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Post by don_carlo » Tue Apr 23, 2002 5:56 pm

CoS just cut the links to the home page of the personal Scientologist websites.
Go to
and click on "Meet over 16,000 Scientologists on-line" and the link is broken.

Or, go to a typical personal web page like
There is a broken link at the bottom of the page, called "Scientologists On-line" which also led to the Home page of the personal websites.

So three hours ago I could get on and wade through the sites, state by state. Now that they know I'm looking at this, the link is broken.

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Post by don_carlo » Tue Apr 23, 2002 6:17 pm

Good. It's back up. Thanks, OSA!

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Post by zaphod » Tue Apr 23, 2002 6:48 pm

The spelling Szcientologia is their way of trying to hog up all the possible spellings of Scientology. And that particular variant is supposed to the Hungarian spelling. I'm not sure how it's pronounced, but my grandmother (A Hungarian) would know.

Don Carlo,

That is funny. My earlier estimate of having posted around 1100 unique domains was a wild guess, estimated loosely on the fact that I have a little more than 7 pages (each page w/ 3 columns of 54) and I was only off by 6!!! Cool. My BigWintm for the day.

Here is a few more Scientology domains:

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Post by saguaro_rose » Tue Apr 23, 2002 8:32 pm

Wow, thanks Don_Carlo! This is so very interesting; all these little cookie-cutter sites.

An interesting aside: awhile back I saw, on WWW.EXSCIENTOLOGIST.COM, the name of someone I used to live with in Denver, when she was on staff (and therefore homeless), and I was the good friend who took her in. She was one of those poor souls who had had major problems on OTIII (and NOW I understand WHY!), and looked at each new rundown that came off the assembly line like THIS is going to be the one to finally clean up her case. (Never happened, as far as I know)

I was delighted to see her on the "ex" site; but now I see her on your list, and went to her page, and it is there.

So, now I really don't know if she's in or out.

Mike de Wolf
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Post by Mike de Wolf » Tue Apr 23, 2002 9:26 pm


Just a small correction:

Scientology does not pay $25 for each listing for a total of $200,000. These sites are on a handful of domains, such as or It is these domains they pay the fee for, then they can put as many sites as they want on them.

Of course, with the huge list of domains that Zaphod compiled, they are spending a lot on registration fees, but not that much.


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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:11 am

Thanks, Mike. Here is the count for all Asian personal Scientology websites by country:


For a grand total of 318 Scientologists. Given over a billion Indian citizens (including an educated middle class the size of Europe), Scientology now has websites for .0000002 % of the population of India.

For China... one person's comical..

I got these numbers by going to each country on

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:28 am

774 Personal Aussie Scientologist websites, (in alphabetical order by last name )which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google.

