Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

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Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by Sponge » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:50 am

It's actually just a kick in the arse off $178 million (and even that is the low-ball figure).

I believe we have some dox in some thread that indicate the original completion budget was supposed to be only $90 million (well, when I say "only".... well, yanno what I mean).

Anyway, the details....

"Nancy from Marketing" (I love that nick) on WWP posts: ... lion.94019
Nancy from Marketing wrote:Over the years, Pooks has leaked lists of Super Power donators and the total statistics. I have taken her information and updated it with the info from the latest edition of Cornerstone Newsletter from circa August 2011.

The following was the introduction from Pooks to help explain what the numbers represent. I have copied her words and updated them with the new figures.

The Cornerstone Newsletter is published a few times a year and is a cumulative list of Scientologists that have made a donation to the Super Power Building in the amount of $35,000.00 or more.

I’ve been collecting and reporting the stats on those donations for the past 7 years. [Now covers a 9-year span with this update.]

The total collected per the newsletter as of August 2011 is $177,985,000. This figure is a “low-ball” figure and does not include the people who are “Double Cornerstone members”, i.e., paid 35,000 dollars twice or (70,000 dollars) nor does it include any “Double Legion of Honor” members, which would be those that paid a million dollars twice, or any other “Double” members.

That information comes out in other Church publications and promotional pieces and I have not spent the time to keep track of all of them.

Additionally, this list does not include those people that have donated less than 35,000 dollars. Those people and donations exist but Scientology does spend the promo money to list them out.

Also, this list does not include donations made by people who have since left the Church and been declared SP’s or “ethics bait”. The Church deletes those people’s names from the lists.

So the $177,985,000 is a “low-ball” figure.

Below you can see the stats that I have kept.

The Income total in Jan 2002 was $67,100,000
The Income total in April 2002 was $69,475,000
The Income total in September 2002 was $72,070,000
The Income total in March 2003 was $81,345,000
The Income total in August 2003 was $84,500,000
The Income total in February 2004 was $90,790,000
The Income total in March 2004 was $92,110,000
The Income total in July 2004 was $88,905,000
The Income total in November 2004 was $92,915,000
The Income total in July 2005 was $110,510,000
The Income total in August 2007 was $132,760,000
The Income total in November 2009 is $142,225,000
The Income total in August 2011 is $177,985,000

Original spellings of names have been preserved, i.e. all the accent marks, umlauts, and other diacritics.

Note to whoever in the CoS compiled this - I don't think Loretta Miscavage [sic] would be pleased to see her name misspelled.
Nancy from Marketing wrote:MASTER LEGION OF HONOR [1 entry - unknown amount - possibly $15,000,000?]

Bob, Trish, Dsara, David, Daniel, Dylan, Diamond, Diana and Dante Duggan

LEGION OF OT MERITORIOUS [1 entry - $10,000,000]

Dr. Bryan and June Zwan

LEGION OF OT [1 entry - $5,000,000]

Ron and Mireille Pollack

LEGION OF HONOR [42 entries - $1,000,000 each]

Alessandro and Luana Baggio
Davide Baggio
Franco and Marilena Baggio
Martina Baggio
Jerry & Judi Barnes and Family
Elizabeth Baybak
Jules Baybak
Luke Baybak
Max Baybak
Michael Baybak
Nick Baybak
Grant, Elana and Sabrina Cardone
Doug & Laurie Dohring and Family
Gary, Monica, Mia and Alexandra Cardone
Chet & Ingrid Eccles and Family
Aviva Ezra
Gal, Hadar and Neo Ezra
Meir Ezra
Cindy Feshbach
Jake Feshbach
Joseph Feshbach
Kurt & Kannon Feshbach
Kuryn Feshbach
Matt, Kathy, Katie, David and Sam Feshbach
Max Feshbach
Zach Feshbach
Craig Jensen
Sally Jensen
Tarek Karame
Cay-Dietrich Koehn and Family
Miroslav Labas
Dr. Lenkei Gábor
Lenkei Zita
Kurt & Jenny Listug
Cole and Riley Mitchell
Bruce E. Moore
Greg, Eric and Brett Moore
Ali and Noor Shawkat
Sammy and Zaid Shawkat
Sikora Family
Mike and Chiara Staples
Urmancheyev/Gecmen Waldeck Family

MASTER BUILDERS OF MERIT [14 entries - $500,000 each]

Richard and Amy Acunto
Kandy and Charles Clements & RJ Kramer
Judy, Luis, Brian, Gwen & Mike Colon, Amy & Mike Menkhaus, Jeff & Sabri Blumberg
Michael A. and Linda Drazkowski
George Duggan, Megan Shields and Weston, Turner, Brenna and Johan Duggan
Niels Glob
Marian, Alzbeta, Majo, Slavo, Andrej & Adam Kapusta
Østergaard Family
German Perez and Felicidad Serrano
Gabriella Scaccabarozzi
Jose Serrano Barrera
Rosa Prieto
Boud van Rompay
Juan and Elena Villarreal

FOUNDING MEMBERS [66 entries - $250,000 each]

David Agami
Vivian Agami
Roger and Beth Akiyama
Stan and Robin Albro
Kirstie Alley & Lillie and True Parker
Steve and Jennifer Anderson
Lloyd Austin Family
John and JoAnne Beachy
John and Eva Berryman
Steve and Fifi Besio
Mohamed Bouzarzar
William, Ruth and Brittany Bowen
Phil Carlson
Chavanne Family
Brennan, Sean and Sarah Clouden
Pat and Laura Clouden
Peter Cross
Jim and Linda Doering
Tim and Kathy Droege
Jeff Drumm
Rafael and Dino Epple
Dennis & Ellie Feeney and Family
Jeff and Sikica Feldman
Hans-Peter Fischer & Rita Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Frommholz
Wayne and Alicia Fuller
Yariv and Ronit Gilboa
Sir Peter Gillham
Trish and Jim Groesbeck
Hedwig and Manuela Gubik & Ewald Fink
Claire Guignon
Jaraj Jancina
Marissa & Laurel Jensen
Jeff Jonas
Arsen Kanafin
Elizabeth B.F. Kelsey
Lawrence and Margaret Leong
Connor Mathers
Jim and Fu Mei Mathers
Seamus Mathers
Larry E. & Mary Y. McDonald
David and Denise Meyer
Derek Meyer
Keith Meyer
Warren Meyer & Family
Eric Mitchell
Parker Mitchell
Sandra Mitchell
Victora M. Morton
Phyllis L. Mueller
Karen Nelson-Bell
Edwin Padua
Ruslan & Sergey Pichugin and Anna Pichugina and Svetlana Basyrova
Herman R. Pippin
Remmerswaal Family
Hagit-Raviv, Irad and Romy Ron
Jeff and Natalie Simms
Paul, Julie, Claire and Riley Sonz
Rolf and Barbara Springer
Cathy Stone
Jim Tomlinson
The Hoda Wansa Family
Nick and Susie Wynne
Dr. Randy and Dr. JoAnn Yamada
Zerden Family
Michael & Margene Zimmer and Family

KEY CONTRIBUTORS [366 entries - $100,000 each]

