My Experience/Analysis of the Psychotic World of $cientology

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My Experience/Analysis of the Psychotic World of $cientology

Post by mr_bad » Wed Dec 28, 2005 9:05 pm

This first post is meant to give some details of my story as well as provide an analysis of $cientology philosophy and corporate structure. The purpose is to inoculate people to the lies, deceptions, and cognitive dissonance the Cult of $cientology needs to instill in order to survive.

I was about 19 when I stumbled across a Dianetics book at a friends house, and thus began my nightmarish odyssey into $cientology la la land.

The main thing I learned and I want you to learn is that EVERYTHING in $cientology is bullshit. Everything in $cientology eventually ends up hurting you more than it helps you. Nothing in the cult has to be done the way they say it does. And for that matter, this so-called "religion" only really offers a couple of pieces of advice that you could literally fit into a single paragraph. Literally EVERYTHING condensed into one paragraph like; use a dictionary, sweating can get rid of toxins, and get a therapist to talk about past trauma. Seriously, I just summed up everything.

So, I'm on the internet telling my story, and it's been read over 100,000 times. This is the last thing $cientology wants. The cult wants people who leave to crawl under a rock and die because people like me have a different story to tell besides the bullshit they want new people to hear. In other words, $cientology tries to whitewash their entire history. All the abuse I suffered, and all the exploitation I endured is never supposed to see the light of day. They desperately want to keep their shitty culture a mystery so that they can present their phony version.

You need to know: EVERYONE who leaves is branded with the labels; apostate, degraded being, freeloader, unethical, suppressive, and counter-intentioned to the well-being of mankind. EVERYONE gets these labels!! Every word they use to describe ex-members is degrading. And the reason people leave is not because they've committed crimes against $cientology. They leave because they're tired of being treated like a piece of shit.

This is why $cientology hates Google because it destroys mysteries. You're reading my story. That's bad, in their eyes. There's a policy in $cientology called the Mystery Sandwich. It's one of those things in $cientology where the tools of enslavement are hidden in plain view. Like in 8-8008, Hubbard said, "The only way you can control people is to lie to them." In other words, $cientology wants to keep you chasing their mysteries, but they're all out in plain sight, thanks to the interwebs.

$cientology sells these things called OT levels, and they are "confidential." (shrouded in mystery) They are sold as the most wondrous and fabulous things in the world and they are the key to mankind's salvation but they are SECRET. Huh? A normal and sane person (a non-$cientologist) looks at this and goes, "If they are so fabulous and beneficial, why not just put this information in the PUBLIC DOMAIN!!" A sane person say, if OT levels actually benefited mankind, they would make them free for everyone.

In other words, Corporate $cientology (David Miscavige) does nothing but feed hyped bullshit to cognitively dissonant morons, who can't see the forest for the trees, and your main job as a $cientologist is to become curious. You're supposed to give them your retirement savings, your kid's college fund, take out a 2nd mortgage to find out about Lord Xenu, the evil galactic emperor. Then, once you do that, you go, "Hey, wait a minute, this is bullshit. That fat fuck said he broke his back to tell me a story about aliens and volcanoes?? What an asshole!"

Seriously, from the outside...It's a fucking stupid culture, and the reason is obvious, Hubbard was a con man.

'The Mystery' is why, when you are dumb enough to give them your phone #, they will call you sometimes as many as 10-times-a-night and say, "You've got to come to the event this Saturday because 'the most amazing thing ever has happened.'" You say, "Well, what happened?" And then they always say, "I can't tell you, but you just have to come to the event." EVERY SINGLE fucking EVENT IN $CIENTOLOGY IS RUN THIS WAY. They put your name on a 'calling list' and dozens of copies are printed-up and passed around. $cientology has a stupid event just about every week. So, imagine how annoying it is to get 20-calls by 20-different people all running the mystery sandwich bullshit. This has been their operating basis for last 25-years. $cientologists are pissed off. They say, "STOP FUCKING CALLING ME FOR THE EVENT!!" and slam down their phone. $cientologists change their numbers so they stop getting calls.

I still get calls after I've told them to fuck off at least 100 times.

This is the shitty culture of $cientology.

But it gets worse, they will also give your number to about 7-different $cientology cult centers, who will call you and try to sell you shit like the re-re-release of incredibly dull books that cost $4,000. I personally received about 100 phones calls when they re-re-released their Basic Books.

If you are a public, you are constantly being harassed to come to an event so you can be harassed at the event for MONEY. That's $cientology.

And they say they are the world's fastest growing religion.

Another big fucking lie in $cientoloy.... When I first joined way back when, they told me, "If you help build a $t. Hill Size Org, we'll give you your all your OT levels."

Then after I spent 2-years helping them build a $t. Hill $ize Org, and once that happened, they were like, "Uh, we're going to have to review your credentials and qualifications again for the 50th time because we need to re-re-re-re-re-check to make sure you're qualified to be here because we're still not sure." In other words, like cults do, they used me, like they use everyone, and when I fulfilled my end of the bargain, they didn't fulfill theirs.

This is called a bait-and-switch scam. 1000's of young unsuspecting kids have been fucked over with $cientology's bait and switch!! THOUSANDS!! They were given big promises like me. Then, they were told to fuck off.

So when I quit, they said I "blew," which means they think I had CRIMES, which is a fucking joke. It's like saying prisoners escape prison because of the crimes they commit in prison. No, the reason I left $cientology is because I was lied to, treated like shit, and the $ea Org environment of ZERO TIME OFF was exactly like prison. I escaped prison.

Imagine, a poster in every room says, "The Bridge To Total Freedom" and you can't even have a fucking day off without asking for permission from 5 different assholes who also can't have a day off without getting permission from 5 different assholes. It's such a shitty culture

So, I bolted for the the bus station. But did they let me leave? NO. Three goons (I worked with them) showed up at the bus station and threatened me.

Three guys at the bus station pressured me to come back, but it wasn't to help me, it was to pressure me to sign a bunch of legal documents and get more sec checks because they knew they scammed me, and they didn't want me going to the press and bitching about how psychotic this cult is. They didn't want me to inject rational critiques that actually make people think critically about their bullshit because this is going to make Miscavige cut back on his vacations and postpone building his 10th home.

So, before you continue reading my story, go watch something they definitely don't want you to see like this video of L. Ron Hubbard Jr. ––

99% of everyone calling themselves $cientologists don't know what L. Ron Jr. said about his dad. Think about that. People don't really know anything about $cientology's true history.

Think about the fact that his wife was sent to prison because of her involvement in a massive spy operation. That's fucked and says everything about what $cientology truly is.

Moreover, L. Ron Jr. says his dad created $cientology for money. Jr. says his dad was involved in drug smuggling, his dad was into Satanism, said his dad did boatloads of drugs.

