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Wikileak:Embassy cables: latest Scientology entries

Post by Sponge » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:00 pm

Edit: useful resource links...
Here's a realy useful search facility from Ray Hill....
Cablegate's cables: Full-text search
e.g. scientology related search on above: ... ogy&sort=1 (sorted by publication date)
and Cablesearch beta....
or go direct to wikileaks to browse the latest releases...


US embassy cables: Tom Cruise and scientology have trouble in Hamburg | | 17th Dec 2010
This is a cable from 21st December 2007

The Guardian's Summary:
This cable analyses the animosity towards scientologists in Germany's Hamburg state, and relates diplomatic conversations with both state officials opposed to the church, and practising scientologists themselves. It shows the US embassy takes a detailed interest in Scientology affairs, and believes it should be regarded as a religion. A reference to the actor Tom Cruise can be found towards the end of the cable. Key passages are highlighted in yellow.

Also related:

WikiLeaks cables: You ask, we search | World news |

There are 19 references to scientology (a frequent request) in the leaked state department cables, but nothing that hints at scandal.

Embassy officials in Italy, Greece, Spain, Russia and Germany report occasional meetings with both local scientology members and government officials – either to discuss individual cases of discrimination towards scientologists, or as part of wider discussions of religious freedom. But while the cables all imply support for the church of scientology's right to be regarded as a religion, there is no implication that US diplomats exert undue influence on behalf of scientologist groups.

Actor and scientologist Tom Cruise is once mentioned in relation to scientology in a 2007 cable from Germany. The cable briefly states Cruise's appearance earlier that year at a Berlin shoot for the film Valkyrie boosted local interest in his beliefs.

Patrick Kingsley
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Re: Wikileak: Embassy cables: Tom Cruise, Scientology, Hamb

Post by Sponge » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:05 pm

Friday, 21 December 2007, 16:46
EO 12958 DECL: 12/21/2017
HAMBURG 00000073 001.2 OF 003
CLASSIFIED BY: Karen Johnson, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Hamburg, U.S. Department of State. REASON: 1.4 (b), (d) CONFIDENTIAL


1. (C) SUMMARY: Since the creation of the Working Group on Scientology (AGS) in 1992 within its interior ministry with its firebrand leader, Hamburg has been at sharp odds with the Church of Scientology and more recently has taken a leading role in an attempt to ban the organization. On August 7, Hamburg's Interior Minister Udo Nagel (independent) announced the proposal to ban Scientology under Germany's Law of Associations. In November, the Hamburg State Parliament mandated him with submitting the proposal to the state interior ministers at their December meeting. Leadership within the Hamburg interior ministry, including from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC), has confirmed to ConGen Hamburg that the proposal is mainly politically motivated and that they expect the issue to die down at the latest after state elections in Bavaria. This cable examines the background to the heightened debate over Scientology in Hamburg. END SUMMARY.


2. (SBU) In 1992, the Hamburg State Parliament created the Working Group on Scientology (Arbeitsgruppe Scientology or AGS) within the Hamburg interior ministry mandated to address all "destructive groups," which endanger society, in particular young people. AGS not only focuses on Scientology's activities within Hamburg, but also other organizations such as the Church of Satan, Transcendental Meditation, and the Unification Church. According to AGS Director Ursula Caberta, AGS and the Hamburg interior ministry view Scientology as a "politically motivated destructive cult." Thus, Caberta explained, as a state institution, it is their duty to protect the public from such organizations. In her meeting with Hamburg's Pol/Econ Officer and Specialist on November 13, she stressed that she viewed her work as that of a civil servant assigned to do a particular job by the state parliament. Currently, AGS's responsibilities are three-fold: 1) to analyze what steps the state must take to protect the public from "destructive groups;" 2) to educate the public about the dangers of such organizations; and 3) to assist victims. Hamburg is the only state in Germany with a Scientology working group. Under Caberta's leadership the working group has five employees. AGS offices were filled with books on Scientology, including all of L. Ron Hubbard's works and many of his lectures.