Iskander Abdrahmetov
Mr. Fereidoon Mohammadi, Dr. Azadeh Afzali, Ms. Gol Mohammadi, Mr. Cyrus Mohammadi and Mr. Leigh Zimmatore
Alexa Alborzi and Alexander Calderon
George, Cindy, Brenton and Robin Anderson Family
Marlin and Joyce Anderson
Eric Armando
George Ash
Robert Aster
Dr. Bruce G. Atkinson
Robert B. Atkinson
Alan and Sheila Atkinson-Baker
Jon and Lynda Badger
Andrea and Moreno Baggio & Family
Dr. Cynthia Bailey
Jeanie and Patrick Balvin
Patrick Bannon and Family
Bartell Family
Ray & Pam Barton
Urs Baumann
Karin & Richard Beaty
Tom and Dominique Beck
Hans Jacob, Gabrielle and Ludmila N. Beck
Phil Beckett and Jenny Scarfe-Beckett
Bob, Lesli and Brenna Beilhart
Betsy Beldon
Dr. Joel and Debbie Benk and Family
Pamela H. Bennett
Randy Kretchmar and Cheryl Berman
Klaus Berschiek
Mike, Carol, Enzo and Ella Bertolino
Colleen Bigler and Family
Terri Bishop and Family
Indira Blyskal
Ellie Bolger and Howard Glazer
Susan & Mark Booth, Steve Funderburg & Jennifer Littlejohn
Ruth Upton and Doug Borden
Arne Bordewieck
Steve Brackett
Anatoly Brandt
Kim Bright and Randy Poletz
Craig, Ronan, Skylar Brockie and Cheryl Kennard
Dr. Jayson and Mrs. Vicki Bromboz
Robert & Tonya Brooks and Family
Steve Brooks
Dr. Larry Buhman
The Burden Family
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Busch
Kinder Hunt and Jeff Butler
Jozsef Buza
The Caitak-Martinazzi Family
Pam and Guy Callahan
Dr. Edward and Dr. June Camacho
Raven Kane and David Campbell
Mike and Kay Carson
Jack Murphy
Lucy Baybak
Nancy Cartwright
Raymond Cassano
Robert, Anatola and Dylan Cefail
Alexandr Chadin and Olga Chadina
The Chait Family
John Chan, Chiu Hoi Chan and Sara Downey, Randy and Po Sau Tam
Jerry and Jill Chen
Vein Chen
Leonard and Emma Chetkin
Marco and Elena Chiancianesi
Rose Chiang
Dr. Benoit & Martine Choiniere
The Drew Clement Family
John Coale
Len & Carol Collen, Tarne Vernon-Woods and Steve & Megaera Fagan
Robert and Cimber Conn
Martha Conway and Pete Pagano
Judy Young & Adam and Kevin Corbo
Muriel, Audrey and Matt Coriou
Ally Covington
Al and Lorna Crichton
Roddie and Carla Crouch
Tom Cummins
Don and Bess Currier
Rebecca Froeming and Mike Custer
Eric Daniels
James & Cheryl D'Arezzo
Meredith Finley, Roy Finley & Lonnie and Naomi Davis
James B. DeVries
Patrick et Jacqueline Delafraye
Marc and Odile Delomez and Family
Bob, Robbie, Brody, Reagan and Palmer Dernehl
John P. DeSilva Jr.
Dessislava Dimitrova and Kiril Kirov
Tony, Lidia, Kevin and Sara Dinges
Jack and Irene Dirmann
Jane L. Dodson
Aaron & Kirstan Doerges
Paul Dolan
Tom and Pat Drake
Michael, Nancy and Pierce Driessen
Nick and Mary J. Duda
Jim & Carlene Eckhart and Family
The Ben and Laurie Elkinton Family
Michael and Jody Elliot
The Emrani Family
Craig Fairbanks
Ildar, Svetlana and Adelina Faizov
Marisa and Mariano Fazi
The Feeley Family
Don, Dianne, Alexandra, Marie, Nicholas, Angela and Natalie Fell
Joyce Gaines & Bruce Ferguson
Sheryle Festa and Family
Roger and Linda Fisher
Tim and Kim Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Foley
James Forte
Nancy from Marketing wrote:KEY CONTRIBUTORS continued [366 entries - $100,000 each]