Jr. said all kinds of stuff that would make every single $cientologist walk out the door immediately and never look back. L. Ron Jr. was speaking the TRUTH!!

And after experiencing 2-years of living in the Sea Org at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California in the early 90s, I can concur with L. Ron Jr. I can tell you that L. Ron Hubbard was a despicable man, and the entire purpose of his Organization is to exploit labor for the purpose of empowering an enthroned dickhead named David Miscavige. I have personally seen how Miscavige is treated like royalty while he shits on everyone.

I got into $cientology by reading books. "Books make booms" they say. Book reading is a nice gentle way of indoctrination. (They know this) Reading a book leads one to believe $cientology is about something other than what $cientology is really about––Money. My goal when I first became involved was to find something to helpful. I found a few things in the books that I thought were helpful, but I kept noticing how anything helpful was always circumvented by some other piece of "tech" that created the culture that was psychotic and evil. Through my research I've learned that the 'helpful things' were really just plagarizations from other self-help books, and were only there to set the foundations of brainwashing so the vicious money grubbing shit bags can take all your money!!

I pursued $cientology because I was an idealistic 20-year-old. They told they were "freeing mankind." I had no internet so I didn't know $cientology's most sacred scripture which is "make money, make more money, make other produce so as to make more money" (Actual "church scripture" written by L. Ron Hubbard)

The time period was around 1990. I started off reading Dianetics. I got half way through, but never finished because I felt Dianetics was somewhat deluded, coated in bullshit, and self-promoting. Since then, I've realized that Dianetics seemed that way because Elron actually was deluded, coated in bullshit, and self-promoting on top of being a BIG FUCKING LIAR.

Hubbard wrote Dianetics in about a month even though he gave the impression he did "years of research." You never see the "research" because it never happened. He claimed he researched, but never offered any "research" aside from the "research and discovery volumes," but if you ever bother to read those books, you see his "research" consisted of his opinions and criticisms of other people's work. If you ever listen to L. Ron blabber in a tape lecture, you'll notice how he thinks everyone else is a piece of shit, and how he thinks he is way better than everyone else. He's a lying pompous asshole.

A key piece of information that people underestimate about L. Ron is the fact that he was a hypnotist. Let that soak-in because this is really why he created his own jargon, which is a form of hypnotism. Once you start thinking with "$cientological" words, you start self-hypnotising and "individuating." Individuate- is a word coined by L. Ron. Its describes how word-clearing all of L. Ron words starts separating you from society and leading you deeper into Cult la la Land. This is an important point because this is something I learned the hard way, "thinking" with $cientology words "individuates" you. Once you start "thinking" with $cientology words, you start believing Tubby's inventions like the "reactive mind." Once you start believing the self-delusions, you are hooked. Eventually, you'll be hanging out around a cult center with the most vacuous superficial uncaring money-grubbing douchebags you'll ever come across and you'll start imagining that you need to give a million dollars to rid yourself of your "Reactive Mind".

The fact is, the "reactive mind" is a fictional fantasy fatboy made up to sell to suckers because he also made up the means to get rid of the reactive mind. Get it? There was no "discovery." Fatass created a problem then created the means to get rid of the problem he created. Therefore, if you starting thinking you have to get rid of something L. Ron created the solution to fix, you've just become one of L. Ron's suckers.

Realize, Fatass would never say something like, "You are pretty much fucked up like everyone else, and you must learn to appreciate all your massive flaws," because that would mean fatass would have nothing to use to steal all of your money.

The truth is, we are all deeply fucked up people who are bound to make mistakes from time to time, and there's nothing we can do about it except learn from our mistakes. The last thing a person needs, who's struggling through life and makings mistakes, is a PTS label slapped on them, which will only lead to more suffering. The only real solution to human frailty is not another label, but it is to just try to be happy and to act with compassion towards one another. Therefore, if you start calling someone PTS because they get sick, you're just a fucking asshole.

FREE PEOPLE are free to speak openly about everything. FREE PEOPLE don't keep stupid fucking secrets. Free people are Free to look up anything they want on the Internet. FREE PEOPLE would recognize that a "Bridge to Total Freedom" that did nothing but make you keep a bunch of secrets is FUCKING BULLSHIT!!

If you are bound by $cientology's secrets, you are $cientology's slave. PERIOD!! Stop fucking deluding yourself.

As my story goes, I went into a center and I was immediately pressured to join staff. IMMEDIATELY!!!! I didn't know this is what they do to EVERYONE. They pressure EVERYONE to join staff within a few visits, and they lie and say "We'll give you everything for free, if you join staff."

When you first go in, you find out there are literally thousands of pages of L. Ron Hubbard's rambling policies that provide the structure of the organization. The "structure" works like this: you must be a completely obedient slave who gives all your time and money to $cientology, you are never supposed read "entheta" off google, and you are never supposed to question where all the money goes, or demand to see proof of the "official" L. Ron Hubbard fables (like war records, college diplomas) because, if you do ever read an unofficial biography, you would discover that all of L. Ron's "accomplishments" were pure bullshit.

Once you start heading toward the exit, you learn everything you thought you admired about Hubbard was a BIG FUCKING LIE.

Moreover, if you don't know this, you ought to know L. Ron was a massive druggie. L. Ron abused drugs––every kind you can imagine, including psych drugs, cocaine, speed, and weed. My point is, someone who's constantly popping pills would create a completely psychotic culture!! So, the people around the cult are always operating on different bits and pieces of information, which makes life inside the cult a living nightmare. Plus, as much as 70% of $cientology is "confidential." So, when you interact with people, you have no idea what information they are operating off of. You will never see most of the information because they are only accessible to people at "higher" churches or "higher levels of the grade chart," which only adds to more chaos, which is why people are constantly leaving $cientology, which is why the "We're Hiring" sign is always on the front door.

Supposedly the "OTs" that you encounter are operating with supernatural information and skills, but truthfully, the only difference between you and an OT is that an OT has their nose crammed further up David Miscavige's ass so they've been around longer so they know more secrets and they know real secret to being successful in $cientology is to just act like a bigger asshole than everyone else.

In other words, the real underlying truth to OT, as you discover, is that OTs are "successful" according to how much money they give to David Miscavige, which obviously is blatant nepotism. In other words, the entire culture inside $cientology is about gaining superficial status by giving money to David Miscavige through Ideal Orgs, IAS Status, OT Levels, SuperPower, and whatever other reason Miscavige invents.

Also, in terms of behavior, cult members don't do anything else but "cherry pick" the particular line from the "policy/tech" they want to apply, and it's usually the piece of "policy" that's justifies acting like a self-absorbed jackass, and this creates an environment of constant abuse and conflict inside this "church." You'll notice once you pass the final Exit Sign in $cientology the profound absence of words like "Compassion, Love, Kindness, Warmheartedness, Patience."