Grayson Agnew, Dot Ainsworth, Cameron Airey, Janessa Allan
Bill Allsop, Cassandra Allsop, Emma Anastasi, Dale Anderson
Gordon R. Anderson, James Anderson, Lindsay Anderson, Liz Anderson
Perry Anderson, Tahnee Anderson, Frank Andrewartha, Jennifer Annoki-Chan
Lindy Appleford, Louis Arcoraci, Raphael J. Arnold, Delia Evelyn Atcheson
Douglas Atcheson, Kama Atcheson, Kimberli Ayers, Richard Ayers
Joe Azzopardi, Lisa Azzopardi, Lynda Bacon, Caroline Badnall
Ben Balfour, Michal Balint, Phil Bamford, Keith Banham
Bianca Baptista, Phil Barden, M. Fred Barei, Judith Barnes
Rory Barnes, Rodney G. Barnett, Terri Barnett, Guy Barton
Vilko Barudzija, Walter Basso-Bondini, Daniel Bautista, Jane Bautista
Amanda Beats, Joan Beats, Shane Beats, Maree Beck
Hilton Bell, Julia Bellamy, Jenny Beniamini, Max Beniamini
Cass Bennett, Ian Bennett, Jan Bennett, Sig Bernotas
Geoffrey Blake, John Blom, Henry Blumenthal, Kathy Blumenthal
Dan Blumewthal, Scott Bolland, Margret Borg, Maureen Bourke
Gladys Bowen, Theo Box, Paul Boyle, Steve Bozanich
Greg Bradley, Ruthie Bradley, Laurie Brazell, Patricia Briggs
Janice Bromley, Dave Bromwell, Gary Bromwell, Karolyn Bromwell
Robert Broughton, Susan Broughton, Barry Brown, Ursula Bruce
Aaron Brumley, George Bryce, Kamalia Bryce, Louise Bryce
Quintin Bryce, June Budgeon, Ron Budgeon, Glenys Bugeja
Chrissy Burnell, Richard Burnell, Michael Burns, Darryl Burnside
Betty Butler, Ted Butler, Candice Byrne, Wayne D. Byrne
Glen Byrnes, Jenny Caccamo, Michael Caccamo, Rochelle Cairns
Glenn Caldwell, Claudio Caligiuri, Elia Caligiuri, Horacio Caligiuri
Linda Caligiuri, Lucy Caligiuri, Mark Caligiuri, Mirella Caligiuri
Tim Cameron, Magali Cammarata, Sam Cammarata, Tony Cammarata
Chris Campbell, Jo Cannon, Zina Caraci, Mario Cardile
Remo Cardosi, Alycia Cardy, Alan Carlisle, Megan Carlisle
Ron Carlisle, Glen Carpenter, Lance Carr, Terri Carr
Lana Carter, Sarah Carter, Tim Carter, Cherie Ceberano
Paul Ceberano, Philip Ceberano, Barry Chamberlin, Andy Chang
Jennifer Chang, Les Chapman, Martine Chapman, Paul Chapman
Neil Ralph Charnock, Christine Cheetham, Jennifer Chen, Jean Chien
Christine Childs, Edwin Chou, Kitty Chou, Renate Christie
Rowan Christie, Juliana Chu, Glenn Clark, Ross Clark
Evelyne Clarke, Sandra Clarkson, Sharon Cobourn, Mark Coburn
Martin Coffey, Mardi Cole, Nigel Cole, Matthew Coleman
Caroline Collen, Leonard Collen, Stephen Collen-Treagus, Lyn Collie
Russell Collins, Carlo Colosimo, Paul Coltman, Flavio Commachio
Gina Commachio, Peter Conroy, Robert Constable, Tarran Constable
Fabian Conti, Amanda Cornes, Greg Costello, Jennifer Costello
Nicholas E. Costello, Al Cox, Duncan Cox, David Coxhill
Rose Coxhill, Gaenor Cranch, Debi Craven, James Craven
Robert Clinch Craven, Sarah Craven, Simon Craven, Wendy Craven
Harry Crawford, Gaye Cray, Colin Croaker, David Crooks
Melissa Crooks, Peter Crutchfield, Tracey Cullen, Anna Cuomo
Gino Cuomo, Connie Curato, Joe Curato, Barbara Currie
Colette Currie, James Currie, Gloria Cust, Ida D'Amica
Lucia D'Andrea, Tony Daly, James Davey, Patricia Davey
Peter J.B. Davies, Doug Dawes, Catriona Dawson, Geoff Dawson
Pat Dawson, Jo Day, John Day, Gaetono De Luca
Di Deering, Sandy Deitch, Dinah Denness, Russell Denton
John Devine, Lorraine Devine, Helen Dickenson, Mark Dickson
Sylvia Dickson, Maria Dilello, Krystyna Dixon, Eunice Donato
Candice Doucas, John Dowdall, Mette Doyle, Lucretia Draper
Andrea Drew, Peter Drewer, Georgina Drivas, John Drivas
Wei Wen Duan, Bernie Duane, Simone Duane, Libby Ducasse
Christel Duffy, Robert Duffy, Neil Dugan, Royce Dunn
Greg Dunsmore, Trevor Eade, Jack Edwards, Steven Eldridge
Tim Ellis, Maria Erai, Alberto Estenaga, Jo Evans
Reg Evans, Rose Evans, Kerry Ann Fairclough, Andrew Fairlie
Anne Falkinder, Mark Farrelly, Chris Farrier, Fred Field
Walter Fiorito, Tim P. Fitzgerald, Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Ted Forgach
Neil Forrest, Tim Forrester, Truls Foshaug, Mike Foster
Lynne Fox, Russell Fox, Steve Franklin, John Franzi
Roslyn Franzi, Irene Fraser, Karen Fraser, Peter Fraser
Warwick Fraser, Lisa Freebury, Adam Frost, Mariko Fukada
Sally Garden, Fergus Gartlan, Grainne Gartlan, Jenny Gellie
Bruno Gelonese, David Gibbons, Jenny Gibbons, Bruce Gibson
Marlene Gibson, Mark Giffin, Kevin Ginbey, Sue Ginbey
Mark Girdwood, Kingsley Gock, Max Gogerly, Mickey Goldzweig
Jamie Gordon, Sibel Goren, Jocelyn Goss, Ina Gourley
Gina Graham, Jessie Gray, Phil Greenhalgh, Geoff Greening
Ian Greenslade, Jennifer Grieve, David R. Griffiths, Ivan Griffiths
Cadienne Grimshaw, Jarrod Grimshaw, Tom Grimshaw, Daniel Groffman
Erla Hakon, Carol Hallett, Paul Hamilton, Steve Hancock
Scarlett Hanna, Lidia Hannah, Brett Hansell, Kevin Harris
Shimmy Harris, Shaun Hart, Yuka Hasegawa, Rhonda Hatzirodos
Mervyn J.C. Hay, Derek Hayward, Richie Hayward, Susan Hayward
Louise Henderson, Frank Hercus, Michael Herson, Ronda Herson
Muriel A. Higgins, Rodney G. Higgins, Saul Hildebrand, Benjamin Hill
Kelly Hirst, Roger Hjorleifson, Beate Hohl, Claire Holbrook
Sean Holbrook, Sydney Holbrook, Shane Hollindale, Cyril H. Holman
Fredric Holten, Harry Honnor, Wendy Honnor, Guy Hooten
Lili Hsieh, Cathy Hsu, Anna Huang, Peter Hubble
Jan Hudson, Gareth William Hughes, Justin Hughes, Martha Philippa Hughes
Aisling M. Hume, Joanne Hunter, Cathy Hurst, Caeylinh Huynh
Colin Robert Imray, Kryoung Bin In, Ian Ingram, Michael Irvine
Doug Jack, Nerida James, Tammy James, Trinidad James
Wyllowe James, Laurent Jang, Pat Jarvis, Daphne Jefford
Kim Jefford, Samantha Jefford, Gareth Jekel, Gloria Jen
Caron Jenkins, Steve Jenkins, Ian Jennings, Joe Jia
Gay Johnson, Jo Johnson, Martin Johnson, Ian Jones
Stephanie Jones, Tim Jones, Kathleen Joyce, Marie Kable
Jacqueline Kalab, Rudy Kalab, Jim Kalaitzis, Anne Kannar
David Kannar, Andrew Kay, Jim Keating, Sue Keating