Susan D. Frank and Harold Klatt
Hildegard Frenz
Berta Frias and Mikel Urizarbarrena
Dr. Aava Frick and Dalton Kuenzel
Kerry and Jo ellynn Fuller
Jon, Pam and Justin Fyffe
Sheila and David Gaiman
Wouter and Silvia Garot
Geoff and Lisa Gault
Sam & Joy Gendusa and Family
Abe Gershonowicz
Gerri and John Golashesky
Bill Goode
Mary Gordon-Stairs
Theo & Melissa Grepper and Family
Gene and MaryAnne Gross
Sarah and Jake Gross
Edeltraut Groz
Alberto and Lilly Guerrero
Constantin and Lauren Haag
Jill Hagan and Brett Miller
Beck Hansen and Marissa Ribisi
Jim Harper
Steve and Paula Hayes & Nicole Webster
Steve Heard
Johan Heemskerk
Geoffrey Hegeman & Susanna Ryburn Hegeman
Walter, Barbara, Jason, Kosmos and Dorly Hegetschweiler
Johnny and Star Hillman
Ms. Lee Kessler and Mr. jeffrey C. Hodgson
Marcia L. Hoffman
Benjamin and Simona Holenstein
James Hong
Steven David and Elizabeth Horwich
Martin and Jocelyne Huber
Patricia Huff and Philip Lee
Chuck and Marla Hughes & Family
Grace Hunter
Isabel and Louis Hunter
Van Hunter
Richard, Patty & Courtney Inglis
Erika Jackson and Annette & John Iverson
Peter Jackson
Enrique, Gloria and Julio Jaimes
Richard and Hildegard Jessup
Peter and Julle Jørck
Jytte and Henning Jørck
Gabi Johansson
Hakan Johansson
Steve and Cheryl Jonas
Nandor Juhos and Family
Dr. Joseph Jurgevich
Omari Kalaev
Jocelyn and Gloria Kamph
Jirki Kapitan
Mike and Anita Kaplan
Kamini Kapoor and Kurtis King
Adam J. Kaps
Matt and Hanna Karczewski
Dr. Ken and Dr. Mauri Karger
Kjerstin Kartrud and Sebastian Kartrud-Fuglevaag
Chris Kasle and Family
Robert and Piyawan kelly
Kathie and Ike Kezsbom
Bill and Stephanie Kilpatrick
Elza Kim and Vladislov Ten
Gregory and Amporn Kingdon
Mary Kingery
William Kingery
Shaun and Peggy Kirk
Michael, heidi and Annekathrin Klinger
Housi and Barbara Knecht
Laura and Darrell Knick
Betty H. Knudson
Chuck, Martha, and Tiffany Koch
Sergei, Inna, Ekaterina, Vladislav and Miraslav Kondrenko
Roland & Andre Kortbawi
Jayne and Richard Kraman
Alexander and Venera Kudrenok
Brad and Gina Kugler
Todd and Rosy Kugler
Ryan and Michella Kugler and Family
Nurzhan, Zhaniya, Toreali, Nuraly and Zruzhan Kurmanovi
Vladimir Kusakin
Gary Kveton and Becky Kale
Steve and Sarah Lake
Bernardo Lan
Danny Lan
Hans and Gabi Lanik
John & Norma LaRocca, Chris & Ava Wrightsman, Robert & Kathy Pace
Scylla LaRocca & Roberto and Kevin Marenco Family
Helena LaRocco
James LaRocco
Beatrix Latinovits
Leesley Family
Tatiana Leskova
Ron and Jan Liuzza
Dr. Jeri, Dr. Robert and Katie Lizana
Matthew B. Logmann
Brigitte Long
Herral Long
Kenton Long
Woody Long
Lina, George, Najla Maatouk and Rami Tabiaat
Koroush, Nazy, Justin, Tiffany and Andre Maddahi
Ioulia Malama and Lambros Malamas
George, Sarah and Avary Malnati Family
Evgeniy Maltsev
Ann Manierre
Carter Manierre
Julie S. Mantis and Family
Irina and John Mappin
Brandon and Angela Marion
Ed & Kathy Marsh
Dedo and Giusy Maspero
Carol Masterson and Rusty Tweed and Pete, Christopher, Jordan, Alanna, Daniel and William Masterson
Matievich Family
Michael, Carmen, Jonathan & David Mauerer
Norman Maver
Robert and Susan McCarty
Dennis, Joan and Corey Mc Kenna [sic? - possibly "McKenna"?]
Arthur McAuley and Victoria Porras
Edward (Ned) John McCrink Jr.
Paul and Quailynn McDaniel
Denise, Dustin and Michael McGahee
Stan Medley
Alice Messick
Tom Messick
Tyler Messick
Victoria Messick
Samuel Michelson
Phil and Sue miller and Family
Dr. David and Sue Minkoff and Family
Rosalba Montesinos
Tim, Snow, Gage and Rain mooney
John and Carol Moore and Family
Dr. Kim Moore
Magda Morra
Mr. Daniel Mrózek and Mrs. Petra Mrózková
Steven T. Mueller
Evgeniy Nasolenko, Olga Fedorova and Pavel Nasolenko
Vitaly, Kristina Nasolenko and Yana Sheremetyeva
Robert R. Naugler
Doug and Becky Neuman
David Newberger and Nancy Ploechl
Mark Nickels and Family
Gary and Nancy Nishimura
Vicki & Aaron Felix Norton
Michael & Lesley Nott
Vince Novak
Terri and Normal Novitsky
Willi, Monika and Maja Nüesch
Evelyn Ochar
Mauricio Olivares
Mary Jo Pagel
Matt Pagel
Jacob Paredes
Joshua Paredes
Larwrence Parker [sic? - should be "Lawrence Parker"?]
Ines Payyan
Peggy Pearson
Benjamin Peek
Steve and Peggy Perrin
Eva Peto
Brian Phillips
Michael & Elena Phillips
Jeremy Phillips
Gabriel Piedra
Janet Platinsky
Paul Polyviou
Carlos Porras
Charles Prenner and Joanne Cali
Lori S. Prescott
John Travolta and Kelly Preston
Mario Ravasi
Sandy Reed, Aman Bal and Kay Thea Seabrook
Dennis and Doreen Rehrig
Giovanni Ribisi
Jeff Ricketts
Bart Rippl
Elizabeth and Jonathan Robert
The Robinson Family
Hilarie & Ray Rockl and Family
Alan and Sheila Roxby
Judith and Pilar Saldarriaga
Michael and kathy Scandling
James, Nancy, Rebecca and Scott Schaefer
Jeff L. and Sheryl Schaffner
Dr. Gabor Schalli
Scott and Jennifer Scharf
Tom Schian and Alison Lorch
Dieter Schulz
Paul, Barbara and Andy Schweikert
Judith M. Schwyter
Philippe E. Schwyter
Raphael O. Schwyter
Rick Scott
The Sgroi Family
Jiten, Indira, Manesh and Megna Shah
Boris Shalimov and Oxana Shalimova
Sase Sham
Jim & Kathy Shearer
Jennifer Shih & Wayne Wang
Char and Tim Shipman
jane Shreffler
Michael and Jennifer Simmons
Tommy & Samantha Simms
Chuck and Marina Simon
David Singer and Diana Venegas
Jan and Anni Skou
Roman and Eva Sladky
David and Bennetta Slaughter
Ivan Slavicky
Fabricio Smillo
Luca Smillo
Steve Smith
Emmanuel Soenen and Marina Bouckaert
Keini Sorrell-Sagajillo
Andrei Soukharev
Steve and Ruth Speidel
Spencer Family: John, Mary, April and Lacey
Howard and Jean Spinner
Joan Roswell
Dr. Neal and Laura Springer
Susan Stayne
Dr. Marc and Audane Steel
Dr. Alan, Griselda and Cella Stein
Robert Stevens
Ted Stourton
David and Annie Sundeen
Leonor Suriel
Jack and ANgela Sushko
Shandor and Yolanda Szaniszlo
Mary Szental
Szirbán Dóra
Zoltan Szollosi
The Tabibzadeh Family
Dr. Roberta N. Tibbles
Alexander, Svetlana, Evelina and Kristina Tkachenko
Tyrone and Diana Tomak & Family
Pat Towne
The Trainor Family
Dr. John Traul and Family
Peter Troebs
Sherwood Tucker
Alan & Tina Turbin and Family
Twaalfhoven Family
Dr. Tony and Anne-Marie Urbanek
Evelyn Van Rompay
Nick van Ruiten
Andrey Vasilyev
Alejandra Rios Vazquez
Martin and Ilona Vokoun
Alexander Vougiouklakis & Georgia Dakoulia and Family
David and Patricia Wagner
Bob & Jeni Walker and Family
Gene and Gisela Walley and Family
Ron Watson
The Wearn Family
Wayne Weaver and Candace Zillweger
Betty Weber
Ernst Weber Family and Dr. Patricia Van Kooten
Larry and Ellyn Wheeler
Nancy J. Wheeler
Leonard and Colette Williams
Neil, Eve and Jess Willner
Kevin and Barbara Wilson
David and Bonita Wilson
Mike and Laura Wilson
Lesa and Leonardo Winokur
Greg and Sandra Winteregg
Michael and Helen Wisner
Steven and Lucia Wu
Nancy from Marketing wrote:CORNERSTONE MEMBERS [1311 entries - $35,000 each]