3. (C) Caberta stated that Scientology has declared "war on Europe." She cited evidence from Hamburg's Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) annual reports of how Scientology attempts to influence politicians and political institutions as well as the press. According to the Hamburg OPC's 2006 report, Scientology continues to use methods that are "against the free, democratic constitutional structure," as was established in the 1997 State Interior Ministers meeting. Caberta asserted that Scientology in Germany has received orders from the Los Angeles headquarters to "conquer" Europe. She contends that the new Berlin headquarters have been set up for this "campaign." She continually stressed that she views Scientology not as a religious organization, but as a "political extremist" one. According to Caberta, the Hamburg Scientologists as well as most of the Scientology members in Germany are only "small fish" and the organization's strategic planning is conducted in the United States. Caberta showed Pol/Econ Officer and Specialist a booklet she had received early November that appeared to be published by Hamburg's mayor. The booklet contained the mayor's photograph and signature, yet was actually a publication from Scientology's "The Way to Happiness Foundation." Caberta contended that Scientology regularly used misleading methods to fool individuals into joining and said that such booklets had been distributed to other German cities. For someone unfamiliar with Scientology publications, the booklet looked very much like information brochures from the City of Hamburg.

4. (C) In a meeting at the consulate on December 19, Hamburg OPC leadership explained that it was a political decision for the

HAMBURG 00000073 002.2 OF 003

state OPCs to observe Scientology, based upon the "totalitarian assertions" described in L. Ron Hubbard's writings. They called their observation of Scientology "special," making it clear that they did not view the organization as a threat and that it was their responsibility to only collect information and not to pass judgment on the organization. They noted that while the OPC does not view Scientology as a religious organization, this would have no bearing on their work as the OPC observes both religious and non-religious institutions.


5. (C) In Hamburg's Pol/Econ Officer and Specialist's meetings with Hamburg Scientology figures , our contacts made it clear that the Hamburg church faces a particularly challenging situation with Caberta, who is now considered Germany's "expert" on Scientology. They also noted that Hamburg is the only German state that has a Scientology working group, although Berlin's ministry for education has a "sect-watcher" position. (Note: In a meeting on December 14, Hamburg Deputy State Minister of the Interior Christoph Ahlhaus told CG Johnson that Berlin has been trying to convince Caberta to transfer there. End Note.) Scientology press spokesman Frank Busch claimed that AGS is exempt from the German version of the Freedom of Information Act. He complained that Caberta is "above the law" and her work is not being assessed or monitored by the interior ministry. Busch questioned why this lack of scrutiny existed since Scientology found her work to be one-sided, factually incorrect, and "playing with the people's emotions." They believe that a normal citizen would have difficulty gathering objective information on Scientology in Hamburg. According to Busch, none of Hamburg's public libraries have any of L. Ron Hubbard's books. Scientology members are not allowed to distribute flyers in the city and private individuals allegedly monitor whether members overstep these boundaries. Busch also claimed that Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce still screens out Scientology members from hiring and encourages members to do so as well, even though the city of Hamburg has ceased such practices (known locally as a "sect-filter"). (Note: Documents containing the "filter" are available on-line at the Chamber of Commerce's webpage. End Note.)


6. (C) On August 7 at the press release of Caberta's "Black Book Scientology" Nagel announced that he would propose discussing banning Scientology at the December 7 state interior ministers meeting. In a conversation with Pol/Econ Specialist on August 13, Hamburg Interior Ministry Spokesman Marco Haase suggested that the announcement was the result of several unrelated occurrences, such as the recent publication of Caberta's book, the case of the Berlin girl and her brother seeking refuge in Hamburg (Ref.), the attention to Scientology generated during the filming of the movie "Valkyrie" in Berlin, in which Tom Cruise stars, and the summer media slump. According to Haase, Nagel believes that a ban alone is not the answer. Rather, assistance to ex-Scientologists and education on Scientology also have important roles to play. Nagel also believes that there is sufficient evidence suggesting that Scientology undertakes activities that undermine the German constitution.

