with hospital admitting privileges. ... -forms.pdf
Dr. Minkoff lost his privileges due to his wrongful care of Lisa McPherson. If Dr. M had insisted on a face-to-face visit with Lisa, which medical protocol demands, Dr. M. would have seen the grave situation she was in. His negligence was a large factor in her death. So, the medical clinics that "Uri" founded were really a desperate fall-back for his father. In any event it's absurd to think an ordinary 22 year old high school grad could be "founder" of even a new-age woo-soaked clinic and be CEO over doctors and nurses. His real role was likely collecting overdue accounts, and networking to find new sheep to shear.

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:52 am

Uri Minkoff donates to the IAS, famed for locking members in a room and demanding they donate. The International Association of Scientologists spends its money on private investigators, black ops, and lawsuits attacking free speech. See 'Scientology Hates Clean Ice: The "Fair Game" Operation That Should Turn Your Stomach' Oct 12, 2011 Village Voice,
IAS Donations:
Uri Minkoff & Family, Founding Patrons, Impact 109, 2004-09-01
Uri Minkoff & Family, Patrons, Impact 114, 2006-09-01

Founding Patron is $40,000. Patron $ amount not listed. ... amily.html

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby subgenius » Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:13 pm

Don Carlo wrote:Rebecca's testimony on the Clearwater school named True School:
The data that L. Ron Hubbard has put together is so effective that students are happy and wanting to go to school. Just like me!! Some of the successes I have had I couldn't of had if I was in a school that did not use these methods.
I can study without any problems and I get all the information. This school has changed the way I study, and that's good.
Becky Minkoff, 11 ... t/DAY1.TXT

She couldn't OF had such success in a school that taught grammar properly, I guess.

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Really?? » Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:14 pm

Does anyone know if Fortis is the company that wrote the internet filtering software for CoS? Seems as though that kind of software would be a great project for the company. With the experience they boast of, filtering software would be a snap.

Don Carlo
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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:06 pm

Rebecca and Uri have peddled a touching story of the plucky young woman, struggling in the NY fashion scene, rescued by money from her whiz-kid "entrepreneur" brother. The two are often photographed together, Uri the CEO and Rebecca the designer, attractive and tall hipsters, both wearing Rebecca's fashions.
However, Uri is not a self-made man. My speculation: His Dad paid him high salaries for helping in the family business and promoted him at age 22 to be a CEO. Medicine and health apparently bored him, so he used that money as seed capital with his Scientologist software designer, to make some more money and look more like his own man. Describing himself as a serial entrepreneur, he lost interest in software when his sister started to look like a winner. Now he's Mr. Fashion saying fashion-ish things. It's an act - what he really likes is the money and power. In all his money-making deals, he was the untrained hustler. His doctor father pulled the weight at the medical clinics, software designer Paul McDaniel pulled the weight at Fortis Software, and of course his sister pulls the weight at Rebecca Minkoff. He preens and brags about finishing high school in one year, and being a "founder." Bullsh!+.

As Rebecca rises, he is socking away money and getting flattery and prominence. The fashion world is good for him; many aren't college-trained, and, just like CoS, the fashion world worships success at SELLING. Yet New Yorkers observe him with secret criticism. I've been a Florida-raised kid who was fortunate to go to college up North and improve my grammar and knowledge; I definitely heard mockery and criticism until I cleaned up my worst errors. Now my friends back in Florida who didn't go to college sound like country bumpkins to me. They can talk okay about their interests like sports, but abstract or nuanced issues? They don't have the grammar, reading and debate experience to impress anyone. Home-schooled, likely shielded from newspaspers and magazines (especially to prevent hearing about Daddy's Lisa McPherson horror) and Scientology-drilled, Uri must have serious trouble talking issues with sophisticated New York University fine-arts grads. If Rebecca makes Uri a figurehead and hires a CEO with real training and experience, Uri has nothing in New York City. His "friends" there have flocked to him only to kiss up to Rebecca, and if he's a lightweight, "just her brother," nobody will respect that. If Rebecca Minkoff fashions lose popularity, Uri won't even have the figurehead job. He'll have to find a new talented person to pull the weight in a new start-up.

