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About TC and Spielberg

Post by Kilia » Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:38 pm

This might be of interest to some who want to read about what TC did to anger Spielberg.


Warning: a long interesting read of what TC and the CoS did to Spielberg and his family.

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Post by PTS » Tue Dec 25, 2007 2:34 pm

Part 1 - Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg decided it was time to make another movie together. They had done so in the past and it had been a rather successful endeavor. Besides, they had been good friends for many years and were looking forward to working together again. In the first few weeks of their collaboration things were going just fine. But then Tom Cruise met Katie Holmes and things slowly started falling apart.

The press is very interested in Katie Holmes and her relationship with Tom Cruise and they ask lots of questions. It threatens to overshadow the publicity tour Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg are on, to promote their new movie. Steven Spielberg asks Tom Cruise if he could perhaps lead the journalists away from their line of questioning. But Tom Cruise tells him he's so in love he can hardly think about anything else himself anymore. Steven Spielberg sighs and asks Tom Cruise if he can at least try and leaves it at that. For the moment.

But, there's something else that's troubling Steven Spielberg. On the set he has noticed Tom Cruise, more than previously, is adamant in spreading the word of, let's call them his friends of the church of strong believers.As matter of fact, Tom Cruise, on more than one occasion tries to convince Steven Spielberg that his friends could become Steven Spielberg's friends and advises him to give it a try. But, Steven Spielberg, kindly, yet firmly tells Tom Cruise it's not his cup of tea.

This does not stop Tom Cruise from trying repeatedly to convince Steven Spielberg he is wrong. This goes on until the exasperated and annoyed Steven Spielberg explodes and tells Tom Cruise to keep this madness away from him. Tom Cruise, in utter disbelief over this outburst, states that the amount of stress Steven Spielberg obviously is under should be enough to make him reconsider. He also suggests Steven Spielberg could use some help in anger management and that his friends of the church of strong believers are just the kind of people who could help him with this. Steven Spielberg now urges Tom Cruise to not bring this subject up ever again.

Spielberg's helpers begin to notice Steven Spielberg appears to be avoiding Tom Cruise wherever and whenever he can. They also notice that the arguments between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg are becoming more frequent and uglier of nature whenever they simply cannot avoid each other. At this point MrsAssistant Moviemaker steps in and desperately tries to keep the peace between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg.

Kate Capshaw arrives on the set one day and invites Katie Holmes for lunch. Katie Holmes hesitates. She doesn't think Tom Cruise is gonna be very happy with her taking off like that, without letting Tom Cruise know where she's going. Since she cannot locate Tom Cruise she's about to decline Kate Capshaw's invitation. But. Steven Spielberg assures her he thinks it's fine with Tom Cruise. Certainly he knows Katie Holmes is in good hands and wants her to have a good time? After these words Katie Holmes decides to accept Kate Capshaw's invitation.

Now Tom Cruise arrives and asks Steven Spielberg if he knows where Katie is. Steven Spielberg answers she just left for lunch with Kate Capshaw. Tom Cruise wants to know where and Steven Spielberg replies he doesn't have a clue. Tom Cruise frowns and asks Steven Spielberg if that doesn't bother him. Initially thinking this is a joke, Steven Spielberg laughs it away by replying that if he would want to keep tabs on Kate Capshaw's agenda he would have a full daytime job and wouldn't be able to make movies anymore. Steven Spielberg, however, is stunned, when Tom Cruise advises him that maybe it would be better to ask Kate Capshaw to at least let him know where she is and what she is doing, especially when she takes Katie Holmes with her. Steven Spielberg now visibly starts losing patience with Tom Cruise and tells him he can treat Katie Holmes however he seems fit, no matter how Steven Spielberg and other may think about it, but that Tom Cruise better not start telling him how to treat Kate Capshaw.

Later that day Kate Capshaw has a little chat with Tom Cruise and says she's sorry he got upset she took Katie Holmes with her. Tom Cruise says it's okay, he and Katie Holmes talked things over and that she's promised him it won't happen again. Kate Capshaw smiles politely, says she's happy to hear this and appears to be leaving, but Tom asks if he could have a word with her. He then asks Kate Capshaw doesn't she think it wise she would let Steven Spielberg know what her agenda of the day is? Kate Capshaw starts laughing and tells Tom Cruise he should know Steven Spielberg is a busy man. If she were to call him to inform him what she's doing at the moment, she would have to call him ten times a day and Steven Spielberg would not appreciate that. Tom Cruise replies that that just might be the problem. He says he knows Kate Capshaw is fulfilling most of her obligations towards Steven Spielberg and their children but, wouldn't it be better if she would find more activities in and around their home?