In $cientology, Someone is constantly looking over your shoulder and constantly criticizing you to move faster because "speed of particle flow determines power." I can't emphasize enough how this little phrase is abused constantly. People constantly scream in your face to move faster, and it makes for the most hellish work environment you can imagine. Nothing is done fast enough. Everything has to be done yesterday, except, of course, the Super Power Building and releasing OT Levels 9-15. ...These 2 things can wait another 50-years as far as David Miscavige is concerned.

Another thing, KSW, Keeping $cientology Working, the policy that's at the beginning of every course in $cientology, suggests punching someone in the eye, if they are doing something wrong. The culture in the cult is violent per policy. You'll be wondering why some person is threatening you with physical violence, then one day you'll come across "scripture" that says, "Deliver an effective blow to your enemies" or "dispose of people below 2.0 on the tone scale quietly and without sorrow." So, you can imagine the state of constant of conflict, which leads to a massive staff turnover rate. (about 99% who step inside a cult center leave quickly after they decide they don't need to be treated like shit, and btw, this is the real reason people leave-- ARC Breaks, and it's not O/Ws.

In the early 90's, I had never really heard of $cientology before. But, one of the first questions they asked when I walked through the front door was—have you read the TIME article? (this was pre-internet so I couldn't just go "Google it") So, I said, "No." Their response was something like, "Phew!! Thank God!!" BUT, they still gave me all their material to debunk the article, and they told me not to read the article just in case I went and read it!!

If I had read the TIME article, I would have learned early about the multitude of Human Rights abuses. I also would have learned about XENU, which would have cleared up one of many of $cientology's ridiculous "mysteries." Not going out and finding the TIME article was my downfall. Uninformed people are perfect mark for the con. The biggest mistake you or anyone can do is give $cientology the benefit-of-the-doubt.

So, I'm now actually embarrassed to say this, but I joined the Cult of $cientology without really knowing anything about $cientology, and I ended up wasting 2-years of my life at Celebrity Center International where I got to witness first-hand all of $cientology's endless abuses of basic human decency.

Once I signed $cientology's billion year contract, I basically signed away all of my Human Rights, and the next 2 years of my life became an education in what $cientology felt my Rights should be, which if your wondering what $cientology's thinks a person's Rights should be go watch the movie Schindler's List and see how the jews lived in concentration camps-this is how Sea Org members live minus the daily executions. Another helpful movie is 1984. that movie because it's a good representation of how constant one-sided propaganda is used to manipulate minds.

It's important to note that "Book 1" (the intro Dianetics book) is quickly shunned as "not as effective as $cientology." Dianetics is the first of many "bait and switches" in $cientology. When I had my first Dianetics auditing session, I thought this is nice, and that was the main thing that propelled me forward.

The truth is, however, "intro Dianetics" is quickly replaced with $cientology. $cientology auditing is $1,000 an hour whereas Dianetics is only $20-an-hour.

When you first walk in the door, you are bombarded with a bunch of "new $cientology words." You spend a lot of time clearing up the meanings of new $cientology words—this is brainwashing. The "new words" lay the groundwork for the behavior modification and philosophy indoctrination that follows. Basic Dianetics is quietly set to the side. Thus, you have the real reason Dianetics is cast aside for "the more powerful and life changing $cientology," but the only thing more powerful and life changing about $cientology is the rate at which it empties your bank account.

Another part of the equation is this: EVERYTHING $cientology does with regards to the public [wogs—raw meat] is done on the basis of "Hard Sell," which is a way of pressuring [selling] where you keep harrassing someone to do something while you explain away [handle] every objection because you drill beforehand responses to typical objections, and you keep pressing until that person "gives in" [succumbs], which explains how people give this cult so much money. (I can't even begin tell you how many times I was hard-sold into doing something I didn't want to do.)

It's become crystal clear the sole reason $cientologists refuse to allow people the time to "think things through" by hard-selling everything without allowing consultation of family members before making life-changing financial decisions is because it is a con job that doesn't care, if people make family-ruining decisions.

The truth is, if you care about people, you don't coerce people into doing something that may have disastrous consequences. If you care about people, you let them take their time to decide what's best for their family. Moreover, you give them all the information up-front so that they know what they are getting into.

Another thing $cientologists do to a new inductee [raw meat] is give them the "Personality Test" or now they call it a "Stress Test," which is completely scripted and therefore NOT A TEST. The stress-test script basically says the same thing no matter who takes the test. $cientologist, deceptively, never tell a new person "we're following a script." The script reader simply tells the raw meat, "You're heartless, irresponsible, depressed, aggressive, and a poor communicator, and your only salvation is $cientology. Buy all these crappy books and buy this Dianetics auditing because your eternal salvation and happiness depends on it. Give me your credit card information." They hard-sell the crap out of you to get you to buy a bunch of books and auditing.

The sick thing is, $cientologists have taken this fake test as many of 50 times, and they still haven't figured out why the results are always the same. The other sick part is, the test giver that knows they are going off a script doesn't have the integrity to go, "If I'm going off a script, doesn't that make this test total bullshit?"

Something else, when I was first came through the door, they immediately wanted to put me in-debt, which was an evil thing to do to a struggling college student. The rationale they gave me was "You're life will be so much better, you'll be able to handle this debt more easily." I've sense realized their program of indebting their members is not about getting people to overcome their reactive mind, it is about doing the most unethical thing you can possibly do to someone—turn someone into a debt slave.

Once again, all selling in $cientology is done through hardsell. And $cientology has their own private definition of the word "Hardsell." Staff members "Chinese School" the definition of Hard Sell every single day—"Chinese School" is when someone holds up a cue card, and the entire group of cult members shout in unison what's written on the card. (Chinese do this because they are communists, and it's apart of brainwashing, and $cientologists do it for the same reasons)

Individuals are always hard-sold, but the other method is what I call "The Group Hardsell." This is where they get a bunch of people in a room and they have a speaker (seller) that sells the group on IAS memberships, Flag trips, and Freewinds trips. Believe it or not, this is one of $cientology's most often used methods of raising money. I can't tell you how many times I found myself sitting in a room with a bunch of people getting pressured to fork-over money.

So, when I joined staff at my local cult I was immediately recruited for the Sea Org. I went along with being recruited mostly out of curiosity and because I was told I would be making bunch of money at my local org, which, not surprising, was a total lie. My first "paycheck" was $14 dollars for a weeks work. I was commuting 45-minutes each way, which obviously, means it cost me more to work there than I took home. I can't tell you how pissed off I was about that little surprise. But, that's not the worst of it. By the end of the first week, I had already finished my first course, which added money onto a freeloader's debt that I would have to repay, if I quit and wanted to do anything else in $cientology.

So, being the optimist that I am, I thought the $ea Org would be better. I was going from one "bait and switch" to another.