There's nothing wrong with never going to a real college, or being a go-getter that helps talented people find their customers. Uri may or may not be a hardworking partner and a great boss that mentors and respects his employees. He can charm rich ladies and celebs at fashion shows so they want to buy handbags and shoes. He can fool butt-kissing fashion magazine reporters with his self-made-big-brother fable. But his W.I.S.E. training may make him see his employees as stats-producers, not as great sources of ideas and improvements, and certainly not as advisors on how HE should manage talented New Yorkers. He thinks he's smart off-sourcing his manufacturing to China, but he may not like the tedious business of supervising the Chinese companies to prevent them from cutting corners and slipping in cheap materials. He doesn't have the eye and the decades of experience that Italian competitors have, to keep quality genuine. His job history shows that the big dream of his life isn't vitamins, or software, or fashion, it's making money and being the big shot. He has learned fashion lingo and new phrases like "listening to social media" but he's leeching off his sister. He may work his employees to the bone, but the employees should not expect loyalty back, unless they are favored pets of his sister.

I believe he hasn't been challenged yet, on his history, his management, his educational gaps, and his thoughts about his father's disgrace. People don't correct him because of his supposed status, but they may talk about his gaffes behind his back. Can he commit to his company, and not just see it as a steppingstone to another start-up? Can he exhibit grace under pressure? Can he answer the simple question: Do you support the leadership of the Church of Scientology? That's the true measure of a person.

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:35 pm

The Scientology-soaked internship:
Rebecca moved to New York when she was 18 to do an internship with Craig Taylor. “My parents were like ‘Do what you want, as long as you are happy.’ And, my internship was paid so I was able to cover living expenses.” Eventually, Rebecca began to take night classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, but that only lasted three semesters. “I realized I knew what to do and while I might not be the best, I know how to promote myself.” Sipping her tea, Rebecca advises, “You can’t be shy in this industry.”
She worked closely with the CEO (of Craig Taylor) "who took me under her wing and taught me about the whole business," Minkoff says.
Honor students in fashion design colleges have to compete hard for internships, but Rebecca Minton, a Clearwater teen with no design experience or training, gets one HANDED to her. The trick? ..use Scientologist connections to get Scientologist Craig Davis to hire her.
A self-taught tailor, he founded Craig Taylor Shirts in 1995 and has since become one of the elite in the fashion world..."I was introduced to L. Ron Hubbard's Administrative Technology..."I have applied the policies of Mr. Hubbard's Public Relations and Marketing technology and watched my company grow 500 percent in six years, it now being a multimillion-dollar company."
Craig Taylor, Featured Alumni, Hubbard College of Administration,

Craig Taylor is one of the few real success stories of Hubbard College of Administration. A 2012 article describing and criticizing the school mentions Craig, at ... chool-1-6/

Craig Taylor + Christina "Kumi" Kimball are Cornerstone Club ($35,000) donors to the Super Power Building, ... Power-Scam

Craig Taylor also doesn't talk much these days about Scientology, or his easy-to-mock Hubbard College courses. He wants people to think of his childhood in Europe, and supposedly learning tailoring in London.

Here Craig claims about himself in Miami:
Taylor, then an architect, helped renovate old hotels.
from . An architect? Show us your degree in architecture. Car design doesn't count.

In this same video, Craig says he taught himself tailoring in Florida by taking apart a finely made shirt, making patterns, and recreating it. This video also shows (1) that he lives and has his headquarters in Clearwater, which helps explain how Clearwater resident Rebecca Minkoff's family knew him, which led to her internship with his NY office, and (2) that his lovely wife Yul is starting her own line of handbags, so watch out Rebecca ! . Yul looks talented, . Yul has Scientology completions in 2009. Craig Taylor Design Studio is at 519 Cleveland St., Suite 213, Clearwater, FL, located above Caliyogurt; Entrance to the building is around back. I got Craig's birthday, Jan 10, from a posting of Yul's at . From that, I got Craig's birthdate of Jan. 10, 1960 and middle initial "L" from US Public Records at, from when he lived in Pasadena, CA.

So, who is the female "CEO" of Craig Taylor that took Rebecca "under her wing?" Christina Kumi Kimball, who is a named Scientologist:
Christina Kumi Kimball, CEO of Craig Taylor Shirts, a label worn by names from Christy Turlington and Robert Redford to the Queen of Thailand, watched fire and smoke engulf the Twin Towers, from her Manhattan studio on 28th Street. ... 58090.html

Christina Kumi Kimball's I am a Scienologist page says:
My success has been having such an easy, usable technology that I can apply in life so that all of my dreams can come true. I have total certainty and know that I can accomplish anything and I have wonderful relationships with people, especially my son.