Kate Capshaw blinks in astonishment but manages to remain polite. She tells Tom Cruise she does not know what kind of arrangement he has with Katie Holmes, but that it definitely sounds very different from the way Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg treat and respect each other. She tells Tom Cruise that Steven Spielberg does not want Kate Capshaw to be sitting around the house all day, but wants her to do the things she considers meaningful and important. He wants this because it's important to him Kate Capshaw is happy. She then asks Tom Cruise what makes him think he has the right to intrude on the way of living of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw.

Tom Cruise replies he is worried. Some of his friends of the church of strong believers have told him they have big problems with some of the projects Kate Capshaw is supporting. Tom Cruise goes on the say he's worried this might have a negative impact on Steven Spielberg's reputation and standing. Before Kate Capshaw can reply, Steven Spielberg shows himself and there is no doubt he has overheard at least a big portion of their conversation. As Steven Spielberg slowly makes his way over to Tom Cruise, several Spielberg helpers run for cover.

Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise he would appreciate it if he would stop harassing Kate Capshaw and that if he ever catches him doing it again, Tom Cruise will have a bigger problem than he can handle.
Tom Cruise appears crestfallen and says he was only trying to help. Steven Spielberg loses his temper and snaps he does not want or need Tom Cruise's help. Now Kate Capshaw moves herself in between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise and starts pushing Steven Spielberg towards to exit.

The minute Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have left, Spielberg's helpers stand gaping at Tom Cruise for a long time before they start disappearing as well.

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Post by PTS » Tue Dec 25, 2007 2:36 pm

Part 2
In this chapter we will tell the story of how an unpleasant event on the doorstep of a doctor's office led to the beginning of the ending of the friendship of Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise.

This second chapter starts in the home of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw where Kate Capshaw receives a phone call early in the morning. When Steven Spielberg is in consultation with one of his moviemaking business partners, Kate Capshaw enters, clearly infuriated. She informs Steven Spielberg she has just learned about a large group of followers of the church of Spy-in-tology showing up at the front door of a doctor's office, making a very ugly scene. This doctor happens to be the doctor who helped out a relative of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw not so long ago…

Kate Capshaw asks Steven Spielberg pointedly is he thinks this is a coincidence? They both know a person attached to this church of Scientology and the issues they have with certain aspects of medical treatment. Did Steven Spielberg happen to talk to with this person about the doctor?

Steven Spielberg appears to be taken aback and feverishly starts searching his memory in attempt to recall a conversation of such nature. He's about the state the subject never came up when he does remember a conversation; not with Tom Cruise, but he was nearby enough to have overheard, what was said.

The still-livid Kate Capshaw chastises Steven Spielberg, who in his defence replies he cannot believe Tom Cruise had anything to do with this. Kate Capshaw asks him to come up with another explanation then and Steven Spielberg has to admit he can't. Kate Capshaw then tells Steven Spielberg this is the last straw. She tells Steven Spielberg she wants him to cut all ties with Tom Cruise. The desperate Steven Spielberg tells Kate Capshaw it's not just up to him and that there are more parties involved. He asks Kate Capshaw to remember he is in the final stage of promoting his latest movie and that there is a lot of money and people investing this money involved. What is he supposed to say to them?

Kate Capshaw then tells him fine, and for Steven Spielberg to do whatever he has to do, just as long as he keeps Tom Cruise very far away from her and their family, and that he is not the set another foot in their home.

The minute the temperamental Kate Capshaw leaves, Steven Spielberg sinks back into his chair looking at his moviemaking business partner who has listened in silence mounting disbelieve at the revelations. Showing signs of fatigue, Steven Spielberg states; "Great. This is just, great. I'm going to kill this f*****g idiot!"