Another 'shocker,' I was also deliberately lied to by a $ea Org recruiter. Every time I talked to this one particular Sea Org recruiter, she would say, "I just had an UNNNNN———BEEEEEEEEEE———LIEEEEEEEVVVVV———ABLE session this morning!!" She pretended she went into session EVERYDAY, but she was LYING. She suggested I would go into session EVERYDAY too, if joined the $ea Org. She'd roll her eyes back in her head to suggest her auditing sessions were like a mind-blowing orgasms—she told me this lie repeatedly exactly the way I just described. I was told several times, "You'll get your all OT levels, and you'll be going into session all the time, IF you join the $ea Org." Of course, later on, I found out she was lying about EVERYTHING.

Recruiters as well as the rest of staff NEVER GET AUDITING. Staff only get Security Checked to uncover "crimes," and after I joined, it turned out to be the only time I went into session was when I was getting interrogated in a Sec Check. I personally endured about 8 separate Sec Checks over the course of 2 years.

Lies upon lies and intimidation are $cientology's bread and butter.

When one lie doesn't work, there's another one right behind that lie, and when that lie stops working, they put you on an e-meter and delve into your personal life to uncover as many little details as they can about you to use against you later on. All these bits of info are put into your ethics folder, which willed be culled for juicy, which will be made public, if you publicly speak out against $cientology.

After spending 2 years in the Sea Org in the early nineties, and I had a commendation for building a St. Hill Size Org in my hand, and it was time to deliver on the promise of OT levels, the fabulous "Universe Corps" showed up consisting of 1 auditor to deliver all the OT levels to about 200 staff. Yes, ONE PERSON to 'help' 200.

The lone auditor got nowhere!!

With 200 people to audit through the entire Bridge, which would take each person roughly a year, it's not hard to do the math and realize this "Universe Corps" was going get 200 people through 7 OT levels in about 200 years.

But no problem, within 3 months 50 of the 200 people quit because the scam was obvious at that point In fact, I witnessed several psychotic breaks at this point. One person tried to commit suicide by jumping out a 4th-story-window. Most psychotic breaks just consisted of people breaking down and refusing to work anymore and those poor souls were quickly offloaded "quietly and without sorrow" with massive freeloader's debts to repay.

So roughly, within 6 months, about 50 to 70 staff were gone. Within another 6 months another 50 people were gone.

By the end of 5 years, MAYBE only about 20 of the hardcore staff were left, and most, if not all of those people still have not received their OT levels.

After 2 years, out of the 200 people maybe only 1 person got the full "prize" of OT 7, and that person was already on OT 5 when the Universe Corps got there.

In other words, $t. Hill $ize was a giant hoax, but that's pretty much the same scenario across $cientology. Every cult center that achieved $t. Hill $ize dissolved.

In the final analysis, there was no path to enlightenment in $cientology. When you consider that the "Ethics" book tells all members to "deliver an effective blows to your enemies," it contradicts the fact that a path to enlightenment is about treating everyone with compassion—including one's enemies. $cientology constantly violates the 1st rule of Buddhism, which is CAUSE NO HARM.

So, my point in mentioning all this is this: I was scammed, but I wasn't the only one who was scammed. My scenario happened to thousands of people. (I've been to several "St. Hill Size orgs" and I've seen the empty buildings—people are filled with promises and when those promise never materialize, they leave, and they are called freeloaders and degraded beings.)

Now, the $t Hill $ize scam has stopped working, and has been replace with the "Ideal Org" scam—yet another bait and switch.

Moreover, just to be sure I knew was scammed, once I had "the St. Hill Size Org Commendation" in my hand that's when a whole list of things was done to try to get rid of me:

•I was assigned a lower condition for something I did that involved Brad Pitt, who was dating Juliette Lewis at that time, and the thing I did was extremely minor and completely "on policy." But at the time, I didn't realize there are 2 sets of policies—policy for "regular people" and policy for "celebrities." There is no limits to the ass kissing done for $cientology's "Celebrities" because of the alleged "PR value" of these people.

•there was the 20th review of my qualifications (a fitness board) to really really really make sure I was qualified to be there. I can't tell how uncomfortable it is to have a group of people cull through my files and question me about my life's history constantly, but that is $cientology's standard operating procedure.

•David Miscavige barged into my office and yelled "who are you and what are doing?" This was my first and last encounter with him, and it was crystal clear this guy was an asshole.

• random admin courses where assigned constantly to be finished in a day, but would realistically take a week to finish.

•there was massive staff Sec Check because the GI crashed AGAIN, which is unacceptable because $cientology needs a constant stream of money going to fight all of $cientology's legal battles. Or, there was an endless series of investigations to root out SPs because a process server snuck on base and served papers to some "executive" or a "celebrity" because another lawsuit was being filed against $cientology for the constant lies and abuses of basic Human Rights.

•a perverted psychopath was put into my berthing who tried to jack-me-off while I was sleeping.

•there were many "assignments" that took me out of the org for 2 weeks, which were pointless wastes of my time and always done under high pressure and stress.

•a guy threatened to break my legs, if I failed to reach my letter quota. Yes, some asshole literally pointed at my legs and said, "I'm going to fucking break your legs, if you "lie" about reaching your quota again."

•CMO messengers (commodore's messengers) came from "uplines," who always acted like complete assholes. Gerry Specker was one backstabbing bitch I remember. She went behind my back and tried to get me put on permanent dishwashing. Why? I don't know, but I noticed it was common for Commodore's Messenger to roam around trying to pinpoint some poor staff member, and then, rip them a new asshole infront of everyone to instill fear in the entire staff. They called this an SRA—a Severe Reality Adjustment, and this happened about every 2 or 3 weeks at Celebrity Center International. The purpose was to keep everyone in a constant state of fear. Fearful people are easy to control, which I later found out, was actually part of the "Tech," or I should I say, "the Tech within the Tech" because general staff are not privy to the "upline's policies" that order "execs" to terrorize staff members

...but then again, there was only 1 auditor trying to audit 200 people all at onceNOBODY recieved OT levels as promised, and everyone was getting more and more pissed off and fights were breaking out and people were leaving left and right, which is why there's always a sign on the front door—"We're Hiring." This is why recruitment is so relentless.

Notice: I put quotes around "execs" a couple of times—These motherfuckers were unfit to run a McDonalds, but they were allowed terrorize innocent people by yelling at them and demanding from them—stuff like "recruit 5 people by this Thursday at 2" OR "sell $50 grand by Thursday at 2"

So, I hope I've drawn a clear picture for you: Life in the $ea Org is more psychotic than you can possibly imagine!!

Crazy shit was constantly happening. For example, some jackoff would read someone's O/Ws (very private "confidential" information) to the entire crew during a muster while the person stands there in horror—this happened regularly.

Another crazy thing that happened was I got mugged at gun point. 2 black dudes jumped when in alley at 11:00pm as I was dropping off a check. Yes, I was still working at 11:00pm, which was typical.

