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Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:36 am

THIS THREAD SAYS 2013 instead of 2018 because I believe many of the below have become quietly inactive. I update the Spiderweb as I follow celebrity and wanna-be celebrity news on the Underground Bunker, and other critic and celebrity news sites.

Celebrities in order by birth year, with descriptions of CoS family + business relationships. This first post has the most prominent people born 1935-1949, with their younger relatives and associates attached. Unless noted, all people listed at least have Scientology completions, or, like Tom Cruise, are known Scientologists. I preferred to list people that were on IMDB or had a role in CoS.
The list is by birth order because many of the women have a maiden name and sometimes more than one married name, so sorting alphabetically becomes a problem. Also, friendships in this group often are linked to nearness in age, and helps clarify common names. For example, there are hundreds of Craig Jensens in the US. The list is mostly California or Florida actors, designers, musicians, writers or artists, with a few businessmen who made the news. The list was developed by building from known events and Scientologists, and testing other names in articles for having known projects on, say IMDb, and for being CoS participants in courses and/or events. The below names may or may not be close to family members, and may or may not still be committed Scientologists. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. Enter their names at to see the courses.
All sources were found lawfully; almost all sources were from Google, or Kristi Wachter's CoS completions. Author not responsible for errors; all facts should be separately verified. This list is for discussion only and should not be used for legal purposes. A major purpose of the list is to help a young person quitting CoS to find their parents or grandparents who may be disconnected. Thus a parent who is out, or who never was in, and who has a child or grandchild in Scientology, will show dates and full names if available, in case that young person wants to contact them. A person who has left and has no children

Comments are very welcome, especially about notable Scientologist musicians, if any, that I have missed.

I = IAS Donor (International Association of Scientologists)
X = Christmas Stories performer or attendee, at the Celebrity Centre, LA
D = Confederacy of Dunces, a clique of mostly 30-to-40 year olds 2nd generation CoS-ers with some fame and money. This category is deduced from who is still in CoS AND has had some success, and is attending fashion and/or CoS events, in the news, with Danny Masterson and his closest chums.
These categories are key indicators, and show a strong change over the generations.
Comments with changes or new info are very welcome.


I 1935-2015 Geoffrey Lewis, actor, Father of ten children, says IMDb. Generally I remove people as they die, but he remains due to his many relationships.
----- daughter 1961 Dierdre, birth record not yet found; mother not known. Birth year from
----- three other children, mother not known
----- ex-wife 1945 Glenis Batley, born Glenis Kitty Duggan, see her entry below
----- son 1970 Lightfield Lewis, called Lightfie Lewis on CA Birth Record, video producer, Bride Magazine's "Best Wedding Video Ever" at ... s-dubstep/
----- dau 1973 Juliette Lewis, actress, singer.
----- dau 1975 Brandy Lewis, called Brandwyn on CA Birth Record, film assistant
----- widow Paula Hochhalter, cellist, mother of Miles and Matthew Lewis
----- son 1989 Miles Montana Hochhalter Lewis, no CoS completions
----- son 1992 Matthew Byron Dakota Lewis, no CoS completions
----- daughter Hannah Lewis, not in CoS, ... more-21614
I ----- brother Peter K. Lewis, has many completions; IAS donor
----- co-founder of story-telling/ music group Celestial Navigations 1949 Geoff Levin,
(Further research needed on Geoffrey Lewis relatives: Another son, Peter, is mentioned on various websites. According to mylife he was born about 1962.)

1939 Robert F. Lyons, actor, acting teacher; has taught a number of Scientologist actors.

1939 R. Rosser Cole, lawyer, sued for malpractice, fraud and elder financial abuse by vitamin king Peter Gillham, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=111907&p=506271 . Birth year and first name Richard from
----- wife 1940 Lucy Beckley Cole, treasurer for his law firm, sent out a mass mailer promoting Riverside County's CoS-coddler Jeff Stone when he unsuccessfully ran for state senator, scientology-s-chosen-state-senate-candidate-jeff-stone . Birth year from
----- daughter only took courses in 1993-1994
----- son 1980 Stewart Bradley Cole, musician, his Facebook page links to Danny Masterson's Confederacy, , has taken many courses, birth year from

(List continued in next post, for people born 1940-1949.)

Don Carlo
Posts: 12113
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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:38 am

Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb, born 1940-1949, with a name in the news. "Completions" means Scientology completions in

I 1941 Michael E. Baybak, controversial investor, Time Magazine article, ... in.107421/
----- wife 1953 Elizabeth Cain Baybak, choreographer, ... myself.htm . , "Last I heard, Mike & Liz separated & Liz is living in California where her adult children also reside. Mike still has his businesses in Clearwater " ... he-Baybacs . Four sons from: "In addition to putting their four sons Nick Max Luke and Jules through Delphi School, the Baybaks have contributed in many ways." . Sons also listed at her mother's obit, ... story.html
----- son 1981 Nick Baybak, Dir Audio Production at Mad Hatter Studios, now owned by CoS's Golden Era Productions, ... ecruitment. Nicholas Baybak born in LA County, mother Cain, . Nick's middle name Constantine, . Nick Baybak was on staff and then in Sea Org for awhile, ... he-Baybacs. Apparently was married to Lucy Murphy, daughter of voice actress 1957 Nancy Cartwright; see Nancy's entry for details.
----- son 1983 Max Baybak, member of music group Back to Battery, along with Zach Schrock and Mack Slevin (who also have completions), . Born Maxim Aurelius Baybak in LA County, mother Mahan. Mahan is Eliz. Cain's mother's name, so this is a mystery. ... ts-peace/2
----- ----- Max's wife Brandi Mooney Baybak, whose Facebook page linked to many Scientologists, ; Brandi's brother Justin Mooney is a public member.
----- ----- Max's child under 18
----- son 1986 Luke Baybak, video director, writes videos and films with 1979 Alex Barad (Google "Directed By: Luke Baybak Produced by: Alex Barad"); Collaborated with several people with Scientology completions on Reckless Tortuga presents... Park It Up: Clark Huff, Alex Barad, Jianine Giorgio, Matt Johnson, Callan Stokes, Natasha Gharbawi, and Davan Firinn. Collaborated with Alanna Masterson and Lynsey Bartilson on Youtube videos, ... type=shows . Born Lucius Seva Baybak in LA County, mother Mahan, like brother Max.
----- son 1989 Jules Baybak, video editor, Mad Hatter Studios, . born Julian Augustine Baybak in LA County, mother Cain.
----- collaborator in questionable investing, 1945 Kenneth J. Gerbino, ex-husband of Lee Purcell

1941 Bruce D. Wiseman, does business and financial management at Wiseman & Burke, in . Former president of CCHR. Wiseman & Burke got a Desist and Refrain Order from the state of Calif. for selling overseas tax avoidance advice without being registered, Learn to Evade Tax at the Scientology Chapel , ... gy-chapel/ . Bruce demanded his many Facebook friends unfriend and disconnect from Placido Domingo, Jr., ... omingo.php . Interviewed by Anderson Cooper in 2011, . Birth year for Bruce and wife Barbara from showing the couple at the same address.
----- son and actor 1967 Michael R. Wiseman (Planet of the Apes) from 1st marriage to Susan E. Smart. Karen de la Carriere confirmed that this Michael is the Hollywood actor. Barbara Wiseman gave the name of her stepson Michael . Michael has completions. Kendra included her brother Michael among disconnected family, in her exscientologykids page, ... ITE-LAUNCH
----- 2nd wife wife 1941 Barbara Lucille Carr Wiseman, President of The Earth Organization,
----- ----- brother in law 1946 Clark R. N. Carr, President of Narconon International, involved in NAFC lawsuit in 2014, now in Mexico
----- brother Robert Wiseman, counseled Laura Hippe who committed suicide, ... and-death/
----- business partner 1950 Kevin J. Burke
----- some reconciliation with ex-Scientologist daughter Kendra Carr Wiseman

I 1941 Chick Corea, famous musician, born Armando Anthony Corea; has a WISE company: Chick Corea Productions, Inc. Yvonne Jentszch said "Chick Corea was a puppy, she said. "I can get him to do anything for me, just give me the phone," . Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on the Internet summer 2012.
----- mother Anna Corea, "Scientologist," ... rt-1-of-2/
----- 1st wife 1941 Joan M., unacknowledged mother of Chick's children. has her living at same N.J. address, in the 1960's, as Armando A Corea.
----- son 1963 Thaddeus A. Corea, musician/composer. His facebook links to Scientologyparent, . Attended Delphian, ... ool_id/374 .Thaddeus is friends with 1964 Danny Keough.
----- ----- daughter-in-law Tracey Langran Corea, choreographer, bio for her & Thad at
----- ----- two grandchildren under 18
----- dau 1965 Liana Corea Romero. Plays piano, . "Chick Corea's daughter joined the SO back in the '90s, and subsequently left. They're both still in good standing," said Gus on Ex Scientologist Message Board, 22 Aug. 2012, ... S-UP/page2
----- ----- son-in-law about 1969 Ramiro Romero, musician, ... o%20Romero . Ramiro's approx birth year from ... omero.html .
----- 2nd wife Gayle Moran, singer, musician, songwriter. Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
----- bassist 1951 Stanley Clarke
----- keyboardist 1979 Jason Larocca
----- guitarist Max McFarlane
----- trumpeter Glen Zottola
----- manager 1944 Ron Moss, father of actress 1982 Elisabeth Moss.

I 1942 Gay Ribisi, agent, former actress, "a top recruiter" for CoS, Was in Sea Org; Giovanni said, "I grew up with Scientology - my parents at one point were clerical." ... z1zxtjvDC0 . Gay is involved with Galerie Luco , and is an artist, . Gay's maiden name is Landrum,
I ----- ex-husband 1949 Albert Anthony "Al" Ribisi, musician, member of rock group People! (along with Geoff and Robb Levin),! "He publishes the Scientologist-targeted magazine The Latest ...Ribisi was a Sea Org officer at the Celebrity Centre complex in Los Angeles. Both Giovanni and Marissa were born there."
----- twins 1974 Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi
----- daughter 1976 Gina Ribisi, quit Sea Org, ... 973/page21

1942 Dick Zimmerman, celebrity portrait artist, , Year of birth from ... erman.html

1943 Misha Segal, composer. Promoted CoS in 2011 interview, ... oser2.html Birth year from, which gives him an alternate name of Misha Schock.

1943 Jeff Pomerantz, British actor, IAS, CSI and Narconon salesperson/speaker/field service disseminator, ... le.php?n=p born Jeffrey David Pomerantz. Info below from tree at ... -0733.html plus, including obit of Nancy's father James Kemm died 2011.
----- possibly his present wife Susan, from IAS donor list Impact 125, ... c-2010.pdf
----- wife 1949 Nancy Ann Kemm Diekmann Hochman Nelson Pomerantz, executive director, Criminon Int'l, ... 39707.aspx .
All of Nancy's husbands took Scientology courses. Nancy married (1) Donald Thomas Diekmann, father of Jeremy, divorced 1973; married (2) Joe Hochman, father of Jessica; married (3) in 1979 Marvin L. Nelson, father of Joshua, and married (4) in 1985 Jeffrey Pomerantz, father of Chiara.
----- step-son 1971 Jeremy Biron Diekmann-Pomerantz, Senior VP of Nationwide Title; Jeremy has an entry below.
----- step-daughter 1974 Jessica Katherine Hochman; she lived in 1995 at a Sea Org address in LA;
----- ----- Jessica's husband (married 1993 in NV) Charles T. Cosmas, lived in 1994 at a Scientology address in LA. Charlie and Jessica Cosmas are on list of HGB Staff around 1994,
----- step-son 1981 Joshua Harold Nelson. He is likely the "Josh Pomerantz" on Celebrity Centre Kids on Stage for a Better World, ... myself.htm . Josh Pomerantz took a 1996 Celeb. Centre course.
----- daughter 1988 Chiara Dore Pomerantz Dickson. Chiara lives in LA, . Chiara's birth year and mother's name Kemm from

1943 James Quint Fisher, Scientology attorney, Guardians Office worker, and former partner of Norton S. Karno,!search/prof ... id=profile . Birth year, .
----- 2nd wife 1947 Dianne L. Neuman Fisher, marriage 1977, . Dianne's birth year, .
----- daughter 1979 Jamie Kimberly Fisher, OT III grad 2015, ... -march-16/ . Jamie's birth year from

1944 Ron Moss, musician/manager, most facts from and 3 Jun 2012 article, Sunday Mercury, ... -31100959/ . Ron married (1) Jenny, mother of Julie, and (2) Linda Ekstrom, musician, in 1978. Linda is mother of Elisabeth and Derek, from their birth records.
----- daughter 1967 Julie Moss Seijo, was treasurer of now- inactive Art Inspires, Inc., ... 85714.aspx . Julia has a son "Max, 19" and a child under 18, from 3 Jun 2012 Sunday Mercury article. Julia Seijo, born 1967, had the Calif. address of 1968 Eric A. Seijo, . Julia Sejio is 2004 WISE member, ... ty_62.html .
----- ----- Julia's son 1992 Max Seijo, linked to as "my grandson's blog" by Ron's blog ... music-but/ . Born Maxximilian Anthony Seijo. Max's father/Julie's husband is Eric Seijo, from , both have completions.
----- daughter 1982 Elisabeth Moss, award-winning actress, Mad Men
----- son 1984 Derek Charles Moss, video editor in LA from 3 Jun 2012 Sunday Mercury article.
----- client 1941 Chick Corea, whom Ron has managed

I 1944 Bob Duggan , CEO / COB of Pharmacyclics, Inc., from bio at UC Santa Barbara commencement. . $12 million donor to Super Power Building, ... 202006.ece Full name from voter registration. Born Robert William Duggan in California,
----- wife 1947 Trish (Patricia) Jay Hagerty, married 1968
----- 1969 daughter Dsara A. Duggan, birth year, middle initial and mother name Hagerty from
----- ----- son-in-law Joe Storment III, "Dsara Duggan and Joe Storment" are Patrons with Honor ($100,000) for the IAS, ... ons-status
The two are in 2010 obit of grandfather Joe Storment: "Joe is survived by...grandchildren...Joe Storment III and wife Dsara and (great) grandchild... (under 18)."
, ... id=4410573
"Joe and Dsara Storment and family" donated to a non-Scientology school in Santa Barbara in 2013, ... tters_ball . Dsara hasn't been in Scientology news since the above 2010 IAS donation.
----- 1971-1997 Demian David Duggan, died of brain cancer which motivated Bob Duggan into pharmaceuticals, ... ss-follow/
Bob and Trish also have been adoptive parents;
and .
Tony Oretga reported two children were re-adopted in South Africa, and a biological father of one of them is concerned, ... the-world/
----- Vice President Ramses Erdtmann
----- ----- Ramses' OT VIII brother Stefan Erdtmann, ... 466/page-2

1944 Bud Reichel, Clearwater real estate developer,
Clearwater Village ... I had been pitched it by IAS Freedom Medal Winner Bud Reichel... So after 9 years in development...? 12 homes sold, some for rent... ,
by no_8c_now, My experience in the Scientology community in Clearwater FL, Aug. 19, 2009, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=31172&hilit=reichel . Pre-failure article on Clearwater Village, ... m_fo.shtml . Bud is W.I.S.E. president, ... town.shtml . Bud and wife Jill were Super Power Bldg donors, 2011, ... ion.94019/ .. IAS Freedom Medal, ... 417-f.html . Birth year and full name Bernard Korman Reichel, Jr. from .
----- wife 1950 Jill Rundall Reichel, Maiden name and birth year from
----- Clearwater Village LLC partners, 1958 Patrick Valtin and 1960 Ido Fischler, ... m_fo.shtml . Same three men investing in Clearwater Lofts LLC and Classic Design & Supply, ... 16183.aspx .

1945 Sisu Raiken, actress, one-woman shows like Trimming the Fat from Opera; voice actress. Artistic Director, New Village Academy (school that Will Smith donated to). Birth year from Has completions as Sisu Raiken and Sisu Gluchacki; Maiden name Peterson, from's Orange County Death Notices for June 2, 2006: "Carl Albert Peterson, 87, of Newport Beach, a retired architect,...daughters...Sisu Raiken; three grandchildren." Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- daughter 1990 Gracie Aurora, voice actress. She does voice projects with Sisu and the Jim Meskimen-linked voice actors. Gracie was born Gracie Aurora Gluchacki, mother Peterson, from . I wouldn't have found her except for Sisu boasting in 2008 "Gracie is 18 and on her Basics "

1945 Glenis Batley, author of book on home birth, designer, . Born Glenis Kitty Duggan; can't link her to 1944 Bob Duggan.
----- 1st husband 1935 Geoffrey Lewis, married 1973, divorced him 1974 .
----- son 1970 Lightfield Lewis, called Lightfie Lewis on CA Birth Record, mother Duggan
----- dau 1973 Juliette Lewis, called Juliette L. on CA Birth Record, mother Duggan
----- dau 1975 Brandy Lewis, called Brandwyn on CA Birth Record, mother Duggan
----- ------ son-in-law 1976 Ethan Suplee
----- 2nd husband Charles Coulon married 1977; this husband is likely inactive; he had a single course in 1981.
----- son 1977 Beau Patrick "Patrick" Coulon, in production, screenprinting. Patrick directed a video starring brother-in-law 1976 Ethan Suplee, . Had completions.
----- 3rd husband Craig L Batley, married 1981 in Pinellas Co., FL., Canadian, see Craig & descendants mentioned in obit of Leonard Batley, d. 2009 in Prince Albert, Sask., Canada, ... atley.html .
----- daughter 1982 Dree Amber Batley, head of admin, Delphi School LA. No birth record on (may be born in FL), but her Mylife lists Craig in Largo, and Quillan & Glenis Batley in Burbank,
----- ----- Dree has a child under 18.
----- ----- Dree was married to ex-husband 1976 Quinn H. Taufer 1996-1999. Dree and Quinn had completions. Quinn and present wife Nicole Taufer now in promos for LA orgs, ... a-edition/
----- son 1983 Quillan Leonard Batley, has a completion.
To summarize, Glenis had three children by Geoffrey Lewis, one by Charles Coulon, and two by Craig Batley.

1945 Stan N. Gerson, VP of Beitler Commercial Realty Services, big IAS donor, and Chairman of The Earth Organization, . Stan is an amateur magician. Photo of Stan and brother Jonathan at . Stan was godfather to Alexander Jentzsch, son of Heber Jentzsch and Karen de la Carriere, ... gerson.php . Stan's birth year from .
----- 1st wife Jan Feigen, mother of his sons, ... Gerson.htm . Likely inactive now, she had completions as Jan Gerson. Maiden name Feigen, from sons' Max and Josh's birth records. Birth year and full name Janice Diane Feigen on After the divorce her name reappears as Janice Diane Gerson / Janice Diane Stuart on She has no completions under her 2nd husband's name, and neither does her 2nd husband.
----- the first son of Stan and Jan has no completions, and neither does his wife, so they aren't named.
D ----- son 1970 Max A. Gerson, key grip, Little Boutique store owner, friend of Danny Masterson . Birth year and mother's name Feigen from
----- ----- Max's wife 1979 Zeana Suzanne Anderson; she has completions under the name Anderson; Zeana ran the Little Boutique with Max under the name Zeana Anderson and now Zeana Gerson, . Zeana's birth year and full name from
I ----- son 1972 Joshua Ben Gerson, also a real estate broker at Beitler Commercial Realty Services. Birth year and mother's name Feigen from
Josh has a child under 18, ... 6&cid=full
----- 2nd wife 1948 Cass Warner, . Stan divorced Cass in 1999 in Florida. She has her own entry.
----- present wife Phillipa, in list of "LA United Daily Commended" at ... more-16856
----- brother Jonathan Gerson, officer of Ability Academy, Inc. San Diego. Bridal parties got shafted when Ability Academy, which operates Old Richland Schoolhouse, closed, ... ue-closes/ . Jonathan is in real estate, . Jonathan's name and San Diego residence matches Stan's brother on ... Gerson.htm . "The real-estate maven behind the "sell the (Dan Diego) HQ to pay for the Ideal Org" concept is Jonathan Ben Gerson," ... Org)/page2
----- sister-in-law (Jonathan's wife) Christine Gerson, Ability Academy is care of her name, ... z1SqQa6KSZ .

IAS performer 1946 Edgar Winter, famous musician. On May 2012 interview, Edgar said "I still go occasionally...But I’m not actively doing anything to promote [the church]." ... ssance-man . Born Edgar Holland Winter,
----- wife Monique Jaleh Winter. Has course completions 1988-2004. Name "Jaleh" from Ancestry.
----- Doug Rappoport - Lead guitarist for Edgar. Attended Delphian School, ... ool_id/374

I 1946 Linda D. Lombardo, Exec VP, Artists for Human Rights, ... mbers.html . (At Confederacy store kickoff for Rebecca Minkoff, smileforever/fishyfoto/ ... 514010580/ Her prior husband ___ Weekley had no completions. Maiden name Linda L. Desantis and birth year from
----- husband, likely not a CoS member, is team physician for Los Angeles Lakers, ... drug-video .

1946 Frederic C Roeschke, editor/copywriter at Entertainment Earth (action-figure shop). Former VP of Sterling Managment Systems, Sterling pushes WISE and Scientology, ... nt_Systems.
----- about 1956 wife Joan C. Sutphin Roeschke, Head of Enrollment, Delphi Acad LA,
----- adult son has no completions
----- daughter 1983 Terra Omega Roeschke Reuveni, sound coordinator, web manager, has completions
----- ----- son-in-law 1980 Eric Ryan Reuveni, see below.

I 1946 Norman T. Novitsky, founder, Nationwide Title, center of the robo-signing scandal; Norm retired to become a film producer, . Earlier Norm was "on staff at the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), was a member of the Sea Org, and served as a cramming officer,"
----- wife Terri Novitsky, Mission Holder for Malibu, Calif. Scientology mission. Mother of three. Born Stephanie Jean Gerlis. Maiden name from sister Victoria Eagle's findagrave, ... 439&df=all& . Marriage, with maiden name Gerlis, to Norm in 1979, says
----- ----- Terri's brother, sister, and father had completions under the name Gerlis.
----- son 1981 Ethan Novitsky, in Sea Org with wife Tiffany, moved to Flag Land Base around 2009, ... ids.46016/
----- daughter 1983 Cara Lauren Novitsky, engaged to Jud Posner for a 2011 wedding, ... POSNER.htm . Jud is son of Bruce and Lynn Posner, and Jud quit Sea Org to take care of his father, ... own.61101/ Bruce Posner was an IAS donor.
----- son 1985 Brandon Novitsky, actor, . Birth year & middle name Michael, from
----- co-owner of Nationwide, Ike (Ivan) Kezsbom (died 2003),
----- ----- CFO at Nationwide 1969 Todd Kugler, son-in-law to Ike through Ike's daughter Beth Rose Kezsbom. Todd is son of 1948 Ben Kugler.
----- co-owner of Nationwide Edward E. Marsh III, moved back to Calif. with wife Kathy,
----- co-owner of Nationwide 1951 Alan Turbin, OT 8
----- CEO at Nationwide John Hillman, son-in-law to Ike through Ike's daughter 1970 Laurie Star "Star" Kezsbom, birth year and name from John and Star Hillman are IAS donors.

1946 Peter D. Glickman, Master Cleanse juice fast author and businessman, The Juice Cleanse: A Strange and Green Journey, NY Times, Oct 27, 2010, ... wanted=all . Promotes LHR book on his website, ... ppression/ Birth year and middle name David from
----- wife 1948 Marlene Deidrea Baughman Glickman, birth year and full name from

1946 Gregory Bruce Willardson, convicted in Snow White conspiracy, Scientology leaders guilty of conspiracy // Judge convicts nine accused of infiltrating federal agencies, 27 October 1979, Los Angeles Times (California), ... p?iid=2222 . Details of Greg's IRS infiltration: Project Horn, at ... rdson.html . Birth year and full name from birth record.
I ----- wife 1944 Judith E. Sachs Willardson, FSM, ... GS!-May-09 . Was an elementary school teacher, . Birth year and name from , married to Greg Willardson in 1974
----- daughter 1975 Marlan A. Willardson representative for actors, . She & sister Lauren "have a "lifestyle" company called Twink + Sis.", ... more-34426 . Birth year from IMDb and, where her mother, like Lauren, is Sachs.
----- daughter 1981 Lauren E. Willardson Larocca, musician, ... 7449644%7D . Note that 1973 Aubree Watson photographed Lauren for that record . Name also from ... rocca.html . Wife of 1979 Jason Larocca, sound engineer.

1946 Clark Russell Nixdorf Carr, president and director of Narconon Int'l, trustee of Narconon Oklahoma, and trustee of Narconon Fresh Start; Prominently named in National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. (NAFC) lawsuit against Narconon, along with the following inter-tangled officers, at ... to-Dismiss and . Clark's middle initials from ... _paper.pdf His middle name Russell in 1972 marriage to Cheryl Ann Lee, . Cheryl had no completions, and they divorced in 1980, . Clark taught at Delphian while his adopted son went there, Clark's year of birth from Delphi, Sheridan, Oregon address at In Tijuana in 2015, ... b-network/
----- Clark's sister 1941 Barbara Lucille Carr Wiseman, wife of 1941 Bruce Wiseman who has his own entry.

1946 Duke Wake Snider, felon convicted in the Snow White conspiracy, now CEO at David Morse and Associates (DMA), an insurance investigations firm. Most facts from ... more-26013 . Name and Paula's year of birth from
----- ex-wife Ann Horwich, sister of Jonathan Horwich, husband of Diana Hubbard.
----- present wife 1954 Paula Marie Burton Snider, also working at DMA. Burton is her maiden name,
----- step-son 1977 Mark Damian Burton, widower of suicide victim Cathriona White
----- Guardians Office co-conspirators and their spouses from the Snow White days, listed by Mike Leopold: George Pilat & Helen (Cornaccio) Pilat; Charles Batdorf & Linda Barrigan; Andy & Kathy Savas, Fred & Kate Feliciano; Pat & Debbie Ward; Joe Lisa & Valerie (Mazzaferri) Lisa; Bruce (Randy) Raymond & Priscilla (Cindy) Hailles Raymond; Susan & Steve Beecher; Nancy & Mitchell Hermann; and Bob & Sharon Thomas. Last 3 couples named by Churchill on esmb, ... ult/page25

I X 1947 Anne Archer, actress. Very active, Founder of Artists for Human Rights. Key person at IAS events.
----- present husband 1948 Terry Jastrow, ABC sports producer
----- son 1972 Tommy Davis, former Celebrity Centre President, by 1st husband the late William Davis. Tommy has his own entry, and a child with his ex-wife 1976 Jessica Feshbach.
----- son 1984 Jeff Jastrow, U. of S. Calif. grad, musician. Has performed with Kate Ceberano. . Said to be working in TV with his father. Born Jeffrey Tucker Jastrow.

1947 Lee Purcell, actress, not recently active

I 1947 Bryan Joseph Zwan, Ph.D., "Founded fiber-optic equipment company Digital Lightwave 1990; IPO 1997. #391 on Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans." ... 515&page=2 Website on Zwan's scandals at ... ndex.shtml Middle name from
Rocked by scandals and lawsuits, ... en420.html . Large IAS donor. Had completions. Pres. of Bryan and June Zwan Foundation, Form 990's at ... =593611266 . Married (1) Barbara Pease, , mother of Chelsea. Barbara had one 1986 CoS course completion. Bryan married (2) Sally Lynn Kofahl, no children. Kofahl had CoS course completions until their divorce. Married (3) 1947 June Catherine Belosic, mother of the two younger daughters. June had previously married Philip R. Lynch. June had course completions after their marriage and was a large IAS donor. Births and marriages all from
----- daughter from 1st marriage 1975 Chelsea Tria Zwan. No course completions, only IAS donation with Dad's money. Sea Org exec at ABLE. "But one day Chelsea Zwan (daughter of Bryan Zwan - major donator) drove in (to Sea Org job) with a new Range Rover. HCO didn't say a word." ... en420.html . Chelsea is a Narconon Int'l Director, ... ts.101226/ ;
----- ----- Chelsea's boss about 1956 Rena Weinberg, President of ABLE Int'l; Rena is missing and feared imprisoned in RPF, . Rena's birth year from ... n=weinberg . Rena's maiden name is Rosy, ... old-story/
----- present wife 1947 June Belosic Zwan, large IAS donor, real estate broker. Had completions. Director and officer of Bryan and June Zwan Foundation. Her first husband, Philip Lynch, did not have Scientology completions.
----- June's girls, the two younger daughters, have no course completions listed, only Super Power Bldg. donation with Dad’s money, and completed high school and now college away from CoS.
----- business associate 1957 Doug C. Dohring, named president of Digital Lightwave in 1996,
----- business associate 1960 Denise Miscavige Licciardi, the twin sister of David Miscavige, forced to resign in disgrace,
(Comment: Bryan's parents, his brother Al, and Al's family are named in Bryan's father's obit, ... /zwan.html , but are not in CoS.