7. (C) In a meeting on December 14 with Hamburg's CG and Pol/Econ Officer, Hamburg's Deputy State Minister for the Interior Christoph Ahlhaus clarified that Nagel certainly believes that Scientology should be banned, but he also realizes the political difficulties of such an endeavor. Ahlhaus explained that the Hamburg parliament charged Nagel in a unanimous decision on November 11 to propose the ban at the interior ministers meeting. He also stated that the ministry's involvement in the issue stems foremost from the criminal cases brought annually against Scientology. Ahlhaus said these numbered over 100 and had been increasing significantly. He also explained that the issue of Scientology was very popular with voters and confirmed that it had come up because of the February 24 Hamburg state elections. Ahlhaus expected that findings would be addressed at the interior ministers' spring meeting and that perhaps the issue would come up again with the Bavarian state elections next year. After that, he believed that the issue would fizzle out. Ahlhaus portrayed Hamburg as Scientology's German headquarters and noted that the

HAMBURG 00000073 003.2 OF 003

organization is also present in Berlin, Baden-Wurttemberg, and Bavaria, where banning Scientology also has political support. He commented that Scientology is almost like a "criminal organization" with Mafia-type structures.


8. (C) With a strong Scientology Church and the Scientology working group both located in Hamburg, the debate on Scientology in Germany reaches a zenith in this city. Caberta has become a national figure on the organization and Ahlhaus revealed that she often speaks to the press without clearing remarks through the interior ministry. He stated that Nagel believes she is a little "crazy" and assured the CG that Nagel's office keeps a close watch on her activities. In the meantime, although Nagel is an independent, he has stakes in the upcoming elections and other local politicians are keen to show voters that they are actively addressing their concerns. It is doubtful that the Hamburg government will change their view of Scientology in the future even though officials openly and cordially discuss with ConGen representatives USG policy on religious freedom. Nevertheless, the ban proposal may move to the back burner once elections have passed, leaving Scientology Hamburg and AGS to deal with their regular concerns. END COMMENT.

9. (U) This message has been coordinated with Embassy Berlin. JOHNSON

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Re: Wikileak: Embassy cables: Tom Cruise, Scientology, Hamb

Post by Graham Berry » Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:35 pm

As told to me at the time:

Office of Ursula Caberta, Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It was a typical fall day in Hamburg, Germany; cloudy skies, periods of sunshine and a cool 35 degrees F. Ursula Caberta was talking on the telephone with the Russian Ambassador in Berlin. They were discussing the possibility that the Russian government might place the Church of Scientology under surveillance by the internal security police as had happened in Germany. Eventually Russia, like Bulgaria and most of the other Eastern European nations, had also discovered, experienced and disapproved of the revenue relationships between the Church of Scientology, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises or W.I.S.E., and its various member businesses, as well as many of their business activities, human rights violations and the church’s subversive global totalitarian political agenda. A mere thirty minutes later two senior officials from the United States General Consulate in Hamburg were shown into Ursula’s office. The United States Consul had telephoned her a few days earlier and had invited her to a meeting at the Consulate. Ursula had refused saying she was too busy and would not set foot upon American soil again after being treated by the United States legal system the way she was in the Lisa McPherson case. “If you want to come to my office I’m able to fit you in for a few minutes on Tuesday the 13th.” Now the two American diplomats were seated before her. An older man and a younger woman.