Everyone worked 14 hours a day 7 days a week, and then, you had to ask permission to have a day off.

Towards the end of my time in $ea Org, I had my CSW for a vacation get turned down. So, I said fuck you, and I left anyway. I hadn't had a day off in about 3 months, and they turned down my request, so I left any way.

Also, my room was repeatedly searched without my permission and my presence.

Money was stolen from me.

I quietly watched as the world around me turned more and more psychotic. Someone was always looking over my shoulder or trying to tell me what to do. There was no "freedom" to be had by anyone—it was a total fucking nightmare.

And all these fucking assholes like Tom Cruise and John Travolta can go fuck themselves for promoting a shitty place like Celebrity Centre International.

At $cientology's core is the Elron quote which goes "Make money, make more money, make others produce so as to make more money." Money is the main topic of discussion during every meeting. It's sell, sell, sell, sell. Life in the world of $cientology was about a constant nagging for money. Never is there any intention to deliver on any of fat ass's promises.

$cientology is simply a vehicle for David Miscavige to financially rape as many people as possible.

After two years, I realized nothing was going to change because $cientology can't change. The only thing that could make $cientology change is the truth, but the truth leads towards the exit sign.

Furthermore, I can't imagine anyone would want to carry around some bullshit about Xenu and volcanoes. It's fucking stupid.

This my friends is why, if you're dumb enough to call yourself a $cientologist, I'm sorry.

What you should do is walk out the front door and never look back—if $cientology was selling Freedom, you wouldn't be obligated to pay to keep secrets, nor would you be constantly harassed by phone calls and 5 pieces of mail per day.

Get it?

In the end, all $cientology really wants FREE LABOR and FREE MONEY without giving me the promises they made, and then once the goodwill is used up, you are to be discarded "quietly and without sorrow."

This is a classic "bait and switch" con game at its heart, and when I was gone, they found someone else to scam.

If I had known beforehand this cults history, I never would have joined. If I had known about all the crazy policies beforehand, I would have stayed in college, and I wouldn't be sitting here typing this.

When I finally had enough of their bullshit, I left. But, the story doesn't end there. Then, I was called the "degraded being" and a "freeloader" after leaving or "blowing", as they say, for no good reason. They just wanted to cover-up the fact that every promise they made to lure me to join was empty.

EVERYONE, who leaves, and everyone leaves eventually, gets the same shitty treatment per policy, which is disgraceful. Only a dishonorable organization dishonors everyone of its former members, which is what $cientology does. No parent would want this evil brought onto a son or daughter.

$cientology needs to be shut down. If our fucking government won't do it, We the People need to wise up and shut this group of assholes down.

Not one more child should have their future raped by David Miscavige!

So, would I ever want a child of mine to go through what I went through? FUCK NO!!

But wait, there's more. Since I've been writing about all my experiences, they would call me an "apostate" and a "Suppressive Person"

•an apostate is someone who renounces their "beliefs," which is fucking a joke. Calling me an apostate implies I knew before I joined the extent of $cientology's dark and evil history and how they treat people like shit, which I didn't! And, if telling the truth about my experiences in a hell-hole makes me "suppressive," then, hell yes, I'm suppressive!!

I'm so fucking suppressive I want to see David Miscavige behind bars for the rest of his life.

However, if I was a freeloading degraded being and an apostate, why send me at least 2 pieces of mail every single fucking day with no option to be taken off their mailing list?? Seriously, 2 pieces of mail every single fucking day in my mail box for the last 17-years—sometimes as many as 7 pieces a day!! Yes, I've actually received 7 pieces of mail in one day!! Imagine this group is sending you a piece of mail in your mail box everyday, and they consider you a "freeloader," and you really aren't welcome around there until you pay off your freeloader debt?!? ...Fucking psychotic.

After taking an honest look at my experiences, the experiences of others, and doing a lot research on the the internet, I've concluded that $cientology is a global scam. Matt Stone and Trey Parker from Southpark are 100% dead on in their assessment of $cientology. And so was Elvis Presley when he said, "$cientology is all head and no heart."

There is no fucking way I would want to see any of my friends or family go through what I went through •not in a billion years•

I'm certain, L. Ron Hubbard was a fucking liar and one of the most evil con artists of all time, and David Miscavige is his accomplice and apprentice.

Every single claim L. Ron Hubbard made about himself has been a confirmed LIE.

For example, yes, he served in the Navy, but never saw combat!! Therefore, he was never wounded. If you're a $cientologist and you're reading this, the next time you visit a cult center ask to see a copy of L.Ron Hubbard's DD214 (actual military service record) —you have never seen it, and you never will. Here's why: He was not awarded a Purple Heart Medal, which is what you get when you are wounded in action. Therefore, Elron was not "crippled and blinded" as he claimed, and therefore, didn't "cure himself" of his injuries as he claim. Therefore, every claim about Dianetics is a LIE.

Moreover, this is why they've been writing a "biography" on L. Ron Hubbard for about 30-years, but it's published. It will never be published because a little thing called "the truth" gets in the way. Rest assured, there will never be an "official" biography because no one can provide proof, nor can anyone keep track of all his lies because he was a pathological LIAR.

David Miscavige knows L. Ron Hubbard was a liar, which is why you never see him giving interviews in public. The one and only time Douche Miscavige was interviewed on National TV, more of the cults criminal acts were exposed, which concur with everything I've just said, and he ended up looking like a completely antagonistic and condescending douchebag—watch the Ted Coppell and David Miscavige interview here. At least watch the pre-interview segment.

It's safe to say you will never see him getting interviewed on national television again. Most likely, the next time you see David Miscavige on national TV, he'll be getting carted off to jail in handcuffs, or they'll show him living in a non-extradition country like Dubai because once his crimes are exposed, he will be a wanted man.

There are a couple things everyone reading this should know:

1. Anything you could ever hope to achieve through auditing can be achieved through Book 1. The ENTIRE "Bridge" is nothing more than mild regressive therapy, which is therapy where you reach into your past and talk about something until you relieve some discomfort. All auditing addresses something from your past to alleviate stress in the present. ALL THE VARIOUS AUDITING DOES THE SAME THING!! This notion of "more powerful auditing techniques" is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Anything beyond Book 1 is an example of L.Ron "squirreling." In fact OT 7 auditing is just Book 1, except you do it by yourself and with an e-meter. Truthfully, they could teach you how to address ANYTHING in your mind with Book 1, but Elron didn't want people to pay $15 an hour for auditing. He was a greedy son of a bitch. He wanted people paying $1000 an hour, and he wanted all of that $1000 to go directly into his pocket, which is why $ea Org members only get $50 a week, if they're lucky. Auditing lists are kept "secret" even though they're all over the Internet, and the reason they're kept "secret" is to keep people from figuring out with total certainty that each step of the Bridge is not any different from the one they just finished. The "secrecy" allows Lafatty to keep lying and bullshiting all the way through. You would never pay $360,000 for the entire Bridge, if you were given full access to all the information beforehand. The fact that $cientologists are paying all this money without ever seeing everything beforehand speaks to the fact that they are hypnotized and brainwashed. Every excuse they make for "confidentiality" is TOTAL BULLSHIT, and there is no proper order because L. Ron made-shit-up as he went along. Moreover, if they told you about Xenu when you 1st walked in the door, you'd go, "What a load of crap" and walk out the door. So, the "order" is made-up really just to slowly indoctrinate people. There's also the lie about "magnitude of wins"—it suggests people on the top levels are having bigger wins because they are "OT"—this is a delusional fallacy.