I 1947 Michael D. Roberts, actor, IAS Field Disseminator
-----wife 1948 Pamela Frey Roberts, actress, clothes designer, Field Disseminator, . Director of Special Affairs, CoS Inglewood. From Impact 120, ... =16980&p=7 , page 98-99 . Birth year and actress bio at ... _ov_bio_sm.
----- daughter 1978 Shannon Star Roberts sang on Theta, Theta, See You Later, a song on Scientology album The Joy of Creating. She is Deputy Director of Special Affairs, CoS Inglewood. From Impact 120, ... =16980&p=7 , page 98-99

1947 Steven Lee Hayes, was a lawyer for CoS, purchaser of Cult Awareness Network, and ran a detox clinic, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=32899 . Birth year from same Calif. address as wife Paula
----- wife 1952 Paula M. Hayes, CPA, ... myself.htm . has her 1st marriage to Donny R. Webster in 1981 in Texas, her 2nd marriage in Fla. to Steven Hayes in 1990 in Fla., and Birth year from her and Steven at same address.
----- ----- Paula and Donny's child 1984 Nicole Serena Webster Mee, IAS Donor, married to Thomas "Bucky" Ruperd Mee IV; both have completions. Nicole's 1984 birth record names both parents, and Thomas is named on their Nevada marriage record.

1948 John W. Woodruff, in Foreclosure Assistance Solutions scandal, ... tions-llc/ . Former Exec Dir. of Orange County Org "largest Class V org on the planet,",
----- wife 1947 Claire E. Baker Woodruff, realtor, from . Name of wife from ; Birth year and middle initial "E" from
----- son 1976 Shane Christopher Woodruff, VP Celebrity Centre, (in Sea Org) in photo with Nation of Islam leaders, ... 57/page-14 . On Celeb. Centre 2005 list of workers with wife, ... f-list.htm
----- ----- Shane's wife Cassie Woodruff. Born Cassandra E Weigand, from 1996 marriage, Cassie's mother is 1956 Libby Weigand Regan.
----- daughter 1978 Stacy Elizabeth Woodruff, probably the Stacy Woodruff who is a Closing Coordinator for real estate, and has children, ... trk=skills
----- son 1982 Todd Patrick Woodruff, Sea Org worker, Todd and wife Cristen Marie Carroll Woodruff on Celeb. Centre 2005 list of workers, ... 57/page-14 Marriage in

I 1948 Benjamin R. Kugler, CEO of Life Coaching Institute, . Ben is VP of CoS front Cherish the Children, . Ben's 2011 mugshot for contempt of court at ... r_5770906/ . Founder DV&A (Distribution Video & Audio), now run by his sons.
----- first wife 1948 Nancy Herst Kugler Bowers, ... xas.17393/ . Mother of Brad, Todd and Ryan, from Nancy's father's obit, ... e/recent/2 . She married (2) ___ Bowers who is out of Scientology. Disconnected from Ben and sons over a Tom Cruise leak, ... -11.91.txt . Birth year from
Ben stated around 1998 (when Brad would have been 31 and Logan 8 ): "I have 7 children ages 31 to 8 and a wife of 22 years,"
----- son 1967 Bradley (Brad) Scott Kugler, Clearwater photographer; Photographed 1980 Rebecca Minkoff's wedding, ... becca.html . Photographed Cal Henry's band WD-HAN, ... 0454169%7D . Facebook links to many Scientologists, . Brad's birth year from 45th birthday video in 2012, Brad is on the board of The Earth Organization along with 1941 Barbara Wiseman and Brad’s friend 1972 Graham Bruwer, ... hp?ntt=421 . Brad was in Sea Org, and there divorced an earlier wife, Tasha,
----- ----- Brad’s wife Gina L. Manecchia Kugler, manages Say No to Drugs event, ... r,c9232348I . Her relatives at . Mother of their 3 children, ... -2012.html .
----- son 1969 Todd Herst Kugler, CFO of Nationwide Title, .This was his father-in-law Ike Kezsbom's firm,Nationwide Title, at the center of the mortgage robosigning scandal, ... orm.66159/ . Todd co-owns DV&A, ... /index.htm Todd also involved with Cherish the Children, ... 98213.aspx
----- ----- Todd’s wife 1969 Beth Rose Kezsbom Kugler . They have 2 kids. Beth Rose's father was the late Ike Kezsbom.
----- son 1974 Ryan Jay Kugler, co-owner DV&A, ... /index.htm . Ryan J. manages the Los Angeles side of the business, . Birth year from
----- ----- Ryan’s wife 1978 Muriel "Michelle" Durham Kugler, Scientology minister, see ... xas.17393/ . Jennifer Hammon and Josh Harris were married... Dec. 31, 2009 at the Cardone household... The Scientology minister was Michelle Kugler...from The Auditor (ASHO) 343, circa February 2010, ... (-Magazine . Michelle's birth year from "Jen Hammond was Tom Cruise's assistant, and now works for Cardone as Jen Harris, ... -2011.html . Josh Harris was Cruise's personal driver, ... ursion.pdf .
----- second wife 1947 Judith Halpern Kugler. 2002 Director, Cherish the Children, ... le.php?n=k . Ben & Judith Kugler lived together in 1991 in California.
Judith, Brooke, and Logan's names came from Bernard Halpern obit, ... hine-scott . Married to Ben about 1976, . Judy Kugler's birth year from .
----- since Ben said there were seven children, , two likely be born between 1974-1987, not yet found .
----- daughter 1987 Brooke Rachel Kugler, birth year and mother Halpern from
----- son about 1990 Logan A. Kugler. Birth year from

1948 Rick Pendery, scandalous co-owner of Second Chance Program, described at . Born Roderick Alden Pendery
----- son 1986 Rafferty Pendery, founder Studio98, a graphics & web design company.
Rafferty Alden Pendery was born 1986... in Los Angeles... His father, Rick, has worked in many fields from business consulting to contracting and has been involved in drug rehabilitation for the last 30 years. His mother, Bella, has also had a diverse life from managing offices and large corporations to running drug rehabilitation programs for inmates.
from!search/profil ... id=profile . More details on Rick at viewtopic.php?f=9&t=95150 . Born Rafferty Alden Pendery, mother Venter, says
----- ----- Rafferty's wife 1988 Hana-li Pendery, born Hana-li Winters. Hana-li married Rafferty Pendery in 2008, ... =574360030& . Googling "hana-li winters" + "rafferty pendery" links to their full names. She took CoS courses as Hana-li Winters and as Hana-li Pendery. Rafferty works with her on her videos. Her approx. birth year from
----- second wife Bella Venter Pendery, mother of Rafferty.
----- fourth wife 1959 Joy Rita Westrum. Birth year from . The two may be separated or divorced:"Joy Rita Westrum... currently lives in Basalt, CO." .

I 1948 Raven Kane, singer/songwriter, born Pauline Frechette. Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, . She and husband donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- husband 1948 David Campbell, Canadian musician.
----- ----- step-son 1970 Beck
----- daughter 1985 Alyssa Suede, born Alyssa Suede Weller, by Roger Weller, who is disconnected.
----- collaborator 1988 Hana-Li Winters/ Hana-Li Pendery on Hana's 2003 demo,

I X 1948 John Novello, musician (birth year from, where he lived with wife Gloria Rusch; she's now deceased)

1948 Cass Warner, writer / heiress, born Debora Cassie Warner Sperling, grand-daughter of Warner Brothers founder Harry Warner. . Cass wrote Hollywood Be Thy Name about the Warner Bros. . Director of Kickstart Project Hopper: In His Own Words, ... own-words/
----- daughter Tao Gaines (facebook page praises L. Ron Hubbard)
----- daughter Vanessa Mooney, jeweler, ... 2605758841
----- son Jesse Pool
----- son 1975 Cole Hauser, actor, son of 1947 Wings Hauser, actor, who took four courses n 1976.
----- ex-husband 1945 Stan N. Gerson

I 1948 Terry Jastrow, producer/director for ABC Sports, for six Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, numerous college football bowl games… golf's… US Open, British Open, PGA Championship.
-----wife 1947 Anne Archer
----- ------ stepson 1972 Tommy Davis
----- son 1984 Jeff Jastrow

1948 Robin Hogarth, composer/producer, Grammy winner, . Apparently rewarded with money and a quick entry into OT 8 level after adopting a Bob Duggan child, ... the-world/ . Birth year from wikipedia
----- about 1959 wife Carol Diane Hogarth, co-founder with Robin of Artists for Human Rights South Africa, ... x.html?p=5 . About 11 years younger than Robin. Carol's half-sister, ex-Scientologist Shelley Ashurst, reported on Robin and Carol adopting one of Bob and Trish Duggan's adopted children, says the 2014 story above. Robin and Carol divorced in 2011, remarried in 2012, ... deal-orgs/
----- Robin's brother Simon Hogarth and his wife Anne, were in Sea Org. Simon and Anne's son Ryan, formerly President of CoS Johannesburg," was declared a Suppressive Person as he quit with his wife and son, ... s-forward/

1948 Donald Barton Pearson, exec at e.Republic, media and event management company. Don earlier had applied WISE techniques and required LRH studies at Allstate Insurance which eventually repudiated this approach, . Middle name from Birth record on, mother Mathews.
----- wife 1950 Dee Pearson, born Velda D. Simons, says
----- daughter 1979 Monet Jessica Pearson Barendsen, has completions.
----- ----- Monet's husband Jasja Barendsen, links to CoS groups, . Jasja was sentenced in 2011, for an Internet sex sting operation, to 42 months in prison, Citrus County Chronicle, Five arrested in child sex sting sentenced, Aug. 11, 2011, pages 1 and 4,
----- daughter 1986 Pavaune Pearson, runs Invited, a wedding and event management firm in DC. Links to Scientology groups, . Birth from

1948 Jonathan (Jono) Epstein, long-term Sea Org exec, treasurer of Church of Sci. Int'l in 1993 filing, ... gement.pdf . "The FBO Reserves Guy," ... -Scn-Staff ... International Finance Director at the time that the IRS Closing Agreement was hammered out, "at-large" member of the (presumably disbanded) Church Tax Compliance Commitee. (or was) listed as a trustee and/or director of several Scientology corporations, including the Church of Scientology Religious Trust. The guy probably knows stuff about Co$ moneyflow." from RPF Newsletter #4, link broken, quoted at viewtopic.php?t=7042 . CO Gold, PAC RPF, ... theintbase . Jono's middle name Harry and birth year from
----- wife 1947 the late Leslie J. Argent Epstein, CO ASHO/CO AOLA/LC NW, ... -Scn-Staff . Karen de la Carriere spoke of her repeated RPF imprisonments, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=41348&start=3090
Leslie was SSO Gold, PAC RPF, ... theintbase . Middle name Joan and death July 13, 2010 from Soc Sec Death Record.
----- ----- Leslie's previous husband Wheelis , married 1965-1971, has no Scientology activity
----- ----- Leslie's son from 2nd marriage, 1970 Alec Michael Wheelis, whose wife Majbritt was declared an SP, kicked out, and made to divorce Alec, , birth year and middle name from
---- ----- Leslie's other son from 1st marriage has no Scientology activity
----- son 1977 Nathaniel Benjamin Epstein, Incomm, ... theintbase . Was married to Melissa Feshbach, Nat;s birth year from
----- daughter 1978 Jessica Leah Epstein, "Dir Comm Gold, offloaded," ... theintbase . Birth year and middle name from

1949 Jim Warren, artist in Clearwater, . On board of Artists in Action Int'l, ... ut-Us.html
I ----- allied artist 1951 Pat Luefan, President of Jim Warren studios, Field Service Member,!search/profil ... id=profile , Founding member, Artists in Action International, ... ut-Us.html , IAS donor.

1949 Richard Elfman, actor/director. Founded the rock group Oingo Boingo. (brother Danny Elfman is not a Scientologist, says Tillman Hauser.)
----- son 1969 Bodhi Elfman, born Bodhi Saboff, with 1948 Rhonda Saboff

1949 Julia Migenes, opera singer
----- daughter Martina Migenes has CoS completions, but has a child with a non-Scientologist, Scotty Morris of the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, so they might not be active. ... rticle=150 . Martina was briefly an actress, and was married to Jervis Johnson, also a Scientologist, page 2.

I 1949 R. Michael Wisner, author of Living Healthy in a Toxic World. Wisner promotes the Purification Rundown for environmental "poisons," with anecdotes instead of scientific proof at Int'l Academy of Detoxification Specialists, see . Manages Lancelot Entertainment, along with 1959 Michael Doven, ... 26634.aspx . Wisner was a spokesman for Narconon, and Board Member of Artists for Human Rights, ... mbers.html. Birth year from he and wife Penny living at the same Calif. address on
----- first wife 1951 Helen S. (Penny). Penny later married, 1951 Herb Zerden, a large IAS donor and IAS fund-raiser, accused of scamming. . Penny and Herb worked as Case Supervisors, ... 1970/page3 . Penny's birth year from .
----- son 1973-2001 Gregory B. Wisner, found drowned with cocaine in his system, ... 6n6i3SVbDw .
I ----- second wife 1954 Helen Lopukhin Russell Wisner, married 1983 in Nevada. She had previously married Michael Russell 1975, and by him had two sons, 1976 Kristofe "Kris" M. Russell and 1978 Jeremy Richard Russell; both sons and their father Michael have completions. Helen's birth year from living at same address as R. Michael, and both marriages and Russell births are from R. Michael and Helen are IAS donors.
I ----- son 1983 Robert Brent Wisner, known as Brent, birth year and mother Lopukhin from . Lawyer in Honolulu, ... 38076.html
I ----- daughter 1989 Alexandra Catherine Wisner , did a promo for the Celebrity Centre, "Alex Wisner Knows No Limits", April 22, 2011 ... isner.html . Birth year and mother Lopukhim from
Alex's name is evolving:
"Hello, my name is Alexandra Cathrine Wisner," .
"Alex Katherine Wisner (or simply AKW), formerly of The Tints, was a solo artist...,"
"Alex K Wisner is a Electronic/Ambient/Visual artist from Los Angeles, California,"

1949 Noelle North, voice actress, tried to block child of picketer from sandwich shop, . Birth year from Born Rosalie Noelle Matlovsky in LA, . 1st husband Stearns and 2nd husband Simich have no completions. Rosalie changed her public name to Noelle North around 1976.
----- 3rd & present husband 1952 Michael Haywood Norris, actor, . 2014 donor photo: "Michael and Noelle Norris just moved up to Vanguard with Honors!" ... more-16856 . Stephen's birth year at . Norris-Matlovsky marriage record at
----- brother works with her at Kumaras Dance Studio, but has no completions, viewtopic.php?t=22998&start=300 Brother on matches Rosalie's details.

I 1949 Gracia Bennish, artist, pres. of United for Human Rights, ... -2012.html Birth year from
----- husband 1944 Garry Trevor Roberts, company Opalmagic, . 1988 marriage from . Birth year from

1949 David Alan Wagner, DDS , works in Belleair Mission, from his Meet a Scientologist, ... agner.html . Co-owner of Flanagan's Future LLC, ... 43158.aspx Birth year from .
----- wife 1954 Patricia Flanagan Wagner, dentist and Director of Belleair Mission near Clearwater, co-owner of Flanagan's Future LLC . Birth year from .

1949 Rohn Walker, Founder and CEO, Int'l Exec.Tech., . Major WISE shill along with children Cebron and Ariana, ... peratives/. Rohn was born Ronald James Walker, from
----- wife 1949 Vikki M. Walker, VP, IET. Born Vickie M. Jones, from 1969 marriage record
----- son 1970 Cebron Walker, birth year from Yolo, CA birth record, mother Jones
----- daughter 1977 Ariana Walker, birth year from Yolo, CA birth record, mother Jones
----- son 1982 Kayne Walker, has completions, birth year from Yolo, CA birth record, mother Jones

(List continued in next post, for people born 1950-1955.)

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

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Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Born 1950-1955 and in the news. "Completions" means Scientology-claimed courses or donations, at

I 1950 Craig Jensen, founded Diskeeper, now Condusiv Technologies. Big IAS donor. Attended Northeastern U. as a freshman in 1968, quit to work in computers, and likely to support his new son David.
I know for a fact that Craig Jensen... helped set up the computerization of the Guardian's Office... As to the original Diskeeper, few know the real story. His bio says he "Authored" it...Not true per what I heard. He bought it from another programmer, and marketed it as having "Authored" it himself...
Michaeltilse, Feb 17, 2008 Diskeeper: More Scientology Trouble, ... b&start=15
Patty Moher said on May 4, 2013: "Craig Jensen... controlled all Legal cases and issues in the US. His wife Sally... controlled all the Narconon's, Schools, CCHR and all the Scn front groups," ... itutional/ . Pooks wrote in 2009, "Sally Jensen, was... responsible for running all the front groups.. mid seventies until the early 80's..." ... ate.40011/ .
Diskkeeper was sued for firing employees who refused Scientology courses, ... e13752.htm .
Bio at, says he met his wife in 1974, same year Laurel was born. Craig is CEO of Hubbard College of Administration Int'l, ... 95513.aspx
Craig's birth year and name Craig Charles Jensen from Google Profiles. The 1950 birth fits a 1968 college freshman. Craig has an unexplained relation to Ana Ulloa born about 1970, .
----- son 1968 David Lee Jensen, "David Lee Jensen, aka David L Grossman, Related to Sunny Jensen," Age 43 in Oct. 2012, ... ensen.html
Cubmaster David Jensen... Sunny Jensen
Denver Post 07/12/2007, ... UdbsvM-ugc . David married Sunny around 1992, "six years" before around 1998, when this page was written: ... uccess.htm
"Craig and Sally Jensens son David was on the Flag RPF in 93/94. He routed out of the Sea Org because his wife was pregnant." Ladybird, Feb 16, 2008 Diskeeper: More Scientology Trouble
----- ----- daughter-in-law 1973 Sonia (Sunny) Frances Demogines Jensen, taught at Delphi LA. says she is born about 1974; says Sonia F. Jensen was born on a date in 1973 that exactly matches the birth record of Sonia F Demogines, born in LA, mother Merenda. Sonia's parents (age about 1947) Steven C. Demogines married (birth year about 1953) Pamela Merenda in 1971 in LA, from; both have Scientology completions.
----- ----- David's two children under 18 with Sonia
----- wife 1947 Sally Burgess Jensen ("mother of 2 daughters" on her I am a Scientologist page, so not David's mother). Maiden name from Laurel's birth record.
----- daughter 1974 Laurel Claire Jensen Macaire, Sea Org worker. Birth year from, mother's name Burgess. "...Laurel Jensen (Daughter of Craig Jensen - major, major donator and ex-GO) took a libs (day off) for her b-day and flew in a private jet to Montana to go skiing for the day. Again HCO (said) 'How was your trip?' " ... en420.html
----- ----- Laurel's husband Emile Nathen Macaire, married 2000, . BTs2Free said " My sister was also heavily recruited for the Sea Org while she was a minor and one night was even locked in a closet at Celebrity Centre by Emile Macaire until she agreed to sign the billion year SO contract, " viewtopic.php?f=9&t=25810&hilit=macaire . BTs2Free also said "At about 9 years old, when I was going to Apple School, my best friend at the time, Emile Macaire, told me that his dad, who was an OT VII, said that Christ did not exist," viewtopic.php?f=9&t=31776 .This father appears to be Ken Macaire, ... %20Nuys+CA
----- daughter about 1976 Marissa Jensen, Sea Org worker. Co-worker with Denise Miscavige Gentile, for case of suicide victim Kyle Brennan. ... 7-Sep-2010 and ... _death.php
Marissa's 1997 or 1998 I am a Scientologist page: ... "my name is Marissa Jensen... I am 12 years old, and I am in High School at the Delphi Academy... I live in La Canada...Calif... I have a sister named Laurel who is 14 and a brother named David who is 29. David is married to Sunny who is 26. " . placed Marissa at Flag's address in Clearwater, with a Nov. 3 birthday, no year. "Last I knew, Marissa was an RTC Trainee and Laurel was on her way to Int." ... 3753410ff7
----- employee 1980 Breana Wells, Diskeeper officer, . Both are Hubbard College alumni,

I 1950 Kevin M. O'Donnell, GTSI founder, Earthlink co-founder, film producer]. "Mr. O'Donnell is President of O'Donnell & Associates, a venture capital firm specializing in emerging high technology companies. In 1982, Mr. O'Donnell founded Government Technology Services, Inc., a reseller of computer equipment to the federal government, and from 1982 to 1990 served as its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President." . Bought Beacon Pictures which produced the film Thirteen Days. http://community.seattletimes.nwsource. ... g=odonnell
----- ex-wife 1951 Maryann O'Donnell, worked at Event Television ... 98504.aspx , ... 98504.aspx Maryann active at Valley Ideal Org in Van Nuys, CA, . Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg . Maryann and Kevin were "top 75 net-gainers from Reed Slatkin's ponzi scheme," divorced in 2000;
----- son, 1974 David O'Donnell, actor, in Air Force One, a film produced by Beacon Films, co-owned by father Kevin. The founding story of Earthlink says that O'Donnell met with Sky Dayton because Sky was a classmate of Kevin's son. Sky and David both attended Delphi in Oregon, ... ool_id/374
-----former business associate Sky Dayton
----- former business associate the late Reed Slatkin

1950 Kevin J. Burke, partner of Wiseman and Burke of Glendale, Calif. Former controller of Narconon. Wiseman & Burke got a Desist and Refrain Order for selling overseas tax avoidance advice without being registered, see Learn to Evade Tax at the Scientology Chapel, ... gy-chapel/ . Name Kevin James Burke, from CoS completion, ... r_187.html .
----- wife 1963 Kim Willey Burke, volunteers at Pasadena Org, ... l-Org-quot
----- ----- wife's brother is Larry Willey, according to Smurf.
----- partner 1944 Bruce Wiseman
----- co-investors 1954 Elias Jafif, Roberto Santos, Marcos Salame, ... 40333.aspx

I 1950 Caralyn Bell Percy, entertainer, ... -2012.html . Was Exec. Director of Dianetics of Inglewood, presently a Sales Rep for JTYDS, . Birth year from
----- husband 1943 Bernard M. Percy, educational consultant, . Spokesman for World Literacy Crusade, . Birth year and middle initial from living at same address as Caralyn, on
----- daughter 1985 Maari J. Percy, singer. Sang with mother in IAS video, It's You, It's Me, posted 2012, . Birth year and relation to Caralyn and Bernard Percy

1950 Dror Soref, film producer, . Sued for Ponzi scheme, ... eme-160338 and "as CEO of Skyline Pictures," ... ega-372735 . Middle initial U. and birth year from
----- wife 1964 Virginia Pereira Soref, actress, . Virginia co-owns Satine Boutique 2007-present, ... 36/369/391 . Virginia manages Orbit Films, ... 80034.aspx Her birth year from .
----- Dror's former wife, Su Falcon, artist, . She had completions as Su Falcon Dror until 2000, and then as Su Falcon.
----- son 1987 Oren Alexander Soref (son of Su), in Sea Org, was Deputy Flag Banking Officer for Celebrity Centre, . Acted in a 1999 short film, .
----- another son has no Scientology completions
----- ex-partner at Skyline Pictures, ex-member 1972 Michelle K. Seward, also being sued, ... ega-372735 Michelle is paying restitution,
----- investor at Skyline Pictures1958 Grant Cardone

1950 Julius Dilligard, Jr., musician, sang Dreamin' a Dream for Crown Heights Affair, ... uccess.htm . Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012. Birth year from

1950 Kendrick Moxon, partner at Scientology-serving law firm Moxon & Kobrin, and "Scientology official," Kendrick's middle name Lichty appears on the death certificate of his daughter Stacy Moxon Meyer, born 1979, who died mysteriously in 2000 at Gold Base, ... -meyer.jpg . Kendrick's birth year from .
----- wife 1943 Carla Smith Moxon has three jobs at CCHR, . Carla's maiden name from Stacy's death certificate, ... -meyer.jpg
----- son has quit Sea Org and Scientology
----- partner 1948 Helena Kobrin. Middle name Kempner, Her birth year from
----- partner 1955 Ava Paquette. Her birth year from
----- Guardian Office fellow conspirator Jane Kember (whose husband Kevin was her deputy) and others, at

1950 Bill Yaude, long-time CoS operative. Tory Christman said Bill Yaude ran a spam and sock-puppet operation against critic websites, Bill Yaude on "Crazy" and the Internet, 2006, viewtopic.php?t=17921 , and Top Secret OSA Int Internet Mafia, run by Gavino Idda and Bill Yaude running the OT Volunteers, . Full name William Craig Yaude, Year of birth from .
----- 1951 wife Kathy Yaude, President at Yaude Studio Designs, Inc. In directory for Artists for a Better World, a CoS front, ... q4qg8ysxy0 . Birth year and maiden name Kathleen Jo Sibbitt, from

I about 1950 Bobby Wiggins. Estimate of birth year from 1977 minus 16 minus 11, from two facts (1) Mr. Wiggins was addicted to drugs for 16 years, ... -body.html and (2) "He first smoked marijuana at age 11. He did LSD and cocaine. He became a drug dealer. His life was a mess, he said, but he turned it around in 1977 when he turned to Narconon" from Scientology reaches into schools through Narconon, Boston Herald, 3/3/98,
I ----- present wife Barbie Riley Wiggins, Rehab Referral Counselor at Narconon, ... geles-Area . "U.K. singer, comedian,!search/profil ... id=profile . Maiden name Riley, from ... ggins.html . Appears much younger than Bobby Wiggins, ... st/3174805
----- ----- Barbie's music collaborator Marc Bosserman,
----- ----- Barbie's fashion collaborator Devorah Phillips of the store le petit Flos Feliz,
----- ex-wife Sue Birkenshaw, Narconon International Executive,
----- two grown sons by Birkenshaw, from Scientologist page made around 1998: “I'm married with two kids and I am the Executive Director of the Narconon Drug Education in Boston.” ... myself.htm Lucas Catton provided the wives' names and said the two sons joined Sea Org young, around age 15, and one son is on Facebook, which means he may have left Sea Org. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=240657 . The other son has posted on a critic website; neither son has completions or is active in CoS.
----- Narconon colleague 1951 Tony Bylsma, trained by Bobby Wiggins,

1950 Gale Dean Lister, allowed CoS to force his ex-wife Sara Goldberg to choose between their Scientologist daughter Ashley and their ex-Scientologist son Nick. ... er/2170325 Owns Gale Lister Custom Construction, . Gale's birth year from
----- daughter 1984 Emily Ashley Lister Epstein, made to disconnect from mother, is business manager at Boom Ink L.L.C , under "Emily A. Epstein" ... tein-NY-ny and . Epstein born about 1977, ... 752893274/
----- ----- Ashley’s husband about 1987 Matt Epstein, attended Cornell and worked at Fortis software, ... stein.html Ashley and Matt's young child also disconnected from Sara.
----- ----- ----- Fortis software (where Matt Epstein works), founded by Scientologists Paul McDaniel and Uri Minkoff, brother of handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff and son of disgraced Dr.David Minkoff. See Uri details at Is Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist? viewtopic.php?f=11&t=64841
----- ----- ----- Matt’s father 1945 Gary P. Epstein, works at Charet and Associates, . Birth year from
----- ----- ----- Matt’s mother 1952 Sandra Elise Charet Epstein. Gary and Sandra are IAS donors and WISE members, from NJ, for Charet and Associates, ... -2002-2003 and . Gary and Sandra are OT 8, . Sandra. mother of two, ran a business in NJ, . Sandra’s birth year from

I about 1950 Gerhard B. Schwandt, Efficiency Expert and OT VIII, does New Civilization Podcasts with other Scientologists, . His approx. date of birth from

1950 Dan Sherman, florid speechwriter for David Miscavige. Married Manon Alarie in 1982; she died in 2002. Born Daniel Michael Sherman. All facts from

I and IAS performer 1951 Mark Isham, noted composer, trumpeter. Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
----- wife Donna Linson Isham, President, Artists for Human Rights, ... mbers.html
----- ----- sister-in-law 1966 Jenny Linson, who denounced her ex Tom DeVocht, on Anderson Cooper. Her birth year from
----- ----- father-in-law Art Linson, producer/director/screenwriter of hit films,, not a scientologist .
----- ----- mother-in-law about 1944 Barbara L. Danto Linson, active, birth year from ... me%3Adanto~
----- ----- brother-in-law 1969 John Linson, producer, , does not have Scientology completions
----- son 1991 Jake Alexander Isham , spun records with Connor Cruise (link broken),
----- son 1993 Nicholas Isham, has a 2014 completion, birth from
----- other child only has childhood completions

1951 Stanley Clarke, famous bassist, . Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
----- wife 1974 Carolyn Helene Reese, ... larke.html
----- fellow band member 1941 Chick Corea

1951 Alan Turbin, co-owner of Nationwide OT 8
----- about 1952 wife Tina M. Lang Turbin, praised Hubbard College, which son Cassidy attended,
----- son 1986 Cassidy Turbin, musician Cassidy built his own fancy studio (with Daddy's money?) . Sound engineer, ... 0000938869 . Born James Cassidy Turbin, from
----- ----- Cassidy's bandmate Benji Pope in their band Canon in 2006,
----- ----- Cassidy's bandmate Tieg Johnson in band Canon
----- son Jason Turbin, musician

1951 David Pomeranz, musician/composer. Had a WISE business in 2004: Upward Spiral Entertainment. On the board of Artists in Action Int'l, ... ut-Us.html . Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
----- wife 1951 Kelly L. Yagemann Pomeranz, officer of Upward Spiral Entertainment, ... 96333.aspx . Birth year and names from .