Rasul Abdulkhalimov
Ramon Acosta Jnr
Ramon Acosta Snr
Robert Acosta
Bob Adams
Carol Montgomery Adams
Elizabeth Ann Adams
Worthington m. Adams Jr. & Lorraine Tougas Adams and Jessica & Andrew Shape
David and Phyllis Aden
Rhondi and Rohit Adi
Almaz Adilkanov
Bolat Adilkhanov and Bakyt Adilkhanova
Kevin J. Adney
Ray Adorno & Yerika Arroyo and Family
Igor Akimkin
Marc Alain
Alex and Tina Alemis
Peter Alevizos
Nikolay Alexandrov
Tatiana Alexeeva
Sam Ali
Michael and Heather Alker
Gail L. Allen
Phillip Allen
Ariene and Scott Alstadt
Johann and Eva Altendorfer
Ian Anderson
Jay Anderson
Pam Anderson
Pam & Joel Anderson, Melissa & Amanda Ryan
Stig and Mia Andersson Family
Alexey Andreev
Igor Andreev
Clyde Andrews
Kevin J. Andrews
Brian & Donna Andrus and Family
Tracey Andruscavage
Chip and P aula Angenendt
Diana Anglada
Charles Angus
Hiroko Aoki
David P. Arana
Philip Arana
Dr. Steve and Linda Archinal
Carlos Arena
Thomas Arimento
Douglas and Brenda Arjes
Mike Armstrong
Dennis Arnzen
Nola Aronson
Michael Ash
Christopher J. Aylor
Takako Azuma
Ingeborg Baardman
Cindy Baas
Artem Babakhanov
Sol Babani
Kathleen A. Babcock
Wolfgang Baitz
Steven J. Baldwin
James and Lorenda Ballard
Phil and Davina Bamford
Mike and Marjorie Bang
Tina Barranet-Colligan
Thomas G. Barba and Glenda R. Rose
Mark and Judy Barber
Bob and Lorraine Baritz
Elan & ErikaBarram
Richard B. Barron
Lynette Barry
Marcel Bartos
Artin, Desabeh & Arsha Barzgar
Ursula Bauer-Ditges
Michael Baum
Brad, Cherie, Nik and Aeric Bauman
Timothy and Sara Baxter
Harold Beach
Thomas Beck
Howard and Karen Becker
Michael C. and Josie T. Becker
Pearl Beckman
Hans and Maria Beekmans
Gary and Carol Beeny Family
Daniel Beguinot
Raymond and Mercedes Behm
Robert and Betsy Bein
Catherine Bell and Adam Beason
Salvatore Bellorno
Fabienne Bellot
Ivan Belyaev
Dwight Benesh
Lisa Benest
Jim & Kathy Bennett
Ralph Bennett
Christopher R. Benton
Guy Bergeaud
Richer Beriau
Urs Bernath
Brad Bernstein
Marino Bertoll
Maksim Bespaev
Gonzalo and Layla Betes
Leni Betes and Jacinto Casellano
Lisa Bettner
Craig Bever
Vsevolod Bezrukov
Gian Mario and Giuseppina Bianchi
Kathy Biery-Paulette
Raymond E. Bishop
Tomas Bjorklund and Maura Sorensen-Bjorklund
Ralf and Jamie Blackstone
Tony Blanco
Mike Blasek
Judi Blum and Family
John Boel Snr and Bodil Boel
Leif and Sandra Boettcher
Michal Bogomolnikov
Grethe, Susanne, Birgitte and Henrik Boisen
Judith Bolger
Charlene Boor
Annarita Borrelli
Sandi and Lee Borth
Grant and Siouxie Boshoff
Josselyn Boudett
Denis Bourguignon
Martha and Sam Bousfield
Pay Boyers
Peter and Jennifer Boyle
Marshall and Dr. Laney Boys
Sergey Bozhenko
Dirk Braun and Martin Kolb
Thomas Breitling
Verle and Becky Breshears
Bill Brickel
David & Sherry Brier
Bill Briggs
John Brinkley
Joseph Brouwer
Kevin, Bernard and Dorothy Brown
Dr. Elana A. Brown
Julie Reed-Brown & Gary Stephen Brown
Harvey Brown
Stephen Brown
Tony Brown
Brownstone Family
Hans and Hermine Bruegemann
Ed Bryan
Lester & Leone Bryman
John & Terri Buell
Hamish H. Bulger
Sheila-Marie Bulger
Gregory Burbelo
Carolyn Hunter Burford
Glen Burford
Lynn and Patricia Burkhart
Alexander Burmistrov
Udo Butenhoff
Ray Butera
Tatjana Buyevich
Ildiko Buza
Tony and Connie Bylsma
Glen Byrnes
Bob and Bonnie Byrum
Svetlana Bystrova
Audrey Cabrera
Olivier Cacaud
Giorgio Cairoli
Rob, Dom & Elizabeth Campisi
Michael Campsey
Bruno and Patrizia Cantalupi
Kevin Cappel
Coleen and Michael Carberry
Diana and Walt Carleton
Beata Carlson
Trae Carlson
John and Mairead Carlton
The Carolan Family
Bob and Gail Carroll
Laura and Larry Case
Flavio Castagna
Joe Catello
Paolo Catena
Massimo Cattori
Stefano and Renzo Cattori
Barbara Cesar
Angie & Ron Chacon and Family
Gustavo Chaćon Rodriguez & Luz Angela Medina
Manuel Chaćon
John and Mary Chadder Family
Andrew and Susan Chalmers
Paul and Rene Chalupsky
Robert M. Macfadden and Patricia W. Chamberlain
Raymond Chan
Timothy and Edna Channell
Rodney Chew
Scott, Sandy and Jesse Chinchar
Mei-Fang Ching
Russ Chittick and Anne Bruce
Alkanov Chyngyz
Frank Joseph Clark
Steve Clarke and Steve Perry
Gerard & Tracey Clerkin and Family
Dorothy J. Cline
Stephen W. Cline
The Cocco Family: Marilyn, Alex and Andria
Dr. Paula Coffee/Denny Family
Chad and Jolene Cohoon
Rob and Ingrid Collewijn
Keith Collins
Patricia Collins
Susan Collins
Kathrine M. Conable
Dickie Conn
Mary Ann and Thomas Conte
Fausto Conti
Claudio and Gail Coppoli
Ernest and Gaye Corbett
Mark Corbett
Pascal Cornet
Yvan Couture
Brian and Susan Coyle
Adrienne Craig
David Kline and Judy Cranford
Sheri Crawford
William Crinklaw
Chris Crinklaw
Stephanie and Russell Croman
Alex and Natasha Cronin
Herb Crowchild
Carly Crutchfield
Jesus and Maria Cruz
Myron Culberson
Lisa Cummins
Michael and Jaye Curry
Hucky Cyris
Heather and Sheridan Cyrus
Mike & Earlene D'Alesio and Family
Matteo & Antonella D'Agnelli and Family
Laurence Dalla Serra
Reinhard Danne
Sebastian Danne
Alexander Danshin
André and Cindy Daoust
Gerhard Daubner
Garland Davis
Sandy Davis
Sky and Arwen Dayton
Pierre Devillers
The Deane Family
Yulia Debalchuk
Robert G. DeBease & Pamela Ann DeBease
Deborah Olsen deBoer
The Del Gizzi Family
Hervé et Evelyne Delafraye
Tom and Sarah Derr
Bob Desimone
Mary Lou and John Dettmer
Chuck & Amy DeVoe
Catherine DeWitt
Russ DeWitt
Chicco and Paola Dinola
Lino and Laurie DiPaolo
Mark and Marianne Ditko
Else-Marie and Claes Ditlevsen
Thu Do
Bob Dobbin and Kelly McCarty
Bart and Emma Dobin
Sharyn Dobin
Gill Dodington
Jamie, Chilunji and Mumba Dodwell
Michael Dolbaczuk
Ferenc Domoszlai
Larry Doodeman
Ronald M. Dornbusch
Ken Dorsett
Mike and Sue Doughty
Gilles Doyle & Anne Marie Joanes
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Drach
Dennis and Bunny Dubin
Steffen Ducksch
Sean Duffy
Dina Duspulova
Ga'Bor Dvorszky
Jerry and Mary Dyas
Leslie Eaton
David and Colleen Eck
Lilliane Eckharter
Ellen Edmondson
Eloise R. Edmonson
Dr. Harold G. Edwards
Seve Eglash
Sarah and David Ehrlich
Morten Eiberg
Werner and Yvonne Eichenberger
Craig Eicher
Bill & Rose Marie Eickhoff
Gerard and Debbie Einhorn
Hans and Christine Eisenman and Family
Trevor D. Eisenman
Henri Elen
Bodhi and Jenna Elfman
Joe Elias
Elliot Family
Guy and Lydia Eltringham
Glenn and Eric Eltringham
Vasily Emashev
Stuart Epstein and Family
Dr. Lothar and Johanna Erdtmann
The Eriksen Family
Lali and Anna Esiava
Richard and Wendy Ettricks
Family Eugster
Tal and Anat Ezra
Len & Carol Collen, Tarne Vernon-Woods and Steve & Megaera Fagan
Steeve Falcy
Marlene and Gerald Falke
Eberhard Faller
Paolo Fanti
Frida Farkash
Jana and Gerard Farr
Bud & Annis Farr and Family
Dmitri Fedorov and Nina Reznikova
Larry and Elizabeth Feldman
Joszef and Maria Ferencz
Steve and Julie Ferguson
Stephen and Elizabeth Ferris
John Feulner
Angela Fialkoff and Family
Dr. Bernard Fialkoff
Maria A. Fierro
Beatrice Findlay
Giuseppe Fini