PLEASE GET THIS: The REAL reason there are so many levels is to drain you of all your assests, and the entire Bridge is variations of Book 1 with a different name attached to it. I'M NOT FUCKING KIDDING!! The truth of the matter is, they could have reduced the cost of the entire bridge down to $20,000, removed all the controversial policies, released all the levels (OT 1-15), make all the material available at every center, and removed all the confidentiality, and they'd probably be 10Xs more successful, except, $cientology is being run by a violent moronic highschool dropout, David Miscavige. He acts like a complete asshole to everyone except for his boyfriend, Tom Cruise.

(Read a tape transcript by L. Ron Hubbard Jr., which completely backs up everything I've just said about Elron and auditing.)

2. Courses only teach you "how to be paranoid and evil." More to the point, some of the definitions of Elron's words are so broad everyone fits into the definition. For example, a "PTS (potential trouble source) person" can be anyone who is displaying "any outness." Therefore, anyone can be labeled PTS at any time for any reason by anyone. The PTS definition is a helpful tool for any sociopath, who wants to go on a power trip, which is why $cientology is chock full of them.

In Scientology they love the PTS label, and it's constantly used because people are constantly struggling in the psychotic environment. And clearly, the only ones handing out "PTS labels" are the manipulative assholes, who are "higher up on the org board" (higher in Scientology's Caste System) than the one who is recieving the label. The "PTS label" is a tool for someone who wants have power over someone. In Scientology, you either fall in line, or you get slapped with a label.

Once that's clear to you, it makes sense that L. Ron Hubbard was a hypocritical, sadistic, vindictive asshole, who used labels to control people.

My experiences caused me so much suffering, it nearly bankrupted me and it nearly ruined my relationships with my family.

My advice to anyone considering Scientology:

1. READ the factual unauthorized biographies. Here are links to the best ones:
Bare Face Messiah by Russell Miller
A Piece of the Blue Sky by Jon Atak
The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper
Ron the "War Hero" by Chris Owen
Madman or Messiah by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.

2. READ the affadavits, especially Andre Tabayoyon.

3. READ every piece of "confidential" church material. It's all just one google search away on the net. (•L Rundowns •SuperPower Rundown •OT Levels 1-8.) (—I read the OT 3 materials on the Internet 10 years ago and still no pneumonia.)

4. READ posts by J. Swift, Dr. Shannon, Magoo, Arnie Lerma, BTs2Free, and Blownforgood on this Message Board.

5. READ about the psycho sadistic life in the "upper echelons" of INT MGMT, where DM beats the crap out of his homeboys.

If you think you can trust ANY information disseminated by the "church", THINK AGAIN!! The Church of $cientology has whitewashed and lied about its entire history. They constantly try to rewrite history. Vital information is suppressed and altered to keep Scientologists from being able to make sense out of all of it.

Here's the perfect example: a short video of something all $cientologists should know about, but don't.

Senior Management, David Miscavige, (the supreme dictator) main goal is to keep members in the dark about the the cult's true nature. If they can do this, they can keep $cientologists in a semi-hypnotized state and keep money flowing. They will emphatically deny this fact until the day they are finally raided and shutdown by the FBI. They will stop at nothing to keep the truth about L. Ron Hubbard's real history from being exposed!! If you think I'm overstating this just pay attention to the media. More than likely, the next time you here about $cientology, it will be in connection to a lawsuit they've filed against someone. It's almost a gaurantee.

Although, lately, all you see are "scieno-celebrities" courageously defecting like Jason Beghe.

Also, if someone does find an "outness" or something "off policy" don't think you can be helpful and try to correct things. See the video of what happened to Greg and Debra Barnes--2 lifetime Scientologists who donated over $700,000 to the cult and got declared "suppressive" for doing something any good $cientologist would do--they were trying to apply KSW!! I met them once, and they are genuinely nice people.

So, don't end up like me...wishing you weren't so gullible....wondering how you could have allowed yourself to fork over so much money and waste so much time time while letting those shit bags treat me like a criminal.

Ultimately, the sad realization is this: You will never get what you want out of Scientology. So, you need to keep looking.

Please learn from my mistakes.

If you're a parent with a child falling victim to their bullshit, you have every right to scream bloody murder and demand they release your child. It's that serious. Don't let $cientology ruin your child's life!

If you are a $cientologist and are reading this, consider this, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't getting tired of the one-dimensional relationship you have with this cult. Realize the relationship you have with this organization is completely conditional based on you doing what you are told to do by them, and they don't really give a fuck about any ideas you have. It's their way, or the highway. You'd be smart, if you chose the highway.

You've always suspected L. Ron Hubbard was not the man you've been led to believe, and you've been right all along. Below are some tidbits to start your education on the true nature of L. Ron Hubbard and $cientology.

These are some of the facts that no one in the cult will ever make known to you. These are the things David Miscavige has been trying to keep secret:

L. Ron Hubbard was a COLLEGE DROPOUT.

L. Ron Hubbard was NOT A WAR HERO.

L. Ron Hubbard was a BIGAMIST. Yes, he was married to his 2nd and 3rd wife at the same time!! Most Sea Org members don't even know about the 2nd wife!!

L. Ron Hubbard was a PETTY THIEF.

L. Ron Hubbard was a TOTAL MENTAL CASE.[/color] He wrote letters to the Veterans Administration begging for more disability money!! Yes, he recieved a disability pension his entire life—so much for "curing himself of his war wounds."

L. Ron Hubbard was CONVICTED OF FRAUD.[/color] Also, at the same time, Heber Jenstch was convicted for trying to induce suicide!! Talk about "going Jim Jones!!"

L. Ron Hubbard studied and used BLACK MAGICK. In a PDC lecture, he refered to Aleister Crowley, a known Satanist, as "my dear friend," you'll find it if you google "Aleister Crowley Satan Dear Friend".

L. Ron Hubbard thought he was SATAN.

L. Ron Hubbard was a PSYCH PATIENT.


L. Ron Hubbard was a DRUG ADDICT.

Every aspect of $cientology was PLAGIARIZED.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book on BRAINWASHING, literally. There's an analysis written by Brian Ambry showing how brainwashing techniques decribed in the Brainwashing Manual are incorporated into every aspect of "modern" $cientology—Click Here to read it.