1951 Tony Bylsma, Dir. of Drug Education, Narconon Fresh Start, . Tried to infiltrate Calif. schools, ... 750699.php . Super Power Bldg donor. Name Anthony C. Bylsma from many sources.
I ----- wife or ex-wife 1952 Connie Saunders Bylsma, IAS Donor . Birth year for Connie's children from ... myself.htm
----- older son has no Scientology links.
----- daughter about 1977 Melissa Bylsma, Asst VP Admin at Juniper Post Studios, was underage Sea Org worker, viewtopic.php?t=31986 . Melissa has a wedding registry with Rob Nyland for a May 2012 wedding, ... owRegistry , but this Rob does not have completions and the Melissa could be a different Melissa Bylsma, in the Midwest.
----- son about 1981 Nick Bylsma; Facebook has many Scientologist links.
----- doctor at Narconon Fresh Start, Dr. Allen Sosin,
----- co-home-owner 1968 Sigal Adini, ... 50_graber/
----- Narconon colleague Bobby Wiggins, born about 1950. Wiggins trained Tony Bylsma

I X 1951 Kirstie Alley, actress, Organic Liaison diet business owner . Along with children, donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- son 1992 William True Stevenson, adopted son of Kirstie Alley and ex-husband Parker Stevenson.
----- daughter 1994 Lillie Price Stevenson, adopted daughter of Kirstie Alley and ex-husband Parker.
----- advisory board members for Organic Liaison; names from ... c-liaison/
----- ----- Thomas Lovejoy, not a CoS member but is a board member of Artists for Human Rights, ... mbers.html
----- working for Organic Liaison , source = ... cientology
----- ----- spokeswoman 1962 Kelly Preston,
----- ----- spokeswoman 1973 Jennifer Aspen, actress
----- ----- assistant Peggy Crawford. Peggy was former Mission Holder and mother of 1980 Brandy Shaw Harrison, who has her own entry.
----- ----- store manager 1960 Robin Mandel Shereshevsky, wife of Barry. "Barry and Robin Shereshevsky are a graphic designer (Shereshevsky Advertising Inc.) and junior high school teacher, respectively," . Their son is former underage Sea Org worker Max Shereshevsky, viewtopic.php?t=31986 . Max now works at Mad Hatter Studios which is owned by a CoS company. Robin's birth year from
----- ----- landlord 1952 Ray Cassano, in Fla. real estate, involved in 1998 in the Blue Green Algae scandal; has separate entry.
----- ----- voice for cartoon diet ads 1957 Nancy Cartwright, voice actress
----- ----- accountant Saul Lipson, of Lipson Professional Group; Kirstie called him a "Scientology Jew," ... connection

1951 Cyprien Katsaris, noted concert pianist

1951 Warren McShane, CEO of Religious Technology Corp (RTC). (Sources of RTC officer list are ... ogy_Center and ... dox.68674/ . Warren, sometimes in disfavor, was forced to divorce wife 1952 Marcella Roach McShane, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=25152 ; both still work at Gold Base. His ups and downs at . His and ex-wife Marcella's birth year from Her maiden name from ... =175272963 and
----- son 1979 Sean R. McShane married Taryn Rinder, still-disconnected daughter of Mike Rinder. Sean quit Sea Org. Birth year from
----- daughter Carli Ann McShane works at Gold Base,
----- fellow RTC officer 1960 David Miscavige,
----- fellow RTC officer 1949 Barbara A. Griffin, married to 1950 Jerome B. Griffin. Both Griffins' middle initials and birth years from, showing them at Gold Base.
----- fellow RTC officer 1962 Laurisse Henley-Smith, aka Lou Stuckenbrock

1951 Bob Forrest, founder of band Dumb Blind Luck, and ... albums.htm . Birth year from . Middle initial G., from
----- wife about 1952 Nancy Naumann Forrest, in real estate, . Nancy has two children and praises LRH, . Her approx. birth year from Nancy and Robert G. Forrest's 1978 marriage on
----- Dumb Blind Luck band member Cookie Leonard, keyboard, violin and vocals. She and Bob are songwriters for the band. Director, Artists in Action International, ... 45313.aspx . Kristi Wachter's site gives a middle or maiden name of LeClair.
I ----- Dumb Blind Luck band member 1955 Mike Alkema, bass, trumpet, vocals . He's the only Alkema with completions. Birth year and middle name Andrew from
----- Dumb Blind Luck band member Tony Lago, drummer, vocals
----- ----- Tony's wife Elly Lago, Admin Exec at Clearwater Academy, ... ernational . Has completions as Mary Ellen Lago, Marriage inferred from their I am a Scientologist sites, where both claim parentage of an 18 month old child.

1951 Marc Silber. Quite active IAS donor in 2014. All four members of his partner-swap group, Jerald J. Racheff, Marc Silber, Janice Rogers Racheff Silber, and Penny McIntyre Silber Racheff have long been Senior Honor Roll Members ( getting commissions for IAS fundraising) ,!topic ... Tg7dwHckRE and Marc’s middle name Charles and birth year from,
----- first wife 1948 Penelope Thatcher McIntyre (Penny), her full name from, Marc left Penny to marry Janice Racheff, then Jerry Racheff, Jan’s first husband, married Penny to make it a complete partner-swap. Penny’s parents and siblings don’t have completions, ... s10ja.html
----- second wife Jan, born Janice Lynn Rogers, has completions as Janice Racheff and Janice Silber, . Jan’s maiden name from ... ce-racheff and Also, her daughter lists Rogers as mother’s maiden name,
----- ----- 1954 Jerry Racheff, aka Jerald J. Racheff, Jan’s first husband, married Penny to make it a complete partner-swap.
"Here's a fun twist for you. The graphs say that Jerry Racheff was Executive Director of SF Day in spring of 2011. That's the same guy who was arrested outside SFO during the Sea Arrrrgh protest of 2009, for an act of battery on Tommy Gorman. So that guy is now the ED?" ... gy_int.php
Video when Jerry stepped on protester’s toe,
Jerry birth year from Jerry’s mother Jeane Moreland Racheff McIntosh doesn’t have completions, ... toshW.html
Children of Marc Silber and Penny
----- son 1976 Blake Thatcher Silber, Vice President of Manufacturing, Bridge Publications. Relationship from comment by “somebodyelse” at viewtopic.php?f=9&t=28875
----- son 1982 Eric Garrett Silber, from aka Bear Garrett Silber . Still active
----- son 1989 Lance Henry Silber’s Facebook page links right to Scientology,
----- son 1985 Ian McIntyre Silber has completions
One active son of Jerry Racheff and Jan Rogers, Eric Racheff and his wife Caitlin donated to IAS in 2014; Eric has a separate entry under his birth year 1983.

I 1952 Richard Acunto, ex-actor, $10 million IAS donor, and bankrupted owner of Survival Insurance. House foreclosed, ... tos-house/ . Details at ... insurance/ Birth year from
----- ex-wife Amy. Richard lost her, too. Karen de la Carriere said Acunto's partner Sue McFarland died in her 50's of cancer, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=156867 .

1952 Gary Imhoff, actor, taught with Milton Katselas. Birth year and middle name Lee from
----- wife Lauren Gould Imhoff . The pair were highly commended for donating in 2014, ... k-pardner/ . Her maiden name from

1952 Jeffrey Scott, screenwriter, grandson of Moe Howard
----- wife about 1952 Sonya S. Kroch Scott; her birth year and maiden name from marriage on

1952 Ray Cassano, landlord for Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison.
Real estate investor: "You can't separate Salt Lake City and the Mormons, and you can't separate Clearwater and Scientology," said Ray Cassano, a Scientologist whose 146-unit downtown condo tower will rise next door to the historic post office
, ... own.shtml/ Ray and his wife in 1998, Kim Bright Cassano, promoted the dangerous "Blue-Green Algae" powder, linked by the St. Pete Times to the death of Carrie Slaughterbeck, ... 1998-04%3F . Ray's Birth year and name Raymond Paul Cassano from
Kim is now Kim Phillips, and has joined a Christian church, ... 013/page-3

1952 Kurt Listug, co-founder and CEO of Taylor Guitars, big donor to Super Powers Building, ... ep/1202006 . Birth year from
----- Wife 1959 Jennie Mecham Listug. Artist at Mecham Design, . Birth year from .

1952 Peter Mansell, Director, Flag Service Organization, ... ganization. Handler for picketers in Clearwater
Saint Hill spokesman as early as 1986, mentioned in many Scientology news articles, ... p?iid=2919
Year of birth from
----- wife 1969 Lisa Mansell, VP of Public Relations at Church of Scientology, . Named as his wife, ... id=2192230
----- ----- Lisa's partners at Clearwater Designer Co-op, Inc. are 1960 Craig Taylor, 1958 Laura Clouden, and Laura's daughter-in-law Sarah K. Clouden ... 88643.aspx
----- Peter's co-owners of Belvedere Apartments: Thomas W. Coates and Brian Asay, ... 75334.aspx .

About 1952 Edward E. Marsh, real estate investor and sci-fi collector/donor, . See Scifi, LRH donor to San Diego State was accused of rape in 1972-1973, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=220180 . Full name Edward Earl Marsh III.
----- wife, married after 1997, Kathryn Fine Marsh

(The next three families of the Feshbach brothers are based on the following obit I kept in my files (link is now broken) obit for the Feshbachs' mother Bonnie; I am concealing her oldest son, D___, who is not a Scientologists
Jul 3, 2007 – Bonnie Suzanne Feshbach - It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our mother Bonnie Suzanne Feshbach...Born Suzanne Teresa Lapiner, in Mason City, IA... pride in the accomplishments of her sons D__, Kurt, Matt and Joe…In addition to her sons D__ (wife, ___), Matt (Kathy), and Joe (Cindy), as well as Bernie Feshbach, she also leaves 13 grandchildren: Katie, Melissa, Jessica, Kuryn, Sarah, Rachel, David, Jake, Max, D__'s child, D___'s child, Samuel, (name withheld, under 18); and two great-grandchildren (names withheld, under 18)
. Bonnie's husband Bernie died in 2017.
From this obit and, I was able to find wives of the Feshbach brothers and match them to the mother on the children's birth records. Those listed below all have completions; D__ and his family do not. Other sources are noted as they occur.

1952 Kurt Feshbach, Short seller along with brothers Matt and Joe. See thread Feshbachs lose billion-$ fund despite OT abilities, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=29623 . Key executive in Toucan Partners LLC, owner of controversial Narconon Spring Hill, Fla rehab , viewtopic.php?f=12&t=178409 . Middle name Nathan. See main sources immedately above.
----- first wife about 1955 Lynn K. Pitton Feshbach, from Spoke out, ... st-2414844
----- ----- 1980 Kuryn Davida Feshbach Mitchell, compliance administrator for Falcon Research, . Falcon is a Kurt Feshbach company. Kuryn had completions starting 2003 as Kuryn F. Mitchell
----- ----- 1982 Rachel Ann Feshbach, trading assistant at Falcon Research, ... h/11580481 . Rachel was arrested in 2008 for "Obtaining Property In Return For W/L Check" ... a-feshbach
----- ----- 1987 Max Gabriel Feshbach
----- second wife 1971 Kannon Harris Feshbach
----- ----- child under 18, see painting of Kurt and pregnant Kannon,

1953 Matt Feshbach, short seller along with Kurt and Joe. Twin of Joe, Middle name Lapiner. See main sources immediately above 1952 Kurt Feshbach. Matt founded a stem cell heart clinic in the Bahamas in 2012, ... -feshbach/ . Matt and wife filing for bankruptcy to release IRS debt, ... st-2297062 .
---- first wife about 1953 Deborah J. Simmons, married 1973 in Santa Clara, divorced 1975
---- second wife 1955 A.J., married 1976, divorced 1980. She married Stephen T. Porter in 1982. As A.J. Porter, she worked at AO Flag, ... bbie-cook/ . Stephen was some kind of parent to 1971 Kannon Harris, who married 1952 Kurt Feshach. A.J. was born Andrea Jane Cox.
----- ----- daughter 1978 Katie Feshbach, in Sea Org. "Even Katie Tisi (Feshbach) ended up in the "Hall" and I doubt her Feshbach bretheren know this!" viewtopic.php?p=267212 . Katie had married Joshua Charbonneau in 1994, then was an IAS donor named Katherine Tisi in 2006. Katie Tisi is imprisoned in "The Hole," according to an August 2012 Village Voice article, ... e_hole.php . Born Katherine Louise Feshbach, mother Cox.
----- ----- ----- Katie's husband Federico Tisi, ... -1862.html
---- third wife 1953 Kathy, married 1982 in Wisconsin. Born Kathleen Marie Faulkner. Belleair Mission Holder and its former director.
----- ----- son 1984 David Faulkner Feshbach
----- ----- son 1993 Sam Faulkner Feshbach
----- ----- Kathy's colleague 1965 Adriana Scarpellini Exec. Director Belleair Mission. Adriana bought a Florida house with Paolo Tucci, a Field Staff Member, . Adriana's birth year from
----- ----- Kathy's former colleague about 1962 Lori Miscavige Verneuille, former director of Belleair Mission. Lori is David Miscavige's sister.

1953-2011 Joseph Feshbach (deceased, but here to show relationships). See main sources immediately above 1952 Kurt Feshbach.
----- wife about 1956 Cindy; they married in 1974; she had just divorced Harley Kelly. Born Lucinda K. Horn.
----- daughter 1975 Jessica Ann Rodriguez Feshbach, former Sea Org worker. She married first Andres Rodriguez, ... more-22097 . When Katie Holmes was first married to Tom Cruise, Jessica Rodriguez was Katie's handler and "best friend." Jessica secondly married 1972 Tommy Davis, (then a close friend/handler of Tom Cruise) and they later quit Sea Org together, had a baby, and are now divorced. ... California
----- daughter 1975 Melissa Marie Feshbach, Chief Off Gold (Qual Gold, Cram Off, Auditor) ... theintbase
----- ----- Melissa's husband 1977 Nathaniel Benj. Epstein, Sea Org worker "Incomm" at Int Base, ... theintbase . Married 1995, divorced viewtopic.php?t=25295
----- daughter 1981 Sarah Isabelle Feshbach, Sea Org worker "at SMI" ... guez/page6

1953 Randall Michael Tobin, composer, The Snow Queen, ... 0345448511 and founder in 1977 of Theta Sound Studio, where he's called Randy Tobin.
----- collaborator for The Snow Queen Erin Holt, choreographer. Erin is founder of California Dance Arts, ... 0345448511 , and . Erin got an award from Artists for a Better World, a Scientology front group. She is not the actress Erin Holt.

1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson, manager for actors, Her maiden name from 1985 marriage, between Joe Anthony Reaiche and Carol Anne Nicholson, in Florida, .
----- ex-husband Peter D. Masterson, insurance agent, WISE member, father of Danny and Chris. Peter has son Will Masterson by another marriage.
----- sons and clients 1976 Danny and 1980 Chris Masterson
----- ex-husband Joe Reaiche, Australian rugby player, divorced and disconnected, father of Jordan and Alanna. Joe spoke against Scientology, ... les.55675/ . Joe was living with his wife Carol at least through 1993, when Alanna was about five.
----- son 1986 Jordan Nicholson Masterson by disconnected second husband Joe Reaiche; Jordan took half-brother Danny's surname.
----- daughter and client 1988 Alanna Victoria Masterson by Joe Reaiche.
----- other clients from , who also have Scientology completions:
----- ----- 1979 Alex Barad (does projects with 1986 Luke Baybak)
----- ----- 1989 Chaffee Graham, actor, has own entry
----- ----- 1984 Houston Graham, brother to Chaffee, above, actor, .
----- ----- 1974 David O'Donnell, actor, entry below.
----- ----- 1978 Michelle Durham, actress, wife of 1974 Ryan Kugler. Birth year from residence in
----- ----- Roberto Santos, actor, may be the Roberto Santos, Jr., who has CoS completions.

1953 Billy Sheehan, bassist, performed at the 39th Anniversary Gala, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=29645 . Middle initial R.
----- wife Elisabetta, writes for Bass Musician Magazine. 2016 photo at Super Power Building, ... more-29153
1953 Carl-W. Röhrig, German artist,

1953 Colleen Camp, actress, helped by Tom Cruise during her 2002 divorce from Paramount president John Goldwyn.
----- daughter 1989 Emily Grace Goldwyn, production assistant on films, says IMDb.

1953 Peter Schless, songwriter "On the Wings of Love," ; in August 2012 a Sea Org worker, imprisoned in "The Hole" according to the Village Voice, ... e_hole.php . Birth year and middle name Harrison from
----- wife 1960 Julie Rose Caetano Fisher Schless, in Sea Org, once a Hubbard's messenger, ex-wife of critic Mark Fisher, who had married Julie in 1984 and wrote of being thwarted trying to reunite with her, ... isher.html . Her approximate birth year from ... isPIDMap=1
----- ----- brother-in-law 1962 Kevin Caetano, Gold Base Sea Org address,
----- ----- ------ brother-in-law Kevin's wife, Kirsten Maria Thorne Caetano,, in OSA / Sea Org, "Intell Covert Ops flap handler international for Scientology, based in LA,"
------ ------ ----- ------ Kirsten's father Colin Ivan Thorne, ten year OSA vet has MS, ... /index.htm . Middle name from Smurf, ... ood.63419/
------ ------ ----- ------ Kirsten's mother 1942 Marta Anne Shockey Thorne; "Smurf hears she "suffered a psychotic break in the RPF slave gulag, ... /index.htm . Middle and maiden name from Smurf, ... ood.63419/
----- ex-wife and ex-Scientologist Karen Pressley, who tried to maintain their marriage after she quit Sea Org. Karen re-married and is a critic writer and speaker,

1953 Pat Clouden, Accelerated Training Solutions, & WISE shill, ... -2012.html . Full name Patrick Joseph Clouden; birth year from
----- 2nd wife 1958 Laura Mary Moreland Clouden, works at Clearwater Design Co-op with 1969 Lisa Mansell; Laura and Pat are IAS donors. Her maiden name from
----- son 1984 Sean Patrick Clouden works with his father in Accelerated Training Solutions. Sean's wife Sarah K. Clouden works at Clearwater Design Co-op with 1969 Lisa Mansell.
----- son 1990 Brennan Michael Clouden is WISE shill, ... peratives/ Many CoS Facebook friends, . Brennan's birth year,

I 1954 John Travolta, actor, still shows up for some events.
----- wife 1962 Kelly Preston, has her own entry below.
----- 2 children under 18 (besides deceased son Jett Travolta)
----- brother 1943 Samuel J. Travolta, actor, crew, . Has completions along with Sam's ex-wife Michelle (they divorced in 1994)
----- estranged brother Joey Travolta, actor/director, not a Scientologist. Joey did a film on autistic kids and argued with John that Jett had autism, ... n---369131.

I 1954 Greta Van Susteren, lawyer/host at Fox Cable News, had many courses as Greta Coale, but doesn't talk about it these days. Married to lawyer John Coale, who is now ailing from cancer. Birth year from finding him and Greta at same address on They gave $100,000 to the Super Power Building, and had positive earnings from Reed Slatkin,; after Slatkin was discovered to be running a Ponzi scheme, they paid money back.

1954 Lamia Khashoggi, formerly Loredana or Laura Biancolini, wife of multi-millionaire, arms dealer, convicted felon Adnan Khashoggi. She was listed in 1995 in Clearwater as "Loredana Biancolini" and had Scientology completions under that name. She "has given the Scientologists more than £3 million." 13 October 1991 article in Mail on Sunday (UK), at ... p?iid=3253 .
Her son Ali Khashoggi may have gone back to Saudi Arabia. See him under: "May be inactive," at the bottom of the next post.

I 1954 Elias B. Jafif, heads a real estate investment group, (four companies: Mainstreet Clearwater Development, LLC; CW Pointe, LLC; Laura Street; and 400 Cleveland, LLC, ... 04007.aspx [/i], ... ogis.shtml .
"Elias Jafif made a fortune in Mexico developing shopping centers and upscale golf communities. His Casa Club Bosquereal is a small city - 10,000 homes and, he boasts, the biggest clubhouse in the world.
The grandson of a Lebanese Jew, Jafif was born into one of Mexico City's industrial families, manufacturers of textiles, shoes and lingerie. He became a Scientologist as a young man after hearing about it from his then-girlfriend." ... town.shtml . His birth name looks like Elias Jafif Mijares, ... jares.html
----- wife about 1968 Fernanda P. Jafif, marriage inferred from 2006 IAS donation as Elias and Fernanda Jafif, ... trons.html , and from living at the same address on .
----- co-investors 1950 Kevin J. Burke, Roberto Santos, Marcos Salame, ... 04007.aspx

1954 Pat Harney, Scientology Public Affairs Director, based in Clearwater, ... 585046.htm . As Muriel Patricia Jones, got an injunction in 1997 against Keith Henson, ... meline.htm . "Pat’s husband Mike Harney was on the Sea Org Project that was sent to Harlem to renovate and open an org there. He was separated from his wife Pat for 2 years while gone and, wouldn’t you know, ended up having sex with the woman that was named to be the Executive Director for the Harlem org. You gotta love a guy that really takes his work home! Okay, well he was sent to the RPF. He is still on the RPF 6 years later! No family break up there OSA? They are still married and she still has his name, but has not seen the guy in 6 years. And here she is on the radio the other day talking about “the church does not break up families.” " said BlownforGood in 2008, viewtopic.php?p=292843
----- husband 1954 Michael Leon Harvey; they married in 2000, says His birth year from
----- step-child from Mike's earlier marriage, "Why don't you ask if her husband Mike Harney is allowed to speak to his ex-wife, the mother of his daughter, since she blew Scientology?" said Lulubelle, ... tion/page4

1954 Rick Cruzen, musician, worked with Tamia Arbuckle, Edgar Winter on Mission Earth & other music. "Main recording guy..." at Int Base. “Last I saw him...he was carrying around shackles wherever he went -- I don't mean figuratively, but literally ... so they could shackle him...wherever they deemed suitable, so as to make sure he and everyone around him were constantly reminded of just what a "criminal" he was!" posted by Little Bear Victor, ... Skfid.dpuf. Birth of Richard Gilman Cruzen, mother Gabriel,
----- ex-wife about 1966 Geray C. Jory Rathbun Cruzen, Dir A/V Mfctr'ing, "from a prominent scn family in South Africa... She left for the Sea Org in the 70's when she was about 14," ... n-hubbard/ . Imprisoned in "The Hole" with Rick, . Her other husbands were now-critic Marty Rathbun and Sea Org worker 1974 Chris Maio. Her birth year from

X 1955 R. F. Daley, actor, born in Colorado, says IMDb. Name is probably Robert F. Daley, whose 16 Apr 1955 birthdate in Colorado, on matches that of IMDb, and same name and birthdate appears in Evanston, IL, near where son John Francis Daley was born.
----- wife Nancy, singer/pianist/songwriter/actress (Hot Mamas), (completed OT 8 in 2011)
----- son 1985 John Francis Daley is barely active, voiced Hubbard books, and accompanied his father to Writers of the Future awards. He doesn't party with the Danny Masterson clique.

1955 Michael Robert Campbell, known for the 10-year-old Haitian child who fell off his roof and died, ... of/1093988 .
Michael was involved in the mysterious Wireless Webconnect which employed many members of the infamous Guardian's Office, . Michael was one of three volunteer ministers going to Haiti in 2008 with Scientology writings, ... Haiti.html Michael and Mary live in a fancy neighborhood and sent their daughters to a Scientology private school, but Michael's present occupation isn't clear because his name is so common. Family relationships from his online Scientologist page, which was preserved by the Slatkinfraud site:
Hello, my name is Mike Campbell, and here is a little bit about myself: live in San Jose, California with my wife, Mary, and our two young daughters, Lea and Lauren
. Michael's birth year and middle name from .
----- wife about 1962 Mary Maxwell Campbell. Her maiden name from obituary of Dion Patrick Maxwell, died 2012 in Freeland, Michigan, naming sister "Mary (Mike) Campbell of Clearwater, FL," ... h_id=12708 . Mary's approx. birth year from
----- daughter about 1991 Lea M. Campbell, drummer for WD-HAN.
----- ------ son in law Spencer Barnes, "Congratulations to Spencer and Lea!! They are getting married TODAY!!" March 22, 2013 entry in WD-HAN's Facebook page at
----- daughter 1992 Lauren Campbell. Birth year from .
----- fellow Volunteer Ministers in Haiti, 1967 Brad Kugler and 1959 Cary Goulston, ... iti.ht11ml . Brad and Cary have their own entries.