Jill Finney
Ido Fischler
Robert and Nadine Fishel
Jim and Terri Fitzgerald
Greta and Ron Flate
Kurt Fliegerbauer
Veronika Fliegerbauer
Doug and Carla Fontenot
Jan Foote
Sandra H. Ford
Robert Forillo
Rick and Barbara Forman
Peter Fornai
Karen Foster Scott Fowler
Joe and Rosa Francis
Emmanuel L. Francoeur
John Frank
Eline and Steve Franklin
Pavane and Neal Fraser
Peter Fraser & Lindy Appleford
Richard and Judy Freedman
Ira Friedman
Hermann Frohwitter
John H. Fudens
Randy and Julianne Fulton
Natalia Furaeva
Scott, Chic and Kevin Furbish
Kim and Kevin Furlin
Jurek Fusaro
Geoff Fushi
Vicki Gailzaid
Mary Gaiman
Stanley and Sandy Gainsforth
Jose Luis Galicia Zapata
Winah Gallagher
Douglas Gamette
Daniel Gardner
Margaret Gardner
Patricia Garner
James Gatza
Julie Gatza
Jim Gause
Braulio Gavarrette
Fabrizio and Adelio Gaviraghi and Elena Soldati
Dmitri Gavrin
Malcolm and Sheila Gellatly
Marianne Genton
Peter Gerhards
Ralf Gerhardt and Family
Joe and Lisa Germano
Olivia Giese
Judy Gilbert
Maytal Gilboa
The Jim Gill Family
Marie-Therese and Christopher Gilling
Aik Giordano
Bonnie Gironella
Michele Gissi and Graziella da Ros
Magne Olav Glåmen
Howard Glassman
Larry and Sheila Gluck
Inge Goenitzer
Marshall Goldblatt
Dorri & Lloyd Goldschmidt
Kathleen Lackey Gonzalez and Family
Catherine M. Gordon
Anatoliy Goshko
Josee, Jade and Xavier Goudreault
Mark E. Gould
Daniele Gounord
Tomasz Grabczak
Julie Hope Graf
Louen and Susan Graham & Family
Mac, Chaffee and Houston Graham
Peter Grant
Bob and Sherese Graves
Irina Grebtsova
Chip and Paige Green
Rand H. Green
Bill and Jayne Greenwalt Family
Don & Kim Gregory
Kathie and Scott Gregory
Agathe Grenz
Mikhail Grishin
Frans Groenendijk
Frederic Grossmann
Gary Grubbs
Yoav Gueron
Willard Gulliver
Jennifer and Tom Gundelfinger
Chris and Brenda Gurney
Bernhard and Manuela Gut
Herbert Gut
Peggy Guignon
Sabine Haag
Kelly Daddrill
James and Shelley Haim-Sarvey
Dr. Duncan, Trish and Alicia Hales
The Larry & Jocelyne Hall Family
Jonathan Holtfreter and Susan Hamady
Gustav Hamann
Evelyn and Mark Hambley
Penny Hamel
Carolyn E. Hamm
Bent and Noushin Hammerskov
Michael Hammond
Bert T. Hanicke
Michelle and Vince Hanneken
Joel Kreiner and Stina Hans
Lee and Hilu Hansen
Larry and Eve Hanson
Jason Harkins
Kristian Harmath
Ed Harmer
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Jim, Marybeth & Nick Harper, Jay & Ashley Austin, Kira & Stephanie Scholz Family
Patricia Harris
Andrew David and Christine Harrison
Robin Harstad
John and Laurie Hart
Butch Hatchell
Carol R. Hawkins
Mark and Elsa Haydon
Gary and Renee Hebert
Mark Walter Hebert
Peter Heer
Karla Jo Helms
Dr. Bill and Marlene Hembre
Jon Heneghan
Bernd Henke
Alan Henley
Hans Henriksen
Robert and Jean Henslee
Terezia Herman
Mark Hess
Martha Higareda
Dr. Ralph A. and Denise Highshaw
Gary Hill
Lissa Hilsee
Russell Hinch
Molly Hipp
Thomas & Marion Hoessle
Doug Hoisington
Cynthia Holland
Larry Holmes
Robert Holmes
Holly and Mike Holt
Michal Homza and Anna Homzova
Dr. Tim Howland
Vladimir Hrasky and Nina Hraska
Deborah Hulthen
Isabel and Louis Hunter
Meadow and Mary Anne Hunter
Dr. Ann Hurst
Dr. Mary Huss
Mutsuya and Kristina Ii [sic?]
Yohei Iliyama
Mayuko Ikeda
Jyrki, Susan and Markus Ikonen
Robert and Barbara Indermaur
Steve Ingram and Kate Ingram
Cory and Kim Isaacson
Donna and Mark Isham
Alexander Ivanov
Eleonora and Anatoliy Ivanuk
Paul and Barbara Jackson
Myrna Jacos
Jankovič Family
David and Fran Jantz
Armando Jarque Uribe
Dr. Walter and Aeshea Jayasinghe
Omar Jazzar
Dru & Irma Jeanis
Michael and Evi Jennings
Tom and Virginia Jensen
Hans Peter and Birgit Jeschke
Lisa Jeter-Cullen
Bill Johanesson
Bruce Johnson
George Johnson
Jan and Dale Johnson
Janis Johnson and Don Clay
Jay B. and Carol Johnson
"Mr. Jim" and Sue Johnson
Kathy and Robert Johnson
Susan J. Johnson
Terry and Randee Johnston
Don Jones
Iain Jones
Sivi E. and Jacqueline Jones
Ken and Tere Jones
Janice Jordan
Carolynn Judd
Mike and Abby Juneau
Barbara Justice
James Monroe Justice
Dawn Kaehn
David and Mary Kahn
Yaroslav Kamenyuk
Armin Kammer
Michael & Annie Kananack and Family
Hyo Kyung Kang
Tal L. Kapelner
Sofia and nikita Kapitanskiy
Hans Karlsson
Jani Kasnya
William A. Kathrein Family
Al and Irma Katz
David J. Kaup
Hubert Kech
Dr. Richard, Muriel and Stefan Keeney
Josef Kees
Alan and Ursula Kellman
Martin and Cat Kemble
Klaus and Marietta Kempe
Rudi & Ursina Kempner
Harriette Yvonne Kendler
Christopher Kerezsi
James Kesicky
Cooper and Sheri Kessel
Jim Killeen
James Kilmartin
Pamela Kilmartin
Jodie and Faye Kincaid
Carol Kingsley
Rik and Dorie Kinney
Kurtis & Keanan Kintzel and Family
Aleksandr Kinyakhin
Ken Klaebe
Julie Klarich
Monroe and Joanne Kleiderman
Anatasia Klevtsova
Sharon and Mark Kloss
David and Andrea Kluge
Victor Klysha
Heidi Kemp and Nick Knickerbocker
Da Wen Ko
Frau Susanne Köpcke and Herr Ralf Schütt
Helena and Mike Kobrin
Stephan & Wiebke Koenig
Alfred & Sonja Kohl and Family
Deborah Kojima
Valery Kokura
Oleg Komarov
Gayle Koochin
Sergey Kopylov
Alexey and Elena Kornakovy
Alexey Korolev
Marc and Anna Koska
Zoltan Kovacs
Anatoly Kovalev
Michael and Dauri Kowitz
Daniel Krajcovic
Otto Kranzbuehler
Valentina Krasnova
Scott and Alicia Kreisberg
Johann and Elizabeth Krewer
Carol V. Krieger
Bradley Kristiansen
Larry Krogh
Sandee D. Krzywicki
Ted. S. Krzywicki
Mimi Kuchman
Nikolay Kulinich
David and Patricia Kunsemiller
Elena and Dmitry Kupyanskiy
Askhat Kuramshin and Elena Kuramshina
David Kutner & D'Neva Taylor Kutner
Elena Kuzina
Michele Labrile and Franca Scagliosi
Phil LaClaire
Madeleine Lafontan
Steven Lager
Wendy Lager and Family
Liam Lahart
Wolf-Dieter and Connie Lahmann
John and Chris Lake
Greg L'Allier
Heinz Lammert
Carol Lane
Gottfried, Karen and Felix Lange
Paul and Karen Lange
Dale and Wendy Lannoye
Kendall Larson
Jochen Laschinsky
Lloyd and Connie Latch
Sandy Lattimore
Karen Lavendar
Joseph J. Lavid
Anna Law
Sonja Lawrence and Family
Greg and Jane Layton
Terry J. Le Sueur
Nestor Leal Quintana
Elena Lebedeva
Steve Lederman
Barbara and Mike Quentin lee
Jeff and Julie Lee
Sherene and Jeffrey F. Lee
Natasha Lee
Michael Leire
Nick & Melanie Lekas and Family
Dominick Lembo
Jose and Tracy Lemos
Ruth Lennie, Rachel Ryerson & Oliver Ryerson
Mireille Lenyei-Baroni
Kimmo and Virpi Leskinen
Lars Letonoff and Janice Piro
Kirill Levin
Richard and Barbara Levine
Martha Levitsky
David and Miriam Lewis
Taron Xavier Lexton
Sam Licciardi
Gerhard and Monica Lidl
Lilia Baeva
Johnny Lin and Lucy Chen
K.Y. Lin
Ayal and Devora Lindeman
Dennis A. Link
Barbara Lil Linson
Albert Lipschitz
Michael Liska
Helios Liu
Vito, Piera, Andrea and Chiara Locatelli
Cathie Lograsso
Tom Lograsso
Dr. William Lohman
Franco Lombardo
Paige Long
Daniele Longoni and Antonella Antonecchia
Rudolf Lonski
Tony and Joan Lonstein
Andres Lopez Forero
Simone Lorenzen and Dennis Romeiser