L. Ron Hubbard PLANNED GENOCIDE. It's spelled out in the book "Science of Survival"—"a sudden deletion of those below 2.0"--DM was too stupid to take this out of the newly revised versions, which started his bullshit "Golden Age of Knowledge", oh well.

Seriously, there is a PLAN FOR GENOCIDE in L. Ron's "teachings". In Science of Survival Lafatty suggests disposing of everyone below 2.0 on his made up Tone Scale, "quietly and without sorrow." It appears L. Ron would have gotten along famously with Stalin and Hitler.

L. Ron Hubbard was a RACIST. Seriously, L. Ron Hubbard supported Apartheid--not exactly a humanitarianesque move.

Read about L. Ron Hubbard and ADOLF HITLER.

L. Ron Hubbard was NOT a "Friend of Mankind."--This is a short film with clips of people who knew L. Ron and Miscavige intimately.


And finally, if you're still thinking the information that I'm writing about is a bunch of bullshit read what L. Ron Hubbard's own flesh and blood, L. Ron Hubbard Jr., said about his dad in an interview with Penthouse magazine. Ask yourself, "Why would someone make such outrageous allegations about their own father?" Consider: No one knows a man better than his own son. The church will tell you L. Ron Jr. was lying, but you should ask yourself, "At what point does the Co$'s dismissal of everything negative become bullshit, and when does the truth start to take effect?" We're talking about a man's son, who went through the trouble of saying his dad beat women up, gave him drugs, and practiced black magick. I know I've said some bad things about my dad, and most of them have been true. In this Penthouse interview, we have L. Ron Jr. saying his dad thought he was Satan, and giving the history behind the statement to back it up. If that's not a "deal breaker," I don't know what is.

Or, better yet, watch a rarely seen video of the man himself, L. Ron Hubbard, where he gets totally busted in a lie. Yes, L. Ron Hubbard was a piece-of-shit liar!!

If you still aren't convinced the things I've given you links to are valid, ask yourself, does this look like the man who holds the keys to my salvation?


The sooner you realize that Hubbard was a bitter-old-con-man who used and discarded people like toilet paper the better off you'll be. It's obvious from this picture I just showed you, the man behind the curtain was a bloated creep. Obviously, David Miscavige doesn't want you to think of this image at the next boring 4-hour-marathon-event while you're clapping at his picture. Also, seriously think about all those unverifiable self-serving statistics and lame superficial "wins," and then, really take a look at the outside doesn't add up, does it? Scientology is an International Joke.

If you are a $cientologist, and you just read all this and clicked on all these links, you now have 2 choices:

Choice A: You can go turn yourself into "ethics", and start doing your "conditions," and "making up for the damage you just caused to DM's bank account" because you exercised your 1st Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech by educating yourself. But, if you must, you can put another $3 grand on your credit card toward your imaginary "patron" status as an amends project, which will only buy one pair of David Miscavige's favorite tiny handmade platform shoes, or hire a PI to tail a critic for week. You can keep living a lie and pretending you're not part of an evil cult that cons people out of their hard earned money and tricks young people into working for no money, no time off, no basic human rights, and doesn't deliver on anything promised to them.


Choice B: This is the only real choice, if want to regain your dignity; stop sitting on the fence and start posting your experiences here. Stop believing in all their lies and start looking at them for what they are--a lying greedy cult that doesn't give a damn about you. You don't have to grab a picket sign and start marching infront of their "orgs." Just stop giving them your time and money!!!

There's a community out here in the real world that's very supportive of ex-members. You'll find that as soon as you start posting here or elsewhere. A great place to start posting is at the end of this thread. It's important for you to start expressing your true feelings about your experiences. If what you have to say is entheta, out-PR, suppressive, and out-ethics, don't forget, it's your life, and suppressing your true feelings to be part of a group will lead to your unhappiness.
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Post by KMomma » Wed Dec 28, 2005 10:12 pm

mr_bad - thanks for posting and congratulations for getting out! Not to be a pain in the ass, but could you post how you left the SO? Those are always really interesting and informative. Your story makes me wonder how many other people spent a couple of years in and what happened to them when they left.


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Post by Blue Streak » Wed Dec 28, 2005 10:40 pm

mr_bad wrote
anything you could ever hope to achieve through auditing can be achieved through Book 1.
Now I'd never thought of that before, but the more I do think of it the more believable it seems.

In fact, now I am actually thinking for myself, it seems surprising if it were otherwise. As far as alternative therapies go, once you get over the LRH bullshit, DMSMH is not entirely without merit. OK, OK, I know, that's only because Hubbard plagarised all the good bits. But he did copy the good bits from some intelligent, reputable sources. I've read all that stuff. After DMSMH Hubbard seems to have convinced himself of his own genius and tried to go it alone. Downhill ever onwards as they say.

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How I got out.

Post by mr_bad » Wed Dec 28, 2005 10:46 pm

It actually took me about 6 months to "get out" after a considerable number of crazy experiences:

1. I was put in "lower conditions" for something I did that was completely on policy. (I'm not ready to say exactly what I did.) It's kind of funny though. It involved a major Hollywood celebrity. (not in $cn.)

2. Another guy had threatened to break my legs if I didn't meet my quota. This was infront of the CO, who just shrugged and kept walking.

3. A guy got put into my berthing who liked playing with guy's wieners while they slept.

4. My uniform consisted of parts of uniforms from people who had quit or kicked out.

5. I was mugged at gun point one night, and then told I was PTS and being mis-emotional about it. (If I had just donated $1 million they might have pretended to care for about 30 minutes.)

6. Every few months there was a massive staff Sec Check to find out who the SPs were who preventing expansion. (The purpose of a Sec Check is to get someone to cough up dirt which will used against them later on.)

I eventually got on the routing form and left per policy. It was a sad experience at the time. I believed everything they said about Hubbard. I had never read any of the unauthorized biographies about him. I was assuming that all the paranoia, degradation, bigotry, slavery, and insanity where just symptoms of the times. I didn't realize that all this had been going on since the very begining and will continue till the very end of $cn.
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Post by pitbull » Wed Dec 28, 2005 10:48 pm

Yes, I can never understand this nonsense about the complications beyond Book One.

Book one says you can use it to go CLEAR. That should be it. End of Story.
But then they yabber on about how much better and QUICKER you can go Clear on the grades. Bullshite, unless, theoretically you have a spare hundred grand.

Then they pull the biggest fast one. They provide Book one auditing at relatively cheap rates, but then try to get you off this as soon as possible and onto the bridge. At that point, they won't let you go back to reasonable rate book one auditing, even if that is all you can afford. What a rip off.