1955 Ava Paquette, partner in law firm Moxon & Kobrin, . Obit of 2nd husband Paul Paquette, ... =159171568. Has courses as Ava Sandlin-Paquette in 1998, as Ava Chromoy 2006 and as Ava Marie Paquette 2006-2007 . Birth year from
----- ex-husband Gerry Chromoy, father of her children, took courses 1986-2008
----- son has no completions
----- daughter Naomi Chromoy, named by Smurf, ... 40e803c103 , took courses 1995-2008, ... romoy.html
----- law partner 1950 Kendrick Moxon
----- law partner 1948 Helena Kobrin

1955 Robert Twaalfhoven, 1978 MIT grad, President/Founder of BobCad Cam, , My Perfect Automobile(he calls himself Genius Owner), and Milk Drinking Cow (phone apps). Recent large IAS and Ideal Org donor. From a wealthy background in Holland, .BobCad Cam was sued for sexual harassment and pressure to take Scientology courses, http://forum.reachingforthetippingpoint ... 283.0;wap2 Birth year from
----- wife Alejandra. “Bob and Alejandra Twaalfhoven are from the San Francisco area where Alejandra has served as a Los Gatos staff member for the last thirteen years,” viewtopic.php?f=9&t=215741&start=285
----- VP at BobCad Cam, 1966 Larry Anthony Pendleton, ... bcad/Page1 . Larry & wife Lori are in July 2003 Prosperity Magazine for their WISE business, ... ty_59.html
Larry’s birth year from and
----- ----- 1969 Lori Christine Peckham Pendleton, CEO/Owner of L. Pendleton Enterprises and VP of BobCam Cad, . Arrested for battery, ... _18119381/ Maiden name from 1998 marriage

1955 Kevin Craig Wilson, founded Sterling Mgmt, a WISE parasite consulting company. Shill for WISE along with wife and son Chase, ... peratives/. Birth year from ... ilson.html
----- wife 1954 Barbara J., Sterling pres., Birth year from
----- son 1981 Jensen Chase "Chase" Wilson, was Sea Org worker, . Must be out if he's working with Dad.
----- ----- daughter in law Shannon Walker Wilson, Sea Org HGB staff in 1994, , married Chase in 2002,

(List continued in next post, for people born 1956-1959.)

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

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Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Those born 1956-1959, with a name in the news. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. See course completion details at

I 1956 Isadore M. Chait, owner of Asian art gallery I.M.Chait, jazz musician (Izzy Chait Quartet) . President in 1997 of the new, CoS-controlled Cult Awareness Network, ... 185/rec/42 . 1998-2007 Director, CCHR, ... hp?ntt=174 .The Chaits followed and confronted Marty Rathbun, ( that thread's comments mention Chait's son's bar mitzvah and "Izzy Chait's" jazz musician career) ... ann-chait/ .
Huborg held her (Roxann Richards) in a "hunting lodge" outside Lancaster, Ca. and then in a house belonging to a scn named Isador(a) Chee ( probably misspelled). At all times under the "care" of Megan Shields.
Deposition of Stacy Brooks,
An LACC public who freaked during their so-called Religious Freedom Crusade. They took her from New York George's Restaurant telling her that they were taking her to meet John Travolta. Instead they took her to a 'hunting lodge' out in the Calif desert near Lancaster and held her there. When her parents finally threatened Denk's clinic with the Police if they didn't divulge their daughter's whereabouts, cos brought her back to LA. First to a safe house in Sta Monica owned by the Chias ( spelling) and then to another safe house at the Malibu Colony owned by Marshall Goldblatt. She had an infected foot from trying to escape the 'lodge' by jumping out a one story window. Her handlers, among them Shirley Young, were letting her wade in the Pacific Ocean. When her parents finally got to see her there in Malibu, her father said that she was crawling on the floor, barking like a dog.
from ladayla, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=20896
If any of you OSA here see Izzy, ask him if he remembers Roxann Richards. She was held at his house on Sta Monica while she was on Isolation. Izzy's was a "safe house". The R/D wasn't all that good for Roxann. She is now as a vegetable. Helpless and unable to feed herself or go to the bathroom. Thanks for all your help on that, Izzy.
Then there is Barbara Schwarz, some of you know her from other fora. Barbara was also on Iso at the Chait mansion. You know how it worked for her. She is toadly whack.
from challenge (on same page she also calls herself ladayla), ... t-875.html
----- 1st wife Norma, no children or completions found.
----- 2nd wife 1945 Mary Anne Ravven, took courses 1986-2011. "Working with Isadore Chait are his wife, Mary Ann; and their sons Joshua, Joey and Jake." ... erly-hills . ... -chait.htm . Mary Ann was 1993 Director, Applied Scholastics Int'l; Secretary, Way to Happiness Foundation Int'l, ... le.php?n=c . Name Ravven from . Mary Anne had been married to Marc Kamm 1966-1970
----- son 1978 Joey Chait, ex-Sea Org, ... t-II/page7 . Born Joseph Samuellee Chait, on, likely his middle names are Samuel Lee. Auctioneer, sentenced for smuggling endangered animal parts, ... -1.2684300
----- son 1980 Joshua Chait, antique dealer, poker player, Born Joshua Michael Bryan Chait, mother name Ravven on, has completions.
----- son 1982 Jake Chait, ex-Sea Org, antique dealer, co-stars in Discovery Channel show Final Offer, ... inal-offer . Ex-Sea Org claim from "His youngest son is Jake Chait. I remember seeing him (in Sea Org) around from time to time," from SarahNW, ... -II/page14 . Born Jacob Abrahamberna Chait on Likely his middle names are Abraham Bernard.
------ ------ Jake's wife Ashly Sarah Ledoux. A person called Ashly Ledoux had an address, dated 1935-1993, that was a Scientology building, ... ess_id=267 . If she were Jake's age, she would be 11 years old in 1993. Ashly was at CSI in 2015, ... 26720.html
----- former singing partner, ex-CoS Jamie Sorrentini, who sang with Izzie in 2009 and quit CoS soon thereafter.

I 1956 Dennis S. McKenna, President of e.Republic, a media and event management firm which produces several magazines reporting on state and local government administrative issues. Two articles expressing concern about a Scientologist management of such important issues are
(1) Concern at Governing Magazine Over Its Sale to Scientologists, NY Times, 22 Nov 2009, by Tim Arango, ... overn.html and
(2) Scientology Inc. Publishing executives in Folsom are spreading the word on technology in government. Some employees say it’s actually the words of L. Ron Hubbard that are being spread., Sacramento News and Review, 23 Aug 2001, by Jim Evans, ... t?oid=8220
e.Republic was a W.I.S.E. company in 2004 under Dennis, and another of his companies, GMW Communications, was a WISE company in 2001, ... kenna.html .
----- wife 1949 Joan W. McKenna. She and Dennis both had Scientology completions in 2012, and Impact 114 IAS donations in 2006.
----- fellow exec at e.Republic, 1948 Donald B. Pearson, who applied WISE techniques and required LRH studies at Allstate Insurance which eventually repudiated this approach,
----- former president at e.Republic Bob Graves, ... es-ms.html . Bob is husband of actress 1958 Judy Taylor Norton.

1956 Elizabeth ("Libby") Wilson Eagleton Weigand Regan, niece and blackmailer of Senator Thomas Eagleton. Scandal and approx birth year from . Relationships from mother Elaine Eagleton's 2010 obit: Elaine was "mother of... Elizabeth Wilson Eagleton,... grandmother of Alex Weigand, Cassie Woodruff" ... =144992748 . New name Regan, from ... php?ntt=98 .
----- husband David Regan "is a former staffer, according to Scientology publication records... he and Elizabeth currently run this Clearwater art company: Art Headquarters, Inc,"
----- ex-husband 1956 Scott Robert Weigand, Scientology minister, ... -2133.html . Scott mentioned in her appeal, ... -2133.html . Birth year and 1996 divorce, both in Pinellas County, from His full name from ... 0RdTfYX43g .
----- daughter 1979 Cassie Woodruff, Sea Org worker, born Cassandra Weigand, wife of Celeb Centre VP 1976 Shane Woodruff.
----- son 1982 Alexander S Weigand, owner, Spyglass Designs jewelry, in Florida, . Middle initial from

I 1956 Bennetta B. Slaughter, defended CoS during the Lisa McPherson wrongful death trial . Founded Insurance Media Services, ... slaughter/ . Owner of 24Seven Media and former CEO of Applied Scholastics in St. Louis, MO., . Took a leading pro-CoS role in the Slatkin fraud scandal, . Has two grown children, ... hter/about .Relatives' names: Ashley Slaughter, age 27 in 2012, and Gloria Slaughter, age 39 in 2012, . Bennetta's birth year from
----- husband 1947 David B. Slaughter . According to daughter Ashley: "My mom has a company and my dad works for her," ... C2_a3yCe-8 . David's birth year from
I ----- daughter 1972 Gloria Georgina Slaughter who married 1971 Eugene "Gene" Louis Diveglia III in Pinellas County, FL in 2000; They were IAS donors in 2010. Gene and Gloria's full names and birth years from
----- daughter about 1985 Ashley M. Slaughter, did the Purification Rundown at age 8, according to Celebration Magazine (Dallas Celebrity Centre), ... C2_a3yCe-8

I 1957 Ron Pollack, Hedge fund manager, now CEO Mascot Capital Management, Class of 1979 Yale, MBA and law degrees from Harvard. Worked with the Feshbachs 1987-1992. Active in several CoS fronts, Community Learning Center, Clearwater, FL (Chairman of the Board); New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, NY (Former Chairman); Clearwater Academy International,
----- wife 1957 Mireille Chantal Lipschutz Pollack (nickname Mimi), birth from, name from ... llack.html
----- their son has no completions.
----- father in law Albert Lipschutz, wealthy Belgian. "I always have wondered what the whole story was with Albert Lipschutz, a Belgian guy who was fabulously wealthy from possibly diamonds. He seemed to match your description of Albert above. He took so much abuse, so many ethics conditions and SP declares and kept coming back for more and more for many years. I think he really believed he was degraded, ugly and evil to his deepest core and desperately wanted to be purified. He had a daughter Mireille who is probably now Mireille Pollack." Michael Pattinson, ... _fYg?hl=en
----- successor 1966 Alex Eckelberry, Managing Director of Monitor Group (formerly Bulldog Capital Management), formerly run by Ron Pollack. Alex is brother-in-law of 1939 Karen Black.

I X 1957 Nancy Cartwright, voice actress. Very active. Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg . Her ex-boyfriend Steve Becker suffered business losses worsened by heavy donations to IAS, and jumped off a bridge ... tomurphyto his death, ... ow/page-2/.
----- daughter 1989 Lucy Mae Murphy Baybak by Nancy's ex-husband writer Warren Murphy. Apparently she was married to one of the Babybak sons around 2008 ... s-in-life/ . Lucy Murphy Baybak works at Mad Hatter Studios,
----- son 1991 Jack Murphy by Warren Murphy. Delphi LA graduation Married Erin Rogers, ... rstomurphy
Name Jackson Louis Murphy and birth year from

1957 Morgan Fagerman, CEO, The Verification Company; Director of European Operations, 21st Century Technologies, Inc. A Florida corporation search using officer name "Fagerman" at gives several other companies for Morgan and his wife Judy. Birth year from
----- wife 1956 Judy Fagerman, officer in companies with husband. Leader of Tampa Bay Volunteer Ministers. Name at time of 1986 marriage Judith A. Szuldiner, on . Her previous husband had no completions. Birth year from

1957 Jojo Zawawi, Sea Org child auditor, facebook defriending monitor for CoS, now musician, Born Joanne Naomi Albert,
Our 13 year old star Dianetic auditor Jo Albert hung on for six hours on one session day before yesterday and changed the pc's whole life. Secret of her success? She does flubless commands...
(A reader comment by JustcallmeMary:) Her parents are Rozelda 'Jerrye' Albert and the late Alan Albert ( who committed suicide in 1996 after leaving, his wife disconnected from him for his leaving Scientology.) (ref: Carmelo Orchards 6th March 2008 : "Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, CA."
from ... y_on_2.php
Obviously, Debbie (Cook) was in good standing until she sent the January 1, 2012 (right date?) email.

How do I know this? Because prior to that, Debbie was Facebook friends with Jojo Zawawi, Global Facebook Espee Defriending and Disconnection I/C. And Jojo knows more than anybody else in the world about who is in good odor in the cult and who is not.
Said TG1 in Feb of 2012, ... ack/page23 . Birth year from her and Abbas living at same address on
----- husband and musical partner 1975 Abbas Zawawi . "Happily married since 1997 to Abbas Zawawi" Middle name Mouafaq from Birth year from him and Jojo living at same address on Abbas born in California, from
----- mother 1934 Jerrye Albert, aka Rozelda Jerrye Albert, piano artist ... 90musician. As Rozelda Dunn, married Alan Davis Albert (1931-1996) in Chicago in 1955. Did not remarry after Alan's suicide. Birth year from
----- Jojo's brothers are not openly out but are quiet.
----- Jojo's husband's sister, birth in Calif on, has no completions.

I X 1958 Judy Norton Taylor, actress. Husband details from
----- 1st husband 1949 Douglas D. Taylor, singer-musician, ... 72,8734207 Doug's approx. birth year and middle initial from 1976 marriage record on Photo of the young couple,!&keywords=judy+norton
----- 2nd husband Randy Apostle and their son together have no Scientology completions.
----- present husband Robert "Bob Graves, F.A.S.E. director and and past president of e.Republic, ... es-ms.html . There was concern when e.Republic was sold to a management team of Scientologists, ... overn.html . Bob was also founder of Intl Acad of Detox, ... es-ms.html

I 1958 Xavier Deluc, French actor, born Xavier Lepetit. Quite active, including in courtrooms. His Parisian company, Magic World Production, is in the 2001 WISE Directory.

I 1958 Grant Cardone TV host, speaker, and $12 million donor to Super Power Bldg. 9 years of drug abuse, now anti-psychatry, ... done-oh-my
----- wife 1973 Elena Lyons, actress, . Board member (with husband), Project 30 USA Foundation, . Born Elena Rosaia. Grant and Elena did a cringeworthy trying-to-be-hip video when he was about 55 and she was about 40, ... post772915 .
----- two children under 18
----- Grant's twin brother Gary Thomas Cardone, has a WISE company, and business links to Grant. Gary married + divorced and has children under 18.

1958 Charmaine Roger, alleged go-between for child-dumping-in-South-Africa-for-money scheme.
The infamous Charmaine Roger, chief Super Power “fundraiser” has apparently, through her South African connections, arranged for her primary whale to rid himself of a problem child (or maybe more). In exchange for massive donations to “super power” and “ideal orgs” in South Africa (while the nearest orgs to the Duggans are still desperate for ideal org funding) at least one of his children has been “found a home” with a couple of prominent, apparently unsuited, but bought off scientologists in Joburg.
from ... ror-story/ Born Charmaine Fay Lurie. Birth year from
----- brother David Lurie "Early in 2013 a young boy (9 or 10 years old) arrived in South Africa accompanied on a flight from the USA by David Lurie (Charmaine Rodgers’ brother and Sadie Lurie’s son)." ... nt-page-1/
David Lurie was in the 2004 WISE directory for a business, Direct Art, in Clearwater . ... lurie.html Does this alleged-child-trafficker have a green card to work legally in the US?
Photo of David as a Volunteer Minister in Haiti around 2010, ... buted.html
----- first husband the late John Roger Dekiewit, divorced in 1990,
----- son by first husband, Jonathan D. Dekiewit, is in his thirties, ... 6x4fbqg6aq .
----- daughter by first husband, Shireen Anne Dekiewit is in her twenties, ... 6chn9zxerc . This looks like her, under the name "Shireen Roger," ... -Roger.php .
Shireen Roger's Facebook page links to Grant Cardone and other Scientologists,
----- mother Sadie Lurie. "Charmaine brought Sadie to Clearwater to look after and help raise her kids (Sadie’s grandchildren) and Charmaine provides for Sadie," ... ve-fallen/
Sadie Lurie is peddling a South Africa wrinkle cream, ALOE DERM, and mentions her son David Lurie's Clearwater Picture Framing,
----- present husband 1960 Bruce A. Roger, married in Pinellas County in 1992.
Charmaine F. Dekiewit lived in Clearwater, and had relatives Bruce A. Roger, John Roger Dekievet (deceased first husband), Johnathan D. Dekieweit (son), abd Shireen A. Dekiewit (daughter), . Karen de la Carriere wrote
When Charmaine wanted to marry Bruce, Bruce was in the Sea Org in Los Angeles. Trish Duggan waved a magic wand literally.
Anything is possible when you have really big money. Trish Duggan got the marriage license, the minister, and Trish had a limousine meet her at the airport and Bruce as well in their separate locations, had them driven to Trish’s luxury home and Trish created the entrire wedding event for them PLUS a very generous wedding gift. I only state all this because *UNUSUAL FAVORS* from the Public is a HIGH Crime. RPFable if not RPF’s RPF.
from ... deal-orgs/
Bruce's birth year from .
Intellius says he is Vip Representative at Spr Consult,
Bruce was VIP Representative, Super Power Expansion Project in 2012, ... thday-con/
----- co-conspirator in child-for-money scheme, Elmien Lochner, a Finance Director for "Scientology Corporation" at 6331 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 1200, LA, Calif. , Does he have a green card to be a US employee?
----- ----- Elmien's sister Marliese Lochner prominently and recently fund-raises for silicon valley Scientology org, ... a/page/10/
Marliese's job is Ms at CLO WUS says LinkedIn, ... o-Bay-Area
Does SHE have a green card?

1958 Mark S. DeEulio, motivational speaker, ... own.shtml/, . Middle initial and birth year from
----- wife 1958 Gloria L. Holquin DeEulio, works at Clearwater Academy Int'l in the 1990's, . Maiden name and birth year from
----- their adult son has no CoS completions.

1958 Jack Armstrong, actor, , which names his wife Jule Rotenberg and their LA art gallery City Gallery
----- wife 1965 Jule Rotenberg, artist. In Scientology promo http://scientologytoday.blogs.scientolo ... rough-art/ . Partner at City Gallery. Birth year and maiden name Julie R. Weiss from
----- child under 18, from ... amily.html

I 1958 Patrick Valtin, consultant, trainer, author,!bio . In 2000, was head of Valgo France, pushing their client's employees to study Scientology materials; and a key figure in W.I.S.E. and IAS Int'l, ... en194.html
----- wife Chantal Valtin, her and children's names from ... s,c9206891
----- son Steve Valtin
----- daughter Anne Valtin
----- child under 18
----- Clearwater Village LLC partners, 1944 Bud Reichel and 1960 Ido Fischler, ... m_fo.shtml. Same three men, plus Chantal Valtin, investing in Clearwater Lofts LLC and Classic Design & Supply, ... 16183.aspx

----- 1958 Leisa Collins, artist. Leisa was Human Rights Director in Sea Org, under her married name Leisa Goodman, . Leisa has quit Sea Org and resumed her maiden name, but still has links and loyalties to CoS. She was still married to Bruce Goodman as of 2011, according to a travel blog of her mother, Melva, ... /#comments
----- mother Melva Collins, of New Zealand
----- ----- aunt (sister of Melva) Eunice Henley-Smith
----- ----- cousin (daughter of Eunice) 1962 Laurisse "Lou" Henley-Smith Stuckenbrock, Sea Org exec, married and divorced to Uwe Stuckenbrock, now "communicator" and possibly lover of David Miscavige.
----- ----- cousin (daughter of Eunice) Darnelle Henley Smith Bloomberg, in Sea Org.
----- ----- cousin (daughter of Eunice) about 1958 Fleur E. Henley-Smith Stevens Thomas, in Sea Org

1959 Michael Doven, celebrity photographer. Was Tom Cruise film assistant, and spy for CoS, Helped Tom Cruise quietly buy properties, ... pee.58016/ . Traveled to Texas to confront Marty Rathbun, . Doven took many CoS courses in 2011.
----- wife 1961 Andrea Morse Doven, assistant to Tom Cruise. She is the daughter of non-Scientologist actor Robert Morse, ... -ceremony/ .
----- client 1991 Jake Isham. Mike manages his DJ business.
----- business partner or former partner, 1949 R. Michael Wisner, both were managing members of Lancelot Entertainment, ... 26634.aspx .

I X 1959 Jim Meskimen, leading voice actor, leads Celeb Centre's Christmas Stories fund-raiser. Very active. Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012. Middle name Ross.
----- wife 1959 Tamra Shockley Meskimen, birth year from
----- dau about 1990 Taylor Meskimen - voice actor for LRH books. Collaborates with Jamie Lesavoy and 1989 Alex(andra) Wisner,
----- sister 1962 Ellen Plummer, writer/producer. She took at least course. Her birth year from as Ellen Meskimen, mother Ross.
----- mother 1928 Marion Ross, Happy Days actress, has one 1975 completion but appears inactive.
----- Golden Age Theatre (Jim is director) voice actors ( ), that are also in CoS.
----- ----- about 1960 Bob Caso , ... -caso.html
----- ----- 1965 Carlos Reig-Plaza
----- ----- 1981 Chris Emerson
----- ----- 1976 David Aranovich
----- ----- 1958 Jack Armstrong, from Days of our Lives, other soaps.
----- ----- 1975 Jorjeana Marie (dropped last name of Genchur)
----- ----- 1972 Lee Burns, born Gary Lee Burns
----- ----- 1967 Noelle North
----- ----- 1981 Victoria Summer, British-born actress
----- ----- Many Scientologist actors listed separately here, like 1960 John Mariano, also do voice work for Golden Age Theatre.

1959 Lee Anne Mapother Burnett Haigney De Vette Gillotte, Tom Cruise's oldest sister and formerly Tom Cruise's publicist (see 1962 Tom Cruise for simple list of relatives), married 1st, Stephen T. Burnett in KY, 1979 (divorced 1981, ... 000002.htm ) ; married 2nd, John M. Haigney (Lee Anne took courses under the name Haigney 1990-1998; Haigney's 2nd wife named Dana); married 3rd, Derek De Vette in 2001, no children; Little Miss PTS said on FreeKatie, in Sept. 2008, "LeeAnne Devette... is now divorced from Derek Devette - he blew out of Co$ a couple of years ago - that was her third marriage," . Reader "Michael" commented in Sept. 2012 on Tony Ortega's Village Voice article about Nazanin Boniadi: "This guy was married to Liane, Tom cruise's sister, in 2004-2005. Liane was at the time, Tom's publicist and him and Derek De Vetter (her husband) spend a lot of time with Nazanin Boniadi while she was living with Tom cruise. Derek De Vette witnessed all David Miscavige's pimping and how horrible they treated Boniadi. Later, Derek and Liane were forced by David Miscavige and Tom Cruise to divorce. He is now married to another scientologist chick." Smurf said Nov. 15, 2013 that Lee Anne "remarried...again.. to Tom Gillotte...And, she may have split already with her most current husband," ... osed/page2 .
----- Lee Anne's daughter about 1986 Lauren Haigney (Lee Anne and John Haigney, with the correct birth dates, lived at the same address in Delaware in 1986, says, around the time of Lauren's birth). Lauren attended Delphi in La Canada, CA around 1998, when she had an I am a Scientologist page, . She is a 2004 Delphi LA grad (Cruise spoke at the 2004 Delphi LA graduation of his sister Lee Anne's daughter, unnamed in news articles). Lauren's name from Going Clear by Lawrence Wright, Chapter 10, page 320, "Lauren Haigney, Tom Cruise's niece in the Sea Org, had been assigned to vet the applicants."
----- Lee Anne's current husband Tom Gillotte, IAS "Patrons Meritorious...Tom & Lee Anne Gillotte & Lauren Haigney, " ... sentations . Smurf found Tom Gillotte's Facebook page,

1959 Cary Goulston, a Field Staff Member and involved in CoS-linked Global Pioneers, . Although the web link is broken, Goulston was involved in The Haiti Dianetics Center and The Natural Health Association in Clearwater, ... OV5eyenz6I . Was on a fancy trip to Kenya with wife and "assistant" Sally to prosyletize, viewtopic.php?t=28006 . Has many Scientologist connections at
Was in Sea Org, according to Pooks:
Cary originally started out in Scn at the Boston org in the mid to late 80's. He worked in Div 6 (recruitment of raw meat division) as a Public Books Seller. He and another guy, would hit the streets of Boston and sell Dianetics Books and collect names and addresses of those that purchased the books. Cary and the other fellow (who I think was a guy named John DeVries--but I'm not positive about that) were known as the Book Brothers. They were very successful at selling DN books but of course, not many people knew about Scn or Dn at that time so they purchased the book. Cary was also an active Jew and used to wear his yarmulke while recruiting for Scn, but that stopped after a while.
Cary was then recruited into the Sea Org and in the early 90's he was posted at the CLO EUS as the CO SMI EUS== the CLO is the Continental Liason Office East US and is a management group that runs all the Scn orgs in the East US.
CO SMI EUS is Commanding Officer Scientology Missions International East US and he was responsible for running all of the Scientology Missions (small orgs) in the East US.
Cary blew the Sea Org sometime in the mid to late 90's and returned to Medford, Mass, where I believe, he was from.
He was declared an SP for blowing, but did the A to E steps ( A to E are the steps one must do to get back in good standing with the cult once you've been declared.)
By 2001 he was back in action and he set up a group in Virginia. I guess he just couldn't hack being in the Sea Org.
from ... 96/page-15
----- wife 1969 Sally Goulston, with her husband runs Salon Bravo near Flag in Clearwater, with a sign they won't do business with ex-Scientologists, ... esses.html . Sally's birth year from

1959 Marco Chiancianesi, wealthy Italian businessman and large donor to CoS, shilling for Scientology in October 2013 articles, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=291412&p=704818#p704818 . Chiancianesi has a Scientologist business partner, Daniele Longoni. Chiancianesi is married to one of the Schneider sisters, Elena, and Longoni may be married to her sister Michela. The four Schneider sisters are Scientologists and have fundraised for a Haiti orphanage.

(List continued in next post, for people born 1960-1969.)

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

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Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Those born 1960-1969, with a name in the news. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines, at

1960 Vivian V. Kubrick, filmmaker and composer, daughter of deceased filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. Disconnected from her late father and her late sister, . ... ick.62696/. At a protest event Nov. 2013 with conspiracy kook Alex Jones, however she has not said she has quit Scientology. ... nes-rally/

1960 Neil Gaiman, British sci-fi novelist, graphic novelist, screenwriter. Inactive but NEVER criticizing Scientology, likely fearing disconnection. As a child, barred from private school for being a Scientologist, ... 30868.html . Middle name Richard, from ... z2QIpM8QAS
(Mother, sisters and nephews birth years from )
----- mother 1934 Sheila Goldman Gaiman, owner G & G Vitamins, big CoS donor, widow of the late top UK CoS exec, David Bernard Gaiman. G&G Vitamins has a monopoly to sell to the Purification rundown worldwide, ... 261fa0d812 . Sheila's mother Pearl / Polly (nee Kraft / Krafchick / Krafchig) married Hertzel Goldman in London. Sheila was interviewed about a noted cousin musician, Simmon Latutin, at ... tutin.html
(Sibling and nephew birth years from )
----- sister 1962 Claire V. Edwards head of Sci. Missions Int'l. Claire's husband is Tim Edwards, registrar at AOLA, said reader Alanzo, at ... ing-clear/
----- sister 1966 Lizzy Calcioli, married to 1962 Mauro Calcioli, London ideal org staff, ... more-26244 ; 5 children, ... pisode-248
----- ----- nephew 1987 Fabiano Calcioli, best man at Bella Cruise's wedding in England,
----- ----- nephew 1988 Alessandro Calcioli, won battle to have an official Scientology wedding in London,,117163 . His wife Louise Hodkin, daughter of Peter Hodkin,
----- ----- nephew 1991 Emilio Calcioli, auditor, in CoS staff recruitment poster, ... ret-plans/ Emilio photographed at Super Power Building, ... more-19072 Emilio is CoS's legal enforcer in the UK, said critic Sam Domingo, ... more-12092
----- Neil's first wife about 1956 Mary Therese McGrath of Minneapolis, mother of Neil's three children, and
----- three adult children of Neil have no completions
----- Neil's present wife 1976 Amanda Palmer, singer, pianist, songwriter; Unknown loyalty to Scientology. Amanda wrote on her naked torso "Nope. Not planning to fund Scientology with my Kickstarter money. That would be dumb. P.S., Smurf-tits, AFP [Amanda F*cking Palmer]" at ... tology.php . Amanda's middle name MacKinnon, parents John Winfield Palmer and Katherine A. Mockett, from ... z2QIpM8QAS
----- ----- Amanda's parents have been in CoS: Jack Palmer, and Kathy Mockett, ... 233/page-3

1960 Haywood Nelson, actor

1960 John Mariano, actor. (wikipedia has Aug. 5 birthdate; finds him in Calif with Aug 5, 1960 birthdate)
----- wife Karen Maria has CoS completions; their two adult sons don't.

