The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies

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The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies

Post by SME » Mon Oct 13, 2008 6:28 pm

“The Miscavige Legal Statements – a study in Perjury, Lies and Misdirection”
– Posting #6 – October 13, 2008

As covered in the first posting of this series, I am here listing a quote by David Miscavige in a legal document.

I. David Miscavige’s Quote (parts bolded by myself for emphasis):

From “DECLARATION OF DAVID MISCAVIGE” – Larry Wollersheim vs. Church of Scientology of Calfornia – 15 October 1999:

(link– ... 09-24.html)

"57. Upon the dismantling of the GO, church executives within the ecclesiastical hierarchy assumed responsibility for the legal affairs which the GO had mishandled. This era was marked by great concerns about the religion's future in the aftermath of the GO, and it was against this backdrop that newly assigned personnel began to examine the legal affairs that had been the exclusive province of the GO for 15 years. Not being experienced in such matters, they retained legal counsel to review the structure of the entire religion. I know the concern was not "gutting CSC" to " avoid Wollersheim," or anybody else for that matter. The history that Wollersheim ignores concerned events of far greater importance than his case. In fact, at the time, I had never even heard of the man. I was not involved in that restructuring, but I am aware of the events that led up to it. I shortly thereafter resigned from church staff for 5 years, as described later in this declaration".

While I quoted the whole section above, the main part I am referring to is the part I bolded above which reads:

“I know the concern was not "gutting CSC" to " avoid Wollersheim," or anybody else for that matter”.

II. The truth about the subject matter quoted:

In Miscavige’s above statement “CSC” refers to the organized scientology corporation known as the Church of Scientology of California. At that time CSC was by far the largest corporation in organized scientology in terms of both people and money held under its control.

Included under the CSC corporate umbrella were huge money producers like The Flag Service Organization (FSO), the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA), the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), Los Angeles Organization (LAO) and the San Francisco Organization (SFO). Much of the millions and millions of dollars produced by these organizations were held by CSC or under CSC’s control.

Additionally all of the really top management of organized scientology except for the Guardian Office World Wide was also in CSC. This included the Watchdog Committee, various branches of the Commodore’s Messenger Organization (CMO) including CMO Int, CMO Pac and CMO Clearwater, the United States Guardian Office, the ED Int’s Office, what was then known as the International Management Organization and some middle management organizations like those housed in the Continental Liaison offices in Los Angeles.

Most of the corporate reorganization that Miscavige is referring to in his above noted quote took place in late 1981 into 1982. The planning to break up CSC was worked out by a corporate mission known as “Corporate Sortout”.

At the time of that corporate reorganization there were major legal cases against organized scientology and CSC in particular. Some of them were damages cases run by attorney Michael Flynn and it was in fact considered a great financial and corporate risk for organized scientology to have so many eggs in one corporate basket with this litigation occurring.

While David Miscavige was not on the Corporate Sortout missions he was the one senior to them who had to give the final approval to any planning developed by the missions. He also ran Hubbard’s orders having to do with these missions to those on the missions. On the very first day of briefing for the main corporate planning mission in or near October 1981, the mission team was briefed on actual Hubbard orders that did in part talk about the need to break up CSC to avoid damages and other claimants.

In fact “gutting CSC” to avoid the damages claimants and also possible IRS and potential other government claims was in fact one of the two major stated reasons for the Corporate Sortout missions. The other reason was to hide and protect the real controls of organized scientology that at the time were Hubbard and David Miscavige and that later became solely David Miscavige.

At the conclusion of the main Corporate Sortout planning mission Miscavige was presented with the entire plan to break up CSC and spread its assets into various different corporations. In hours of meetings with Miscavige I fielded his questions of how this broke up CSC, protected the assets from the litigants and the government, protected Hubbard, etc.
Without any doubt at all Miscavige knew that CSC was being gutted to avoid potential claims by litigants and government bodies. Miscavige both knew that and oversaw it.

Two other bits of history help bear this all out.

1) prior to the Corporate Sortout mission Miscavige himself ran a mission known as “Mission Corporate Category Sortout” (MCCS) and he failed to get them to work out planning to gut CSC for the above reasons. During the MCCS mission I regularly received details of what they were working on as well as Hubbard’s own orders about the mission and what they were doing. Hubbard definitely wanted himself hidden as the one who ultimately controlled organized scientology, he wanted money from it and he wanted CSC gutted for the above noted reasons. Miscavige was aware of this planning even well before the Corporate Sortout Mission that actually worked it out.

2) Here is but one historical example of how Hubbard tried to use corporate maneuvers to avoid legal liability which shows precedence for what was done as coved above:

If you look at the second paragraph of section 20 of my affidavit from May 2008 you'll see my statement of how Hubbard and those who ran organized scientology often used corporate evolutions and religious cloaking to try to cover up for what were real problems created not by corporate inadequacies but rather by lies, fraud or otherwise abusive or potentially illegal policies written by Hubbard. The above noted corporate "evolution" was no exception.

A tiny example that bears this out can be gotten from a Hubbard writing quoted in section 16 of my affidavit. That writing was an order from Hubbard in Sept 1979 to Sue Mithoff then in the CMO. In the affidavit I used it as an example to show how he used religious cloaking to get tax advantages and to otherwise make money.

But there is something that I did not explain in that affidavit that also serves as an example of how these corporate moves are made to cover up things and avoid legal or financial liabilities. Read that order from Hubbard and notice how Hubbard talks about losing the $2,000,000 judgment in the Kristofferson case due to sloppy legal contracts and a connection to the Church of Scientology of California. This statement from Hubbard is utterly ridiculous. The Kristofferson case was lost due to fraud. The jury found organized scientology was guilty of fraud because they promised Julie that her eyesight and IQ would improve if she paid for and took scientology services.

The fraud was false promises made based on Hubbard policy. Hubbard's above comments betray the fact that he refuses to admit anything wrong with his policies and instead is upset that there was not "adequate enough" legal and corporate maneuvering to prevent a $2,000,000 payout having to happen. It is utterly typical in organized scientology to try to prevent legal liability via corporate veils, religious cloaking and the like rather than address the root problem of having abusive, fraudulent and even illegal policies. And this is a good and simple example of that. In addition, it is an example involving CSC itself.

Again, the second paragraph of section 20 of the affidavit covers that concept with the Hubbard order in section 16 being an example of it.

The other oddity here is that Hubbard was even giving such orders in 1979. He was supposed to be retired from his "ED Int" post and not able to give such orders. This 1979 order however was one of HUNDREDS he gave secretly. He continued to give such orders to the Corporate Sortout missions as noted above and later on through at least most of 1983.

In short, one of the major purposes of the corporate reorganizations of 1981 on were to gut CSC of assets to avoid damages and other claims, Miscavige knew about it in detail, approved the planning and was involved in earlier failed attempts to do this very thing.

(III). My vote: “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection”

David Miscavige committed Perjury in his above statement.

Comments from anyone who wants to give them on this thread will be welcome. I welcome both agreement and disagreement and suggest that those concerned vote for “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection” as they see fit.

Eventually I plan to post on my blog the top actual examples of David Miscavige’s greatest perjury, lies and misdirecting statements to deflect attention away from organized scientology’s misdeeds as voted on by the general public. It should be interesting.

If any others reading this thread may want to add in their own examples of the truth which may be even more relevant than my own, please feel free to do so.

The entire list of these postings as well as other series’ of postings I plan to make through this next year will be found on my blogspot:

Larry Brennan - SME
My blog:

"Oh make no mistake. It's not revenge he is after, it's a reckoning". - Doc Holiday

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