I do think the GRADES are pretty fantastic, but they are quite different than the idea of going after engrams though Dianetics.

One, realistically, should be able to learn how to audit all the grades pretty well in a couple of months, without all the other crap like the study course or an crazy intensive e-meter course that people are now spending forever on.
There's an old saying: when the going gets tough - pit bulls call a Scientologist."
-David Miscavige- 8 October, 1993

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Post by KMomma » Thu Dec 29, 2005 2:32 am

mr_bad - :o wow, I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that. I am really happy you left and thanks for posting that. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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Post by opter » Thu Dec 29, 2005 6:07 am

Mr. bad

Welcome to OCMB.

I hope you'll post more stories about your experience in the SO.

Happy new year to you and to all the people who post on OCMB.


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Post by Ltricha1 » Thu Dec 29, 2005 6:35 am

Glad you are out Mr. Bad :D
[url=]$cientology's real product[/url]
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Post by mr_bad » Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:24 pm

I've got some thoughts on "getting over it." It's hard. I spent alot of time thinking about this subject called $cientology.

I think I finally realized the reason I never made it further along in the $cientology Caste System is because I knew there some things that were off. I could get "on board" becuase there were so many things that didn't seem right. I could'nt deal with people telling me this is the way it has to be because Elron says so. I would get annoyed. I don't like being told what to do.

I also didn't like a lot of the people. There were too many 'social climbers'. When I was in the S.O. there was always someone there who wanted to take credit for something I did. People just didn't want to do the hard work. I became jaded because of it. I thought things could be so much better around here 'if only'. But I really hadn't done my homework. I didn't know how long things had been as crappy as they were and were going to stay that way.

Basically, I worked really hard for the brief period I was there. I was never given the equipment, training, time or money I should have had to do my job--I didn't realize this was tradition. In fact, looking back, all the "training" I had was so far out in left field and had nothing to do with my job, it's no wonder so many people were pissed off or having psychotic breaks all the time. The whole situation feels like I was robbed of some quality years of my life by some people who didn't really care about me.

None of my hard work paid off. It was always--what else are you going to do for us? Nevermind the fact that we don't deliver on our promises--you should feel lucky to be here--it got real old--real fast. It also gave me a very sick and empty feeling--the feeling of being taken advantage of and taken for granted--and it's mixed with disbelief--How can anyone be so heartless?

And I'm wondering all these things while thinking that some of those people who used and abused me are still there, and they're doing it to someone else. Except, they're probably using and abusing their tenth victim since I left. It's when I start getting a little pissed off. I turn my anger towards them and start visualizing their downfall--that's a good thing.

In some sick way none of those people ever displayed any affection for me and yet I still 'looked up' to them because I was brainwashed. I admired them because I thought they were 'able' and they were better at "making it go right." The truth is--they were just more comfortable with pulling off the scam. They were more comfortable because they knew Tubby's secret writings like FAIR GAME. They were believers, and yes, they were evil. I wasn't. I was just more cynical and I had a conscience, but what's weird is I started to think there was something wrong with me for being cynical and having a conscience--that's when I knew it was time to leave.

I know I'm rambling, oh well. I apologize.

Thanks for reading.
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Here's Jabba the Hub as he writes crappy sci-fi while his wife sits prison...OT Priorities personified!!!

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Post by mr_bad » Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:25 pm

I guess also, I was told that I was harboring a lot of unexpressed resentment, I was extremely critical, and I had a huge chip on my shoulder etc...etc....when I was first getting involved--this is what my "personality test" revealed. I was assured $cientology was going to help me with that. I didn't realize I was being told the same scripted bullshit they tell everyone who walks through the door for the 1st time.

Yes, the personality test "results" are a memorized script!! The 1st clue that $cientology is nothing but a fraud, but I didn't know until after I was recruited.

The weird thing was, this woman, who told me all this negative stuff about myself turned around started recruiting me. It made no sense. I just assumed she knew something about me that I was unaware of because she had done a 'professional test'. So, I went along with it.

It makes me sick to think she could just be excused because she was "applying standard tech." Standard tech is underhanded and manipulative, and it's designed so that you lose and the Co$ wins.
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Here's Jabba the Hub as he writes crappy sci-fi while his wife sits prison...OT Priorities personified!!!

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Post by Ltricha1 » Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:44 pm

Mr. Bad like you I was angry at teh people in the Chicago org.
Very angry. Every single one of them lied to me. I saw more caring and compassion from my drill sargeants in basic training in 14 months than I saw from these fake compassionate people in the Chicago org. in 6 months. To them I was someone to do the work they didn't want to do and a meal ticket.

Then I realized most of those people were being controlled by the 'tech'. Now I don't hate them and I am not 'angry' with them. I pity them.

The ones I do hate are the ones who know it is a scam and are still perpetuating it. No matter what the reason, they are evil and scum.
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Tech is the Carrot,
Admin is the Cart,
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Guess who the Horses are.

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Post by Lv4snobrdg » Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:49 pm

Ltricha1 wrote:The ones I do hate are the ones who know it is a scam and are still perpetuating it. No matter what the reason, they are evil and scum.
Who are these people?

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Post by I'mglib » Thu Mar 30, 2006 8:22 pm

Ltricha1 wrote:
The ones I do hate are the ones who know it is a scam and are still perpetuating it. No matter what the reason, they are evil and scum.
Who are these people?
In my opinion some of these people post right here on OCMB (Si_g, Rawl).

They wade through post after post about lying, abuse, broken families, etc, etc, and then repeat over and over like robots: "But it works! But it works!"

It's like being an admirer of Charles Manson because he writes good music. Other than being a mass murderer, he really writes good songs.[/quote]

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Post by mr_bad » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:02 pm

i'm glib,

si_g and rawl are both great examples of people here, but I think he's talking about the guys at the top like David Miscavige and Mike Rinder.



I'm not sure if I reached the point of pity. I still think they hold some accountability--my experience was very harsh and volatile. My family freaked out big time--there was nothing like Clambake in place to slow me down, and I just went. When I got there I immediately discovered that it wasn't anything like the picture that was drawn for me, but they fed me a bunch of bullshit on 'toughness' and "boots in the sky"--they knew I was unprepared, but begged me to come anyway.

I was in the military, too. You're right, they are way more compassionate and they delivered on their promises. They also didn't need to lie about anything because it was what it was. Also, they honored me when I left. I was given $50K to go to school and finish a degree in a field that actually allows me make a decent income--there's really no comparison between $cientology and the Military.

Here's Jabba the Hub as he writes crappy sci-fi while his wife sits prison...OT Priorities personified!!!

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Post by marlysfan » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:09 pm

It's like being an admirer of Charles Manson because he writes good music.
I know this is off-topic, but that just reminded me of the god-awful Road to Freedom album. You can listen to it at (or maybe .com, I forget). My husband and I were rolling on the ground laughing over how bad it was.

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