Familie Frank & Karin, Remo, Svenja Lötscher
Bob Lotter
Dr. Frances Lounsbury
Juraj Lovas
Don & Debby Lowe
Larry and Madeline Lowe
Michael Lowe
Louise Lu
Brian & Lina Luckman and Family
Tatiana Luzhbina
Lycett and Lawson Families
Phyllis Mack
Jeff Magee
David and Barbara Magnano
Paul & Claudia Magnie and Family
Paul Maisano Designs
Ferdinand Maisriemler
Ludmila Makarenko
Dawn Makowski
Gregory Makowski
Julie and Darrell Malick
Leo and Lynn Malin Family
Edward and Leslie Mallinson
Anita Mally
The Mandelli Family
Liliana Mandescu & Fiorenza Magliola
Dolores Mangels
Jim and Karen Mangiamele
Mike & Pia Mann and Family
Jukka Manninen
Catherine & Aubrey Manroe
Mark & Grant Manroe
Nathalie Marchand
Reuvein and Judy Marcus
Herbert and Susanne Marks
Suzanne Marotti and Family
Dr. Edilia Marshall
Jerry Marshall
Dr. John Marth
Holly & Charley Martin and Family
Vincente Martinez and Paola Sanz
Mr. Luis I. Martinez Y Sanchez
Erik Martirosian
Sergey Marusov
Dr. Bob and Terri L. Marx
Massimo Marzari
Oleg Masily
Alexander Maslov
Claire Mason and Ron McCreight
Anju Mathur and Family
Martin Matiscik
Hisako Matsushita
Anna & Stefan Matus and Family
Riko Mauksch
David and Sandra May
Chris and Jim Mayer
Marty Mayer
Don and Carla McClintock
Leo and Christine Mc Cormick [sic? maybe should be McCormick?]
Margee Mc Cormick [sic? McCormick?]
Mary McCrink
Chris McCully
Brent McDaniel
Janice McDannel
Harold McDonnell
Cody Mcfadyen
Jai McFall Hambly
Rob and Sue McFarlane
Franki Mc Guigan [sic? maybe should be McGuigan?]
A.J. Mc Innes [sic? maybe should be McInnes?]
Bill & Heidi McIntosh and Family
Gerald and Debbie McNeely
Lynette and Roy McNeill
Diane and Gabbi McPhee
Jeffrey Medeiros
Thomas Mee
Lee & Jan Meekcoms
Kelly and Lynanne Mehlhaff
Erika and David Melrose
The Menaul Family
Jim, Tamra and Taylor Meskimen
Allen and Jill Methven
The Metzler Family
Greg Michaels
Laurie and Chris Miller
Lyn Miller
Clif and Val Miller
Doyle and Kelly Mills
Stephanie L. Minniss
Loretta Miscavage [sic? maybe should be Miscavige?]
Jane and Dennis Miskovich
Paul & Molly Missonis and Family
Pavel and Elena Misyulya
Peggy Mitchell
Dr. Phillip and Camille Mitchell
Sergey Mitrishkin
Elena Mitskevych
Vladislav Mityashin
Mike and Yuko Miwa
T. Everett Mobley
Frederick Mockler
The Möller Family
Othmar Mohr
Antonello & Alessandro Andrea Moi
Jack Molisani
Arthur Moore
Danny Moore
Sharon moore and Derek Aasland
Paris and Linda Morfopoulos
Tas Morfopoulos
Bobby and Ruth Morgan Family
Mark D., Ann and John Fendick Morgan
Dr. Robert and Debbie Morley
Terry and Kathy Morrill
Dr. Wayne Morris
Carol and David G. Morse
Harald and Ute Mueller
Ayrat Muginov
Thomas Müller
John Mulrooney
Multz Family
Tamas Mundrusz
Leon F. Munn
Raymond Munz Family
George Murgatroyd
Dan & Marie Murillo
Joeri and Felicitas Murk
The Murray Family
Robert Musack
Christopher and Diane Music
Ted Myers
Lisette Nacif
The Nagengast Family
Antal Nagy
Peter Nagy
Sanjeev Naikawadi
Robert and Joanne Nastasi
Irina Naumova
Jose Navarro
Simon and Karen Neil
Jim and Susan Nelson
John and Frankie Ness
Art & Maria Neumann and Family
Walter Neumeyer
Walter Neuschnitzer
Buzz and Tracey Newman
Mary and John Newman
Frances Newton
Normann Nielsen
Dr. Larry J. and Joan Nieman
Tom, Toi, Phillip and Camille Niemi
Sharon Nixon
John S. Noe
Mark H. Nolan
James Norman and Carol Hubbard
Jim Norton
Alexander Novikov
John, MaryBeth and Lauren Nuckols
Brian E. Nunley
Tom O'Brien
Michael and Fiona O'Connell
Brian and Marcie O'Donnell
Kevin and Maryann O'Donnell
Scott and Doris Oechslin
Colm O'Halloran
Brian, Paula and Cameron Ohl
Fabiola de Perez and Jose Olalde
Dieter Olberg
Anna Olivieri
Chris and Antonia Olsen
Paul, Bonnie and Natalie O'Malley
Charles Onesi
Andrey Oparin
Anna Osipova
Jeff Ostrowski
Alun Ottley
Ovila Ouellet
Deolinda G. Overfelt and Family
Nancy A. Owen
Masao Oyaizu
David Padilla
Dr. John Paffrath
Kurt Paine and Rosie Freihoff-Paine
Sergey Pak and Tatiana Zheglo
Steve and Deb Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pan
Donald J. and Jeanne S. Pape
Donato & Luciana Paradiso and Family
Barbara, Gary and Todd Pariani
Brandon Parker
Jeffrey Parker
Mark Parker
Donna Parolini
Geoff Parvin
Ricardo & Nancy Pascual
Dr. Tommasina Pasqua
Alfonso Pastora
Mathias and Maryanne Pastore
Janos Pataky
Mahesh Patel
TOny and Kathy Paterpoulos
Maria Patzek
Fam, Heiko, Diana, Marcus and Johannes Paul
Milan Pavlicek
Sheri and George S. Payson
Sally Peck
Gregory Pecka
Ernie and Nydia Pecoraro and Family
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Lasse Pedersen
Thomas Michael Pelletier
Frank Perdichizzi
Achim Perleberg and Family
Steve and Gertraud Perry
Kaaren Perry-Harris
Renata and Bruno
Peskoller Family
Rudolf Peskoller
Vladi, Ingrid and Mahalia Petek
Cheryl Peterein
David J. Petersen
Drs. Vikki & Richard Petersen and Family
Sergey Petrov
Joachim Pfefferle
Joel & Tina Phillips
Terry and Olga Phillips
Richard Pickles and Samantha Lear
Luis Piedade, Claúdia Cruz, Tomas Piedade
Brian, Michelle, and Nico Pinkowski
Vicki and mike Pinkus
Tess Marie Piotrowski
Larry Plank
Jorge Plasencia
Susan and Paul Player
Kim and Doug Podoll
Shirley and Gale Pollack
Martha Miller Pomroy
Ignacio Garcia & Ponchietti Family
Cal & Naomi Poole and Family
The Popa Family
Ivo Pospisil
Neville and Leslie Potter
Richard Poulo
Normal Powell
Maureen Power
Svetlana Pozova
Pedro & Ineabell Prado and Family
Yolanda Premoli
Laura Prepon
Gregory and Liz Prior
Peter J. Profittlich
Sergey Prokopovich
Vaughn and Monika Prost
Anthony Prostamo
Luisella Pugliatti
Grace and Willis Pumphrey
Jeff and Amy Putney
Valeriy and Olga Pyanykh
Royce & Carol Quimby
Mary Ferguson Quinn
Rod Quinn
Jerry & Penny Racheff
Kirk Radandt
Andreas Raede
Joan A. Raef
L.G. Rainaldi, Jr.
Helen Ralston
Dr. Normal Ralston
Alex Ramirez
Carter and Mariya Ransom
Adrienne Rappoport
Heidi and Farhad Raschidi
Kurt R. Rath and Harriet Hughes
Adelheid Rech
Ilse Rech
Jill Reckis
Libby and David Regan
Jan Regan
Rocco Regna
Dr. Gerald Regni and Nancy Alperin
Bud & Jill Reichel
Biggi and Hans Reichert
Mary Reiser
Harvey Reiter
Tom and Nancy Reitze
Gary & Nancy Relkin and Family
Leah Remini Pagán
Fred Reno
Brian Reso
Christine Rey
Scott Rhoads and Midge Hunt
Jeff Ribera
Gay Ribisi
Teresa Riccardi
James and Jennifer Rice
Frances Rich
Thea and John Rich
Sandra Richards
Richardson Family
John Richardson
Tim and Caroline Richardson
Jaroslav Richter
Ruth Rieter-Schorn
Dean Alan Rilling
Andrew and Pat Rinder
Steve and Susan Rinehart & Family
Tom Ritchie
Jonathan Ritson
Evan Robatino
Sylvie and Alain Robert and Family
Leslie and Larry Roberts
Rebecca Roberts
Anthony Robinson
Garrett Robinson
Whitney Robinson
Anthony and Haley Rodda
Paul and Ginger Rodeghero
Suzanne and Wayne Roden
Didier and Beatrice Rodriguez
Ruddy Rodriguez
Thomas and Dagmar Roeder
Pablo and Sabine Röhrig