Peter Kendall, Nella Kerr, Michelle Keys, Nick Keys
Sue Kierkegaard, Jenny Kiggins, Mike Kiggins, Wendy Kingdon
Joe Kingi, Sue Kinnear, Ken Klaebe, Fred Klemick
Margaret Klemick, Maia Knaggs, Kwan Woong Koo, Robert Koshemakin
Gabriella Kovacevic, James Kovacevic, Carolyn Kyle, Charles Lander
Win Lander, Jenny Lane, Sebastian Langella, Florian Laplantif
Peter Mart Lardelli, Richard Law, Jay Lawrence, Brad Lawson
Eva Lawson, Nick Lee, Tom Lee, Angie Paice & Neil Lemon
Aran Levin, Erik Levin, Rita Levin, Yen Shen Li
Zhuangling Lin, Roslyn Lind, Doug Lindsay, Jacinta Lindsay
Sean Lindsay, Emily Liu, Megan Liu, Wendy Liu
Diego Llisebir, Vanessa Llisebir, Steve Lovrinovic, Margaret Lowe
Susan Lowe, Lynne Lowenstein, Nijole Lowes, Peter Joseph Lubychij
Elvira Luchini, Jenny Maartens, John MacDonald, Robert MacDonald
Yvonne MacDonald, Kevin Mackey, Vicky Mackey, Terry Macnee
Joe Malesic, Evan Manning, Rudi Marashlian, Tracey Marashlian
Felix Marci, Damon Markopoulos, Melissa Marks, George Noel Marston
Denis John Martin, Pauline Maszlagi, Steve Maszlagi, Rae Maxwell
Julie Mayhew, Mike McAuliffe, Gregory McCarthy, Rita McCarthy
Fiona McClintock, Julie Wynne McClintock, Jamille McColl, Patrick McColl
Kathy McCurdy-Zagame, Graeme McDermid, Nancy McKenzie, Alan McLoughlin
Conor McNally, Tracey McNamara, Rogan McNeil, Julie McSweeny
Shane McSweeny, Roger Meadmore, Albert Megraw, Francis Mei
Simon Meney, Ian Merchant, Joan Merchant, Angelo Mesiti
Liz Mezentsef, Brian Micallef, Martin Middendorf, Vanessa Middendorf
Viorica Mihalcea, Bev Mihalic, Elena Maria Milkovitsch, Andy Milne
Fiona Milne, Joel Miranda, Peter Miranda, Claire Monaghan
Sergio Morello, Sue Morello, Shorne Morris, Joseph Morrison
Joan Mort, Gerhard Mottl, Peter Mulder, Rev. Ronald Munn
Tarryn Munro, Diana Murphy, Peter Murphy, Terry Murphy
Garry Murrin, David Nall, Glenys Nall, Kristen Nall
Bruce Hardie Neil, Karen Neil, Simon Neil, Mark Newman
Nick Newman, Mary Newman-Martin, Phil Newman-Martin, David Ni
Ross Nichols, Eleanor Nitche, Katrina Nitsche, Leanne Nobrega
Rochelle North, Bernard O'Callaghan, Paul O'Connor, Akiko O'Connor-Suganuma
Ross O'Donoghue, Vicky O'Donoghue, Shauna O'Leary, Shvawn O'Meara
Coby O'Sullivan, Donna O'Sullivan, Emily O'Sullivan, Chrystyna Offenbuame
Tony Oliver, Manfred Onder, Norman Pakes, Helen Panayi
Stewart Payne, George Pearson, Alistair Percy, Morty Peters
Chris Phillips, Derek R. Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Ken Pilkington
Peter Pinto, Mr. David Plaister, Johnny Plustwik, Fay Pollard
Ron Pollard, Chris Power, Odete Prater, Rod Prater
Anthony Price, Leigh Price, Alan Prickett, Kimberley Prickett
Cheryl Puethe, Conny Quintal, Steve Quintal, Carmen Isabell Rainer
Andrew Randell, Gary Ravenscroft, Jason Rayner, Arthur Redi
Jo Reid, Thomas Reid, Maree Reily, Robert G. Reily
Paul Rendall, Archie Riddell, Bet Riddell, Mark Riddell
Andrew F. Rinder, Barbara J. Rinder, Patricia Rinder, Nick Robins
Rosalind Robins, Peter Robinson, Rick Robjent, Melanie Robson
Sarah Robson, Serena Robson, Lee Rogers, Maria M. Rojas
Eva Ross, Heidi Ross, Garnet Rottcher, Daron Ryan
Maryanne Ryland, Elizabeth Safra, Myrna Louise Safra, Roger Safra
Gina Salmon, Peter Salmon, Christine Margaret Sanderson, Jennifer Schelbert
Enzo Schiliro, Nerina Schiliro, Alan Schneider, Doreen Schrier
Mark Scupham, Kay Seabrook, Ron Segal, Pelite Sei
John Sellers, Rosalie Seren, Anna Serra, Carlo Sferco
Hilary Shead, Linelle Shelly, Colin Sherman, Chris Shipman
Richie Shiu, Anita Shyee, Amy Silva, Maria Silva
Elenor Simpson, Peter Simpson, Robin Sinclair, Vilmer Skov
Christina Sleightholme, Vanessa Smit, Adam Smith, Ailee Smith
Carla Smith, Dorreen Smith, Michelle Smith, Rose Whelan Smith
Susan Smith, Barbara Smyth, Paul Snodgrass, Keith Soanes
Fabrizio Soncin, John Sowerby, Steve Spargo, Graeme Sprigge
Jason Standford, Noriko Stanford, Giles Stapleton, Kelly Stauffer
Isaac Steele, Stevan Steele, Tessa Steele, George Sterling
Carol Stewart, Erin Stewart, James Stivey, John J. Stivey
Michelle Stivey, Rick Stoker, Ivan Stone, Mark Stone
Katie Strahan, Mr. Roy Strahan, Ray Streeter, Flora Sullivan
John Sullivan, Olivia Sullivan, Jeanine Summers, Robin Sunol
Maggie Sweeney, Paul Sweeney, Tatiana Talei, Dale Tangiora
Guy Taylor, Helen Taylor, Irma Taylor, Lynette Thom
Neil Thomas, Roy Thompson, Sue Thompson, David Thor
Sandy Thurston, John Tidswell, Tony Timms, Chris Tingley
Chad Tippapart, Valerie Tivan, Johanes Tjuatja, Henrik Tkacz
Michael Tomblin, Charles Tonna, Adrienne Tracey, Chris Tracey
Michael Trethowan, Mario Treu, Annie Turner, Cheryl Turner
Grahame Turner, Pauline Turner, Tony Tzouvelis, Carmel Underwood
Tim Underwood, Ken Vac, Lucas Van Berkel, Suzanna Van Berkel
Vincent Van Berkel, Pat Van der Voorden, Tyrel Van der Voorden, Pieter Van der Wal
Son Van Vu, Kim van Wichen, John Vardis, Andras Vermes-Gabos
Mancino Vito, Cecile Vowles, Colston Vowles, Matt Waite
Clive J. Wakeham, Angela Wang, Jessica Wang, Yvonne Wang
Jorgen Wanscher, Audrey Warren, Garry Watkins, Graeme Watson
Greg Waugh, Denise Webb, Irene Wei, Billy Weir
Diana Welbourne, Merryn Weston, Samantha Rose Smith Whelan, Amy White
Derek White, Geoffrey White, Grant White, Philip White
Marion Whiteside, John Whittaker, Hans-Peter Wiederkehr, Benji Wijitpun
Ian Wilde, Marjorie Wilkinson, Paul Wilkinson, Greg Williams
Jeremy Williams, Lisa Williams, Lizzy Williams, Ben Willows
Jason Willows, Jenny Willows, Steve Willows, Innes Willox
Joe Wills, Ray Wills, Bill Wilson, James Wilson
Gerhart Wittwer, Marian Wittwer, Claudette Woodley, Michael Woods
Trevor Woods, Carrie Wright, Richard Wright, Eve Wu
Churlya Kalalo Wurfel, Hubert Wurfel, Monique Xenophontas, Assunta Zaghet
Jason Zani, Kylie Zani, Laurence Zani, Pauline Zani
Eddie Zhn, Werner Zimmer