I 1960 David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center. Sole leader of CoS. ONLY goes to Org openings and Anniversary and other big CoS events. He has many films in his IMDb entry. His wife Shelly Barnett Miscavige, who he married 1982 in LA, has not been seen for years. David has an older brother, Ron, who is out and who has a critic daughter, Jenna Miscavige Hill, ... avige-hill . David's father Ron Sr. is also out and his critical memoir comes out May 2016.
----- twin sister 1960 Denise Miscavige Covington Licciardi Gentile, subject of numerous lawsuits and scandals, ... on_id=1302 . Officer during the Digital Lightwave Scandal involving 1947 Bryan Zwan . Also involved in the Kyle Brennan wrongful death suit with 1976 Marissa Jensen, daughter of 1950 Craig Jensen. Arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession, ... na/2129224 . Denise born April 30, 1960 at Bucks County Hospital, PA; has no middle name, ... 2-Aug-2010
----- ----- Denise's 1st husband Bobby Covington, father of Taylor and Whitney. ... 13b4bf1002 . Denise Covington and Robert Covington took a course in 1988, ... ce061.html and ... ngton.html . Bobby has been inactive since then.
----- ----- daughter about 1985 Taylor Covington
----- ----- daughter 1987 Whitney R. Covington, charged in 2012 with dealing in stolen property; mug shot at ... 5931174910 , birth year from Her mother disconnected from her, and her two young children, ... ame-apart/
----- ----- Denise's 2nd husband Sam Licciardi, father of Tara. Sam married Denise in 1988 or 1989, since "Denise Licciardi" has completions 1989-2002, ... iardi.html . Sam Licciardi was born about 1950, since he said he was 48 on his I Am A Scientologist Page (those pages were produced around 1998), . He worked at Newlink Communications, a New Hampshire-based WISE firm, . Denise divorced from Samuel A Licciardi 6/4/1998.
----- ----- daughter 1989 Tara Kaitlyn Licciardi, ... iardi.html . Birth year from .
----- ----- Denise's 3rd husband Jerry Gentile. Denise took CoS courses as "Denise Gentile" from 2002 through at least 2008. Jerry and Denise were IAS donors, says Impact 114. Gossip about the start of their relationship is at ... w-TiBAxq58 . Full name Gerald Thomas Gentile, ... 2-Aug-2010
----- ----- child under 18 by Jerry Gentile
----- sister 1962 Lori Miscavige Verneuille, former director, Belleair Mission, FL, ... 51423.aspx . Lori took courses through at least 2009 . Lori's birth year from .
----- ----- Lori's ex 1961 Edward F. Verneuille, father of her children; he has no completions.
----- ----- Lori's oldest son has no completions.
----- ----- Lori's daughter 1981 Jessica (Jess) Lynn Verneuille Carter, married to Roy Daniel Carter, birth year from ... ynn-Carter
----- ----- Lori's daughter 1983 Christina M. Verneuille O'Neil, married to Apollo F. O'Neil, birth year from ... a-M-O-neil
----- ----- Lori's son about 1996 Cody graduated from CoS-linked Clearwater Academy in 2014

I 1960 Craig L. Taylor, high-end women's shirt designer, Craig Taylor Shirts, gave internship start to 1980 Rebecca Minkoff, has Clearwater shop. Craig's birthday, Jan 10, from a posting of Yul's at . That led to Craig's birthdate of Jan. 10, 1960 and middle initial "L" from US Public Records at Craig Taylor Shirts has W.I.S.E. membership, ... ctory.html
----- wife Yul (Sokolova) Taylor, handbag designer, born in the Ukraine, , maiden name from ... 456c6bc09a
----- Craig's partners in Clearwater Design Co-op, Inc:
----- 1969 Lisa Mansell
----- Sarah K. Clouden

I 1960 Dave Tourje, artist, Founder of Chouinard Foundation, , on alumni list of Hubbard College, . Website
----- wife about 1965 Linda Kuddiss Tourje, songwriter for daughter Camelia,
----- daughter 1986 Camelia Tourje, singer,
----- son 1989 Kyle Tourje, big Ron Paul fan; he needs to reconcile forced Sea Org abortions with Ron's anti-abortion stand.
----- daughter 1991 Alana Tourje, alumna of Mary's Schoolhouse,

1961 Chris Melvin, CEO, Master Tech Computer Products, WISE shill, ... peratives/ birth year and full name Christopher Michael Melvin from
----- wife about 1960 Dia Bornet, software consultant, has completions, married Chris in Ohio 2002, says and ... lvin/chris . Kept her maiden name.

X about 1961 Tait Rupert, actor. Date from which says he was a sophomore when he left college to act in NY. His 1st big NY role was in Candida in 1981; subtracting 20 years gives 1961.
----- Wife 1967 Shawna Brakefield, founder, The Brakefield Company (producing/marketing), ; her birth date from . Shawna wrote the IMdb biography for about 1970 Kimberly Furst
----- child under 18
----- video-making partner 1959 Jim Meskimen

1961 Kimberley Kates, actress, born Kimberley Lebel
----- sister 1963 Wendy Tividad, born Wendy Lebel, photographer
----- ----- broth in law Vincent Tividad, composer

1961 Marian P. Mapother Henry, Tom Cruise's middle sister. Her birth year and husband 1959 Raymond L. Henry (at same address in 1995) are from . Raymond and Marian (and "Ray") Henry run Henry Supply LLC, an office supply company, ... 94571.aspx . Raymond L. Henry mug shot for battery of a police officer, and more, at ... ry/5292122 . "Marian P. (Mapother) Henry 48y," is discussed at ... xas.17393/ Marian's Facebook page has many CoS connections,
----- son 1989 Cal L. Henry. Class of 2008, Clearwater Academy International grad; In a band called WD-HAN, which played for CoS's Winter Wonderland in 2012. Cal has his own entry.

1961 Shelly Miscavige, wife of and former top assistant to David Miscavige. Last seen at father's funeral, Missing for many years, ... tie-holmes . Daughter of Mary Florence Fike Barnett (Flo) who died mysteriously, ... ge_dea.php . Shelly was born Michele Diane Barnett, 18 Jan 1961, .
----- husband 1960 David Miscavige, has his own entry above.
----- sister 1956 Clarisse Barnett, in the Sea Org. Her ex-husband John Brousseau, now remarried, has amazing Village Voice interviews, ... cruise.php and ... php?page=3
She was born Mary Clarisse Barnett, 18 Sep 1956, . Photo at ... ding3.html .
----- sister 1958 Metarie Lynn Barnett, died one day old, .
----- sister 1962 Camille Barnett Griffin. Camille identified her mother's body, ... roner.html . Camille was born Marie Camille Barnett 1 Oct 1962,
----- ----- Camille's husband 1960 Jeff R. Griffin. Jeff was active in CCHR in 2007, . His name and birth year from living at the same address in as "Camille M. Griffin/Camille M. Barnett" born 1 Oct 1962. Smurf said Astra Woodcraft said the Griffins moved to Illinois.

1961 Alan Atkinson-Baker, President of Atkinson-Baker, Court Reporters, listed as W.I.SE. company, ... pg001.html . He and wife were "in the Sea Org a long time" and are now enormous donors to CoS. Born Alan W. Baker, .
----- wife 1954 Sheila Atkinson-Baker. Born Sheila A. Atkinson, . Married 1984 and combined their names. Their children are sometimes surnamed Baker and sometimes Atkinson-Baker.
----- son 1986 Ryan Atkinson-Baker, married Springsong Tawna Sheen, daughter of Scientologist Jennifer Charm. Springsong was forced to disconnect from her ex-Scientologist father Brian Sheen, ... ent-heard/ . Ryan has completions listed 2003-2013 .
----- ----- daughter in law 1977 Springsong Sheen Austin Atkinson-Baker, music professional. Her middle name Tawna from 1995 marriage record to first husband Jayson Austin, . Her professional name has been Spring S. Austin, . Her birth year and brief stint in Sea Org from ... ent-heard/
----- daughter 1988 Ashley Atkinson-Baker, at a Sea Org address in Clearwater,
----- son 1991 Kurt Atkinson-Baker, in Sea Org, listed in May 2015 CoS promo as Dir I&R FSO, ... is-coming/ . Kurt played baseball for Delphi Academy in California, ... roster.htm
----- son 1991 Ian Atkinson-Baker, in Sea Org, listed in 2013 as BC-Co-Audit Sup, ... -Fdn-Staff

1961 Jim Mathers, Clearwater businessman (Consumer Energy Solutions), http://scientologyrelatedbusinesses.wor ... m-mathers/ . Active promoter of CoS anti-drug activities. Birth name Albert James Mathers and birth year from
----- wife 1962 Fu Mei Mathers, promoter of Way to Happiness booklets, and mother of their two children under 18, ... drugs.html . Her birth year from
----- partner 1953 Pat Clouden at Consumer Energy Solutions

1962 Lou Stuckenbrock, born Laurisse Henley-Smith, Sea Org exec. "Communicator" and possible lover of 1960 David Miscavige, Miscavige screwing his assistant on Cruise's personal jet? , viewtopic.php?f=9&t=31348 .
I once again became the target of Miscavige’s wrath – and violence. In the midst of a meeting in CMU, he suddenly started slapping me in the face, and knocked me onto the floor. When I got up, I had a cut on my cheek. Miscavige turned to Laurisse Stuckenbrock, his Communicator. "Lou," he said.
She dug in her purse and produced a bottle of antiseptic and daubed it on my cut.
"Do you know why I beat you up?" Miscavige asked me.
"No, Sir," I said.
"To show you who’s in charge," he said.
From Counterfeit Dreams,Chapter 15, by Jeff Hawkins, ... t-one.html
Maiden name Laurisse L. Henley-Smith, from marriage record on, to Uwe Stuckenbrock. Lou divorced him and he died at age 45; Uwe's brother Markus wrote bitterly about Uwe's lonely death, ... uckenbrock . Middle name Louise from New Zealand records on Lou's sisters, mother, aunt, and cousin are all from New Zealand.
----- sister about 1958 Fleur E. Henley-Smith Stevens Thomas, in Sea Org. Her approx. birth year from her married record to fellow Sea Org worker John W. Thomas. Fleur was previously "married to Steve Stevens; Steve Stevens is the son of the infamous Phyll Stevens," ... rock/page3 . Fleur was made to divorce John Thomas, who has remarried, ... 10272.html . Fleur has been in the punitive SP Hole, ... e_hole.php . In 2011 Fleur and Darnelle hosted their aunt Melva and mother Eunice at Golden Era Productions, ... /#comments
----- sister Darnelle M. Henley-Smith Bloomberg, in Sea Org. "Darnelle Bloomberg - In RTC - Divorced hubby on orders from Dave and then got back together after turned out divorce order to entire RTC was just a misunderstanding," ... ubbard.php . Darnelle was still married to Dave in 2011 on Melva Collins' blog, ... /#comments . Dave Bloomberg is Pat Bloomberg's son, "Phyl Stevens was CO Syd Day, and her daughter, Chris, was CO CLO ANZO. Chris was replaced by Mike Eves who, in turn, was replaced by Phyl Stevens, who was replaced by Pat Bloomberg (was on Hubbard's during the Saint Hill days), as CO Syd Day. Pat was to become CO AOSH ANZO. Sadly, Pat passed away in the early 80's with a lung condition. David Bloomberg from ASI and then Int, is Pat's son. In the late 70's he was in Syd Tours Org, which was run very effectively by Steve Stevens, Phyl's son... David moved to FSO to become a reg and then to ASI...Harry Bloomberg Class VI and SO. Harry was Pat's husband. Harry was a veterinary surgeon near Christchurch NZ. Sadly Harry has since passed away." Dave Bloomberg has been in the punitive "SP Hole," ... e_hole.php . Dave Bloomberg was one of the trio that ambushed Marty Rathbun at an airport in 2014, ... the-seams/
----- mother Eunice Henley-Smith, early Scientology exec, "Eunice Henley-Smith is resident agent, NZ in 1968," ... 51a7ee41d2 Middle name Elizabeth from New Zealand records on Eunice was living with Eardley Albert Henley-Smith in New Zealand in the 1950's, says Eunice worked for the Celebrity Centre in LA and now lives in the US.
----- aunt Melva Collins, sister of Eunice, mother of Leisa, lives in New Zealand.
----- cousin 1958 Leisa Collins, artist, former Sea Org worker, still married to Bruce Goodman. Has her own entry.

1961 Kathy Dion, also called Luria Kathryn, Executive Director Narconon Western United States, . Harsh criticism of Warner Springs Narconon, when Kathy was its CEO, at ... nal/TaraJ/ . Defendant in NAFC complaint, ... -Complaint . Birth year and full name from (Maiden name Turner, from birth record of her sons on, however she may have also had a surname Harte.
----- husband 1958 Jeffrey Paul Dion, owner of Dion Gallery Enterprises, ... D=02300152 , Jeff is not that involved in CoS, though he had a 1990's cookie-cutter Scientologist web page, naming wife Kathy and their sons , living at same address as Kathy, plus full name and birth year,
----- grown sons have no completions.

I X 1962 Kelly Preston, actress. Very active. Spokeswoman for 1951 Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison diet biz, . Born Kelly Kamalalehua Smith, daughter of Linda ____ Smith Palzis Carlson, ... raphy.html
----- husb 1954 John Travolta
----- 2 children under 18
----- half-brother Chris Palzis, had only one completion in 1999. His wife (marriage in in 2004) has no completions.
----- mother Linda ___ Smith Palzis Carlson, ... hy/122551/ a Linda Carlson has completions but that is a very common name.
----- ----- step-father Lee Carlson has no completions;
(Kelly's father ___ Smith died around 1965 and her stepfather Peter Palzis died in 2004; has a Peter Palzis obit).

1961 Stephen Eckelberry, filmmaker, son of popular artist/Scientologist Renee Duke. His birth year from
List of the six brothers at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.anc ... inkus.html . All brothers have been CoS members, ... gy/1145116 . Stephen's late wife CoS celebrity Karen Black died August 2013; they adopted a daughter who doesn't seem active in CoS.
----- brother 1952 Riggs Tener Eckelberry, who worked on the Apollo ship. Exec in OriginOil, ... gy/1145116 . Riggs married Apollo shipmate Carol Ann Wemple, then Sheryle P Festa, then Avis Hope, who died in 2012. Riggs has completions 1996-2012. Riggs has two sons, ... 118056698/
----- brother 1954 Marc Duke Eckelberry's last completion is 1996, so he may be inactive. Marc is an actor/voice actor/producer, Presently CEO of, a site for active equity traders; He appears to have a daughter.
----- brother 1956 Nicholas De Aldania Eckelberry, exec in OriginOil, . No completions; appears inactive. Full name from
----- brother 1957 Anthony Evans Eckelberry, LA architect, . Appears inactive; only two completions: 1990 and 2004. Birth year from
----- brother 1966 Alexander Carrillo Eckelberry, Managing Director of Monitor Group (formerly Bulldog Capital Management), formerly run by 1957 Ron Pollack. Alex has completions 1993-2014. Alex's wife appears to be about 1961 Marisa Patricia Lopez Lear Eckelberry, ... 725993928/ . Marisa, a designer in Pinellas County, has completions 1996-2012,Alex and Marrisa have 3 children; All three's birth years from with mother Lopezperiera:
----- ----- First, 1987 Cameron Lear Eckelberry has 2005-2009 completions,
----- ----- Second, 1989 Katy Tener Eckelberry, holding a graduation certificate in Jan. 2015,
----- ----- Third, 1994 Sarah Juliette Eckelberry has 2011-2012 completions.

I 1962 Tom Cruise, actor. Infrequently attends the biggest events, bringing publicity. Born Tom Cruise Mapother.
----- all three of his ex-wives Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, are ex-Scientologists and out of the Spiderweb
----- dau 1992 Bella Cruise (adopted by Cruise and ex Nicole Kidman), has her own entry
----- son 1995 Connor Cruise, (adopted by Cruise and ex Nicole Kidman), has his own entry
----- 1 child under 18 with ex Katie Holmes
----- sister 1959 Lee Anne Mapother Burnett Haigney De Vette Gillotte. She has her own entry with her husbands and daughter.
----- ----- Lee Anne's daughter about 1986 Lauren Haigney, Sea Org worker.
---- sister 1961 Marian Mapother Henry. She has her own entry with her husband and son.
----- ----- Marian's son about 1990 Cal Henry, in band WD-HAN with CoS bandmates
----- sister 1964 Cass (Catherine) Mapother Lesavoy Darmody Capazorio. She has her own entry with her husbands and children.
----- ----- Cass's daughter Jamie Lesavoy, punished heavily by Tom Cruise for making out at age 14. Now in Sea Org, ... wn-family/
----- ----- Cass's sons Liam and Aden
----- mother 1936-1917 Mary Lee Pfeiffer Mapother South, maiden name from Left second husband Jack South, ... iends.html Mary's birth year from living at same address as Tom Cruise, and
----- friend 1960 David Miscavige
----- (former?) friend 1972 Tommy Davis, in Sea Org

1963 Deedee O'Malley, singer, songwriter. Birth date from
----- husband Michael O'Malley; has CoS completions. Info on husband and children from Deedee's Myspace page, , and Michael's Myspace page, , which links back to Deedee.
----- adult son doesn't have CoS completions
----- daughter about 1993 Taylor O'Malley does have CoS completions.

1963 Meir Ezra, Owner, TimeMaker - Leadership Software, . Scientology-based management course leader. Gave over $1 million to get on Legion of Honor list. Birth year from ... /Ezra/Meir
----- wife Aviva, lots of completions, plugs Delphi Academy Clearwater, . Linked-in says her career is "Entertainment," . Marriage to Meir from
----- three children lived with them in Clearwater in 2006, says the Jerusalem Post, ... -for-truth

I1963 Chui Hoi "Mike" Chan, motivational / fundraising speaker at CoS events. Executive at the Durable Group, construction contractor, which includes Durable Slate, in Columbus, OH, which has several Scientologist officers, . Million dollar donor to Columbus Ideal org.
----- wife 1970 Sara Downey married Chui Hoi Chan 1993 in Ohio. Their marriage record and birth years from Trustee at Columbus Mission
----- brother John Chan, executive at the Durable Group. The brother relationship from Mike, Sara and John all were trustees at the former Columbus Scientology Mission, ... p?ntt=1193

1963 Brent A. Jones, elected Nevada state legislator in 2014. In 2012, Brent, running for Nevada office, said "I am not afraid to say I practice Scientology...Jones noted that he was "born and raised a Catholic," and in his 2014 campaign names his wife Aimee and three children, . Gushed about Scientology in 2010, ... helps-them . Owns Realwater business that peddles water with "more electrons" and promotes, Citizens Commission for Human Rights, ... more-17806 . Middle name Allan from Nevada residence record with correct birthdate, . Birth year from .
----- 1st wife Lori Ann Kendall; there are no completions for Lori Kendall. There is a Lori Jones with a Flag Professional Metering Course in 2006, but Lori Jones is a common name. Her maiden name from child's birth record. Her first name from . She is mother of Brent's first two children: "I am a lawyer and businessman. I start, fund and take companies public. I enjoy racing; I have a special truck stock car that I race in Southern California and Arizona. I have a wonderful wife, Lori and two children..." ... myself.htm Lori went through some tough times with Brent: "Before I become involved in Scientology my life was a complete wreck even though it “appeared” to be going well. I was a young lawyer, had a beautiful wife and a young child. However the truth was that I was about to get a divorce, I hated to go to the office each day, my wife and I lived in a small trailer and debt was driving me mad."
From ... uccess.htm
----- Oldest child might have had completions in 2010 and 2013; the courses look like beginner courses. However, Jones is a common name.
----- 2nd wife Aimee Shelton Jones; engaged in a birthday photo, tweeted dated 2012; ... 3578565632 Aimee is mother of Brent's third child,!about-brent/cja9 .
----- Brent's two brothers have no completions.
----- Brent's colleague at RealWater, Scott Schmidt, . There is a Scott Schmidt with completions at ... hmidt.html

about 1963 Keanan G. Kintzel, Internet businessman. Complaint his Buzzazz includes forced employees to study scientology, ... -yo-307357
Kurtis and Keanan named as brothers in SEC document about accusation of "slamming," ... 165A1.html Other charges and penalties at viewtopic.php?t=22666
----- wife about 1972 Doria Schneider Kintzel, see 1969 Michela Schneider
----- brother about 1965 Kurtis J. Kintzel, partner at Buzzazz. Kurtis' birth year from ... -147716780
----- ----- Kurtis's daughter Mimi Kintzel, spokeswoman for Tampa org. ... ights.html

I X about 1964 Elena Roggero, Italian jazz singer, age 33 on I am a Scientologist page ,created around 1997). Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
I ----- husband 1966 Emanuele Ruffinengo, Italian music producer + Grammy winner. Pushes Scientology in Italy.

1964 Gino Montesinos, actor. IMDb says born 1977 but's only Gino Montesinos in the US lived in LA, born 1964. Teaching at Celeb Centre in 2012, ... 721022-248
----- wife Kathy

----- 1964 Cass (Catherine) Mapother Lesavoy Darmody Capazorio, youngest sister of Tom Cruise. Cass and her sons lived with Tom Cruise until Katie Holmes evicted them. Cass married before 1988 Artie (Arthur Lee) Lesavoy second, in 1993, Tim Darmody and now is married to Greg Capazario
Cass divorced Tim years ago and is now married to Greg Capazorio, the head of Criminon in LA. She works for Cruise. She has 3 kids. The first one was with Art Lesavoy, her first husband. That child, an adult woman now, is in the SO. The two boys are with Tim Darmody, her second husband. Capazorio is her third. Tim is out of their lives completely. I'm not even sure he's IN anymore. Both boys go to Delphi in LA, not Oregon. ... ess.62744/ Cass visited Suri with gifts July 2012, raising worries she would try to lure Suri into Scientology despite the custody agreement. ... -with-suri
----- husband, about 1969 Greg Capazorio, President of Criminon, born in S. Africa. Approx date of birth from I am a Scientologist site where his age is 38; these sites were set up around 1997.
----- Cass's daughter around 1989 Jamie Lesavoy. The source above said she was in Sea Org, but she looks like a public member now, taking recent courses, and working on videos with 1989 Alex(andra) Wisner and Taylor Meskimen, . Her name from the 25th Anniversary IAS Awards: "Patrons Meritorious: Greg & Cass Capazorio & Family, Jamie..." Her age should be between 1988 and 1993, and since she is so close to 1989 Alex(andra) Wisner, that is the most likely year.
----- son Liam Darmody has many Scientologist links,
----- son Aden Darmody graduated from CoS-linked Delphi in 2015, ... awards.htm

1964 Jim Zwers, principal of Clearwater Academy International, . Quoted when the 10-year-old Haitian attending the Academy died when she fell off Michael Campbell's roof. Full name James B. Zwers and birth year from

1965 Kevin Dorian, actor
----- son about 1990 Nicolai Dorian, actor
----- ex-wife 1973 Paige Eden Goodman Dorian, mother of Nicolai. Was assistant to Lisa Marie Presley. Paige's middle name from Intellius, birth year from

X 1965 Sofia Milos, actress. Very active.

I X 1965 Denice Duff, former actress, now photographer, . Very active. She and husband traveled to Texas to confront Marty Rathbun, ... php?page=2 . She and husband donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg . Born Denice Marie Burker; she has Burker and Duff surnames on an entry.
Head of Way to Happiness, ... enice-Duff. Maiden name Burker.
Co-creator of Rise video with 1959 Michael Doven; the Duffs and Dovens have photographs of their gatherings.
X ----- husband musician 1962 Michael Duff, born in Massachusetts, musician, CD Unbreakable, with song Rise. Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012. Birth year from finding him & Denice at same address in; Exact date 6 Nov matches a comment on
----- daughter 1994 Paris Duff, actress, has done Scientology activities
----- mother Phyllis Burker, from Skip Press's May 2015 reader comment, ... more-22246

I X 1965 Michelle Stafford, former soap opera actress, quit The Young and the Restless to start web reality-style The Stafford Project, ... t-project/
----- child under 18
----- friend and former Young and Restless castmate 1965 Denice Duff
----- castmate with 1971 Sharon Case on The Young and the Restless

----- 1965 Jule Rotenberg, artist. In Scientology promo http://scientologytoday.blogs.scientolo ... rough-art/ . Partner at City Gallery with husband. Birth year and maiden name Julie R. Weiss from
----- husband 1958 Jack Armstrong, actor, , which names his wife Jule Rotenberg and their LA art gallery City Gallery
----- child under 18, from ... amily.html

X 1966 Kate Ceberano, Australian singer, mostly lives in Austalia. Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
----- husband Lee Rogers
----- child under 18
----- mother Cherie, ... erano.html
----- brother Paul Ceberano, master of a martial arts academy in Australia.
----- brother Phil Ceberano, guitarist, band leader for Kate, ... erano.html
----- ----- Phil's wife Ruthie Ceberano, Kate's personal assistant, ... erano.html
----- father Tino Ceberano, martial arts school founder in Australia, . Has no completions.

1966 Dave Kitchens, owner of Juniper Post Studios, graduate of Southern Methodist, and , Hubbard College alum, . Full name David Allen Kitchens
----- wife 1976 Stacy Larson Kitchens,, birth year from . Larson maiden name source: Birthdate matches the Stacy living with Dave on
----- owner of Juniper Post, 1968 Ben Zarai, born Benjamin D Zarai, mother Levin, on Ancestry,
----- colleague at Juniper Post, 1980 Eric Reuveni,
----- Sr VP of Administration at Juniper Post, Melissa Bylsma, Melissa was a minor recruited into Sea Org, viewtopic.php?t=31986 and worked at HGB in 1994 as "Mr. Melissa Bylsma CMO IXU," ... MEwZXP1T_A

1966 Jennifer A. Linson (Jenny), Sea Org exec, denounced ex Tom DeVocht on Anderson Cooper. Jenny was a Miscavige favorite, but was confined in the Freewinds engine room (possibly during Tom Cruise's birthday party):
... on ship that night... were Guillaume Lesevre. Heber Jentzsch. Marc Yager. I think Jennie Linson was down there, too."
----- ex-husband Tom DeVocht, who quit and told of beatings, which Jenny rudely denied to Anderson Cooper. ... -violence/ ;
I ----- mother 1944 Barbara Lil Danto Linson. (Danto is Jenny's mother's name on her birth record) "Lil" Danto married Art Linson in 1964, per
----- father Art Linson, producer/director/screenwriter of hit films; Details for Art and son John under 1951 Mark Isham, above. Not in CoS.
----- brother John Isham, producer, does not have Scientology completions.
----- aunt 1956 Donna Linson Isham. Both Donna and Art Isham had the same mother, "Berkes." Art was born in Chicago and Donna in California.
----- ----- aunt's husband 1951 Mark Isham, composer

I X 1966 James Barbour, Broadway actor (jailed for inappropriate relations with a minor)
----- 1966 wife Dana Stackpole, Broadway actress.
----- one child under 18

1966 Doug E. Fresh, born Doug Davis, actor, singer with a sound-effects specialty
----- wife Kathy Wilson

I X 1967 Carina Ricco, Mexican actress, widow of Eduardo Palomo.
----- 2 children under 18

I 1967 Ruddy Rodriguez, Venezuelan actress

X 1967 Michael R. Wiseman, actor, Planet of the Apes. Birth years for him and wife are from them living at the same address on
----- actress wife 1970 Caroline J. Keenan
----- two children under 18
----- father 1941 Bruce D. Wiseman

I X 1968 Catherine Bell, actress. Born Catherine Lisa Bell in London,
----- 2 children under 18 with ex-husband Adam Beason
----- relationship with woman party planner Brooke Daniells; CoS frowns on lesbian relationships, ... more-34103.

