Why is OCMB like this?

Any feedback you might have or help you need regarding OCMB. This is also the place to debate the board, moderating, the FAQ, etc.
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Why is OCMB like this?

Post by admin » Sat Jan 06, 2007 10:32 am

This is a merge of some replies to e-mails I received as a result of the ongoing hubbub about OCMB after I temporarily banned a handful of users. I copy you here as an attempt to help explain (again) why things are as they are:

Please understand that I receive a lot of e-mails etc. While all might think they deserve me spending a long time debating with them, that is sadly practically impossible for me. I have to prioritise. I tend to prioritise families who've got their young son or daughter snatched by the cult, journalists and the Operation Clambake site.

You can believe me or not; but if I spent time answering all people like yourself (like this) I would have more than a full time job just doing that. That would leave me penniless and not able to run OCMB. Don't take it personally. I just have to submit to the reality that a handful OCMB posters getting their posting privileges (!) withdrawn for a fortnight is not close to being an important thing - even if others disagree with the act. It is noted that you disagree with me banning these people and not others. If you don't understand how I work and what I try to do with OCMB then so be it, join the club. I don't have time to explain everything over and over every time new people join. I don't need approval from all posters on OCMB or ARS. I want to try to help a little - that's all. So if you or others - rightfully or not - happen to dislike what you see in my little corner of the 'Net then I ask you to politely move on, or decide if you just trust me a little and stay.

I'll say this: I have my way of treating the ones you say I should ban and I've seen some good effects of that. Not perfect, not better than others, but I don't believe there is one Miracle Cure or one Messiah here. I believe if many did their little thing the way they do best then the results - added up - will be amazing. I'm doing my little thing my way. Not to get any prizes or approvals, but because I believe it is the right thing for me to do. I have my own personal perspective I act from and don't expect you or anybody else to see or call it as I do. I'm not hurting anyone so if I'm way off and only making mistakes then the worst I do is waste my own time and money.

Stop comparing the acts of one with the acts of others. "X only did that, but Y did that!". I've never promised or assumed I would be able to moderate OCMB that detailed or well. I could hire a huge team to spend all day just debating that with all the people who have different perspectives, values, sex, languages, emotions and backgrounds. Only the cult and people who don't understand this keep shouting about this subject and the result is dragging critics away from activities that really matters. OCMB is only one litte pimple on the ass of the 'Net, your playfield is the whole ass - so use it! ;)

To awoid getting into these endless and meaningless debates I have written in the OCMB FAQ:

"It is no excuse what lead up to the post in question, it is absolutely no excuse that others were worse than you. Everybody is alone responsible for their behavior."

The cult and "internet sociopats" are looking for your buttons. Learn to know them so they can't use you as a pawn. That takes discipline and self-knowledge. They will always be on OCMB and other places and you either learn to live with them or you will only drain yourself emotionally. They want you to distract me from what I do. They feed on your emotional reaction. I've had them all over me for years (phone, letters, e-mails, post, you name it) and I tell you that banning them seldom is a solution. That might only trigger the worst in them. Giving temporary restrictions to an ordinary person who is about to go astray however is often a very effective way to get them back on track.

OCMB, like the rest of life, is no better than what we make of it. I hope you get to understand what my intentions with OCMB are and that you find something valuable there for you. If not, then I politely ask you to leave and not feed the trolls, "internet sociopats", agent provocateurs and cult representatives on OCMB.

This is not an attack on you. Many come to OCMB with the best intentions believing they are doing something good while they actually (in my opinion) are doing the opposite.

Take care.

Best wishes,
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Post by time » Sat Feb 03, 2007 9:45 pm

Thanks for all that you do Andreas.
your time has come

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