from: ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:33 am

105 Personal New Zealand Scientologist websites, (in alphabetical order by last name )which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google.

Mark Allison, Vickey Alpe, Antoinette Anderson, Mike Avery
Christopher Barnett, George Bell, Pearl Bennett, Bruce Berntsen
Laurie Bingham, Ken Boyd, Nola Boyd, Ray Brandt
Colleen Bray, Karina Casement, Melva Collins, Michelle Conole
Paul Conole, Dave D'Audney, Win Dickey, Rob Dickie
Julie Dockerty, Tony Dowling, John H. Duncan, Phillip Evans
James Ferriss, Alana Foai, Manase Foai, Mira Forrest
Denny Frater, Atsuko Fukutani, Penese Gason, Glynis Gillott
Ian Gillott, Damien Goddard, Robin Bin Han, Valerie Hansen
Arampamo Haran, Jude Harrod, Charlie Hobbs, Varina Horne
Ian Humphrey, Elaine Jack, Jimmy Jackson, Tony Johnson
Kororia Kahui-Ariki, Matt Kiely, Gail Laing, Anh Le Ngoc
Dana Lee, Simon Lee, Johnathin Littler, Lynnaire Liversedge
Andrew MacDonald, Campbell McCorquodale, Heather McLeary, Mo McLeary
Robert McMullen, Shane Millar, Claude Moffat, Dianne Monk
Vanessa Moore, Brian Murray, Eve Owen, Kevin Owen
Michelle Owen, Pastor Puke Parai, Nigel Patterson, Dick Peters
Irene Pook, Warren Portsmouth, Tim Pringle, Yure Radojkovich
Travel Rakoia, Stephan Rawles, Andy Redfern, Debbie Rose
Anton Royce, David Rule, Tim Saunders, John Scott
Rebecca Simons, Alison Slade-Baker, Helen Smith, Karyn Smits
Patrick Anthony Spencer-Smith, Harvey Stapleton, Karen Stephenson, Andrew Stevens
Mary Stevens, Ian Sugden, Kathy Swords, Mark Swords
Mana Tewhata, Ena Tito, Marisha Turol, Ben van den Berg
Shelley Van Den Berg, Geoff White, Joyce Whitson, Keitha Wilcox
Jan Williams, Tony Williams, Addam Willis, Owen Willoughby
Anita Wiseman ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:49 am

240 Personal South African Scientologist websites, which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google.

Akbar Abdulla, Karin Adolf, Arthur Anderson, Lawrence Anthony
Chris Arendse, Dave Atkinson, Terry Atkinson, Anne Babb
Hugh Barfoot, Diana Bargate, Glen Bargate, Ian Bargate
Jessica Bargate, Derek Barker, Faith Barter, Paul Barter
Vanessa Beach, Annemarie Bekink, John Henry Bell, Mandisa Ben-Mazini
Audrey Bennett, Mark Berman, Hennie J. Bezuidenhout, Gillian Bingham
Jenny Birkett, Richard Bizzell, Spencer Bizzell, Stephen Langton Blades
Ken R. Botha, Ludwig Bouwer, Alan Bowman, Julian Bray
John Briscoe, Rudene Brown, Lynda Bruwer, Ian Campbell
Greg Capazorio, Jo-Ann Capazorio, Skye Capazorio, Zena Carrol
Sol Celender, Noel Channing, Danny Chetty, Craig Coetzee
Peter Cole, Sue Cole, Gail Compton, Allan Cook
Nirvana Cooke, Caye Corben, Ernest Corbett, Tracy Corbett
Steve Cottingham, Helen Covary-Fritsch, Sylvia Coward, Victor Coward
Phillipa Davis, Ella Day, Nav Dayal, Nicole De Valence
Lizette De Villiers, Corinne Deakin, Ricky Delgado, Angel Deschanel
Byron Dittberner, Lloyd Dlamini, Dinish Dookan, Carol Downing
Jan du Toit, Sue du Toit, Virgil Engelbrecht, Laurence Evans
Tal Ezra, Mirek Fajer, Eric Falkow, Michael Falkow
Sally Falkow, Bronwyn Forsyth, Martin Foster, Mike Fullagar
Lena Fuller, Noel Funck, Garrick Garz, Tracey Gething
Geoff Gibson, Greg Gibson, Myrna Gibson, Gordon Gilbertson
Matt Glass, Irene Gledenhuys, Lisa Goosen, Ueli Gosteli
Malcolm Granville, Duncan Gray, Bret Green, Alan Grove
Robyn Grove, Danielle Guy, Johan Hall, Ernest Harper
Lotti Hattenbach, Tanith Havemann, Peter John Hayward, Walter Hex
Eric Elder Holliday, Annetta Holmes, Des Hoole, Joan Hoole
Mohamed Hoosen, Robert Horn, Debbie Houston, Earl Houston
Marina Howarth, Nikita Howarth, Liz Human, Francois Jacobsz
Mariana Jacobsz, Marilyn Jacobsz, Carol Jardim, Lisa Johnson
Cornelia Jones, Avi Kazanski, Stanley Kehela, Tsion Kehela
Sean Kenselaar, Maxwell Keye, Des Khoury, Robi Kihm
Edward Kleyn, Renate Knott, Robbie Knott, Faith Knowler
Lee-Hazel Kooiman, Nick Labuschagne, Janet Lacey, Gennaro Langella
Brian Lawson, Boyd Leathlean, Joseph Lerata, Victor Lidchi
Calum Liptrot, Trevor Lloyd, Mando Lopes, Victor Lopes
Ingrid Lossau, Alain Lotz, Desiree Lotz, David Luscombe
Douglas Luscombe, Jane Luscombe, Michelle Luscombe, Jan Maartens
Ricardo MacKenzie, Terry MacMenigall, Carron Mancini, Carol Matthews
Leon Matthysen, Shannon McGee, Alice Mein, Robert Mein
Philip Meiring, Chris Meyer, Rose Mini, Helena Misplon
Don Moll, Abdul Moos, Grant Morgan, G.J. Muller
Alan Murray, Stephen Murray, Hannes Nel, Chane Neveling
Dr. CH (Harry) Neveling, Michael Nicholson, Dr. R.E. Norris, Clive Norton
Lindsay Nuison, Quinntin O'Neill, Raj Oakley, Alet Ollemans
Miroslav Oravec, Ines Park, Indira Patel, Heide Peens
Louis Peens, Robin Pegler, Freddy Pendl, Isabella Pendl
Bob Petrie, Michael Pieterse, Archie Pillay, Shireen Pillay
Laura Pretorius, Reino Putz, Dawn Pye, Sanjay Rampershad
Lawrence Retief, Ilmarie Rencken, Sharyn Rook, Dane Russell
Terry Russell, Ingidzai Rutsito, Eamon Ryan, Eric Salberg
Martie Saunders, Derick Scott, Brian Scott-Dawkins, Katia Sergienko
Dave Shell, Vinnai Singh, Gavin Michael Slender, Bob Smith
Peter Spyrides, Paul Stander, Glen Steele, Andre Colin Steyn
Nic Strauss, Laurie Sutherland, Rouvierre Swiegers, Susan Vuyiswa Taliwe
Audrey Tarbet, Clive Tarr, Clive Trent, Mark Turnbull
Gordon Turton, Kevin Wakely-Smith, Geoffrey Waldbaum, Letitia Waldbaum
Kay Wampach, Marius Wessels, Rosalind White, Colleen Wiltshire
Adele Witkin, Paul Woodley, Robert Wright, Wayne Wright
Gloria Wrightson, William Bruce Wrightson, Marjanne Younger, Dagmar Zavichak