Peter & Barbara Rogers
Bill and Julie Rooney
Stuart, Judy and Danielle Rosenbaum
Rex A. Roten
Martin Roth
Thomas Rothfuss
Cooper Rounds
Ralph C. Rounds & Family
Ken and Betsy Roush
Denis Rosseau and Emmanuelle Collin
Michal Rovner
Ruffinengo Family
Family Ruscheweyh and Mayer
Ed and Alex Russo
Nils Gunnar Ruste
Nils Morten Ruste
Kate and Adrienne Ryan
Jorg Saalfeld
Susan & Arnold Safirstein and Family
Nurgali Sagimbayev
Don and Dawn Saito
Debbie and Marcos Salame
Marie Teres Saldarriaga
Tim and Karina Sales
Scott Paul Salo
Vladimir Samoilenko
Michail Samsonov
Roger & Eileen Sanders
Jim Santiago
Roberto Santos and Family
Jon and Arnie Saphire
Lee Sarrasin
John Sarros, Jr.
Andrew & Kathleen Savas and Family
Thierry and Laor Savio
Ramsay & Breton Sawtelle
Rodger, TC and Amara Sayles & LaVonna Bledsoe
Michael Scaggs
Craig and Elizabeth Scarpelli
Sandra Schäfer
Dr. Marlene H. Schiller
Richard Shirmer and Florence Walraven
Karl-Heinz Schmiegel
Rick and Joanne Schmitt
Joanne Schnitzer
Robert and Shawn Schoeller
Gil and Deborah Schrock
Sylvie Shröder
Inge Shunböck and Claudia Schuhböck Rade
Paul R. Schulz
Dr. Otto Schweitzer
Michael A. and Cynthia A. Scott
Matt and Elizabeth Scott
Vickie Jo Scott
Robyn Sehy & Phoebe Litwak
The Settle Family
Michelle Seward
Alan & Jeanne Sexton
Paul & Amy Seymour and Family
Seseg Shabakova
Taras and Lubov Shaparenko
Martin Shapiro
Frank Shattuck
Michael W. Shaw
Saiyo Shaw
Renetta and JD Shearer
David Sheller
Laura, Dan, Cole, Camille & Serena Sherman
Martin & Reneé Sherman
Chuck and Susan Shinneman
Igor and Oxana Shirokikh
Ilya Shnayder
Mark and Beth Shreffler
Joan Brown
Howard and Ric Shube
Maxim Shutov
Steve Sideris
Matthew & Terry Sidford
Vladimir, Irina and Roman Sidorenko
Alexander Sidorov
Marc and Jan Silber
Paul and Roxanne J. Silovsky
Jonathan and Evelyn Rose Silverman
Janet and Dennis Simmons
Raj Sinha
Stu Sjouwerman
Li Luo Skelton
Pavel Skovorodin
Marta Slanska
Dr. Kelli Slate
Dr. Susan Sloan
Sotsial Smailov
Nickolay, Olga and Ekaterina Smelyanskiy
Piet Hein Smidt van Gelder
Randy and Linda Smith & Family
Victor and Galina Smoliakova
Debbie and Carl Smudde
Duke and Paula Snider
Robert W. and Joann Snider
Sue Snow Family
Jack and Heidi Staun Snyder
Neal & Leslie Sobol
Danny Soglowek
Brian Solari
Mary Sommer
Uli Sommer
Oleg Sotnikov
Vladimir Lindy Spassenko
Kelly and James Speiser
Jay and Maelien Spina
Piers and Yvonne Springthorpe, Mathew Ryan and Ian Sanderson
Renata St. Lawrence
Jon Stachelrodt
Michelle Stafford
Edward and Janet Standish
Jeff Stanifer
Todd Staniszewski and Family
WM and Mary Stanley
Sarah Starkey
David and Susanne Stedman
Richard & Lori Stein
Cathy Steinberg
Tom and Cathy Steiner
Bärbel Steinreide
Aram and Natalie Stephan & Family
George Stermer
Jennifer Stermer
Elizabeth Stevens
Marlen Steward and Family
Bruce and Donna Stewart
Holley Rose Steward Graves
James and Edith Stewart
Karen and David Stobbe
Vanessa Stoller
Benjamin Stone
John and Gail Stout
Maurine Stracener and Family
Van and Julia Strait
Sven Strandeberg
Clinton Stringfellow
Pavel Stmad
Becky and Bill Sturrock
Illinor and Walfred Suchanek
Randy and Karen Suggs
Reed and Paula Suggs
Murat Sulejmenov
John Sullivan
Sandra Sullivan and Family
Super Power Explosion Project
Roy Suzuki
John G. Svinos
Sue Swank
Ferenc Szabó
Péter Szabó
Szilvia T. Szabò
Ferenc Szente
Janos Sztruhar
Zoltan Takacs
Steven and Noelle Talevi
Anna Tao
The Tardibuono Family
Nigel Tasker
The Gregorian and Taufer Family
Buz and Claire Taylor
Craig Taylor
Norman & Cynthia Taylor
Ron, Julia and Andy Taylor
Eldora Tedesco
Vivian and Gil Teegardin
Michael Teifke
Ed Terino
Dr. Leonard, Mary and Jennifer Terk
Igor Ternovsky
Richard Teschner
Jurgen, Ulla and Erik Thilen
Marcel and Clara Thion
Donna Thomas
Jeana Thuritz
Merve and Manfred Tigges
Tomas and Dottie Tillberg
Michael Tillery
Andrey Timoshenko
Vincenzo Tirella
Agnes Tissot
Michael and Sue Todd & Family
Hirokazu Toi
Daniel Toivonen
Toivonen Family
Richard Tomaszewski
Kristin Tomczak
Jody and Austin Toole
Ashley Vanessa Torres
Reuben Louis Torres
David, Linda and Alana Tourje
Huong Tran
Salila Travers
Anatoly Tretiak
Daniel Trevor
Tom and Joann Trimberger
Rushi, Shilpa, Saahil & Saloni Trivedi
Rowan, Stephanie and Perry Trollope
Cheryl A. and Jacob M. Troxclair
William and Lynda Truax
Susi Tschupp
Linda Tucker
Dellwyn Turnipseed
Kathy Tweed
Dolly Uchhana
Raj Uchhana
Freddie and Dan Ulan
Wilfried Ulbricht
Lori Ungarsohn
Catherine and Bernard Uthemann
Diana Uyematsu and Family
Vladimir Valach
Harold A. Valdez
Charles and Elyse Van Breeman "in honor of Myra, 9/11"
Ron van de Weerd
Nico and Karen van den Berg
Hans van Ettinger
Margo Van Lent
Varga Robert
Tibor Adám Varga
Zsolt Várhalmi
Marco Varotto
Oleg Vasilevsky
Ilya Vavilov
Ekaterina Vavilova
Johnny, Jessica, Destiny and Trinity Vega
Carmen Veiga Lopez
Catherine and Bertrand Velge
Georgiy Velichko
Victor Venturena
John G. Vergis
Katia F. Vianna
Manuel F. Vianna
Nelli Villarreal
David and Risa Vinarub
Albert Vitali
Tali Vitry and Heinz Wrege
Christie Voight
Timea Vojtilla
Alexey & Julia Voliynskie
Timur Voloshin and Elena Voloshina
Alexandra, Mila & Vivian von Dohmain
Erika von Klier-Reil
Leonid Vorobyev
Angelika Voss-Quinn
Kazuhide Wakada
Simon and Andrea Abbate Wakley & Jenny Wakley Family
Michael A. Walby
John T. Waldron Jr.
Michael Waldron
Ed and Mary Claire Wall
Cathea Walters
Jinli Wang
Kai Hung Hang
Gerhard Waterkamp
Pamela Watkins
Wade Watkins
Bennet and Harriet Weber
Simon Weber-Brown
Brad Webster
Jay, Colleen and Hannah Weinstein
J. Michael Weir
Andrew Weis
Rebecca Weiss
Robert & Kathy Welch and Family
Chris and Melanie Wertin
Dr. Jeff, Maryla, Ema & Jens West
Joan Wheeler
William and Tiare Widmaier
Monika Wieneke
Burleigh Wikstrom
Charles Williams
Jeremy Williams
Marie & Jim Williams and Family
Michael O. Williams
Richard E. Willis
Delon A. Wilson
Mortimer and Marlene Wilson
William Lee Wilson
Todd & Lea Wilson and Family
Kathleen Wiltsey
Chris Wissemann and Samantha Mudd
William and Debra Witter
Gus and Verna Wolhtzer
Barbara and Brandon Womack
John Woodhouse and Yanling Mu
Christine and Chris Woodruff
Neil and Bobbi Woods
Skip Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wright
Tom Wright Family
Jane Wu
Judy Wu
Peg Wyant and Family
Svetlana Yakimova
Igor Yakovlev
Alexandr Yampolskiy
Ariel & Diti Yankilevich and Family
Anne Yates
Dr. David Yawrenko
Anne Yedkois
Dinara Yermagambetova and Daulet Alinov
Elvira York
Karilyn & Kirk Youngman
Yaroslav Yuvakaev
Olga Zadnancinova
Marian Zavodny
Curtis Zeringue
Bill Zheng and Viviel Lin
Kulbarshin Amantaevna Zhiembaeva
Lina Zhrikova
Sergey Zhukov
Walburga Ziegler
Clifford Zimmer
Dick and Patty Zimmerman
The Zitny Family
Eka Zoellner
Waki Zoellner
Paul and Stephanie Zollinger
Mikhail Zonov
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Suicide of member