The first chance Steven Spielberg has to confront Tom Cruise in person is on their next promotional tour. The minute Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise meet, it is clear to all present something is very wrong. Even Ms. Junior Moviestar tell Mrs Assistant Moviemaker that Steven Spielberg seems extremely crossed with Tom Cruise and wonders what is going on.

Before departure, Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise they need to have a word in private. In this conversation Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise about the strangely coincidental events at the doctor's office and wonders if Tom Cruise has an explanation for it? Tom Cruise appears shocked and tries to convince Steven Spielberg had had nothing to do with what took place.

Steven Spielberg says that while he might be willing to give Tom Cruise the benefit of the doubt, Kate Capshaw seems to be feeling somewhat different about this. Tom Cruise suggests he will talk to her and explain, but Steven Spielberg answers that might not be one of his best ideas. Adding that the way Kate Capshaw is feeling right now, chances are Steven Spielberg will have to bail her out of jail for assault the very least, should Tom Cruise show his face.

He then tell Tom Cruise that for all their sakes, it's probably better Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise keep their relationship on a professional level. At least for now, until Steven Spielberg has had the chance to calm Kate Capshaw down. Somewhat. Tom Cruise is not happy with this, but reluctantly agrees.

Despite the fact Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise put on their professional faces for the rest of the promotion tour, many pick up on the tensions, and several point out how distracted and out of place Steven Spielberg frequently appears to be. Even more revealing is how little he seems to be doing to helpTom Cruise out, whenever he gets himself into trouble by again promoting the words of his friends of the church of Scientology. It's clear to many that Steven Spielberg is distancing himself from Tom Cruise more and more and has an increasingly hard time to hid his irritation and frustration.

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Post by PTS » Tue Dec 25, 2007 2:37 pm

Part 3
We take a little jump in time. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise's movie has been released and in theatres worldwide. As agreed, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg have scaled their friendship down to business level only for the time being and each have gone their separate ways. But even though Tom Cruise has agreed to this, he is not happy with the current situation. Then an opportunity presents itself, an opportunity Tom Cruise thinks will make things better between him and Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg has to be given yet another award at a film festival. The people organizing this festival have picked up on stories of trouble between Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg but decide not to make too much of it. They decide to surprise Steven Spielberg and don't tell the people in his staff who will be handing Steven Spielberg the award. It is supposed to be a surprise after all…

Steven Spielberg is onstage to receive his award and, on stage steps….Tom Cruise! While the audience erupts in cheers and applause, Steven Spielberg puts a smile on his face, but is not able to completely mask his surprise. A surprise that according to close observers even comes close to shock. In the audience, people close to Kate Capshaw notice that she freezes. They also notice the quick looks exchanged between Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw and the look on his face that comes close to an apology. Kate Capshaw does not respond other than with a cold stare at Steven Spielberg. Behind the scenes one of Steven Spielberg's aides moans that Steven Spielberg is going to kill him, while one of the organizers of the event stares at him in surprise.

We have a little peek behind the scenes, where Steven Spielberg erupts and lashes out at one of his aides. How could this happen? Did he not make it very clear he wanted Tom Cruise to be kept away from him? While the hapless aide tries to explain he had no prior knowledge of Tom Cruise's presence at the event, the same Tom Cruise comes walking up to them and starts apologizing. It was not his intention to upset Steven Spielberg.

Enter Kate Capshaw. She shoots Steven Spielberg a foul look, thanks him for letting her in on the surprise, then tells him to enjoy himself and that she is leaving. The startled Tom Cruise says he's to one to blame, and that Steven Spielberg has no idea Tom Cruise was going to be here. When Kate Capshaw starts walking away, Tom Cruise wants to walk after her but finds his path blocked by Steven Spielberg telling him this is not a good idea. He then asks Tom Cruise to leave and disappears into another room. A mutual friend runs after Kate Capshaw to make her reconsider.

When it becomes clear to Steven Spielberg that Kate Capshaw really seems to be leaving, it does little to improve his mood. He starts uttering some curses addressed at Tom Cruise (we shall not repeat here) then makes it clear he's leaving as well. Now, his stunned moviemaking business partner tells him he cannot do this. People have no idea what's going on and will not understand. But Steven Spielberg spits to just watch him and that he is in no mood to celebrate, then he starts walking off as well.