1968 Leslie Brown, producer, born Leslie Arlene Walker, worked on Struck and United, now "an independent producer for TXL Films," apparently helping 1984 Taron Lexton produce Way to Happiness commercials.
----- ex-husband Merkovich (from Leslie's IMDb entry) is disaffected from CoS, ... -(West-US)
----- adult daughter Was "living with her Dad" when she was 16, , and has no CoS completions.
----- two younger children
----- 2nd husband 1966 Derek Knight Woodburn, ; birth year from

1968 Josh Warner, macho-jewelry-maker, founder of Good Art HLYWD. Birth year, father and father's firm at . Parents don't link to Scientology.
----- co-host 1976 Danny Masterson in 2003 fund-raiser, ... /107750681
----- owner of Good Art HLWD 1975 Rachel Cleverley,

1968 Matt Judkin, CEO of AGR Group. In "active concert or participation" in the Foreclosure Assistance Solutions (FAS) scandal, ... re_afj.pdf Birth year from mylife, Born Matthew Patrick Judkin
----- wife Kim Judkin, "business consultant working primarily in the chiropractic field" and has children, . Married 1997 as Kimberly Anne Larsen, says
(Can't find children yet)
----- colleague 1951 Herb Zerden, CFO of AGR Group, in FAS scandal, ... tions-llc/ . Birth year from
----- colleague 1972 Adolfo Quintero, CEO of AGR Group, Orange County, in FAS scandal, ... tions-llc/ . Birth year from ... -tustin-ca
----- colleague 1948 John Woodruff, in FAS scandal, ... tions-llc/ .

1968 Sigal Adini, drug addiction speaker and blog-writer. Author of
Attempted a protest campaign against NBC for its August 16, 2012 program about deaths at Narconon Oklahoma. ... gust/page7
I Her I am a Scientologist page names mother Rivka,
----- father 1943 Amiran Adini, general contractor, owner of Ami Adini & Associates, environmental cleanup firm in LA, . Ami Adini & Associates is a W.I.S.E. company. Ami's Birth year and living with Rivka at same address from
-----mother 1942 Rivka Adini, kindergarten teacher with one daughter, and friends . Mentioned as working with Avi Lonstein on drug awareness, ... page07.htm . Slatkin fraud investor,” Adini, Amiram & Rivka… Rivka is involved with Friends of Narconon,” . Birth year from
----- Sigal's friend 1955 Daphna Hernandez, . Daphna is an admissions counselor at Friends of Narconon, ... nal_staff/ . Daphna owns Life Coaching Masters,
Dapha's maiden name Segboer and birth year from . Middle name Levy and relation to Robert Hernandez, and his approx birth year 1960, from mylife page,
----- ----- Daphna's husband about 1960 Robert Hernandez, President of Friends of Narconon, ... nal_staff/
----- Sigal's friend 1954 Patty O'Neill Schwartz, . Patty is Exec. Dir. of Friends of Narconon . Birth year from Public Records entry for Patty A. O'Neill (Patty A. Schwartz) on
----- ----- Patty's husband Mark Schwartz, Mark's linkedin resume shows he is Director and Board Member of Friends of Narconon, CEO of Results Unlimited (consulting), and Board Member of Mountain Glen Community II and once was Sr VP of Hubbard College,
----- co-home-owner 1951 Tony Bylsma, ... 50_graber/

1968 Colin Taufer, headmaster / president of Delphi Academy, Clearwater, ... lphi/Page1 . Birth year from . Colin married Mari, in 1995 in Pinellas County, under the name Colin Guy Christensen, says Colin is related to W. Christensen and Cynthia Christensen.
----- wife 1977 Mari O'Hara Taufer, teacher at Delphi Academy.
----- two children, ... itte.shtml
----- colleagues named on corporate Florida registration for Delphi at ... lphi/Page1 :
----- ----- Delphi Academy colleague Vice President, Belinda Young
----- ----- Delphi Academy colleague Carol Kirtley, listed on Delphi website as Dean of Admissions. She was also Dean and Director of Scientology Missions International
----- ----- Delphi Academy colleague Kelly Snelson; is on Pinterest as Kelly Morfopoulos-Snelson, and has a completion as Kelly Morfopoulos
----- ----- Delphi Academy colleague about 1968 Karl R. Voss; owns a house with Debbie M. Voss. Karl Robert Voss, born about 1968, married Deborah Marie Mcallister, born about 1969, in Michigan in 1992, said
----- ----- Delphi Academy colleague Debbie Voss, head of admissions, wife of Karl R. Voss, above. ... s-edition/

about 1969 David Paladino, actor (bio says he played football for U of San Diego; LA Times named him as a player in 1989; subtracting 20 years gives a birth year about 1969, ... _dave-dunn)
----- wife Elisha Johnstone, married 2011

X 1969 Stacy Francis, singer, finalist on The X Factor.
----- ex-husband Sandlofer, not a Scientologist, married her in 2000 in Miami, FL, no children.
----- ex-husband Darwin Kyle Haynes, dentist and CoS member
----- Child under 18 with Darwin Hayes
----- Child under 18; Stacy admitted on TV her husband Darwin was not the father of the child then in her womb.
----- Internet stories in 2012 of a "20-something-year-old daughter." If Stacy had her after age 18, the likely birth-years would be between 1987-1992.

1969 Michela Schneider, in real estate, Haiti orphanage fund-raiser. One of "The Schneider sisters." "Spearheading this collaboration was four sisters, Barbara, Doria, Elena and Michela Schneider who today are giving a home and education to 116 orphans," ... 54562.html . Born in Italy, ... y&PageID=3 . Unproven sources say Michela was married to Daniele Longoni (partner to sister Elena's husband 1959 Marco Chiancianesi); Daniel co-founded Sphere Management Training, ... /index.htm . Facebook page . Middle name Auita, from .
----- sister 1970 Elena Schneider Chiancianesi, wife of 1959 Marco Chiancianesi . Both Marco and Elena are prominent IAS donors. Marco's company, Chiancianesi + Longoni, ("the security of a guaranteed investment in Switzerland"), has a partner Daniele Longoni, an active CoS member and IAS donor, . Also linked M Two Solutions SA (Clearwater, Italy, Switzerland), http://www.edoce . Marco shills for Scientology in October 2013 magazine articles, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=291412&p=704818#p704818 . Elena Chiancianesi-Schneider, from Uetendorf, residing in Cassina d'Agno has company Sphere Management Training at ... /index.htm . Another link calls her Elena Chiancianesi von Uetendorf in Cassina d’Agno but the link requires registration, . So, Schneider von Uetendorf may be the full maiden name of all the sisters. Elena has a Facebook page, so does Marco, . They have a child who may be under 18.
----- sister 1970 Barbara Scheider Santos. Her contact number for the Haiti orphanage is area code 727, which is Pinellas County, Fla. Facebook page husband matches the Facebook page of Roberto Santos, and ... 0130074376 . Roberto and Barbara Santos are large IAS donors, ... more-13849 . Roberto is a real estate investment partner with 1950 Kevin J. Burke, 1954 Elias Jafif, and Marcos Salame, ... 91620.aspx . Barbara's birth year from being twins with Elena, ... 88/page-14 and "My twin sister Elena" from ... ogist.html . Birth year confirmed by her Scientology page, written around 1998: "Ho 28 anni. Ho tre figli" (I am 28 and have 3 children). ... myself.htm
----- sister about 1972 Doria Schneider Kintzel, wife of about 1963 Keanan Kitzel, was active in Youth International Theater, . Doria's husband Keanan, from photos on their facebook pages, and . Doria's approx. birth year from

I X D 1969 Bodhi Elfman, actor. born Bodhi Pine Saboff, . Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- wife 1971 Jenna Elfman
----- 2 children under 18
----- father 1949 Richard Elfman
----- mother 1948 Rhonda Joy Saboff; . Birth year from

(List continued in next post, for people born 1970-1979.)

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

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Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Those born 1970-1979, with a name in the news. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. See course completion details at

1970 Justin Meldal-Johnsen, bassist for Nine Inch Nails, presently in M83 band. Justin is 2nd generation Scientologist, son of deceased novelist Trevor and Marcia Meldal-Johnsen, ... en-416485/ ; both are deceased.
----- ex-wife 1969 Corinne Heinzman, ... en-416485/ and ... ue-693172/ . Corinne and Justin each took CoS "Marriage Courses" in 1998; so likely they married then.
----- child under 18 with Corinne
----- wife 1979 Alexandra Ella (Larson); they tweeted in 2013 about their recent marriage,!/alexandraella

1970 Caroline Keenan, actress. Birth years for her and husband are from them living at the same address on
----- husband 1967 Michael R. Wiseman

I D 1970 Beck Hansen, famous musician known as Beck
----- wife 1974 Marissa Ribisi
----- 2 children under 18
----- ----- brother in law 1974 Giovanni Ribisi
----- father 1948 David Campbell
----- mother ex-Scientologist Bibbe Hansen. Beck took her surname.
----- step-mother 1948 Raven Kane
----- step-sister 1985 Alyssa Suede
----- keyboardist and musical director for Beck, 1979 Brian LeBarton
----- bassist and musical director for Beck "for almost a decade," 1970 Justin Meldal-Johnsen,

I 1970 Jim Mathers, owner of Consumer Energy Solutions and promoter of Hubbard Management Systems. Attended 2013 IAS Gala, ... 385/page-2 . year of birth from .
----- wife about 1962 Fumei Mathers, treasurer/CFO, Customer Acquisition Specialists of America, Inc, ... 06289.html . Approx. year of birth from

about 1970 Kimberly Furst, director, . Approx. birth year from ... isPIDMap=1
----- collaborator 1985 Alyssa Suede; Kimberly directed 1985 Alyssa's music video Hollow.
----- collaborator 1967 Shawna Brakefield; Shawna wrote Kim's IMDB biography,

D 1971 Mariah O'Brien, interior designer. Ribisi's ex-wife Mariah O'Brien arrested (later cleared of charges) for Ponzi scheme, under her full name Mariah Waterfall O'Brien, in 2011, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=91392
----- daughter over 18, by ex-husband 1974 Giovanni Ribisi, has left CoS .
----- second husband 1969 Anthony Trae Carlson. Trae and Trae's non-Scientologist mother were arrested, too, for the Ponzi scheme.
----- child under 18 with current husband Anthony Trae Carlson, from blogs.
----- mother Jackie O'Brien, actress, , in band Mystic Posse,
----- father Michael O'Brien, musician, in Buddha Chili, , was in a band with Trae and Trae's oldest son,
----- many "Confederacy of Dunces" clients listed at . She has a new webfacebook "name" for her business, Hut Design, 2012, .

1971 Sharon Case, soap opera actress. Was living at the Celebrity Center address years ago, according to, so she appears to be an ex-Sea Org worker.
----- former castmate 1965 Michelle Stafford, was on The Young and the Restless
----- former castmate 1965 Denice Duff, was on The Young and the Restless
----- "enemy?" Michael Fairman on The Young and the Restless, after Fairman quit CoS. ... logy-drama

1971 Kerri Kasem, radio and TV host, fought in 2014 over her late radio host father Casey Kasem (now deceased). ... her-711663
----- boyfriend 1990 Jesse Kove, who has been a voice actor for LRH books. Jesse and twin sister were born 1990, says IMDB page for Jesse's father Martin Kove who is in CoS, ... _ov_bio_sm .

IAS performer, X D 1971 Holly Palmer, singer, actress.

? ? 1971 Jada Pinkett Smith, actress, rumored to be a Scientologist, especially after her husband Will Smith donated huge sums to a Scientologist school.
----- 2 children under 18. No Smiths have Scientology completions listed.

I 1971 Corin Nemec, actor (small donation; otherwise seems inactive)

1971 Mahrya Shain, actor. His birth year from
----- half-sister 1980 Kimi Reichenberg; she has entry below.
----- mother 1949 Anita Lodovica Ceravolo Shain Reichenberg, jewelry designer

X 1971 MC Lyte, rap artist, born Lana Michele Moorer

I X D 1971 Jenna Elfman, actress. Very active.
----- husb 1969 Bodhi Elfman.
----- 2 children under 18
----- friend + designer, 1980 Rebecca Minkoff

1971 Sky Dayton, Earthlink founder, quiet.
----- wife 1974 Arwen Elys Dayton, novelist, born Arwen Justine Larson, mother of their 3 children. Her facebook page has CoS links. Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- sister-in-law actress 1979 Alexandra Ella (Larson)
----- father-in-law Dr. Alan Larson, founder of Delphian School, Oregon. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Stanford U. Dr. Larson may be disaffected, ... -practice/ .
----- colleague 1950 Kevin O'Donnell, co-founder and board member of Earthlink.
----- ----- son of Kevin O'Donnell, and Sky's classmate at Delphian, 1974 David O'Donnell, actor

1971 Jeremy Biron Diekmann-Pomerantz, Senior VP of Nationwide Title, quoted in robo-signing article, ... mbly-line/ . Founded In the Shadows LLC, ... 28998.aspx
----- 1st wife or girlfriend ____ Marier, mother of Jamie
----- daughter 1989 Jamie Ann Pomerantz, executive assistant at Nationwide Clearing, . Birth name Jamie Ann Diekmann, birth year and mother named Marier from
----- ----- Jamie's husband 1981 Ken Kleiderman, CEO of Ken Kleiderman Pictures, writing, producing and directing independent films, http://kennethkleidermanpictures.wikisp ... Kleiderman . Their wedding registry, ... ERANTZ.htm . Wedding photo, ... 6903/posts . Ken has completions; his birth year and full name Kenneth Austin Kleiderman is from ... FL/359bzdx , which claims his relatives are Monroe S. and Joanne S. Kleiderman. Monroe and Joanne donated to the Super Power Building, ... ion.94019/ Monroe S Kleiderman born 1950, and Joanne S. Kleiderman, born 1951, were found at the same address in Monroe and Joan own a women's clothing company, Kleids, from Monroe's Meet a Scientologist page at ... -2011.html , and .
----- ------ Jeremy's daughter about 1992 Stephanie Kayla Pomerantz, The Facebook page of Stephanie Pomerantz has her name as Stephanie Marcus, . I found no birth record to see mother's name.
----- 2nd wife 1975 Sandra Sanchez married Jeremy 1994. Sandra Pomerantz had completions under the surname Pomerantz in 1997-1998. Birth year from living at same address as "Jeremy B. Pomerantz" on
----- 3rd wife 1974 Susana Gutierrez Pomerantz Huff , likely married Jeremy in 2005, since her completions as Susie Pomerantz started that year. Birth year and maiden name from living at same addresses as Jeremy, on . Susana and her second husband Huff bought her house away from Jeremy in 2009, ... lcher_road
----- third child, under 18, age unknown, probably the child of Susana

about 1971 Melissa G. McPhail, author, . Also marketing person for Delphian School, Oregon, where she graduated in 1988, . Named as a notable alumni of Delphian, ... ool_id/374 . Was in Sea Org for awhile, ... ory/page12 . Approx. birth year is 1988 graduation year minus 17.
----- unnamed husband, probably works at Delphi
----- two children under 18.

1972 Tommy Davis (once Tom Cruise's pal), former Celebrity Centre President, left Sea Org with (now ex-wife) Jessica. Calif. Birth Record says born Thomas W. Davis on 18 Aug 1972 in LA County, mother Archer. Middle name William, from living at the same Scientology address as first wife Nadine.
----- 1st wife 1971 Nadine Van Hootegen Davis, from Belgium, in 1998 interview, ... video.html . Her maiden name and job of Qual Sec CCI, from Bea Kiddo, posted Apr 23, 2008, ... php?t=1033 . Birth year from living at same Scientology building address as Tommy William Davis with the right birthdate.
----- ex-wife 1975 Jessica Feshbach, ex-Sea Org and former handler of Katie Holmes. For Feshbach background see viewtopic.php?f=11&t=29623
----- child under 18
----- mother 1947 Anne Archer - has own entry
----- father 1941 William L. Davis,died 2011. from Anne Archer's IMDb page. Dates from
----- step-father 1948 Terry Jastrow, ABC sports producer
----- former pal Tom Cruise

1972 Ernie Reyes, Jr., actor and martial artist

X 1972 Persia White, actress
----- daughter has no completions

1972 Egypt Reale, actress, comedienne, born Egypt D. Reale. Married Robert Campbell in 2013 and changed her name to Egypt Campbell; he may not be a Scientologist. Robert Campbell — with Egypt Reale.

1973 Adrian Ursu, director

X 1973 Jennifer Aspen, actress. Active. Parents from Virginia, not named on Internet.
----- husband 1974 David O'Donnell, actor
----- adopted child under 18, says IMDb
----- colleague at Organic Liaison 1951 Kirstie Alley; Jennifer is a spokeswoman.

I X D 1973 Juliette Lewis, musician, actress, The Firm, Days of Mary, ... ke/164670/. Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- brother 1970 Lightfield Lewis
----- sister 1975 Brandy Lewis
----- ------ brother in law 1970 Ethan Suplee
----- half-brother 1977 Beau Patrick Coulon,
----- father deceased actor Geoffrey Lewis
----- ex-husband skateboarder 1973 Steve Berra

1973 Steve Berra, skateboarder, actor, and co-founder of The Berrics, an indoor skatepark,
----- ex-wife 1973 Juliette Lewis

I X 1973 Marisol Nichols, actress. She and Taron donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- husband 1984 Taron Lexton, who has his own entry
----- child under 18
----- mother-in-law 1954 Mary Shuttleworth, head of Youth for Human Rights Int'l.

1973 Gabriel Manro, opera singer, actor, performer at 2014 CoS event, ... k-pardner/ Middle name Swenson, from Scientology completions, ... manro.html . Birth year from

1973 Jessica Leah Baxter, Sea Org employee disconnected from parent Kate Bornstein. Attended Delphi school in Oregon, ... xter/page2 . Worked at the Mace-Kingsley Ranch with her mother Molly, ... xter/page4 . Joined Sea Org, worked on Freewinds, she and then-husband Gerardo quit Sea Org because she was pregnant, and they went to the Boston Org to be near her mother and stepfather. Her birth year from
----- disconnected biological father Al Bornstein who transitioned into Kate Bornstein, Kate is now a performer, activist, and prominent critic of CoS
----- mother 1947 Molly Barnhart Bornstein Baxter worked in the Guardian Office, Smurf said Molly started the Mace Kingsley Ranch, an infamous work camp for some Scientologist children. Given name and birth year from . Maiden name from Kate Bornstein telling of his girlfriend Marion and his marriage to "Molly" on the Apollo, and this list of early Apollo members having Al (Kate) Bornstein, Marion Barton, and Molly Barnhart
----- Molly's second husband 1947 Randon K. Baxter, who also worked in the Guardian Office. Jessica took his surname.
----- Molly's half-brother Derek Baxter, son of Molly and Randon, working for CoS in 2010, ... H7cH-rTQrY
----- Molly's other half-sibling, child of Molly and Randon, ... xter/page2
----- Jessica's ex-husband 1972 Gerardo Velasco, father of Jessica's two children. Worked at Boston Org with Jessica.

1974 Damian Perkins, actor, dancer

I X D 1974 Giovanni Ribisi, actor.
----- sister 1974 Marissa Ribisi
----- ----- brother in law 1970 Beck
----- sister 1976 Gina Ribisi, voice actress and makeup artist. She was in Sea Org, HBG Staff in 1994, likely joined before she was18. ... QY_g?hl=en
----- mother 1942 Gay Ribisi, active and "an enforcer" of disconnection.
----- daughter over 18 has left CoS
----- ex-wife Mariah O'Brien Carlson, arrested for alleged Ponzi scheme, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=91392 ; charges dropped.
----- ex-wife Agnyess Deyn, model, probably wasn't in CoS.

I D 1974 Marissa Ribisi, actress; has fashion line, Whitley Kros, with partner 1982 Sophia Banks. Video of them describing the fictional character Whitley Kros, at ... 552/page-2
----- husb 1970 Beck Hanson
----- 2 children under 18
----- broth 1974 Giovanni Ribisi
----- sister 1976 Gina Ribisi
----- mother 1942 Gay Ribisi

1974 David O'Donnell, actor. Birth year and middle initial J. from IMDb.
-----wife 1973 Jennifer Aspen, actress
----- adopted child under 18, says IMDb.
----- father Kevin M. O'Donnell, co-founder of Earthlink and co-owner of Beacon Films, which produced Air Force One in which David acted.
----- classmate at Delphian school, Sky Dayton. Sky got his first meeting with Kevin, to found Earthlink, due to being classmates with Kevin's son at school.

D 1974 Luke Watson, launched production company Staircase Films. (Punk’d, Memphis Beat)" 29 March 2012, IMDb page as J. Luke Watson:
Birth year from Relationships and ages revealed by : "J Luke Watson was born in 1974...lives in Los Angeles, California... related to Aubree Watson, who is 39 years old and lives in Glendale, CA... J Luke Watson is also related to Susan Watson, who is 68 years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA."
I ----- mother 1944 Susan Watson, former manager of The Incredible String Band and former president of Celebrity Centre Int'l. 2006 photo, Born Susan Claire Ballantyne, from Aubree's and J. Luke's Texas birth records, on Slatkinfraud says she became Susan Watson Taylor, VP for Public Affairs at Author Services Inc., . "Suzie" may have died around 2006, say anonymous sources.
I ----- father about 1938 Jerry Wayne Watson, IAS donor, more info on him is welcome
----- sister 1973 Aubree Claire Watson, photographer, ... 7449644%7D , friends with many of the Confederacy of Dunces
----- was friend of Lisa Marie Presley, in 1999, and was "documenting her life in film" in 2003,
----- collaborator 1986 Juliet Simms; he directed her videos

1974 Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Grammy-winning former Mars Volta musician, now "sings and plays guitar in his band Zavalaz," , does crankily admit to being a Scientologist, . Cedric attended Aug 2013 IAS gala, ... #more-9505 .
There are completions for a Jane Bixler, ... ixler.html
and Rosa Zavalas, Pedro Zavalas, and Jose Zavalas. I don't know if they are related
----- wife 1979 Chrissie Carnell-Bixler, was in That 70's Show, and dated Danny Masterson, . She does have completions. Attended Aug 2013 IAS gala, ... rnell.html
----- two children under 18.

D 1975 Brandy Lewis, born Brandwyn Lewis. Movie assistant. Rejected Mark Bunker staff-beating news in March 2012, ... c-liaison/ Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- husband 1976 Ethan Suplee
----- two children from relationship with 1977 Ben Shulman
----- two children under 18 with Ethan Suplee
----- brother 1970 Lightfield Lewis
----- sister 1973 Juliette Lewis
----- half-brother 1977 Beau Patrick Coulon, who directed a video starring Ethan.

1975 Cole Hauser, actor
Cass (Warner) enrolled her other son, actor Cole Hauser, into the Purif in 2001 after he was arrested with actor pal Matthew McConaughey in Austin, Texas, after... the two were playing the bongo drums late at night in the nude and smoking pot. ... tle.63691/
----- fiancee and mother of his children, 1976 Cynthia Lynn Daniel; (Cynthia has completions but her twin, actress Brittany, has no CoS completions.)
----- 2 children under 18 with Cynthia
----- mother 1948 Cass Warner

1975 Myles Binford, owner of Pur Detox, ... icide90653 . Pushing color-flinging fun run, ... #more-7800 . Birth year from
----- wife 1976 Kim Whitworth Binford . "She dropped out of Med School at the University of Washington to join staff. Her parents were on lines as were a brother and sister of hers," ... 17187.html . She is owner at South Coast Mission (a Scientology mission), . Maiden name from Myles' IMdB page, . Birth year from
----- 2 children under 18
----- mother 1935 Anne Binford, in Arizona,

I X D 1976 Danny Masterson, actor. Very active. Accused of three sexual assaults, ... -cover-up/. Danny, Carol, and Alanna Masterson took courses listed in Freewinds 88, about Feb 2012.
----- wife 1980 Bijou Phillips, needs a kidney.
----- child under 18 with Bijou
----- brother 1980 Christopher, half-brother 1986 Jordan Nicholson Masterson, half-sister 1988 Alanna Masterson, and half-brother 1987 Will Masterson, ... art-4.html
----- mother and manager 1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson, . Carol has her own entry and has taken many recent courses.
----- father Peter D. Masterson, in W.I.S.E, ... ctory.html
----- Masterson's partner in failed fashion store Confederacy, 1979 Ilaria Urbinati . Photos at
----- Masterson + Urbinati's designer in their failed store, 1980 Rebecca Minkoff
----- former resident in Danny's house and "part of the mix," 1970 Max Gerson, son of 1945 Stan Gerson, ... f1ll0o6kg7 . Max Gerson is now a family man married to Zeana Anderson

I X D 1976 Michael Peña, actor.
D ----- wife 1973 Brie Shaffer, born Andrea B. Shaffer, screenwriter. Her birth year from her California birth record, , confirmed by her name and her child's name on her father's obituary, at ... r-Jack.php . Her father does not have completions, and neither does her mother, whose name is found at .
----- one child under 18 with Brie
----- ----- Brie's co-writer 1974 Marissa Ribisi

I 1976 Wil Seabrook, musician, INXS. Co-founder and COO of Richter10.2 Media Group, . Donated over $250,000 to IAS.
----- Richter10.2 co-founder 1979 Robert M. Cornish. They wrote a book together, ... 1118391691 .
----- involved with 1971 Mariah O'Brien and her husband 1969 Trae Carlson, through Mercy Studios.

1976 Anna Easteden, actress, from Finland
----- husband, a baseball coach, has no completions

X D 1976. Ethan Suplee, actor. Rejected Mark Bunker staff-beating news in March 2012, ... c-liaison/
----- wife 1975 Brandy Lewis
----- ------ Brandy's half-brother 1977 Beau Patrick Coulon, who directed a video starring Ethan.
----- sister-in-law 1973 Juliette Lewis
----- two children under 18 with Brandy
----- two step-children, of Brandy, under 18
----- Ethan's father 1940 Bill Suplee, actor, donated (along with wife Debbie) to Valley org in Sept 2013, ... more-10129 Bill's birth year from Imdb

I 1976 Sarah Ann Ehrlich, controversial orphanage fund-raiser, ... nglobe.php . Legal trouble from using the Kardashian name without permission, ... e-used-duh . President of Orphan Threads, ... 15277.aspx . The charity and links to the Schneider sisters are criticized, at ... 273/page-2 . Maiden name Schalek, . Her parents names and 2007 marriage date at ... t_08:40%29
I ----- husband 1942 David Abbui Ehrlich, investor and antiques consultant, . His year of birth and middle name from
----- son Arthur Ehrlich, formerly D. Arthur Rand Dubin, joined Sea Org at 16, and is disconnected from his critic grandmother Gayle Smith, ... -examiner/ ... t_08:40%29 . Arthur's biological father was Collin David Smith-Levin, 1980-2003. Collin was the identical twin of critic Aaron Smith-Levin. The infant Arthur Conanwas adopted by the Dubins at birth, then ended up with Sarah and her older husband David Ehlrich. Sarah and David had three biological children, ... -examiner/
----- fellow fund-raiser 1980 Nicole Greenwood
----- fellow fund-raisers 1969 Michela Schneider and her three Schneider sisters.

1977 Michael Falkow, actor. Teaching at Celebrity Centre 2012, ... 721022-248
----- wife Tracee Nichols Falkow,

D 1977 Gavin Bellour, actor. Born Marc Gavin Bellour, from framed memento of wedding, ... -Home-Tour . Based on obit of grandfather, his mother's name is Schnoor, . There are no completions for any Bellour besides Gavin, or for any Schnoor. So, Gavin may have joined on his own, or to please his fiancee.
----- wife 1980 Rebecca Minkoff, handbag and fashion designer, has her own entry.
----- two children under 18 with Rebecca

D 1977 Ben Shulman, designer for Rebecca Minkoff's men's line, Ben Minkoff. ... liz-roots/ . "I was born into Scientology, my parents have been in Scientology for 26 years," . Birth year from
----- wife 1979 Cameron Richardson
----- child under 18 with Cameron
----- earlier relationship with Brandy Lewis which produced two children
----- father 1945 Gregory Paul Shulman. Sea Org worker based on address found on
----- mother Amy Llewellyn (Shulman) Kent, Sea Org worker based on address found on In 1983, Amy married to Peter Kent, who also has completions. Parents' names thanks to a critic with personal knowledge.

