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Scientology Africa

Post by Scientology » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:52 am

Africa has a broad variety of countries and could in principle be a fantastic potential to any working scientific revolution, technology or beliefs. In some of the poor countries the tech can proof itself to growing wealth and independence from cell to soul, from soil to crowing culture of fertile vegetables.

So how is Church of Scientology doing in Africa in general?
It is with great sadness I must tell you all that Scientology goes backwards in Africa, the motherland of Humankind. Why it is like that is hard to say, but a good guess could be that Scientology is a highly money dependent cult and can't make it where there is no money, since Scientology never have made any desert to flower again. Other say that this is to the impression the Church of Scientology has made early by L Ron Hubbard himself who not only in talk but also in the written word revealed his racist beliefs.

"You shouldn’t be scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. Get yourself a nigger; that’s what they’re born for." Hubbard also strongly defended the apartheid system in South Africa and reportedly considered founding his own all-white colony on the continent. He also spoke ill of Asians, saying "The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here".

The Church of Scientology seems to have decreased in size and activity in Africa, now having activities in just South Africa and Zimbabwe. Since no data to describe the reality has been released by the church of Scientology one must guess that it might be due to the founders Apartheid supporting activities earlier on actions that have mirrored into the future.

The little data from Scientology church in Africa Maps
However, shows that now there is only Scientology churches and missions left in two countries in South Africa. These churches have probably also received heavy donations since one of the the most priced contributors to Scientology act in South Africa - A Good Scientologist - Gives much Much money to the Church of Scientology and got prices and medals from David Miscavige's hand. The ordinary fairy telling by confabulation of L Ron Hubbard House in South Africa and in Zimbabwe might also have a news value to the desperately shrinking Church of Scientology in Africa,
2 Churches + 3 missions Johannesburg-Pretoria (9 of the churches I very near each-other from Johannesburg to Pretoria)
1 Cape Town (2 in Cape town)
1 Port Elisabeth (1 Port Elisabeth)
1 Durban (3 Durban)
Some Churches on obviously is closed Google maps view, and closed years ago. Church of Scientology Mission of Somerset West
Address: 16 Gey Van Pittius Bldg, Corner of Reitz & Victoria Rd., Somerset West, 7130, South Africa
Telephony: +27 21 563 4264

1 Harare
1 Bulawayo

Church of Scientology have even a church with no address but a postbox in Tanzania PO Box 1823 Ground Floor NSSF Building Moshi, Next to Akaro Tours Moshi, Tanzania according to their org homepage. Not at trace of this Scientology church is to be found on Google maps earth. The earlier address to this church is not taken away from Scientology org pages of reasons known to scientology.

Probably are not all churches active churches of Scientology with full service. but might have been, at least in some magnificent plan & expansive projection one day back in history.

Scientology and Racism
Bob Robert Duggan
Africa might have a better ability to healing the insanity of Scientology except in the localities where big pharma money sponsors the church of Scientology shows special interest, since the ideas and technology might not be able to stand for itself.

Was looking for ..
"Confidential report to prime minister from L Ron Hubbard 1966 MPO 30 MP 7/1"
want to see how Hubbard trying to use "intel" to get into power. Anyone who can send a link to it? Any letters from L Ron Hubbard to persons in power in Africa ...? His way of trying to make friends just as he in the Cuba-Crisis offering JFK a Helping hand with the space race
The letter is referred to in the book: Psychiatry, Mental Institutions, and the Mad in Apartheid South Africa. The self-promoting reasons of Hubbard to positioning himself as apartheid supporter and later as anti-apartheid forces gives the reasons of infiltrating into the power by the tools of "intel" just to help, how innocent... Going to places in power struggle and pretending to help the forces he believed would win in orders to self-gain power. When Hubbard went to Cuba with one of his kids I bet he would contact the establishment there before going to the American Embassy and seeking help against the dangerous commies. Scientology in Africa seems to be strong where there is strong money donors

South African History online gave only 2 references to L Ron Hubbard,
Hubbard, Richard tells me, came to Rhodesia to try to advise Ian Smith on how to resist majority
rule, but after two years, Smith chucked him out of the country. The Scientologists bought the house on
Gun Hill (the suburb where Mengistu now resides) where he lived, and turned it into a museum.
Heinrich von Pezold calls to say he has two horses running at the Borrowdale races on Saturday
afternoon. His wife, Amanda, now heavily pregnant, is staying at home, and Heinrich has brought his
little boy, Christof. The races are a little better patronized than before as the bets are
The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the Martyrdom of Zimbabwe