The moviemaking business partner turns to Steven Spielberg's aide and urges him to stop Steven Spielberg. Then the moviemaking business partner turns his attention to Tom Cruise and says that he does not understand how he managed to do it but that Tom Cruise just made matters even worse. He then urges Tom Cruise to give it time and to stop pushing matters.

The panting mutual friend returns. The moviemaking business partner asks if Kate Capshaw really left. The mutual friend replies no, she managed to make Kate Capshaw see her reaction was unreasonable and she will be back in a minute. The relieved moviemaking business partner then asks is she can ask Kate Capshaw to talk to Steven Spielberg and calm him down, because he seems ready to rip someone's head of.

Kate Capshaw returns, Tom Cruise again starts walking over to her and again tells her it's all his fault and to blame him for what happened. Kate Capshaw does not respond. Tom Cruise then says it's time they talked. But Kate Capshaw lets him know there is nothing she has to say to Tom Cruise he wants to hear and that this is not the time or place.

Tom Cruise then tells her to make the time because they really need to talk. He adds it's becoming more and more clear to him it's Kate Capshaw who's causing the trouble and he wants it to stop. Now, the moviemaking business partner intervenes. He tells Tom Cruise it's obvious Kate Capshaw does not want to talk him and that if Tom Cruise really wants to help, he should just leave.

Tom Cruise leaves. Kate Capshaw talks to Steven Spielberg and Steven Spielberg returns to the festivities.


We make another little jump in time. The eventful film festival is long forgotten, there just one small matter left that needs to be dealt with; the invitation Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw received to attend the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Until it has been an unspoken agreement Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw will not attend this wedding, no matter how much upheaval this will stir in the media. But then, something unexpected happens…
The movie company aligned to Steven Spielberg end its contract with Tom Cruise and this has Kate Capshaw worried.

Kate Capshaw now tells Steven Spielberg she has changed her mind and that they should attend the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The surprised Steven Spielberg tells Kate Capshaw he knows how deeply betrayed she feels by Tom Cruise's actions and that he is not going to ask her to do something that will make her feel uncomfortable.

Then Kate Capshaw points out that the troubles between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise have found its way to the newspapers and the internet. Now that the movie company aligned to Steven Spielberg has terminated its contract with Tom Cruise, Kate Capshaw is certain many people will point the blaming finger for this at Steven Spielberg. Especially when Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw are a no show at Tom Cruises wedding to Katie Holmes, and Kate Capshaw does not want to be responsible for that. . Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw decide to attend the wedding after all.

There is some surprise in the media and with onlookers when Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw arrive at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Their opinion now is that rumours of trouble between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise in the media are bogus after all.

What they don't know is that Kate Capshaw already told Steven Spielberg she will sneak off first opportunity she gets. When she starts doing so Steven Spielberg wants to go with her, but Kate Capshaw warns him it will attract unnecessary attention should they leave together so soon.

Half an hour later, Kate Capshaw is gone, while Steven Spielberg stays behind. An hour later Steven Spielberg stars leaving, but - of course! - runs into Tom Cruises who wonders why Steven Spielberg is leaving so soon. Steven Spielberg tells him Kate Capshaw isn't feeling to well and that he does not want to leave her alone too long. Steven Spielberg again congratulates Tom Cruise and then leaves.

Tom Cruise is not pleased with the rapid departure of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw and tells his present friends of the church of Scientology someone is hell bend on ruining his friendship with Steven Spielberg. He adds he is determined to confront this person and put a stop to it

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Post by PTS » Tue Dec 25, 2007 2:41 pm

Part 4
We've reached the final stage in the story of Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise and how their friendship came to an end. In this final chapter we will tell you about the big confrontation between Tom Cruise and Kate Capshaw and how this will lead to Steven Spielberg telling Tom Cruise their friendship is over….

The scene is a big Hollywood party. When Kate Capshaw lingers with other party guests she suddenly finds herself face to face with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise thanks her for attending his wedding and that he's sorry she and Steven Spielberg left so soon, adding he hopes Kate Capshaw is feeling better. Before Kate Capshaw can reply, Tom Cruise says he's glad he ran into her because they really need to talk. Kate Capshaw once again says this is not the right time and or place. Their conversation is cut short by the arrival of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks; Rita Wilson is a close personal friend of Kate Capshaw and Tom Hanks is a close personal friend of Steven Spielberg. When Tom Hanks asks Tom Cruise if there is a problem, Tom Cruise says everything is fine and leaves.

