The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies

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The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies

Post by SME » Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:24 am

“The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection” – Posting #5 – October 11, 2008

As covered in the first posting of this series, I am here listing quotes by David Miscavige contained in a legal document.

I. David Miscavige’s Quotes (bold added by myself for emphasis):

From “DECLARATION OF DAVID MISCAVIGE” – Larry Wollersheim vs. Church of Scientology of Calfornia – 15 October 1999
(link– ... 09-24.html ):

“93. The only connection I ever had to litigation involving churches of Scientology, while employed by Author Services, Inc.,were those cases where apostate Scientologists sued both churches of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. My entire role in any of those matters was in defense of Mr. Hubbard, as an individual, through use of independent legal counsel employed and paid for by Mr.Hubbard. Yet because litigants sued both Mr. Hubbard and churches of Scientology, they now allege I was involved in "church litigation." It is they who put me in a position of having no choice but to become involved through my responsibilities in defending Mr. Hubbard in those suits which they brought”.

II. The truth about the subject matter quoted:

In at least 1982 through early 1984 when David Miscavige was in Author Services he had a much bigger role in organized scientology’s litigation than the defense of Hubbard. Additionally, he worked with and ordered organized scientology’s attorneys in such litigation, not just Hubbard’s own attorneys.

Miscavige did this in part by running two people from Special Unit directly or via his “junior” Norman Starkey. The first was Marty Rathbun who was Special Unit Litigation Execution. The second was Geoff Shervelle who was Special Unit Intelligence Execution.

Miscavige regularly ordered both Rathbun and Shervelle on the handling of much of organized scientology’s litigation as a senior, not as someone coordinating on behalf of Hubbard. They had to report compliance to Miscavige, do conditions as assigned by Miscavige and otherwise follow all of Miscavige’s constant instructions on litigation matters as well as intelligence matters involving litigation.

Following are two examples of this:

There was litigation being carried out and/or planned against people who were delivering their versions of scientology “technology” without the approval of Miscavige or otherwise organized scientology. This included one David Mayo who was previously the top ranked technical person in organized scientology known as the “Senior Case Supervisor International”. They were known by Miscavige and organized scietology as technical “squirrels” meaning ones who were altering scientology technology. Under Miscaviuge’s orders Special Unit Intelligence actions were taken to get private individuals to lie to and to infiltrate the “squirrels” and then report back what the “squirrels” were doing. Additionally private eyes hired by organized scientology convinced the “squirrels” that they were media people going to do a television show in support of them. They had the “squirrels” on stage and filmed interviews with the “squirrels”. However, it was never for a TV show. Instead the information was used to assist in litigation and other intelligence actions against them.

All this was done under Miscavige’s orders with compliance being reported to Miscavige.

Another major example of David Miscavige running the major litigation of organized scientology had to do with attorney Michael Flynn and his firm in Boston, MA. Flynn was representing various ex scientologists including many who had filed for damages against organized scientology.

When Flynn’s firm asked for a private off the record meeting to hopefully work out some form of settlement this was reported to Miscavige. Under Miscavige’s orders a meeting was set up on organized scientology premises in Los Angeles and the representative from Flynn’s firm attended. As per Miscavige’s orders, we were represented by our own attorneys and also in attendance were a number of us in full Sea Org dress uniforms. This included myself, Wendell Reynolds of the International Financial Police, at least two Watchdog Committee members and others.

When Flynn’s representative said that they had nothing against organized scientology and just wanted a settlement and the money that comes with it, the next few hours were spent trying to frighten him and back him off as per Miscavige’s instructions. This included him being told we would fight his firm for all the years it took, that even our children would fight them after we were gone, that they would never see a dime, etc. When he told us they had gotten a new word processor to help in the litigation against organized scientology we laughed at him and gave him a tour or organized scientology’s main computer center known as “INCOMM”.

He was very nervous touring INCOMM and when he asked if information about him was in those computers one of our attorneys Harvey Silverglate laughed and said we all were in there. Flynn’s representative was so scared after that meeting that he asked one of our attorneys to escort him back to his hotel. This was immediately reported to Miscavige in detail and met with his approval.

The above are just examples of what are many, many times where Miscavige completely ran the litigation of organized scientology by running the people in charge of it and often times the attorneys. His control and work in it went way beyond what he covered in the affidavit section quoted above.

III. My vote: “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection”

David Miscavige twisted the facts surrounding his control of the key litigation of organized scientology at that time to make it look like he was only coordinating on matters involving Hubbard. His “clever” use of words may avoid him being found guilty of perjury on this point. It was a misdirection of attention off of claims that he ran the litigation onto some “shore story” that he was only coordinating here.

I am calling this one “misdirection” but when one adds up all the perjury, lies and other misdirection contained in his affidavits I also believe that on the whole he will eventually be found guilty of decades of lies and covers ups to gain undeserved benefits (such as tax exemption) and to cut off legitimate claims against himself and organized scientology.

Comments from anyone who wants to give them on this thread will be welcome. I welcome both agreement and disagreement and suggest that those concerned vote for “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection” as they see fit.

Eventually I plan to post on my blog the top actual examples of David Miscavige’s greatest perjury, lies and misdirecting statements to deflect attention away from organized scientology’s misdeeds as voted on by the general public. It should be interesting.

If any others reading this thread may want to add in their own examples of the truth which may be even more relevant than my own, please feel free to do so.

The entire list of these postings as well as other series’ of postings I plan to make through this next year will be found on my blogspot:

Larry Brennan - SME
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"Oh make no mistake. It's not revenge he is after, it's a reckoning". - Doc Holiday

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