146 L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, briefly set up his headquarters in
Rhodesia, and James Earl Ray was believed to be making his way to Rhodesia
when he was nabbed in Heathrow airport and extradited to the United States
for killing Dr. Martin Luther King. See ‘Rhodesia-–US Link in Manhunt:
Immigration Query by Luther King Suspect: Government Assurance of Watch
is Reported’, Rhodesia Herald, 14 June 1968.
147 ‘Land of Opportunity’, Time, 24 October 1977.
Collapse of Rhodesia.
Btw Bob Robert Duggan a monetary contributor to Scientology a probably also a financier to South African activities of Scientology, like the L Ron Hubbard House. According to several ex Scientologists Duggan is by far the greatest financier to Scientology and seems to have a special interest in south Africa. Trish Duggan is pictured with David Miscavige on images above as Good Scientologist and getting medals since they give most of money to scientology. And the same rules apply to Scientology in Africa, if it delivers money to Scientology church it is good to scientology.
Duggan in front of the pool in L Ron Hubbard House South Africa - point in tunnel-sight. With new plastics done and CEO SEO Washing their names out of Scientology writer’s images, that what’s money can buy according to one E-meter session I must confess.

Scientologist Duggan feeding Scientology by Tony Ortega
Scientology Big whale Duggan by Mike Rinder
Scientology children of Ideal Orgs by Scientologists back in comm Describing Church of Scientology & The Duggans, Hogarths

Scientology Report South Africa 1972
Scientology and it' action have made the government so pissed by the normal suppressive actions and lack of respect for human rights, free speech that government issued a book about Scientology and the effects of Scientology, the military org with battle plans uniforms that loves it trojan horses of what goes into the battle field, label itself as a church and red cross ensuring better passages in the batter field.

"In spite of declaring that none survive alone, dianetic therapy views
everything from the vantage point of the individual and ignores the
effect on other people.
(c) It disregards the possible effects of dianetic revelations on personal
relationships, especially within the family. The engrams cited
invariably prove parents to be despicable oppressive people. How is
a relationship of mutal love and respect possible after such
discoveries? During an unhappy period, as is elsewhere indicated, disruption
in family and friendship relations followed in the wake of the survival
policy of Scientology."

This coupled with remarks to the effect that people tend to backslide, that some
fail to respond satisfactorily and that one becomes the best that can be made of what one is
natively, is a far cry from the over-confident and exaggerated claims made for Dianetics in
the first book.


4.16. During 1968 Mr. Callaghan, the British Home Secretary, took a decision which
prohibited Mr. Hubbard from re-entering Great Britain.

4.17- On July 25th, 1968, the British Minister of Health made a statement in the British
House of Commons to the effect that the Government satisfied itself that Scientology is
socially harmful
. He announced that the following steps would be taken with immediate effect:
"(a) The Hubbard College of Scientology, and all other Scientology
establishments, will no longer be accepted as educational
establishments for the purposes of Home Office policy on the
admission and subsequent control of foreign nationals;
(b) Foreign nationals arriving at United Kingdom ports who intend
to proceed to Scientology establishments will no longer be
eligible for admission as

Seldom a government becomes so inspired that it start to write a book about the holy shit. But since there in history seldom has been anything more dirty than the holy wars from the holy shit, that makes perfectly logic. The south African report also rely on data from UK ... Mirroring earlier crimes and reaction from it.

Margret Thatcher Prime minister UK the chief of her personal office, Airey Nave seems to be the one to introduce the prime minister to all the deep knowing sources of South Africa. The tight relation with UK is also somewhat cited in the book Scientology South Africa 1972. Airey Neave was a Governor of Imperial College between 1963 and 1971 and was a member of the House of Commons select committee on Science and Technology between 1965 and 1970. Enquiry into the Practice and Effects of Scientology UK 1971

Scientology as an "undesirable aliens" with their implant in social life was harmful to society. Hence is it natural action of South African government to make a book about the military org Scientology with all its Trojan horse galloping in time and space like amazing grace from timed space in temporal lobe epilepsy. Core ros ion Corrosion.'

The fundamental implant is the idea and the idea can have many face - Head-in-g the Master

If L Ron Hubbard ever hated something it was the blow against his grandiosity. Here is the obvious blow from his Scientology being taken out of honor and he himself, yes the L Ron Hubbard forced out of his grandiose grandiosity.
UK forced to leave, Rhodesia Forced to leave, South Africa taken out of grace - Here would Hubbard be ballistic in conspiratory emo-thinking and his reactive mind. He wanted to pace space the race from the reactivity of his temporal lobes.

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