After her face to face with Tom Cruise, Kate Capshaw tells Steven Spielberg she wants to go home, but that Steven Spielberg should stay if he wants to. Steven Spielberg asks Kate Capshaw to stay, pointing out there are a lot of people she would like to meet and the place is big enough to avoid Tom Cruise. When Kate Capshaw still hesitates, Steven Spielberg asks her to do him a favour and stay. Kate Capshaw agrees but warns Steven Spielberg there's not telling what she'll do should Tom Cruise give her a hard time. At that Steven Spielberg jokes he will give his lawyer a call and tell him to free some assets so he can bail Kate Capshaw out should this be necessary.

*We leave the party for what it is, step in our time traveling machine and arrive at the time and place where the big confrontation between Tom Cruise and Kate Capshaw takes place. The scene is the terrace where several other Mr and Mrs Moviestars are present to witness it all. We shall give two of them a special nick name to avoid too much confusion and because they play a small role in this final stage. We shall refer to Moviestar 3 as 'Mr. Ocean Lover' and to Moviestar 4 as 'Mr. Hard to Catch.'

Kate Capshaw is on the terrace when Tom Cruise makes his way over to her. Together with some other party guests, 'Mr. Ocean Lover' and 'Mr. Hard to Catch' are on the terrace as well and witness, the confrontation initially keeping their distance.

Tom Cruise again tells Kate Capshaw they need to talk. Again Kate Capshaw tries to make it clear she has no desire to talk with Tom Cruise and wants to leave, but Tom Cruise stops her and says he's sick and tired of Kate Capshaw avoiding him. 'Mr. Ocean Lover' comes over and wants to intervene, but Kate Capshaw tells him it's okay.

Kate Capshaw asks Tom Cruise if he's sure he wants her to tell him how and what she thinks of him at such public place as this? Tom Cruise replies yes and that while she is at it she can explain to him why she is so hell bent on ruining his friendship with Steven Spielberg since she has stopped at nothing to achieve this.
The bewildered Kate Capshaw wants to know why Tom Cruise thinks she is the one ruining his friendship with Steven Spielberg. Tom Cruise answers he's known Steven Spielberg for a long time and feels that he has changed ever since he married her. He goes on that before this marriage the only thing that mattered to Steven Spielberg was making movies and that he had the time for his friends. But ever since he married Kate Capshaw, all this changed. All that seems to matter to him know is make and keep Kate Capshaw happy.

Tom Cruise laments Steven Spielberg is neglecting his job, takes long periods of time off because Kate Capshaw wants him to play house, stopped listening to other people and that his friends are paying the price for this….

Kate Capshaw replies that Tom Cruise's accusation makes sense, since Tom Cruise has so few friends left….But Tom Cruise says the only friends Steven Spielberg has are the friends Kate Capshaw approves of, because she alienated him from his real friends. He asks Kate Capshaw what it is she's so afraid of? That Steven Spielberg's real friends make him realize what Kate Capshaw is really like and that she is poisoning his mind?

Kate Capshaw tells Tom Cruise she has two big fears;
1) people who try to befriend Steven Spielberg because when they look at him all they see is two things; money and profit and will stop at nothing to obtain this, even if this ruins Steven Spielberg.
2) people who try to manipulate him and poison his mind so they can use him for their own agenda's

She tells Tom Cruise she feels he fits in both categories and yes he is right, she will do all in her power to make sure Steven Spielberg will keep his distance from Tom Cruise from now on. The heated Tom Cruise replies that he is sorry but that this simply is not acceptable to him.

Now 'Mr. Ocean Lover' walks over to Tom Cruise and tells him to cool it, then turns to 'Mr. Hard to Catch' and says it might be a good idea someone would find Steven Spielberg. 'Mr. Hard to Catch' agrees and leaves hurriedly. Tom Cruise brushes 'Mr. Ocean Lover'' off and says he is cool. He turns back to Kate Capshaw and says he only wants to make one thing very clear to her: he tells Kate Capshaw he will do all in his power to make Steven Spielberg see what Kate Capshaw is doing. He will make it clear to him there will be a day, no matter Kate Capshaw's talents, one day Steven Spielberg is going to regret the day he set eyes on her.