X D 1977 Eric Balfour, actor, named as member by CoS, ... -2010.html

D 1977 Cyril Helnwein, photographer, Got Sea Org to force 16-year-old Melissa Paris to marry him, and helped lure suicide victim Cathriona White into Scientology, ... more-26062
----- wife 1981 Kojii Wyatt Helnwein, Birth year from IMDb. Cyril and Kojii live in Ireland.
----- 3 children under 18 with Kojii
----- sister 1979 Mercedes Helnwein, has her own entry
----- brother 1982 Ali Helnwein, has his own entry
----- father 1948 Gottfried Helnwein, critical look at him & Scientology, ... /has09.htm
----- mother 1953 Renate Helnwein, birth year from
----- hosts at his shows: 1976 Danny Masterson, 1980 Chris Masterson, 1976 Michael Peña,

D 1977 Steve Howey, actor
----- wife 1980 Sarah Shahi
----- one child under 18 with Sarah
----- father 1940 William Duncan Howey; Bill Howey teaches acting in LA.
----- mother Carla Sue Novinger, who also teaches acting in LA.

D 1977 Travis Case, aspiring actor and auditing partner to suicide-victim Cathriona White, his birth year from Imdb. Middle name Stuart and parents' and brother's names and birth years from
----- father 1948 Alton H. Case. Novels include The Day the President Killed the United States and martial arts books. Alton has completions
----- mother 1946 Connie S. Ralston Case, founder of Scientology-linked and now-closed Academy for Smart Kids, which was also headed by former CoS member Leah Remini's mother Vicki, ... 84081.aspx . Connie joined CoS shortly after Travis was born,
----- brother 1974 Aaron G. Case, in Sea Org with Gold Base address, . Sea Org guard, "armed when at Eagle," ... y-07/page7 . Tried to escape, ... chive.html . "Aaron Case was physically restrained from jumping the fence by Matt Butler," Aaron left Sea Org but is still in.

About 1977 Melissa Bylsma, Asst VP Admin, Juniper Post studios. She is most notable for being in a list of underage Sea Org workers, listed by Aaron Sexton at viewtopic.php?t=31986 : (All 2007 job roles from ... theintbase)
----- Chrystal Cisco (daughter of Carol Cisco (Stein). In 2007, Carol was Interior Designer Int Lardlord, PAC RPF
"Crystal Cisco. I think she married Alex Meyer. The PAC RPF I/C." said Bea Kiddo, ... -3733.html . Crystal Meyer had lots of completions, but only in 1998.
----- Edward Dickey went to Sydney
----- 1977 Marissa Profittlich, at Gold, born Marissa Lynn Gray, married Eric Proffitlich in 1994, says In 2007, Mixer I/T, Audio Gold in 1997
----- Eric Profittlich - In 2007, Film Music Mixer, Studio Two Audio Gold
----- Jamie Guay
----- 1977 Michael Valiente, birth year and middle initial A., from
----- Tyrone Webb. In 2007, "Ty Webb" was RTC Trainee . Mentioned in Jeff Hawkins' Counterfeit Dreams,
----- Hender Alvarez
----- Dorian Andriette. Dorian Adonis Andreatte was born 1979 in LA County, mother Murdoch, and. married Jessica Larain Vallecilla in Nevada in 1997, says; Dorian died 2007.
----- Dan Bosa
----- Jessica Bulet
----- Shawna Christiansen, born 1980, lived in Huntington Beach as an adult; married Alessandro Angius in 1997 in Nevada . "Shawna Christiansen CMO IXU HCO Expeditor in 1994 HGB Staff," ... MEwZXP1T_A
----- Javier Montez
----- Deborah Downing
----- Robbie Downing
----- Robert Fulmer
----- Wayne Furnell
----- David Gutierrez
----- Zane Hollingsworth - in 1994 HGB Staff as CMO IXU HCO Expeditor, Living in Vermont, he posted a personal ad mentioning Scientology,
----- Andrea [surname I do not remember]
----- Jenny Lenacheck
----- Page [surname I do not remember]
----- Rob Willett (A 2005 list calls him Robert L. Willett, ... f-list.htm )
----- Jenny [surname I do not remember]
----- Mandy [surname I do not remember]
----- Javier Montez - duplicate
----- Dan Modras
----- Suzanne Mochrie
----- Christina MacDaniel
----- Barbara [surname I do not remember]
----- Kendra Lister - married Garth Edward Simington in 1997 in Nevada. Kendra Lister in 2003 on "Theta Talk" was promoting Mojave Academy, ... -35-36.txt
(Aaron Sexton said)
Most of the people that I have just named were between the ages of 13 and 17 years of age ...Such staff members such as Dan Modras and Zane Hollingsworth are clear examples, including Tyrone Webb, of people being allowed in at far too early of an age.
from viewtopic.php?t=31986

X D 1978 Beth Riesgraf, actress,
---- one child under 18
-----collaboration with 1979 Alex Prager on shows and projects, ... ticle.html

1978 Amrapali Ambegaokar, actress in Scandal and other shows, performed in 2015 Christmas Stories. No apparent Scientologist relatives.

1979 Jason Larocca, musician, recording engineer and song writer at La-Rocc-A-Fella, Inc., . Band member of The Briggs. Birth year, middle name Michael, and mother Chahalis from
----- wife 1981 Lauren E. Willardson Larocca, musician, ... 7449644%7D . Note that 1973 Aubree Watson photographed Lauren for that record . Name also from ... rocca.html presently has no marriage record for Lauren Willardson and Jason Larocca. However, when I Googled Lauren Willardson + Larocca on 15 July 2012, Google offered a now-outdated hit saying Jason Michael Larocca is related to Lauren Willardson. When I clicked the link, Lauren's name had changed to Larocca.
Jason Michael Larocca is related... to Lauren Larocca, who is 31 years old and lives in Clearwater, FL...Jason Michael Larocca is also related to Joseph Larocca, Jason Michael Larocca is also related to John Larocca, who is 63 years old and lives in La Crescenta, CA.
from . Daughter of 1946 Greg Willardson.
----- brother 1981 Joey Larocca, fellow band member of The Briggs. Birth year, name Joseph Peter Larocca, mother Chahalis.
----- Father John LaRocca, Member of STABLE (Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better Living Environment) “One of the STABLE accomplishments was getting 4 Scientologists on the FABA board. FABA is the support group for the Foothill Division of the Los Angeles Police Department,”
----- mother 1948 Norma J. Chahalis Larocca, Super Power Building donor along with husband John, ... ion.94019/ . 1978 marriage record also from; its Public Records has her 1948 birth year and middle initial.
----- fellow musician 1941 Chick Corea, with whom Jason played keyboard

1979 Alexandra Ella, Mad Men actress, born Alexandra Ella Larson; see sources on page 4 of viewtopic.php?f=9&t=69963&start=45
----- husband 1970 Justin Meldal-Johnsen, recently married in 2013,!/alexandraella
----- sister 1974 Arwen Elys Larson Dayton, author, wife of 1971 Sky Dayton
----- father Dr. Alan H. Larson, founder of Delphian School in Oregon.

X 1979 Patrick Renna, actor, attended Delphi, says IMDb. Mission Holder of Los Feliz Mission in LA. Speaker at the 2009 Combined LA Pacifica Base Graduation ... Graduation . Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- wife Jasmin, Exec Dir of Los Feliz mission in 2013, ... 066301.htm . Daughter of Larry Trahant, head of Narconon Southern California, . Married 2006, says IMDb .
----- father Gerard Renna, Was in OSA, ... ars.23653/ involved in Bob Minton conflict, . Also was in Boston. 2014 update: "Gerard Renna has been off staff for at least seven or eight years maybe even more. Carol his wife was the Fnd D/ED for a while. They live in NH now and I see her at events occasionally, " ... ton/page61
----- mother Karen Renna, Manager, Representative for Actors at The Talent Company, Burbank, CA; represented Denice Duff, . OT 8 ... lot.49529/

D 1979 Mercedes Helnwein, artist, novelist, . Birth year, in Austria, from her essay "We are the Superlative Conspiracy," ... e2253.html "her first group exhibition hosted in Los Angeles...(shows) with photographer Alex Prager with whom she founded Devils Porchlight Press in 2004... Mercedes Helnwein contributed art to the Beck album, The Information . ... 1092551273
----- brother 1977 Cyril Helnwein
----- brother 1982 Ali Helnwein
----- father 1948 Gottfried Helnwein, owner of Irish castle where Danny Masterson married Bijou Phillips
D ----- boyfriend Chris Watson, singer-songwriter for the bands Love Lies Sleeping, Russian Bones, Romantiques . Mercedes is linked on the Love Lies Sleeping Myspace page, Juliette Lewis describes his contribution to their songs, ... tte-lewis/

D 1979 Alexandra (Alex) Prager, artist, ... s-angeles/ . "Prager never went to high school, let alone art school; at age thirteen, when her parents moved to Florida, she stayed in L.A. to pursue acting. She spent her teen years selling knives in a friend’s grandmother’s shop in Switzerland and traveling Europe on the weekends, between shuttling to Florida to see her parents and to L.A. for occasional acting gigs. Then one day, she discovered William Eggleston’s color photographs in a show at the Getty Museum." ... angeles/#1 She dropped out at 14,
----- sister 1984 Vanessa Prager
----- father about 1949 Alan Jay Prager in Sea Org. Birth year from his marriage record to his first wife Dawn. "Prager’s parents divorced when she was little and she was brought up in LA by her paternal grandmother, who found her an agent when she turned eight, at which point Prager began acting in commercials. She has remained in touch with her father, who is a Scientologist, but he lives in /Florida, so she sees him only rarely. She never talks to her mother." Prager’s parents divorced when she was little and she was brought up in LA by her paternal grandmother, who found her an agent when she turned eight, at which point Prager began acting in commercials. She has remained in touch with her father, who is a Scientologist, but he lives in /Florida, so she sees him only rarely. She never talks to her mother." ... ntimes.pdf
----- mother about 1956 Ellen Kathleen Rockwell Prager, quit high level Sea Org position, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=66302&p=451791 An interview with Alex described her as the "daughter of disfunctional hippy parents," ... hcock.html . Ellen is daughter of Bonnie Rockwell, IAS donor in 2006 and OT VIII. "Bonnie Rockwell - I knew her at ASHO Day. I also knew her daughters, Joan and Ellen. Ellen married Alan Prager, who was Supercargo and then Commanding Officer ASHO Day." ... robBQlltGg Prager Rockwell 1978 marriage record at , before his divorce from Dawn, .
. "Alex Prager was born in Los Angeles in 1979. She was raised by her grandmother in a small apartment... in Los Feliz"
----- collaborator with 1978 Beth Riesgraf on shows and projects, ... ticle.html
----- collaborator with composer Ali Helnwein, ... ns.html?hp

D 1979 Ilaria Urbinati, stylist and fashion designer. Birth year from
----- husband 1981 Eric Ray Davidson, GQ contributing photographer, ... tylist.php . He doesn't have Scientology completions. He was a photographer at Rebecca Minkoff's wedding, ... becca.html . Eric's birth year from
----- partner 1976 Danny Masterson for failed fashion store Confederacy.

1979 Robert M. Cornish, co-founder and CEO of Richter10.2 Media Group. Also co-manager of Openrock LLC. Birth year from Middle name Mark, from ... 22416.aspx
----- wife 1980 Renee Cornish, runs jewelry business Warehouse, . Renee supports many CoS causes, . Birth year from living at the same address as Robert on
----- Richter10.2 co-founder 1976 Wil Seabrook . They wrote a book together, ... 1118391691 .
----- Openrock LLC co-manager 1986 Rafferty Pendery, ... 12449.aspx

(List continued in next post, for people born 1980-1989.)

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:51 am

Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Those born 1980-1989, with a name in the news. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. See course completion details at

1980 Laura Prepon, actress, praised CoS in 2015, ... 1716244822 . She acted in CoS fundraiser Christmas Stories several times. See "Laura Prepon: I am Catholic and Jewish. I'm a mutt", at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=48581&p=425587 .
----- Boyfriend 1980 Ben Foster, also a Scientologist.
----- One child under 18 with boyfriend Ben Foster.

D 1980 America Martin, artist
----- husband Ross Richardson doesn't have CoS completions; his facebook photo ... 1404925266 matches the husband photo on America's blog, That facebook page links to his resume: Directory of Photography at the Skouras Agency, which does commercials.
----- brother 1971 Mars Callahan, born Gregory Mars Martin, actor,

X D1980 Christopher Masterson, actor.
----- brother 1976 Danny Masterson, half-brother Jordan Masterson, and half-sister Alanna Masterson
----- mother and manager 1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson,

? ? 1980 Rebecca Minkoff, fashion designer. No courses for years but sold her fashion line in Danny Masterson's Confederacy store, and is linked to many Scientologists, see Is Rebecca Minkoff a Scientologist? viewtopic.php?f=11&t=64841&p=450186)
----- husb 1977 Gavin Bellour, has CoS links
----- two children under 18 with Gavin
I ----- brother 1980 Uri Minkoff, CEO of her company. He has wife and children under 18.
I ----- father 1948 Dr. David I. Minkoff, penalized for his role in the Lisa McPherson death.
----- store-sharer with Confederacy owners 1976 Danny Masterson + 1979 Ilaria Urbinati
----- Two photographers at her wedding (1) 1981 Eric Ray Davidson, husband of Ilaria Urbinati, and (2) 1967 Brad Kugler, son of IAS donor Ben Kugler, ... becca.html .

D 1980 Sarah Shahi, actress in Fairly Legal, Iranian-Spanish, born in Texas.
----- husb 1977 Steve Howey
----- three children under 18 with Steve
----- friend 1979 Ilaria Urbinati; Sarah was Ilaria's bridesmaid.

D 1980 Shalon Goss, artist, photographer, . Sister of Bryten Goss (1978-2006). Bryten's memorial was attended by most of the Confederacy of Dunces, and on the same page Danny Masterson called Bryten Goss his best friend. .
----- father Ed Goss, board member, The Earth Organization. . Ed is widower of Rose Goss, who died May 2008.

1980 Eric Ryan Reuveni, sound coordinator, Delphi grad . birth year from
----- wife 1983 Terra Omega Roeschke, sound coordinator, web manager
----- brother 1979 Adam Elliot Reuveni, in Sea Org, "Sound Designer Audio Gold (virtually only new arrival to Int Base in 5 years)" says BFG, Who's Who at the Int Base, ... theintbase
----- ----- sister-in-law about 1981 Erin Michelle Woodruff Reuveni, Sea Org worker, "HU, BV Cleaner?" at HU, says BFG, Who's Who at the Int Base, ... theintbase . Erin's approx. birth year from ... /856423373 . Erin is the daughter of Tom Woodruff and Elane Robertson Woodruff, from the obit of Elane's mother Phoebe Hunt, ... hoebe-hunt . Elaine H. Robertson married Thomas A. Woodruff in 1977 in OH. Elane born 1953, Thomas about 1954, says Tom Woodruff is also a Sea Org worker, ... theintbase . Elane Woodruff's 1994 Sea Org job was "ITO T/OSA Cramming Officer" . Tom and Elane are IAS donors on Impact 123, ... ons-status .
----- brother 1985 Noah Reuveni, photo of course completion at Flag, ... s-079.html . Birth year and maiden name of mother Robert, from
----- mother 1959 Edith Robert Reuveni, President of Church of Scientology Los Angeles.
----- father about 1952 Moshon Reuveni, real estate professional, Lending . Approx birth year from
----- colleague 1966 Dave Kitchens, owner of Juniper Post studio.

1980 Kimi Reichenberg, actress. IMDb says brother is Mahrya Shain, whose mother at birth was Ceravolo; Kimi must be "Reichenberg, female, mother Ceravolo, born 1980 in Los Angeles." Both births from
----- half-brother 1971 Mahrya Shain, actor
----- mother 1949 Anita Lodovica Ceravolo Shain Reichenberg, 1980's jeweler, , now treasurer for Kevis (hair restoration) in Beverly Hills. Birth year from
----- father 1949 Brian Reichenberg, 1980's jeweler, now gen. manager for Kevis in Beverly Hills. Birth year from

1980 Jason McKinnon, Canadian actor, . Appeared in a recent Celebrity Centre magazine, ... -me-famous . His Facebook has many Scientology links,

1980 Breana Wells, Diskeeper officer, ... 6gb0zczzyr . Born Breana Fisher; "Breana Fisher, daughter of ASHO Saint Hillers Linda and Roger Fisher, and Keith Wells are engaged to be married in September, 2002," ... A2BKTZIw1g
----- husband Keith Wells, Hubbard College grad, now studying data base admin at "National University."
----- father Roger Fisher, Sea Org worker
----- mother Linda Knudson Fisher, Sea Org worker
----- boss 1950 Craig Jensen at Diskeeper; both are Hubbard College alumni,

I 1980 Chandra Benjamin, manager of Mad Hatter Studios (MHS). This studio serves CoS musicians. Church of Sci. Int'l's division Golden Era Productions bought MHS from Chick Corea. Chandra was born 1980, and lived in LA and Pinellas County, on her Mylife page,
I ----- father 1946 Frank Benjamin, WISE member for a Computer Services Company. Ex-Sea Org:
In about August of 1985, a registrar at ASHO, by the name of Frank Benjamin, encouraged me to take a stock option loan on my stock in the amount of $15,000. I did not want to, but I eventually capitulated because of the intense pressure. At that time, I was having panic attacks. Grace Huber was the Valley Org Ethics Officer at the time and she told me the panic attacks were the "nervous hysteria" precipitated by going past misunderstood words. I was literally in a panic by the panic attacks, a fact heavily preyed on by Mr. Benjamin.
from The Cheryl S. Story, ... -story.htm
Proof Frank is Chandra's Dad: Frank and Chandra Benjamin are IAS donors on Impact 115, ... rship-list. Frank, born 1946 lived in LA, and in the same Pinellas County neighborhood as Chandra, and his mylife names Chandra, says Chandra, born 1980 in LA County, has mother Ladwig. Frank Benjamin, born about 1947, married Victoria Ladwig in 1977 in LA County.
----- colleagues at MHS, having CoS completions:
----- ----- 1981 Nick Baybak, son of IAS Donor 1941 Michael Baybak
----- ----- 1985 Keesha Krebsbach, birth year, daughter of IAS Donor James Krebsbach, from Linked to James by birth record, mother Keis, and James Krebsbach-Karen Keis marriage, on
----- ----- Buck Snow, audio mixer for Chick Corea,, sound engineer 2003-present at MHS, . Buck, according to, may be son of 1951 Scott Snow, and Scott's earlier wife Kathy, who Scott divorced in 1997 in Pinellas County. Scott W. Snow then married Gayle Wordie Snow in Pinellas County . Scott Willard Snow died in 2008 in Clearwater
Scott Snow was a generous donor ($40,000 donation from himself plus $40,000 from his company Snow Software Corp. to the IAS, WISE 1999 directory). Scott Snow was a slumlord, ... or_e.shtml
----- ----- 1987 Max Shereshevsky, son of Barry and Robin Mandel Sherehevsky. Max played sports for Delphi LA, ... llsoccer15 . Mother Robin works for Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison, ... cientology
----- ----- 1974 Akira A. Katayanagi, IAS donor
I know Nick Baybak who's worked at MHS a long time as the Director of Audio Production... Other people working there are Keesha Krebsbach, Chandra Benjamin, Buck Snow, Max Shereshevsky, and Akira A. Katayanagi, an IAS Patron, who co-owns a smaller production studio with her husband, Miki.
from Smurf, ... a0d4186bf8 (Actually Akira, born 1974 is the husband and Miki Endo Katayanagi is the wife, says
----- ------ Jason Newman, engineering, and Kelly Hedden, finance, . Jason and Kelly have completions.
1980 Nicole Greenwood, actress, "Not Your Typical Hollywood Starlet;" joined Scientology as an adult, says Scientology Today News, http://scientologytoday.blogs.scientolo ... d-starlet/ "She helps run an orphanage in Haiti;" has sister Rochelle, from (Other relatives named don't have CoS completions). Birth year from IMDb.
----- sister Rochelle Greenwood, actress, . Was an extra along with sister Nicole in Two and a Half Men episode, ... des/713152 . Took one course; not as involved as her sister.
----- fellow orphanage fund-raiser 1976 Sarah Ehrlich.
----- Haiti links: Institution Humanitaire Thêta: photo of Nicole G. and fellow Scientologist Sarah Ehrlich , ... 6394950079
----- Haiti links: GRODYSH (GROup DYnamic for the Survival of Haiti) Int’l, Inc. formerly Future of Haiti Orphanage . Critique at ... iti.91988/

D 1981 Alex Scott, artist, Erika Christensen hosted his first exhibit, which featured Chris Masterson, Sky Dayton, Erika Christensen, Alex Scott, Laura Prepon and Danny Masterson in one photo, Kyle Howard in another, Bijou Phillips, Alex Prager, Shalon Goss and Vanessa Prager in a third photo. gave birth year, name Alexander Clark Scott, mother Livingston.
----- Mother 1950 Karen Livingston Scott, auditor in a Clearwater firm, . Karen's facebook page "otkaren" links to Alex Scott's .

1981 Eric Matheny, actor and co-founder of the Scientologist-run The Acting Center,
----- wife Lissa Walker Matheny, copywriter, Relationship from ... er-matheny
(Eric's father R. Dwight Matheny died 2011 in Clearwater)

X D 1982 Erika Christensen, actress
----- father 1949 Steven Christensen, birth year from, has completions
----- mother about 1950 Kathy Hendricks Christensen, maiden name from Erika's wikipedia entry. Approx. age from Seattle marriage cert on .
----- half-brother Nick Christensen, in Sea Org, ... u-forever/ . Wikipedia says "older half-brother"
----- brother 1986 Brando Christensen, actor, has completions
----- brother 1986 Dane Christensen, actor, has completions
----- husband about 1978 Cole Maness, pro bicyclist, doesn't have links to Scientology. Married 2015, ... ole-maness Cole was aged 36 in 2014, ... om-her-own
----- child under 18 with Cole Maness.

X D 1982 Elisabeth Moss, actress, born Elisabeth Singleton Moss, mother Ekstrom, says
----- father 1944 Ron Moss, musician/ manager. Former manager with Chick Corea
----- mother about 1952 Linda J. Ekstrom, professional blues harmonica player, ... 7barn.html
----- half-sister Julie Moss; Julia has two children, 3 Jun 2012 article, Sunday Mercury, ... -31100959/ .
----- brother 1983 Derek Charles Moss, video editor

D 1982 Sophia Banks Coloma, actress / designer / stylist, see twin Nick Banks info ... 552/page-2
D ----- husband 1978 Marcus Coloma, actor, teaches at Celebrity Centre in 2012, ... 721022-248
----- child under 18 with Marcus
----- partner with 1974 Marissa Ribisi in fashion line Whitley Kros
----- brother 1982 Nicholas J. Banks, Public Affairs at Celebrity Centre
(Sophia's birth year from brother's IMDb page - they are the same age, apparently twins)
----- father about 1961 Andrew R. Banks, professional recruiter, has CoS completions

1982 Nick Banks, Public Affairs at Celebrity Centre since 2009, says Linkedin and
Nicholas J. Banks, 27 years old from Sidney, Australia, is from a successful family in professional recruitment company (Morgan & Banks) Andrew R. Bank (once was an actor and restaurant owner in Sidney). Morgan & Banks was purchased by TMP/ in 1999 and the family moved to New York City where he works as the Senior Corporate Officer for Monster Worldwide. (Nick's wife is Erin Tyler (Paiewonsky) Banks, 24 years old, is from NYC, (mother is Paula M. Tyler Paiewonsky 59y (WISE, OT7 '07) artist (now LA, CA), father Irving J. Paiewonsky 60y (study certainty '98))
, Feb 2009, by poster named "423." Nick Banks and his wife Erin have been "spokesman" or "spokeswoman" for CoS org openings.
----- wife (about 1985) Erin Tyler Paiewonsky Banks, birth year from mylife. Erin is also in Publicity at Celebrity Centre, ... 77312.html . Erin gave guided tour of Inglewood org to media, ... h-opening/
----- ----- mother in law Paula M. Tyler Paiewonsky, "one of Scientology’s most notorious spies, who helped to frame journalist Paulette Cooper," ... more-33764
----- sister 1982 Sophia Banks Coloma, red carpet stylist
----- father professional recruiter ( about 1961 Andrew R. Banks, aged 49 on document written about 2010, ... SCVNX36B47

D 1982 Ali Helnwein, composer, birth year from ... 850?v=info . Middle name Elvis; family involved with Cathriona White, ... more-26062 . Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012.
----- wife Michele Miskovich-Helnwein; she had completions as Michele Miskovich
----- child under 18 with Michele
----- brother 1977 Cyril Helnwein
----- sister 1979 Mercedes Helnwein
----- father 1948 Gottfried Helnwein
----- Stringbox Production musical collaborator Cody Borden
----- Stringbox Production musical collaborator Evan Walker
----- collaborator 1979 Alex Prager, ... ns.html?hp

I X 1982 Jason Dohring, actor. Donations in 2001 and 2006, in 2012 Christmas Stories. Along with wife, donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg .
----- wife Lauren Kutner
----- two children under 18 with Lauren
----- father 1957 Doug Carl Dohring, wealthy owner of the Dohring Company. Former CEO of Neopets and Digital Lightwave,
----- mother 1950 Laurie Ann Bevins Dohring, president of the Dohring Company . The two often donate as "Doug and Laurie" with no surname. Her prior husband has no Scientology links. Her maiden name from her naming her twin daughters on her Scientologist website, and finding them born in California that year, with mother Bevins, on .

1982 Adam Sigal, writer for film projects, ... Sigal.html and . Birth year from
----- wife Jeannie, . Born Jean Marie Arnold, from 1977 Oregon marriage on
----- mother about 1948 Joan Machemer Sigal, President/Treasurer of Clearwater Community Volunteers, which puts on the Scientology Winter Wonderland, etc. Joan chairs another CoS-linked group, Project Clear Florida, Inc., ... 49757.aspx Joan was President of another CoS-linked group, Florida Citizens for Social Reform, Inc, ... hp?ntt=963 . "Joanie also spent four years as Senior Executive Assistant at Feshbach Brothers," Joan still performs, ... Sigal.html .
----- father about 1948 Stephen Sigal, President, Sigal Consulting, Inc., co-founder, Florida Citizens for Social Reform,
----- brother Brian Sigal, Also "active" Scientologist, ... Sigal.html
----- Sigal's cousins who have been in Sea Org, children of his uncle Dan Sigal, who died in 2009, and of Dan's wife Pam. ... sad/page18

X 1983 Lynsey Bartilson, actress.
----- father 1952 Stanley Bartilson
----- mother 1955 Laurie Jo Neiger Bartilson, former law partner of Kendrick Moxon. Laurie is agent for Lynsey and a Children's Talent Agent, . Laurie's birth year from , middle name from Calif. State Bar search, maiden name from
----- sister about 1990 Brittany Bartilson, student examiner, Delphi School LA,
----- brother Matt Bartilson, actor,

1983 Diane Gaeta, now called Diane Marshall-Green, actress. Has completions under her maiden name, but not under the Marshall-Green name; neither does her present husband. Named as father of her baby was deceased Scientologist Johnny Lewis, ... ery-diane/ . Diane's year of birth from

1983 Vivian Gray, actress from Scotland, , in film Dread, took lots of recent courses. Delphian graduate, ... ool_id/374

1983 Eric Racheff, businessman. Eric and his wife Caitlin donated to Silicon Valley Ideal Org in 2014, ... than-ever/
Eric Racheff was a fundraiser for Mountain View org in 2007
Eric appears to be Eric Stratton Racheff who owns several companies:
2008-Present, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Global IT Holdings, Inc., ... icker=SRPX ... d=96720385
"The main thing this company has is GNC, without GNC it would be lights out for this company. They don't have the following of a MSLP, nor are they competitively priced. Not many weekend warriors are going to pay $100 for 5 lbs of protein, when they can get another brand for $40 at a Vitimin superstore.
Everyone knows the price of this stock has been capped for over a year. If you want to play you have to play around him. Most people are on to his tactics of bashing to get the price down, then pumping to sell to his followers, or "the stupids" as he likes to call them.
The group I trade with, we have a rule when we find a good new play. And that is...whatever you do, don't tell him about it." ... d=88164101
Global IT Holdings was suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission ... -71465.pdf
Eric’s birth year from
Eric’s father Jerry Racheff, mother Janice Rogers Racheff Silber, step-father Marc Silber, and step-mother Penny McIntyre Silber Racheff and their partner-swapping are described under 1951 Marc Silber.
Eric’s sister born 1990 has mother’s maiden name Rogers from This sister only has a donation to IAS made when she was a baby, and a child cookie-cutter page, so she seems inactive.
Eric’s other sibling - can’t confirm name and can't find any Scientology activity.