The older of the two American diplomats asked, “What are you working on?” Ursula smiled. “You could have read that in my reports and the Consul-General could have asked me that on the telephone.” The two diplomats frowned in unison. The older one, now clearly the spokesperson, sheepishly responded. “We’re here because we do not want to see any problems between the United States and German governments over Scientology.” Ursula’s smile changed to laughter. “We do not have a problem with Scientology because we treat it for what it is. You have a problem with Scientology.” The younger consular official joined in saying “In the United States we have a different view of Scientology than some of you in Germany.” Ursula leapt on her. “In Germany we see Scientology as an extremist political group. The United States does not. Well, you are dealing with Islamic terrorists and we are dealing with Scientology terrorists. My opinion is that we have to ban Scientology and its infiltration tactics.” The younger of two consular officials asked why? Ursula smiled again. “You need to read my book,” she said. The young U.S. Consulate officer beamed, “We bought five copies and sent them to the State Department in Washington.” The senior Consulate official spread a little flattery. “The best book on Scientology ever published,” he said. “Is it an official book?” Ursula smiled again while thinking “these stupid Americans.” “No, it is my book, but my boss, the Minister presented it with me so I am certain that he is in agreement with my opinions.” “That is very fortunate for you,” said the senior U. S. Consulate official sarcastically. Ursula bristled and tersely responded, “In Germany we have the freedom to both work for the government and to write books.” The senior Consulate official blushed. “You must inform the United States State Department that your book contains only your personal opinions on Scientology and not the official position.” Ursula was tiring of the arrogance of these two American diplomats. “No,” she snapped. “I will advise my State Department in Berlin and you can talk to them. I told your Consul-General that I will never set foot on United States soil again. I’ll tell you why. [She recounted the story from above re her hotel subpoena and deposition in the Lisa McPherson trial and the Heller v. Caberta case]. I can give you lists of people who we have helped leave Scientology after years of being brutalized by terror and deprived of their human rights. In a free country, like Germany, I can look after them.” The two U.S. Consular officials were speechless. After a long silence the senior Consular official spoke again. “The United States State Department is very concerned about Scientology too and it does not want to have any new problems with Germany over the Scientology issue. Can you please talk to someone in my State Department? Maybe we do not know what is really going on with Scientology.” Ursula looked incredulous as she said, “Don’t be stupid. You know what is going on with Scientology. I hope that one of their top leaders that have defected will call me and receive political asylum from Germany because he cannot get any help from the U.S. government.” This time the senior U.S. Consular official looked triumphent and pounced. “So you are serious? That is what Tom Cruise says in his letters to the State Department, on Scientology.” It was Ursula’s time to smile. “What Tom Cruise says in his letters to the State Department? I published one of them in my book. I think that is why you are really here. Thank you for helping me in Europe. Did you know that the person Tom Cruise refers to as LRH (L. Ron Hubbard) wrote that millions of people can be thrown into concentration camps and exterminated. Maybe you in America call Scientology a religion but the whole organization is against human rights whatever you want to call it in America. As for not offering former American senior Scientology officials requiring asylum and immunity from prosecution in Germany, in exchange for their testimony, the United States had granted ________ , a German scientologist, political asylum and an immigration visa in the United States because of alleged German government surveillance and persecution of the Church of Scientology.” She picked up a news clipping from a stack on her desk and handed it to the two diplomats. It was a report on the U.S. Government’s granting of political asylum to the German Scientologist. Ursula then went over to her book case, removed a white three ring-binder titled, “The Hard Sell Pack” and flicked through the pages in front of the two consular officials. “Does that look like religious literature to you? It looks like aggressive commercial marketing and expoitation to me.” Ursula’s secretary buzzed on the intercom. Her next appointment, a former cult member, was now waiting. Ursula rose and started showing the two U.S. Consulate officers to the door. “Well, we just want to be sure that there are no problems over Scientology between the United States and Germany,” the senior U.S. Consular official repeated. Ursula was feeling repetitive too. “In Germany we no longer have a problem with Scientology. But you in the United States do.”