Suddenly Steven Spielberg appears behind Tom Cruise and asks him just who he thinks he is he can talk to Kate Capshaw like that? As Tom Cruise swirls around to face Steven Spielberg, Steven Spielberg walks up to him till they're just inches apart. Steven Spielberg appears to be calm and does not raise his voice at any time, but those who know him better, realize he is displaying a white fury.

Mr 'Mr. Ocean Lover'' and 'Mr. Hard to Catch' choose positions that makes it easier for them to intervene should this be necessary but for now stay out of it. Tom Hanks ( Steven Spielberg 's close personal friend) comes rushing over, warns Steven Spielberg the buzz is spreading inside, something is going on, on the terrace and tries to pull Steven Spielberg away by his arm, but Steven Spielberg brushes him off.

Steven Spielberg recalls that he told Tom Cruise not that long ago to not bother Kate Capshaw and would like to know what part of "back off" it is that Tom Cruise does not understand? Tom Cruise says that he is sorry but that he just had to intervene. He can no longer keep his mouth shut because he sees what Kate Capshaw is doing, and how much she has changed Steven Spielberg. Tom Cruise says he's kept his mouth shut for a long time but that now Kate Capshaw is starting to ruin his friendship with Steven Spielberg he can no longer keep silent.
But Steven Spielberg tells him it's not Kate Capshaw who's ruining their friendship, Tom Cruise achieved that all by himself. He goes on to say that while Tom Cruise may not have noticed, Steven Spielberg is pretty close at blowing a gasket. He suggest to avoid any further unpleasantness and ruin the evening completely for other party goers they end things. Now.

Tom Cruise argues they can't leave matters like this. But Steven Spielberg says they can and that he will. He reminds Tom Cruise he asked him several times to keep his distance and give matters time, but that time and again Tom Cruise ignored his request.

Steven Spielberg says that a real friend would have respected repeated requests like this, and the fact Tom Cruise did not makes several things clear to Steven Spielberg: Tom Cruise does not respect Steven Spielberg's wishes, he does not respect his family, he does not respect Steven Spielberg and he most certainly isn't showing any kind of respect to Kate Capshaw. Steven Spielberg says he's sorry but that he simply cannot accept this. He has the feeling he no longer can trust Tom Cruise and he does not allow people he doesn't trust to come anywhere near his family.

The shocked Tom Cruise says he can't believe what he's hearing and asks Steven Spielberg what has happened him? Steven Spielberg warns Tom Cruise not to make him his enemy, Tom Cruise won't like it….neither will Steven Spielberg. At this, Steven Spielberg leaves.

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Post by PTS » Tue Dec 25, 2007 2:46 pm

Part 5
When we printed the forth installment of our story of Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, we thought the story was over. But, we couldn't be more wrong. Ever since the friendship ended several events have taken place that could be considered alarming. Our spying eyes are following this story as we write this and send word back on several of their recent discoveries. After verifying, we feel confident enough to print the following:

"Save the children"
Three of the older children of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw have been approached by friends of the church of strong believers . They were invited to attend meetings of the church of strong believers. When they declined the invitation, friends of the church of strong believers proceeding in giving them some 'well meaning advise.'

With this advise came some words of caution, their mother's political believes are damaging their father. They advised the kids to talk to her about it. All three of them have made it clear to do not wish to have any dealing with the church of strong believers but are still receiving letters. Documentation and flyers till this day.

"Attack and destroy"
Secondly, our spying eyes have learned PI's were hired to dig into Kate Capshaw's past with instructions to find 'incriminating information'. Who hired these PI's is hard to trace, but the few people willing to talk told our spying eyes they have a strong suspicion.

Last year an attempt was made to pass on information to some of the bigger news media in the United States. They refused to print and broadcast the material, however, after their own resource departments deemed the sources of the information unreliable and could not find any evidence to back the story up.'

A senior representative of one of the major news broadcasts labelled the information as an "attack and destroy" mission. 'it doesn't matter it's all lies. Throw out enough of it and by the time it's proven to be all lies the damage is long done. That was the sole purpose of this information And these were one hundred per cent lies' Some of the media contacted and alerted Steven Spielberg.