From ... /index.htm

There are two other African personal web pages - one in Nigeria and one in Tanzania.

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:59 am

450 Personal Canadian Scientologist websites, which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google. Please excuse the wrong font for French accents - I don't have the time to fix each accent.

Louise Alarie, Reginald Albert, Deborah Ambrose, Steven Ambrose
Eileen Anderson, Roberto Angeli, Georgette Gita Anto, Joey Archambault
Alice Armstrong, Mike Armstrong, George Baillie, Nancy Baker
Ramdeo Balliram, Saroma Balliram, Tara Balliram, Varoon Balliram
Henry Banic, Levon Barker, Patricia Barnes, Ian Batchelor
Victor Batchelor, FranÃ]Victor Batchelor, François Beaucage, Manon Beauchamps
Brian Beaumont, Jeff Beaumont, Arthur Beauregard, Louise Bedard
Marilyn Belaire, André Bélanger, John Bell, Lisa Bell
Eric Bennett, Curt Bennett (Wizart), Richard Bergeron, Marc Bernard
Judy Bernes, Laurent Bernier, Dale Beroud, Judith Bérubé
Tim Bewcyk, Gordon J. Beyer, Teresa Beyer, Sylvain Bilodeau
Mike Bishop, Donald Bissonnette, Lina Blanchette, Denis Blouin
Pierre Bolduc, Frank Bond, Elisa Bonifacio, Larry Bonifacio
Danny Boomer, Eric Bouchard, Rheal Bouchard, Ginette Boucher
Ghislain Boudreau, Daniel Boulay, Gary J. Bourdon, Maura Bourdon
Bruno Braun, Gail Louise Braun, Bob Brett, Claude Brillon
Michel Brillon, W. Scot Britton, Melanie Brousseau, Dave Brownlee
Mary Brownlee, Rebecca Brownlee, Daniel Bryenton, Lori Bryenton
Robert Bujold, Peter Byrne, Jackie Cale, Michael Cale
Kathleen Cameron, Nancy Cameron, Marie-France Carpentier, Charlene Carrier
FranÃ]Charlene Carrier, François Carrier, Margherita Casino, André Castonguay
Sylvie Castonguay, Luke Catton, Paul Cezette, Martin Charlebois
Louise Chenel, John Cobban, Dominique Comeau, Alain Côté
Denis Côté, Diane Côté, Ghislain Côté, Mike Crellin
Nicole Crellin, Philippa M. Creux, Leah Cyr, Robert Cyr
Joane D'Auteuil, Paulo Da Costa, Margie Dauk, Douglas A. Dawson
Patrick Debel, Vincent Debel, Larry Densmore, Micheline Desrodiers
Paula C. Dewar, Laurie Di Paolo, Melanie Dickson, Christian Dieudonne
AndrÃ]Christian Dieudonne, André Dion, Bailee DiPaolo, Bob Dobson-Smith
Glen Doe, Gilles Doyle, Jacques Dozois, Nicole Dubé
Miguel Dugal, Laflèche Dumais, Sylvain Dumas, Jocelyne Dupuis
Leslie Eaton, Jurgen Eisbrenner, Steve Elash, Diane Ellery
Bonnie English, Evelyn Eppes, Evelyn Erison, Arman Estillore
Hart Ewing, Lilliane Ewing, Elisabeth Favreau, Myrtha Feher
Michelle Feihle, Eugene Felske, Nick Ferrelli, Alain Flamand
Bruce Flattery, Elaine Fleck, Erika Fleck, Monique Fleck
Marie-Chantal Fleury, RÃhantalfleury]Marie-Chantal Fleury, Réjeanne Fleury, Sonia Fleury
Tony Fong, Sean Ford, Monique J. Fournier, Laflèche Francoeur
Richer Francoeur, Adam Franklin, Francine Fraser, Cathy Froese
Diane Froese, Sylvie Gaboriault, Gilles Gagnon, Jean-Louis Gagnon
Julie Gagnon, Raynald Gagnon, Yvan Gagnon, Vicki Gallo
Martin Garneau, Helene Gaskin, Monique Gaskin, MichÃ]Monique Gaskin
Michèle Gaumond, Thérèse Gélinas, Eric Gerber, Renald Gilbert
Guylaine Giroux, John J. Glaser, Linda E. Gledhill, Raji Goel
David Gold, Rogerio Gomes, Ginette Gougeon, Lucille Goupil
Fraser Grant, Janet Grant, Neil Green, Dave Greene
Kevin Grenier, Liane Grenier, Francesco Gugliuzzi, Lucia Gugliuzzi
Mike Guth, Dorothy Halonen, Sam Halonen, George Hamar
Mel Hanlan, Alf Hanna, Alix Maria Hare, Sarah Maureen Hare
Marg Harris, Bryan Haynes, Gary Henneberry, Gerald F. Hennessey
Karen Hepinstall, Dave Hickey, Andy Hill, Robert Hill
Val Hill, Valerie Hodgson, Roland Honicke, Richard Houle
Randy Houston, Cameron Howey, Mariette Howey, Robert Huculak
Byron Hunt, Pamela Holl Hunt, V. Lynn Hunter, Hilary Hurry
Jamie Huson, Betty & Tony Hynes, Lara Iverson, Ram Jagdat
Betty & Tony Hynes, Lara Iverson, Ram Jagdat, RÃ href="]Ram Jagdat
Rémi Jalbert, Kevin Jarrett, Harold Jean-Baptiste, Colin Jesson
Effie Jones, Chris Jung, Andre Jurt, France Jutras
Jeff Keays, Susan Kerr, Fariba Kinvig, Keith Kinvig
Brian Knowles, Bernd Kramer, Patty Kramps, Liz Kristainsen
John Kristalovich, Henry Kristensen, Maggie Kristensen, Ginette Labbe
Nicole LabontÃelabbe]Ginette Labbe, Nicole Labonté, Johanne Lacombe, Serge Lacoste
Mily Lam, Sylvain Lambert, Stefan Landry, Calvin & Patsy Lane
Greg Lang, Martine Lapointe, Lisa Larsen, Marc Lavigne
Paulette Layton, Régis Le Brun, Guy LeBlanc, Ginette Leclerc
Huguette Leduc, Cynthia Lee, Michelle Lee, Therese Lee
Claude Legault, John Yuet-Lum Leong, Kim Lepp, Suzie Lessard
Diana Lipowicz, Willis Lloyd, Hung-Cheng Lu, Lina Luckman
Sylvie Lupien-Bond, Alex Macdonald, Lise MacDonell, Pica Maclean
John MacPhail, Petra MacPhail, Esther Macphearson, Christopher Macpherson
Tad Magee, Sonia Maheux, Reggie Malebranche, Raymond Mallet
Suzanne Mallet, Gregory Marentette, Nancy Marois, Isabelle Martineau
Janusz Maruszak, Elena Maslova, Pat Mason, Daniel Mastromatteo
George Matz, Jacqui Matz, Rhonda Mcallum, Dave McCowan
Belinda McCoy, Mike McCoy, Derek McDonald, Sylvain McDuff
Darren McKague, Gary McKague, Clifford McLean, Kyle Mealey
Guy Mercier, Yohan Mercier, Mario Michaud, Sharon Moore
Diane Moreau, France Morency, Aris Morfopoulos, Leane Morfopoulos
Kevin Mougenot, Ed Mowat, Adrian Murphy, Bonny Murray
Louise Nadeau, Cindy Nelson, Kimberly Nelson, Brian Nielsen
Corrine Nielsen, Chantal Noreau, Pierre Noreau, Kevin O'Grady
Frank O'Maley, Tibor Palatinus, Basile Panidiz, Therese Paquet
Jos Parent, Anna Parise, Joel Parker, Shelley Parker
Louie Pateropoulos, Doug Pearse, Chris Pech, Rosie Pech
Jean-Pierre Peignot, Aarre Peltomaa, Linda Penney, Nicole Piedimonte
Lena Pistan, Dee Potter, Delores Potter, Shauna Pratt
Howard Prendergast, Pierre Prevost, Alexandra Price, Ewa Pringle
Marianne Pritchard, Shirley Pritchard, Lucie Provost, Paul Ramsden
Richard Rancourt, Mehdi Ranji, Mike Reilly, Lawrence Ribeiro
Kim Richard, John Rigg, Lynn Rigg, Remi Robin
Hilarie J. Rockl, John Rolf, Winston Romanoff, JosÃ]Winston Romanoff
Josée Rondeau, Denis Rousseau, Ken Rowe, Nicole Roy
Mimi Royer, Chris Sagajllo, Darryl Sandilands, Jean-Paul SanfaÃands]Darryl Sandilands
Jean-Paul Sanfaçon, Francine Savaria, Neil Schell, Shelley Schell
Darrel Schlereth, Maria Schreiner, Bernie Schrott, Debbie Schrott
Vincenzo Sciullo, Sophie Sekelyk, Joseph Serednicki, Ricardo Serrano
Dylan Sharp, Justin Sharp, Timothy J. Sharp, DC, Liz Shaw
Dianne Shuck, Tom Shuck, Denis Simard, Janice Sleep
Lorenda Suzanne Sleep, Earl Smith, Sherilyn Smith, Wendy Smith
William Smith, Hugues Soucy, Simon Soucy, Michel St-Onge
Jennifer St. George, Clark St. John, Jim Standish, Peter Stevenson
Julie Stewart, Vincent Stewart, Pat Stojak, David A. Stokes
Alex Strijewksi, Hermann Strijewski, Gervais Tardif, Kevin Taylor
Lorraine Taylor, Doris Temple, Larry Temple, Alexandre Barbin Therrien
Yves Thibodeau, Cindy Gail Thomson, Dorothy Thorpe-Stokes, Chuck Toth
Guy Tourville, Scott Townsend, Tina Townsend, Bruno Tremblay
Nicole Tremblay, Crystal Jay Lee Trepanier, Dee Dee Trepanier, Francis Trepanier
TJ Trepanier, Madeleine Trudel, Pierre Trudel, Bill Turnbull
Louis Vaillancourt, Frank Vicino, Eugene Vincent, Sylvie Vincent
Juliette Wagner-Quercia, Dean Walker, Ora Walker, Kevin Warren
John Westra, Janice Wheeler, Leah Whitmore, Pat Whitmore
Ernie Wilkens, John Wilkens, Nola Wilson, Randy Wilton
Cheryl Wood, Ron Wood, Jason Wright, Mike Zahari

from ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 3:05 am

387 Personal Mexican Scientologist websites, which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google. Please excuse the wrong font for Spanish accents - I don't have the time to fix each accent.
Jose Aburto, Flor Hinojosa Acosta
Cleman Agami, Clemente Agami, Dan Agami, Elisa Agami
Moises Agami, Paulette Agami, Benito Aguirre, Jose Cruz Gonzalez Aguirre
Valeria Rodriguez Aguirre, Andres Alavarez M., Jose Jaime Albarran, Candy Alcantar Escobar
Jaime Ramos Altamirano, SimeÃ]Jaime Ramos Altamirano, Simeón Altamirano, Grelisa Angela
Rodrigo Gonzalez Arelle, Brenda Arias, Emilio Arias, Pablo Arias
Raul Arias Camarena, Raul Arias Perez, Alicia Aristi, Jose Antonio Arjonilla
Rafael Romero Arriaga, Karla Díaz Audeco, Rafael Avina, Monica Aviña
Jorge RodrÃTE>, Jorge Rodríguez Bahena, Alex Palombo Balas, Amalia Baldamis
Cuauhtemoo Baldamis Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Huerta Barbosa, Carlos Bárcena, Cesar Velaco Bárcenas
Jose Luis Galicia Barona, Ramon Barragan, Humberto Teverino Barron, Carlos Becerra
Alejandra Becerril, Ramon Quijas Beltran, José González Bendiksen, Guadalupe Mora Benitez
Yadira Boyaz, Leticia Buitron, Alicia Cain, Leticia CalderÃ]Alicia Cain
Leticia Calderón, Diana Martha Calleja, Carlos Calvillo, Margarita Calvillo
Rafael Calvillo, Jaime Reyes Camarena, Alicia Campos, Alvar Campos
Estela Ledezma Campos, Alejandro Candela, Adrian Segura Cano, Ezequiel Cano
Alí D' Fania Cano Saldaña, Omar Cardona, Juana Martha Carillo, Martha Patricia Castaneda E.
Mariye Castellanos, Nazario Mendoza Castellanos, Eugenio Castillo, Miguel Angel Castillo
Rossana Castillo, Alfonso Fandiño Castro, Patricia Castro, Patricia S. Castro
Raul Dingler Cecada, Javier Cerda, Yolanda Cervera, Jesus Chacon
Alida Chacón, Zeev Charnevitz Kewes, Víctor M. Chávez Téllez, Adela Cherem
Eduardo Diaz Cineros, Arq. Florentino Reynoso Cisneros, Mirta Díaz Cisneros, Jean Cohen
Mercedes Colin, Mauricio Ortiz Contreras, Christian Cordero, Alejendra Moreno Cornejo
Abel Rojas Coroiz, Augusto Cortes, Judith Cortes, Manuel Saavedra Cortés
Angelina Fajer Cruz, Regina Cruz, Alicia Cruz Garrido, Lalo Cuadros
Ernesto Cuevas Gracida, Hector Cuevas Mota, Karina Pineda Cunaco, Julieta Dana
Mayer Dana, Tane Dana, Jose Elias De Anda, Erika Seijo De Arias
Maria Cristina Arelle de Gonzalez, Gabriela Sanchez de Guajardo, Irma Nurtado De Guerrero, Maria de Lourdes Meza Sandoval
Silvia Rodriguez de Mojzis, Sonia Morales De Mota, Rita C. De MuÃesdemota]Sonia Morales De Mota, Rita C. De Muñozcano
Gurris de Nieto, Irma Montes De Oca, Herminia Toral De Perez, Laura Sanchez de Perez
Roberto De Rivero, Damaris Reyes De Sanches, Carmen de Tello, Aida Del Rio
Elena N. DeMaya, Agustin Hernandez Deuñas, Angelica Diaz, Juan Leon Diaz
Noemi Ortiz Diaz, Paulina Núñez Díaz, Haim Diner, Anita Dingler
Dan Dolaños, Juan Carlos Duran Martinez, Francisco Emrick, Ma. Estrella AracelÃancisco Emrick
Ma. Estrella Aracelí Rodríguez Esparza, Patricia Torres Espinoza, Brenda Gonzales Fajer, David Gonzales Fajer
Ildefonso Fernandez, Edith Catalina Flores, Javier Flores, Lourdes Roman Flores
Mercedes Flores, Procuro Santiago Flores, Margarita Franco, Alejandra Galicia Betancourt
Miguel Galico, Saul Galico, Rosa Galindo, Rafael GonzÃt/rosagalindo]Rosa Galindo
Rafael González Gallardo, Edith Garcia, Francisco Garcia, Gabriel Duana Garcia
Javier E. Reyes Garcia, Manuel Angel Garcia, Zeferino Garcia, Alfredo Alejandro Manjarrez García
Lidia Velázquez García, Odilón Gómez García, Roberto Daniel Garcia Galicia, Daniel Garcia Robledo
Ma. Elena Martínez de Garrido, Arturo Garibay, Gabriel Garza, Claudia Torres Godínez
Matha Gollado, Edith Rocha Gomez, Leila Gomez, Lorenzo Pacheco Gonzales
Donaciano Serna Gonzalez, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Greogorio Gonzalez
Jesus Reynoso Gonzalez, Megaly Gonzalez, Raul Gonzalez, Aurora Amaya González
David Tonnero González, José Jesús Hinojosa González, Lorena Victoria Gordillo, Elvira Gracida