1984 Brandy Rae Shaw Harrison, spokesperson for CoS, ... k-pardner/ . Attended Delphi Oregon, from comments at ... more-16903 Birth record from
----- father about 1955 Michael S. Shaw; there is a Michael Shaw with completions. Peggy's marriage to Shaw
----- mother 1958 Peggy Nahas Polhamus Shaw Crawford, CoS mission holder at Sacramento, Wichita and Memphis orgs, then Organic Liaison's CEO, ... y-Crawford and ... -crawford/ . Maiden name from ... wford.html which gets her job title wrong, and from Brandy's birth record. Polhamus husband name from marriage to Michael Crawford.
----- ----- mother's second husband, now divorced, William Crawford; spotted at a 2011 San Franscisco raid, ... 858/page-3
----- ----- mother's boss at Organic Liaison 1951 Kirstie Alley
----- Brandy's previous husband ___ Getto. "Roxy" on Mike Rinder's blog said "how many surnames has she gone by now … she was Shaw, Getto, Harrison and something else too," .
Here is a photo of "Brandy Getto," who did public relations for the New York CoS org, that looks right, Image
----- Brandy's (present husband, assuming she is still married) _____ Harrison
----- sister born 1981 has no completions, birth record has father Shaw, mother Nahas
----- sister 1991 Erica Crawford has completions. Her birth record has mother Nahas

1984 Anton Lorien, British singer/songwriter.
----- girlfriend Natalie Milsom, British girl converted by Anton. Natalie and her mother have split over this relationship, said a Telegraph article, ... igion.html . Natalie has a stage name now, Natalie Chinnyah, ... 09/page-13
----- sister 1982 Serena Lorien, British actress now in Hollywood, . There is speculation whether her brother Anton recruited her into Scientology; he has completions but she does not.
----- ----- Serena's boyfriend Matt Thompson disconnected from Matt's sister Janet Thompson Hauger after Janet and her husband Brett were posting on Marty's side. Brett is suing his Scientologist ex-boss for firing him because Brett was connected to Independent Scientologists, ... ion.66926/ .
----- sister Talena Lorien, married to Russell Prain, said Smurf on ... 709/page-6 . Married 1998, said
----- mother 1958 Avye Lorien, ... lorien.php Maiden name Haritou, from Serena and Anton's British birth records.
----- father Duncan Lorien, of Massachusetts, ... 709/page-6
----- step-father 1948 John Wilson, ... lorien.php, delivered disconnection notice to Natalie Milsom's mother.
----- ex-girlfriend Hightee Butzlaff, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=24447&start=0

D 1984 Vanessa Prager, artist "Born in my grandmother's bedroom in 1984..." (Lived with her sister in Los Feliz, LA with this grandmother.)
----- sister 1979 Alex Prager
----- father about 1949 Alan Prager in Sea Org. Birth year from his marriage record to his first wife Dawn.
----- mother about 1956 Ellen Rockwell Prager, quit high level Sea Org position.
For more on the Pragers see viewtopic.php?f=9&t=66302&p=451791 An interview with Vanessa called them "dysfunctional hippy parents," ... hcock.html

D 1984 Alison Sudol, singer, songwriter, actress on Fantastic Beasts. Her band's name was A Fine Frenzy, . Dephi Academy LA, Class of 2001,

X 1984 Taron Lexton, director of short Scientology-linked films, most recently Way to Happiness ads, .Taron's Facebook page is soaking in Scientology, Valedictorian, LA Community College, 2005, ... b04ed7f530
----- wife 1973 Marisol Nichols
----- one child under 18 with Marisol
----- mother 1954 Mary Bernice Shuttleworth - Pres of Youth for Human Rights Int'l ( YFHRI). Founder of Mary's Schoolhouse and Shuttleworth Academy, which are registered as Shuttleworth Leadership Society Int'l . Birth year from address record on as Mary B. Untiedt. Mary claims YFHRI is not Scientology, but she took courses under her married name, Mary Untiedt, through 2002. Rather than get teacher certification, Mary started her career running a day care center, ... myself.htm
------ father Andre Untiedt "split" from Mary in the early 2000's, ... ghts/page2 , but Andre attended a CCHR event in Feb 2012, is able to see his grandchild, and is surfing and enjoying life,!/untiedt . Andre is on the Scientology-linked Artists for a Better World,
----- sister about 1981 Tashiana Faust, Sea Org worker, married Sea Org worker 1976 Brandon J. Faust , ... 19065.html . Tashiana married Brandon in Nevada 1998, says . Brandon Faust on list of abused children at Mace-Kingsley Ranch, ... -6598.html . Tashiana was 3 years older than her brother, ... 19065.html
----- grandfather 1918 Denis Shuttleworth, ... 19065.html . Birth year from ... -0012.html . He was a "Denmark resident" in 2005.
----- colleague 1968 Leslie Brown, worked on Struck and United, now "an independent producer for TXL Films." See 1968 Leslie Brown, above.

1984 Nathan Lorch, actor/producer. Producer on film Struck, . has marriage record, and birth record naming Nathaniel Tyler Lorch with mother Grossman.
----- wife Milena Nichelle Ferreira, WISE shill as is her father Craig, ... peratives/
----- child under 18 with Milena
----- ----- father-in-law 1951 Craig Ferreira, WISE shill, and musician
----- mother 1956 Charla S. Grossman, (both parents' and stepmother's names and ages from ). Marriage record at, birth year from passenger record,
----- father 1951 Daniel Lorch, Chairman/CEO, Veterans Detoxification Project, Inc, ... 93796.aspx . Birth year from
----- ------ step-mother 1955 Linda Lorch, Director, Veterans Detoxification Project, Inc. Birth year from

1985 Alyssa Suede, musician . Born Alyssa Suede Weller, mother Kane, says
----- mother 1948 Raven Kane. Father is Roger Weller, who had CoS completions before "Raven Kane" became "Raven Kane Campbell" on CoS completion lists. Roger attended the Austin screening of Going Clear, and thus must be disconnected from Alyssa. Roger has Alyssa's music as his first "favorite" on Facebook, .
----- step-father 1948 David Campbell
----- step-brother 1970 Beck
----- partner in the duo, Rome will Burn, Carlton Moody aka Manifesto, international DJ, producer and violin virtuoso, ... hollywood/ He is not the Carlton Moody of the Moody Brothers. Rome will Burn performed at 2015 "Christmas Stories," viewtopic.php?f=9&t=296002 . However, Carlton has no completions and may not be in Scientology. Carlton was born in Virginia and looks about Alyssa's age; the only Carlton born in Virginia between 1975-1995 is Carlton Wayne Moody born 1986, says
----- collaborator Kimberley Furst, who directed Alyssa's music video Hollow,

1985 Yolanda Pecoraro, actress, , relativesErnesto, Ernest, Nydia, Francesco and Danielle at born in New Jersey,
I ------ father 1954 Ernest A. Pecoraro, chiropractor; President of Expansion Management Services, ... 47064.aspx . CoS completions include being a WISE member. NYRWDP advisory board, ... php?ntt=28 Sometimes called Ernesto. Birth year from
----- mother 1965 Nydia Pecoraro, VP of Expansion Management Services, ... 47064.aspx . Birth year from
----- business partner 1989 Chaffee Graham, clothing business founded in 2013, Burkhart Clothing,

1986 Juliet Simms, singer / songwriter, finalist on The Voice, ... Voice-quot
----- mother Natalie Simms, top fund-raiser for IAS and Super Power Building, same source
----- father Jeff Simms, long time connection to WISE companies, same source
----- director of her videos 1974 Luke Watson,

X D 1986 Jordan Masterson, actor, on Last Man Standing.
----- Half-brothers 1976 Danny & 1980 Chris Masterson, and sister 1988 Alanna Masterson
----- mother 1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson
----- disconnected father Joe Reaiche, Australian rugby player and ex-member, spoke out against CoS ... les.55675/

1986 Tyler Hynes Toronto-born actor; spokesman for Youth for Human Rights Int'l; . Dated Cathriona White, ... ientology/
----- probable father Tony Hynes, owner of WISE business Everest Restoration in Ontario, ... ctory.html
----- Tyler's circle of friends of suicide victim Cathriona White
----- ----- 1975 Taylor Newton Stewart, composer (The Newton Brothers), husband of Tama McCormick Stewart. Taylor claimed to be “raised with Scientology,” .
----- ----- 1978 Tama Leia McCormick Stewart, actress / model, wife of Taylor Newton Stewart, sister of Tiber McCormick
----- ----- 1980 Tiber McCormick, artist, ex-Sea Org, formerly married to Juliana Shape, also of Sea Org, says Aaron Smith-Levin, ... ientology/ . Dated Cathriona White. Tiber "had a joint art show with...Cyril Helnwein, the show was hosted by Christopher and Danny Masterson at Jason’s Lee’s loft," ... ientology/ . Tiber and Tama's father, born about 1946, is John Darold McCormick, IAS patron and founder of Scientology-linked The California Ranch School.
----- ----- 1982 Erika Christensen, actress, who has her own entry
----- ----- 1983 Joshua A. Shultz, celebrity photographer, is ex-Sea Org, living at the Celebrity Centre in 2007, says . Joshua's parents, Peter V. Shultz and Wendy Ray, married in 1981 and had completions.
----- ----- about 1983 Jennie Burpee, aspiring actress, "ex-Sea Org" and "age 32" says Aaron Smith-Levin, ... ientology/
----- ----- about 1986 Ryan Smale, "Raised in a family of Scientologists...Smale, and his fiancée, an actress and second-generation Scientologist, are living in Los Angeles, where they both hold jobs as personal assistants" from a 2010 Celebrity Centre article, ... smale.html Called "shmale," and identified by Nick Lister as Ryan Smale, ... ientology/

1986 Georgina Reilly, Canadian actress, performed at 2015 Christmas Stories, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=296002 . Wikipedia gives her birth year and names her father who has no completions. . Georgina has 2010 completions.
----- husband 1984 Mark O'Brien, who has no completions but also performed at 2015 Christmas Stories.

1986 Joy Villa, singer at Scientology events, celebrity wanna-be, and Trump supporter. Birth year from wikipedia, which agrees to Married Danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard in 2016.

1987 Niki Lanik, race car driver and model,
----- client Rebecca Minkoff; Niki and his then "girlfriend Ryan Elizabeth" model for Rebecca's Ben Minkoff men's fashion line, ... n-minkoff/
----- wife Ryan Elizabeth Lanik, frequently commenting on the Internet about themselves.
----- sister Barbara Lanik, linked, along with parents, at ... 19-3YN.php
----- father about 1955 Hans D. Lanik, in Florida real estate, Gold Meritorious ($1 Million+) IAS donor, birth year from
----- mother about 1958 Gabriele, birth year from
Note that Hans Lanik and Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff's company, are both IAS donors, and Hans' son Niki models for the Minkoff line.

D 1988 Alanna Masterson, actress, "Agyness Deyn has been acting in a film... written and directed by her band-mate, 19-year-old Alanna Masterson, Danny Masterson’s sister." 2008 New York Observer, ... liamsburg/
----- boyfriend 1986 Brick Stowell, father of her baby. Born Brick Cody Stowell, mother Ballenger,
----- child under 18
----- half-brothers Danny & Chris, and brother Jordan Masterson.
----- mother and manager 1953 Carol Anne Nicholson Masterson,
----- father Australian rugby player and ex-member Joe Reaiche criticized CoS, ... les.55675/
----- Gene Jacket fellow band member 1983 Agnyess Deyn,
Alanna attended the Rebecca Minkoff opening at Confederacy in 2011, smileforever/fishyfoto/ ... 514010580/
----- boyfriend Jesse Marco pictured with Alanna and her CoS siblings at Daily Mail article, ... erson.html .

1988 Eddie Frencher, musician, "member of the indie music band ae (pronounced “ay”)," ... f=obinsite . Eddie was Bella Cruise's boyfriend before he joined Sea Org; Radar said he was born 1988 in Beverly Hills, ... french-tom. The only Frencher born in Calif that year on is Dedwart Alexander Frencher, born in LA, mother Fisher, so Eddie must be that man. "Son of John & Kyle, His entire family are onlines at the LA Org. They own a company.. listed as a WISE company in 2006... Feedbox International, LLC" from Smurf, Jan 20, 2012, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=51308 . In 2013 Eddie had a new girlfriend, Delphi grad Robin Anderson, ... explained/ Robin's family may be "George, Cindy, Brenton & Robin Anderson Family" who donated at least $100,000 to the Super Power project, and George Anderson looks like the owner of WISE-affiliated Masterserv, ... _List_1999

1987 Hana-li Pendery, singer. Stage name "Hana-li" on her website, . Also known as Hana-li Winters, and as Hanna Lee Brunoehler, ... er-vana-3/ . Has been back-up singer for over a dozen CoS celebrity acts, . Sang in IAS video, It's You...It's Me, , posted on Internet summer 2012. Birth year from .
----- husband 1986 Rafferty Pendery, co-manager, with 1979 Robert M. Cornish, of Openrock LLC, ... 12449.aspx . Google "hana-li" + "rafferty" - the Google link for that 2008 wedding gives their full names. Rafferty works with her on her videos.
----- ----- father-in-law 1948 Rick Pendery, of the disgraced Second Chance Program.
I ----- parents and IAS donors 1950 David Richard Brunoehler and 1944 Nina Beth Winters, sculptor, . ... 3ce6c.html Rick fathered Rafferty with Bella Venter 1956-2011, ... 1327085211
----- collaborator 1988 Spencer Bradham, songwriter / producer for Hana-li, ... ction/219/. Along with Alana Hallquist,, Spencer is a founder of Clear Track Productions, a recording studio in Clearwater. He has completions as J. Spencer Bradham. His birth year from
----- collaborator 1948 Raven Kane, on Hana-li's 2003 demo at Theta Sound Studio,

? ? 1989 Riley Keough, actress (took five courses 1999-2004 as Danielle Keough)
----- mother 1968 Lisa Marie Presley
----- father Danny Keough
----- grandmother 1945 Priscilla Presley
----- brother 1992 Benjamin Keough

1989 Alex(andra) Wisner, daughter of R. Michael Wisner and Helen Lopukhin. Collaborates with Taylor Meskimen and Jamie Lesavoy (Tom Cruise's niece)

D 1989 Chaffee Graham, actor, owns, along with 1985 Yolanda Pecoraro, clothing business named after his mother, . Chaffee is Cornerstone Member ($35,000) under the names "Mac, Chaffee and Houston Graham"
----- father is "Mac" Donald Houston Graham III, from Ynez Graham obit, ... -graham-2/ . Mac's wife Jill Lori Burkhart Graham, now deceased, also had completions.
----- D brother 1984 Houston Graham, also named in Ynez Graham obit, actor,
----- partner 1985 Yolanda Pecoraro

----- 1989 Cal Henry, founding member of band WD-HAN and nephew of Tom Cruise. Connected with Scientologist-heavy Richter10.2 Media Group, LLC ... p?ntt=1535, Richter's staff includes some of Cal's friends, php . Class of 2008, Clearwater Academy International; In a band called WD-HAN, an acronym for "We Don't Have a Name," ... chive.html > It is pronounced Double-you-dee-hawn, says Spencer in an interview, . Cal's birth year from .
----- mother 1961 Marian P. Mapother Henry, sister of Tom Cruise.
----- wife 1990 Marjorye Dewsnap Henry, Narconon Drug Educated Prevention Specialist, manager of WD-HAN . Married 2012, ... _HENRY.htm .She spoke at their 2008 graduation from i]Clearwater Academy.[/i] Birth year, middle name Therese, and parents from
----- ----- father-in-law 1960 Don Dewsnap has completions but no direct Scientologist career connections. Birth year from
----- ----- mother-in-law 1959 Victoria Dewsnap . Finance Director at Clearwater Academy, ... hp?ntt=230 . Victoria has many Scientologist connections on Facebook, . Birth year from
----- WD-HAN band members,Sci-linked since WD-HAN performed at Scientology's Winter Wonderland Dec. 2012, and WD-HAN's Facebook page plugs CoS front
----- WD-HAN band member Aaron Meekcoms, Sales Representative at Richter10.2 Media Group, . Aaron is son of attny Lee Meekcoms and of Jan Meekcoms, director of CoS-linked Fla Citiz for Soc. Reform.
----- WD-HAN band member 1990 Forrest Conner, who has his own entry. .
----- WD-HAN band member singer about 1989 Spencer Barnes, Director of Delivery at Richter10.2 Media Group . Born in Brisbane, Australia, ... ure=relmfu . Spencer said he was 22 in a 2011 interview, . Spencer married 1991 Lea M. Campbell, drummer for WD-HAN, "Congratulations to Spencer and Lea!! They are getting married TODAY!!" March 22, 2013 entry in WD-HAN's Facebook page at
----- WD-HAN band member (bassist) about 1992 Abby Winteregg, has her own entry.

1989 Lucy Mae Murphy Baybak, works at Mad Hatter Studios
----- parents voice actress 1957 Nancy Cartwright and her ex writer Warren Murphy
----- was married to one of the Baybak sons, since she is currently known as Lucy Murphy Baybak but is never paired with one of them on the Internet. Married 2007 or 2008, ... s-in-life/

(List continued in next post, for those born 1990-1994)

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:53 am

Celebrity Spiderweb continued - Those born 1990-1993, with a name in the news. "Completions" means Scientology course completions or donor listed in Scientology magazines. See course completion details at
People born after 1994 would be under 18 and aren't yet identified by name in this thread

About 1990 Taylor Meskimen - voice actor for LRH books. Daughter of Jim and Tamra Meskimen. Colllaborates with Alex(andra) Wisner and Jamie Lesavoy (Tom Cruise's niece).

1990 Forrest Conner, musician/producer. Resume includes assistant eng'r at Clear Track Productions, owner of TheBetterBassCompany, . Involved in 10.2 Media Group,!search/profil ... id=profile . Middle name might be Courtland, from an April post on WD-HAN, . Birth year from
----- co-producer for videos like Undisclosed Desires, about 1988 Hana-li Pendery, April 13, 2011 blog entry, .

1991 Jack Murphy, son of Nancy Cartwright and writer Warren Murphy. Donated to Valley Org Sept 2013, ... mmends.jpg . Married Erin Rogers, ... rstomurphy . Name Jackson Louis Murphy and date of birth from Delphi LA graduation

1991 Jake Alexander Isham , DJ, son of Mark Isham and Donna Linson; ... -and-twos/

1991 Chelsea Benetatos, actress, . Cold-calling ex-members for CoS, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=103271 . Delphian, Oregon, class of 2010, . Middle name Jacqueline from CoS completions. Birth year and parents from
I ----- father 1965 Michael J. Benetatos, sales manager at LKQ Corp., . Has completions through 2012;
----- mother 1970 Sita R. Benetatos, has completions through 2012. Birth years and marriage for Sita and Michael are from them living at the same address on
----- probable relative was at Delphian with last name Benetatos, may be under 18, doesn't have completions; Chelsea, Michael and Sita are the only Benetatos with completions.

1992 Bella Cruise , a hair and make-up artist at Vidal Sassoon in London. Adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and ex-Scientologist Nicole Kidman. Married in 2015 to Max Parker, an IT consultant. Bella's previous boyfriend was 1988 Eddie Frencher.

1992 Benjamin Storm Keough, son of Lisa Marie Presley and ex-husband Danny Keough. Rumors of big record deal for him were refuted by Lisa Marie, ... hday-cake/

about 1992 Abby Winteregg, played bass with Cal Henry's band WDHAN, . Abby is also in band Lions After Dark, and, shill for WISE along with father and brother, ... peratives/ Abby's birth year from . Her relatives' birth years from Ancestry and familysearch.
----- father 1955 "Dr." Gregory A. Winteregg, shill for WISE, partner in MGE Management Experts
----- ----- father Greg's partner 1954 Luis A. Colón at MGE. Luis and wife Judy were IAS donors.
----- mother 1955 Sandra Kay Wacker Winteregg, registered nurse and exec at Oxygen for Life, where Abby is Office Manager. Maiden name from Indiana marriage on
----- brother 1986 Neil G. Winteregg, shill for WISE, Abby's birth year from . Her relatives' birth years from Ancestry and familysearch. Gregory A.

1994 Mecca White (about 1994), daughter of actress Persia White

1994 Paris Duff (3 Nov 1994) - daughter of Michael and Denise (Burker) Duff. says full name is Paris Helena Duff. She has an Imdb page as Paris Duff with two projects, one in 2012. Like her parents, she has Scientology completions. She has participated in Scientology events.

1994 Lillie Price Stevenson (1994), adopted daughter of Kirstie Alley and ex-husband Parker Stevenson.

1995 Connor Cruise, adopted son of Tom Cruise and ex-wife (and ex-Scientologist) Nicole Kidman. Connor is a DJ, and acted in film Red Dawn in 2012.

Names withheld for those under 18 or young and of unknown age.

The next post lists celebrities who quit, are inactive, went to events as guests but never joined, or have died.

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:08 am

This post shows actors/writers/musicians/artists who appear inactive, or friends but not in, or no longer in, or deceased. It lists those who DON'T show up recently, or ever, as active CoS members.
Most sources are IMDb, wikipedia,, and Kristi Wachter's statistics.

Mentioned with Scientologists, but not in Scientology: Krysten Ritter, twins Caitlin and Melinda Dahl, Alexandra Breckenridge, Ashton Kutcher and other That 70's Show castmates as special buddies of Danny Masterson.

Christmas Stories performer but no evidence of being a Scientologist: Carlo Rota,
Esai Moralesc and Efren Ramirez only appeared at Christmas Stories, but many non-Scientologists perform there.)[/i],
(This list to save the energy of re-researching them, since their names come up so often.)

Appears inactive: Chaka Khan, alias Yvette Marie Stevens. Still performing, but not in stories linked to CoS lately.

Appears inactive: Lisa Marie Presley

Appear inactive: Callista Carradine and Kansas Carradine. The Carradines may have been dragged in by their step-mother, Annie Bierman, born 1960, and with their father David Carradine's death, the spider trap may have been released.

Appears inactive: 1980 Ali Khashoggi, son of multi-millionaire arms-dealer, convicted felon Adnan Khashoggi (not a Scientologist)
Ali's mother Lamia, the former Loredana/Laura Biancolini, may still be active in CoS in Clearwater. She is listed above as 1954 Loredana Biancolini.
The last sign of Ali is a now-inactive business,, formed with David Lurie, a Scientologist, in 2000. ... 57440.aspx There is a Facebook page in Arabic for an Ali Khashoggi, so Ali may have returned to Saudi Arabia, where non-Islamic religions are forbidden.

Appears inactive, 1943 Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band. In the 1970's was was a Scientologist, but has no completions since Kristi Wachter began compiling course completions.

May be inactive: Corin Nemec

May be inactive: Tom Constanten & family, now living in North Carolina

May be inactive: Dr. Alan Larson, founder of Delphian School in Oregon and father-in-law of Sky Dayton.

Left CoS: Michelle Kenen Seward, Jeffrey Tambor, Peggy Lipton, Leif Garrett (deceased), Jason Beghe, Paul Haggis, Michael Fairman, Michael Pattinson, Joe Reaiche (father to Jordan and Alanna Masterson), Nicole Kidman, Placedo Domingo, Jr., actor Larry Anderson (star of CoS orientation film) Diana Canova, Cathy Lee Crosby, Top Gun producer Don Simpson (deceased), Emilio Estevez, Patrick Swayze, director Peter Medak, James Packer, musician Anthony Braxton, Jamie Sorrentini Lugli (whose father Irving Sorrentini is disconnected from her), Roslyn Cohn, Leah Remini, author / screenwriter Skip Press, actress Cathy Schenkelberg, actor Jason Lee, Bibbe Hansen (mother of Beck), Geoff Levin.

Left CoS most dramatically: Kate Bornstein who was top Sea Org exec Albert Bornstein and author of A Queer and Present Danger (Kate's ex-wife "Molly, Jessica, and Jessica's son and daughter are all still members of Scientology" ... ology/all/. "Sadly, Kate's daughter, Jessica, is in the Sea Org in Clearwater," Smurf, ... -Bornstein

Deceased:Cathriona White, Geoff Lewis, Isaac Hayes, Nicky Hopkins, Eduardo Palomo, Gloria Rusch, Sonny Bono, Pablo Santos, Milton Katselas, Jeff Conaway, Amanda Ambrose, Renée Duke, Susie Watson-Taylor, Ole Boskov, conservationist Lawrence Anthony, actor Johnny Lewis (Jonathan Kendrick Lewis), writer Trevor Meldal-Johnsen, actress Karen Black, Peaches Geldoff, Dutch composer Andrik Schapers 1942-2016.

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:42 pm

I took Jennifer Lopez off the list, since she said she's not a Scientologist, in interview with People; Jennifer Lopez: Casper Smart Helped Me Heal After Divorce,, ... 83,00.html, ... 83,00.html , Star Pulse quoted from the People article saying she's not a Scientologist, ... rriage_sci

Jennifer is best buddies with Leah Remini; let's hope Leah makes a similar statement soon. ... emini-jpg/

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Readyforaction » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:55 pm

So sad to hear Juliet Sims is a Scamatologist. I liked her on The Voice. Oh well. One less musician to spend money on.

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Karin Pouw » Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:13 am

Don Carlo wrote:I took Jennifer Lopez off the list, since she said she's not a Scientologist, in interview with People; Jennifer Lopez: Casper Smart Helped Me Heal After Divorce,, ... 83,00.html, ... 83,00.html , Star Pulse quoted from the People article saying she's not a Scientologist, ... rriage_sci

Jennifer is best buddies with Leah Remini; let's hope Leah makes a similar statement soon. ... emini-jpg/
Did Jennifer Lopez say she's not a Scientologist or did the author of the article say it? It's not said as a Lopez quote in the starpulse article.

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:07 pm

Under 1953 Peter Schless, added the following:

1. wife Julie R. Caetano Fisher Schless, married to 1953 Peter Schless and formerly married to critic Mark Fisher, who wrote about how CoS ripped up their marriage, ... isher.html

2. Julie's brother Kevin Caetano and his wife Kirsten Maria Thorne

3. Kirsten's parents Colin and Marta Thorne, ailing and housed in the depressing Anthony Building, on Angry Gay Pope's report, ... /index.htm

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:13 pm

The daughter of 1959 Lee Anne Haigney and niece of Tom Cruise was previously listed above with no name, but is now identified as Lauren Haigney, in Sea Org, from page 320 of Lawrence Wright's Going Clear. Lauren must be the daughter of John Haigney, since John and Lee Anne Haigney (with exact birthdates) were, in, living at the same address in Delaware in 1986, the year Lauren Haigney was born. I apologize for thinking John Haigney was a later stepfather.

Lauren Haigney's cookie-cutter I am a Scientologist webpage around 1998:
Hello, my name is Lauren Haigney, and here is a little bit about myself:
I am 12 years old. I go to Delphi Academy in La Canada where I learn to apply L. Ron Hubbard study technology.

My favorite subject in school is reading. I especially like to read fiction. I want to be Marine Biologist when I'm older. I like to scuba dive and play sports; basketball is my favorite sport.*
This matches her being around 18 when her 2004 graduation from Delphi in LA was attended by Tom Cruise (she was called his niece and daughter of his sister Lee Anne, but unnamed in media coverage)**. Now she's a scam bureaucrat in Sea Org instead of a Marine Biologist.

** and viewtopic.php?t=12973

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Re: Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb 2013

Post by Don Carlo » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:39 am

Connected 1941 Bruce Wiseman to actor 1967 Michael Wiseman, as father and son. Thanks to Karen de la Carriere for confirming this.

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