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I can't remember his name but is the guy who killed himself and was actress Nancy Cartwright's boyfriend on this list?

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Re: Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by mr_bad » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:22 pm

Consider this building would have only cost about $10 million to build with $cientology slave labor, and the fact that this building could have already been built 20-years ago, I'd say David Miscavige has some serious explaining to do.

Where did all the money go?
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Re: Suicide of member

Post by Smurf » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:53 pm

AngryGayPope wrote:I can't remember his name but is the guy who killed himself and was actress Nancy Cartwright's boyfriend on this list?
Yes. Steve Brackett.

The list is proof that alot of Scilons are still drinking the Kool-Aid, some with extra sugar.

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Re: Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by Wieber » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:38 pm

Does the IRS have a requirement of tax exempt entities that money donated for a specific objective has to be spent on that objective? The term that comes to mind for not doing that is "misappropriation of funds." Isn't that illegal?

I have no clue about this stuff, so I'm asking.
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Re: Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by brownjedi » Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:00 pm

Good question Weibs. I wish I knew an answer, but wow $178 Million is a lot of clamolas.

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Re: Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by Knusern » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:09 pm

No biggie, thats only 17,80$ a pop
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Re: Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by BenFranklinGirl » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:30 pm

Our friend Thomas Mapother isn't anywhere to be found on there. Or are his donations kept under wraps?
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Re: Super Power Building donors, August 2011, $177 million

Post by mr_bad » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:01 pm

BenFranklinGirl wrote:Our friend Thomas Mapother isn't anywhere to be found on there. Or are his donations kept under wraps?

Yes, they are kept under wraps. Everything anyone "high profile" does in la la land is not publicized. It keeps them from being questioned by media types.

But, donations are circulated verbally by insiders so that everyone knows what the others are donating. This way, $cienobots can keep up with the Jonses.

It's viewed as "being cool" to be a big donor.

...$177 million for something that could have existed 20-years ago for about $10, and there's no trace of where that $177 million went.

They go around winking at and high-fiving each other even though none of them really has any idea how much money has gone into the Miscavige black hole.
Here's Jabba the Hub as he writes crappy sci-fi while his wife sits prison...OT Priorities personified!!!

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