Alejandro Guajardo, Antonieta Guerrero, Oscar Guerrero, Ricardo Reyes Guevara
Veronica Gutierrez, Victor Guzman, Dolores Delgado Haro, Gabriela Hernandez
Hugo Hernandez, Isaac Rojas Hernandez, Jorge Hernandez, Maria Griselda Bergara Hernandez
Mario Hernandez, Rosa Evelia Valadez Hernandez, Arturo Herrera, Georgina Herrera
Enrique Patricio Hinojosa, Don Hodgkinson, Ezequiel Cano Huerta, Victor Manuel Huerta
Fco. Raul Marquez Infante, Maria Enriqueta Izaguirre, Carlos Javier Jimenez, Gabriel Humberto Diosdado Jiminez
Emanuel Laboriel, Johony Laboriel, Juan Francisco Laboriel, Ari Lan
Arturo Lan, Eduardo Lan, Levana Lan, Ruth Lan
Elena Larrabure, Miguel Larrabure, Luis Leon, Ricardo Leon
Miguel Larrabure, Luis Leon, Ricardo Leon, Erna Moscona Levy
Tuny Levy, AndrÃ]Tuny Levy, Andrés Leyva, Zury Dabbah Lifshitz
Sandra Lokier, Gustavo Loman, Nora Loman, Angelina Lopez
Jose Martinez Lopez, Mauro Hernandez Lopez, Reyna Lopez, Mapy Lopez Celayo
Carlos Ramirez Loyola, Leonardo Limón-Lason y López-Negrete, Alma Rosa Lugo, Israle Martinez Macias
Jesus Macias, Joel Martinez Maciel, Sergio BalcÃciel]Joel Martinez Maciel, Sergio Balcázar Magdaleno
Gabriela Legorreta Maldonado, Cecilia Malvez, Erik Manriquez, Francisco Marmolejo
Norberto González Marquez, Federico Martinez, Jesus Alfredo Lopez Martinez, Rubén Robles Martínez
Martha Martinez Ruiz, Alfredo Martinez Zepeda, Ana Martiñon, Maricela Matan
María Matienzo, Francisco Mellado, Fernando Mena, Alonso Felipe Mendoza
Nestor García Mendoza, Victor Mendoza, Eduardo Moctezuma, Guillermo Moctezuma
Patricia Moctezuma, Gilberto Molina, Elisa Mondragon, Mani Montaño
Diana Mota Morales, Pedro Morales, Jose Gerardo Mendoza Moreno, Mildred Moscona
Jorge Munguia, Elizabeth Guadalupe Muños, Jose Luis Muñoz, Marilú Muñoz
Edith Murillo, Ambar Zetune Music, Javier Viveros Nava, Annapaola Reyes Navarrete
Angelina Valos Nixta, Nancy Nunez, JosÃ://]Nancy Nunez, José Luis Pineda Nuño
Flor Isela Sanchez OcaÃragment-->, Flor Isela Sanchez Ocaña, Julieta Shonfelth Ocaña, Lourdes Olvera Cardenas
Rosa Laura Garcia Olvera, Arturo Ortega, Maria Cocepccion Ortiz Cazares, Graciela Ortiz Lopez
Adrian Villegas Padilla, Mauricio Palacios, Jose Luis Paz, Hector Cruzado Pena
Ruth Lechuga Peregrina, Antonio S. Gallardo Perez, Jose Guadalupe Perez, Jose Guadalupe Lopez Perez
Ismael Flores PÃ]Jose Guadalupe Lopez Perez, Ismael Flores Pérez, Facundo Pineda, María Fernanda Pineda C.
Bertoldo Armando Quintero Plaza, Susana Ponton, Ana Maria Quijas, Patricio E. Quinn
Patty Quinn, Graciela Ramirez, Jair Jaimes Ramirez, Lidia Ramirez
Norma Ramirez, Eduardo E. Ramos R., Araceli Ramos Rivera, Antonia Remirez
Antonio Lugo Reyes, Citlali Loyola Reyes, Damaris Reyes, Jaime Reyes
Axel Ricco, Fernando Rios, Estela Riquelme, Ruben Riquelme
MarÃ]Ruben Riquelme, María Elena Robledo Rivera, Jose Robles, Francisco Rocha
Juan Salas Rodriguez, Martin Rodriguez, Noemi Rodriguez, Gloria S. Romero
Jose Manuel Romero, Vanessa Romo, Ricardo Ariza Rosales, Roberto Siurorb Ruiz
Karla FernÃ>, Karla Fernández Saavedra, Aurelio Munoz Sagaon, Deborah Salame
Marcos Salang, Cecilia Saldana, Carmen S. Sanchez, Ernesto Castro Sanchez
Felipe Perez Sanchez, Gabriela Guajardo Sanchez, Javier Castro Sanchez, Jorge Guajardo Sanchez
Laura Perez Sanchez, Leticia Buitron Sanchez, Marcela Perez Sanchez, Rafael Sanchez
Roberto Castro Sanchez, José María Tejero Sánchez, Moisés Sánchez, Armando Sandoval
Alain Schabes, Alex Schabes, Alfonso E. Seijo, Mary Carmen Silva
Francisco Gonzalez Souza, Sergio Suares D., Bernabe Tarqui, Elena Tarqui
Jaime Tello Cisneros, Graciela Torres, Maria De Los Angeles Acosta Torres, Miguel Torres
Sergio Miranda Torres, Luis Arturo Mejia Trejo, Viriginia Urrutia, Elodia Valencia
Emerina Valentin, Hugo Reyes Vargas, Octavio Ledesma Vargas, Marco Antonio Vazquez
Maryann Velasco Blanco, Paola Velasco Blanco, Tony Velasco Blanco, Oscar Velasco
Felipe Velazquez, Isamm Velazquez, Ricardo Velazquez, Jose Celestino Veloz
Yolanda Vergara, Nancy Walss, Oscar Yepez Aguirre, Saul Santana Zamora
Susana Zamora, Antonio Lopez Zarco, Nora Zavala, Natan Zetune

from ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 3:11 am

135 Personal South American Scientologist websites, which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google.

Dominican Rep…7

I counted country by country at ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:47 pm

68 Personal Austrian Scientologist websites, which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google.

Karner Bea, Hans Beinhofer, Christine Berka, Joachim Brunner
Regina Brunner, Klaus-Dieter Buchl, Robert Comper, Westhoff Dieter
Christian Dürnberger, Josef Dürnberger, Rainer Fend, Kurt Gotthardt
Ursula Gotthardt, Elfriede Graf, Christian Grischany, Riesenberger Gùnther
Helmut Heinzel, Ursula Hennebichler, Sonja Höllinger, Antonia Homschak
Brigitte Irger, Zahour Karl, Birgit Karner, Helga Kauf
Otto Kauf, Gaby Kotnik, Karl Krenner, Karin Kroch
Rudi Kruspel, Gabriele Maierhofer, Josef Maierhofer, Hannes Margreiter
Ferdinand Marvan, Dr. Karl Moerz, Irmgard Moerz, Alexandra Morwind
Lothar Natter, Helmut Penka, Sonja Penka, Hans Pfeffer
Rosina Pichler, Regina Ploner, Franz Poesniker, Edith Pösniker
Martin Pösniker, Gabriela Praun, Günter Preiss, Karl Reiter
Helmuth Rossmaier, Arno Rudisser, Edith Rüdisser, Michael Schmid
Franz Schmidlechner, Kurt Schobesberger, Wilhelm Peter Schrempel, Hans-Peter Schuy
Anna Maria Seidel, Eugen Sisko, Erwin Steiner, Josef Stocker
Raimund Trimmel, Eduardo Valdés, Christian Rudolf Wagner, Sujata Wagner
Ing. Andreas Weiler, Dietmar Weissenberger, Wilfried Zizler, Rupnik Zvonimir ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:51 pm

32 Personal Belgian Scientologist websites, which CoS is using to boost's "stats" on Google.

Frédéric Abécassis, Noldi Anderhalden, Ludo Cardinaels, Christian Colin
Marie-Christine Dekeyser, Jean-Luc Delvaux, Sabine Deschepper, Hilde Embrechts
Deneyer Françoise, Olivier Gilet, Jean-Loup Gilliot, Marleen Grosemans
Philippe Hottois, Philippe Jacob, Carl Lauwers, Doris Lejeune
Anita Lipschutz, Lakdar Messagier, Yves Paternoster, Ute Sachau
Marc Schaubroeck, Demaertelaere Serge, Christian Sieuw, Albrecht Spiessens
Juhasz Stephane, Eric Steylaerts, J-M Surinx, Suzy Van Loocke-Bryon
Bart Vermeulen, Ludo Vermeulen, Veerle Vlaeminck, Myriam Zonnekeyn

from ... /index.htm

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Post by don_carlo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 2:53 pm

3 Czech Scientologist web paqes:
Jan Schicker
Bernhard Schmitt
Vladimir Stransky

from ... /index.htm

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