Kumi praised Scientology in 1986 as an actress/singer/dancer on Broadway. ... df#page=15

In 2007, Kumi was "minder" for Isaac Hayes:
I was actually surprised that his Scientology minder, Christina Kumi Kimball, with whom I had difficult encounters in the past, let me see him backstage at BB King’s. Our meeting was brief, and Isaac said quietly that he did know me.,2933,401321,00.html

Kumi, born 1957 according to, has course completions including on the Freewinds. Rebecca, Uri, and Dr. David Minkoff, and Craig Taylor also got exposed to blue asbestos on the Freewinds.

Kumi and Craig boast about their "volunteer" actions at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. One of Kumi's "accomplishments" was to prevent psychiatric help to victims, so she is hardly a humanitarian.
"I was very pleased to see the 'Mental health' section empty, and Kumi
Kimball's assist cot FULL -- every single time I had the opportunity to venture away from my post for a break! It was a beautiful thing!"
The volunteer Ministers were making a game out of disobeying police orders.
There was a very large barricade there manned by both Police and Military and they absolutely refused to let us though. The SO member in charge of the VM's 'snuck' about 5 of us in another way
Both quotes from

Tellingly, Kumi's 9/11 story includes that
Her partner, Craig Taylor, working beside her, took pictures of their fellow Volunteer Ministers
This underscores the Volunteer Ministers as a public relations, psychiatry-blocking and fund-raising dodge that hands out other charities' supplies and then settles in with the grabby-hands touch assists and recruitment, and photo opportunities. ... 58090.html
Kumi's CEO job with Craig Taylor ended in 2005. Her resume describes that job, plus her minding of Isaac Hayes and her coaching of Rebecca Minkoff, at ... -Visionary

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:12 pm

Rebecca Minkoff's first employer Craig Taylor has inconsistent claims of a glamorous career designing cars, starting in 1983. He would be only 23, since gives him a birth date of Jan 10, 1960. The claims are as follows:
Craig Taylor started his career as an automobile designer, heading up an office for Peugeot in Paris. A self-taught tailor, he founded Craig Taylor Shirts in 1995 and has since become one of the elite in the fashion world.

Craig needs Hubbard College to tidy up that blurb. He said on this interview that he went to "auto design school" and then worked in England designing racecars for about a year, and then went to Peugeot/Citroen in Paris to "head up their advanced show car division."

Taylor was born the youngest of three sons to an American architect and Danish fashion model. As a young man, he had all the advantages of a multicultural upbringing, traveling extensively throughout Europe, and enjoying an eclectic home life frequented by artists and musicians. An avid auto enthusiast since boyhood (his mother once claimed that the first word he uttered was “car”) he began his professional life as an automobile designer for Talbot Motorcars in Coventry, England in 1983. During this time, Taylor also got first exposure to British fashion. He began an informal apprenticeship on the weekends with tailors who worked beneath the haberdasheries on London’s famed Jermyn Street. There, he learned the enormous differences between the meticulous construction of bespoke shirts and mass manufacturing. This lesson maintained an imprint in Taylor’s mind.

As an honored recipient of the prestigious Porsche Design Award in 1983, Taylor was recruited by the French automaker Peugeot/Citroën to develop futuristic show cars in an exclusive Paris think-tank. These dream machines combined cutting-edge technology with his predilections for clean, fluid lines and uncluttered simplicity. In addition to designing six “concept-cars”, one of his automobile designs is now in production in Europe.

Here is yet another version, now highlighting his green credentials:
While working in the automobile industry I worked on low-emission vehicle projects

How, in 1983, did this son of an American and a Dane, get a cool job at Talbot Motors in Coventry, where Jaguars are designed? And, within weeks or months wins the Porsche Design Award in the same year? But that wasn't enough, he had to get weekend training as an expert tailor in London. A year later, he "heads up the Paris office" for Peugeot/Citroen. Why would prestigious London tailors spend their weekends training some foreigner? How did he get a work permit for England and then France? Even if he were born in one of those countries, that didn't get him a work permit for the other country, back in 1983. Auto companies don't put young people in prestigious spots right away, especially not foreigners.

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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby ordinarycitizen » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:39 am

Craig Taylor's bio sounds and awful lot like LRH's ... different stuff, but almost as outlandish.

Don Carlo
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Re: Is designer Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist?

Postby Don Carlo » Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:43 am

True, LRH claimed a past life as a racing car driver. I suppose Craig Taylor designed those cars in HIS past life.

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