Office of Ursula Caberta, Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ursula was in her office, meeting with her senior staff attorney, when she received a follow-up telephone call from the senior political/commercial official at the United State Consulate General’s office in Hamburg. The American diplomat got straight to the point. They had been disturbed by what they had heard and seen when they had met in her office two days ago. They were especially concerned to know the reasons and evidence supporting her position that the Church of Scientology should not be considered a church but instead a totalitarian political organization engaged in criminal activity, unlawful medical practice, commercial activity and money laudering. Ursula responded that the request was crazy. “You have all of the information in the United States. You know why the Church should not be tax-exempt.” The American Diplomat responded that they still needed a document listing her reasons and the evidence that she has for her views. “I am not allowed to tell you that. Why do you need it? Who needs it?” said Ursula. The American diplomat hestitated and then said, “It is only to inform State Department officials in Washington.” Ursula lowered her voice and slowed her speech. “If you will not tell me who needs such a document, why and for whom, then I will have to have the approval of my boss, the Minister of the Interior. In my experience your U.S. State Department should be requesting the information from me through the German State Department. Please do it the proper and official way for this information concerning Scientology.” The American diplomat sighed, “So you want an official United States government letter that requests your reasons and evidence for saying the things you do in your book?” “Yes,” said Ursula. “But why do you want it? You are U.S. citizens. I get my best information from U.S. citizens living in the United States.” The American diplomat almost spoke over Ursula with his response. “Is that how you got a copy of the letter from Tom Cruise to the Secretary of State?” Ursula laughed. “Oh, you are back to the Tom Cruise’s 2003 letter that I published in my book. The letter in which Tom Cruise thanks the U.S. State Department for being so helpful in the Church of Scientology’s battles in Europe and with the various European governments. Then you should request the information in the proper and official way from State Department to State Department.
Graham E. Berry

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Re: Wikileak: Embassy cables: Tom Cruise, Scientology, Hamb

Post by Sponge » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:19 pm

Thanks for that Graham, that's one of the things I'd been trying to find earlier. There's also some secondary source reports which I've been trying to dig up again of a German official being visited by US officials after the incident with the "STOP" sign, warning about scientology, that was put up outside their org (and briefly noted in the US DoS own international report on reglious freedom 2009).

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Re: Wikileak: Embassy cables: Tom Cruise, Scientology, Hamb

Post by Sponge » Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:06 pm

Huffington Post notes the above leak:
WikiLeaks Cables For Dec. 14-18 (PHOTOS): Tom Cruise, Fidel Castro On Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi ... ml#s210989

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Re: Wikileak: Embassy cables: Tom Cruise, Scientology, Hamb

Post by Graham Berry » Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:06 pm

Cross post from someone on

Re: US embassy cables: Tom Cruise and scientology have trouble in Hamburg


The leak has already had some political consequences in Hamburg.

For example, here's an attempt at translating excerpts of an article in the Hamburger Morgenpost, original here: Ahlhaus in Enthüllungs-Falle

Ahlhaus in Disclosure Trap

Ursula Caberta – for a long time she was Hamburg's cult hunter No 1. Until the summer of 2010 when her working group was suddenly dissolved. Was the US Consulate General behind this and did it successfully influence Hamburg politics in the interest of the cult?



It's nothing new for Caberta that Scientology was getting support from US [[consulates and embassies]]. "I too was visited by US consulate staff members in order to be influenced. I always was suspicious, that if we don't make progress in the fight against the cult in Germany, it's due to influence by US authorities on german [authorities]."

The disclosures are supposed to have parliamentary consequences. SPD interior expert Andreas Dressel wants to make the cable a topic on tomorrow's session of the Committee on [matters of the] Interior. He wants to know: Was the initiative to ban Scientology a mere campaign action? And which role did american interests play in the destruction of the Working Group Scientology?

Yesterday all allegations were rejected by Ahlhaus. How serious he was about the fight against Scientology was [according to him] demonstrated by his demand for a ban as recent as April 2010. Ahlhaus told MOPO: "Today, I still think that the requirements for a ban are fulfilled."
Graham E. Berry

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Re: Wikileak: Embassy cables: Tom Cruise, Scientology, Hamb

Post by Sponge » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:29 am

Thanks Graham. Also saw that on WWP.
Direct link to the Hamburger Morgenpost article here... ... falle.html

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Re: Wikileak:Embassy cables: Scientology entries

Post by Sponge » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:32 pm

Current list of embassy cable leaks mentioning scientology..... ... ogy&sort=1

Green=Confidential, Black=Unclassified/Official use only.

Cable date________Subject — Origin_______Updated ... ago

2010, Jan 12
Berlin Senate Administration Defends Decision To Deny Residence Permits To Amcit Scientologists — Embassy Berlin (Germany) 2 days
2009, Nov 6
French Response To The 2009 Irf Report — Embassy Paris (France) 2 days
2009, Jun 22
U.s.-eu Exchanges On South And Central Asia — USEU Brussels (Europe) 2 days
2009, Mar 20
Church Of Scientology Vs. Berlin District - The Heated Battle Continues — Embassy Berlin (Germany) 2 days
2008, Apr 10
Church Of Scientology Moscow Center Loses Its Lease — Embassy Moscow (Russia) 2 days
2008, Mar 25
Young Russia Takes Aim At Church Of Scientology — Embassy Moscow (Russia) 2 days
2008, Feb 8
Ambassador's Meeting With Human Rights Ombudsman Lukin — Embassy Moscow (Russia) 2 days
2007, Apr 18
Church Of Scientology In Russia — Embassy Moscow (Russia) 2 days
2004, Oct 27
Ambassador Meets Minister Of Justice To Discuss Law Enforcement And Tip Issues — Embassy Madrid (Spain) 2 days
2004, Oct 27
Slovak Views On Osce Meeting In Warsaw — Embassy Bratislava (Slovakia) 2 days
2004, Jun 16
Baden-wuerttemberg Rejects Scientologist Request For Dialogue — Consulate Frankfurt (Germany) 2 days
2004, Apr 22
Baden-wuerttemberg Remains Skeptical Of Scientologists, Slow To Consider Offer Of Dialogue — Consulate Frankfurt (Germany) 2 days
2002, Mar 26
Italian Scientologist Requests (further) Usg Help For Two Members Arrested In Egypt — Embassy Rome (Italy) 2 day

2009, Aug 4
Kazakhstan: For The Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Mfa Urges Focus On "democratic Trajectory" — Embassy Astana (Kazakhstan) 2 days
2009, Jul 27
Osce Human Dimension Meeting Demarche — Secretary of State (United States) 2 days
2009, Jun 24
Kazakhstan: Embassy Input For Osce Human Dimension Implementation Meeting — Embassy Astana (Kazakhstan) 2 days
2009, Jun 19
Kazakhstan: Uscirf's Cosman Hears Different Views On Religious Freedom — Embassy Astana (Kazakhstan) 2 days
2009, Jun 18
Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientologists Under Continued Pressure — Embassy Moscow (Russia) 2 days
2009, May 26
Turkish Media Reaction Tuesday, May 26, 2009 — Embassy Ankara (Turkey) 2 days
2009, May 8
Kazakhstan: Scientologists, Jehovah's Witnesses Have Contrasting Views On Progress On Religious Freedom — Embassy Astana (Kazakhstan) 2 days
2008, Mar 3
Kazakhstan: Upsurge In Negative Media Coverage Of Nontraditional Religious Groups — Embassy Astana (Kazakhstan) 2 days
2008, Feb 21
German Court Rejects Scientology Appeal Against Surveillance — Consulate Dusseldorf (Germany) 2 days
2007, Jan 19
Bavaria's Next Minister-president — Consulate Munich (Germany) 2 days
2006, Oct 4
Bloodless Holy War: The Beckfords Vs Yad L'achim — Embassy Tel Aviv (Israel) 2 days
2006, Mar 2
Greek Scientologists Share Religious Freedom Problems — Embassy Athens (Greece) 2 days
2005, Jun 13
Justice Ministry Rejects Registration Of Church Of Scientology — Embassy Madrid (Spain) 2 days
2003, Jul 28
International Religious Freedom Report For Canada - 2003 (revised) — Embassy Ottawa (Canada) 2 days
2003, May 23
Canada - 2003 Religious Freedom Report — Embassy Ottawa (Canada) 2 days
2002, Feb 22
Country Reports On Human Rights Practices For 2001 - Request For Guidance — Embassy Rome (Italy) 2 days
2007, Dec 21
Hamburg Vs. Scientology — Consulate Hamburg (Germany) 8 months

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