A third event involves an actress sent in Steven Spielberg's direction. An actress he knew. This actress tried to win Steven Spielberg's trust (and maybe even more than that…), then proceeded telling him certain 'disturbing' things she had heard about Kate Capshaw. She advised him to either seize control or end things before it was too late. Steven Spielberg is no longer on speaking terms with this actress.

Another was brought to the attention of our spying eyes just last night. The expensive birthday gifts Tom Cruise send to Steven Spielberg and some of the children of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. All gifts came with long, handwritten letters. All gifts have been returned.

"have you heard"…
Other than these incidents our spying have been told the friends of the church of strong believers are continuously passing on information to media, sympathetic to the church of strong believers in hopes this information will make it's way to mainstream media. Again with the goal to cause of much damage as they possibly can. The Internet, especially, is a weapon they use increasingly. Many blogs and websites have been offered gossip and rumours and some have already taken it in with a spoonful…

We are trying to get our finger behind this continuing story so we will be able to give you the full inside. But it is not easy to get people to talk. Most of them out of loyalty to Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw but our spying eyes have the feeling there might be more to some people's refusal to talk.

They are, however, making progress. As soon as their story can be checked and verified we will give you the full inside.
There really is no other way to say it - Tom Cruise is batshit crazy.

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Post by Kilia » Tue Dec 25, 2007 4:01 pm

Thank you PTS. Merry Christmas! :D

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Post by J. Swift » Tue Dec 25, 2007 7:22 pm

Poor Tom Cruise. He was using LRH's Third Party Law and it cost him. The loss of Steven Spielberg as a friend shows just how hard Tom Cruise pushed Steven and Kate's buttons in an attempt to invalidate Kate to her husband. I am not astonished that Cruise would behave in such a matter at that time in his life. This was the same period in which Cruise took on Matt Lauer on Matt's own turf. Cruise tried to bitchslap Lauer and make him look like a wog idiot. Tom Cruise must have been at the height of a power trip when he tried to boss the world around in 2005 and tell everyone what they could and could not do. The world repaid Tom's rudeness in appropriate ways.
Steven Spielberg warns Tom Cruise not to make him his enemy, Tom Cruise won't like it….neither will Steven Spielberg. At this, Steven Spielberg leaves.
If Steven Spielberg is your enemy, then it follows that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, George Clooney, Brad and Angelina, and the other major stars who have enormous respect for Steven Spielberg, will avoid Tom Cruise. The big stars and the other big players are sympathetic to Steven. The big stars get hit on for everything and they know how Scientology has acted in Hollywood for decades. They know the story of the falling out.

As for the detectives and the harassment of Mr. Spielberg's family: That is classic Scientology Fair Game. There is likely some "Battle Plan" somewhere in the Cult that has as its goal, "Steven Spielberg divorces Kate Capshaw in a nasty public manner." Only then will David Miscavige and Tom Cruise be happy. It is only when Scientology can destroy a marriage and family that David Miscavige, the Dictator of Scientology for Life, can feed off the energy of destruction like the Psychic Vampire he has always been. DM's boy, New OT VIII* Tom Cruise, would enjoy the kill as well.

(*Results will vary on New OT VIII. It is better to purchase The Basics and work out the M/U's that are keeping you stalled on New OT VIII)

This is why Tom Cruise now runs a two-person shop called United Artists with some money from MGM and a hedge fund. Tom's ally in the UA deal was former MGM Board Member Priscilla Presley, who is good friends with Kirk Kerkorian. With Kerkorian's Tracinda wanting to purchase prime MGM Vegas properties, Kerkorian is only going to allow MGM to give UA a few nickels. With the credit crunch reaching a frightening phase, even Merrill Lynch may throttle back on the money it will give Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner of UA.

At least Tom Cruise did one thing right: He was nice to all of the Scientologists on his way up. One rule of fame is to be nice to all of the people who become your friends on the way up because they will also be your friends on the way down.

Tom Cruise still has plenty of friends at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. Maybe he should drop by this Christmas week and do some clay demos on how it all went so bad for him when he used LRH Tech?

Tom: Maybe it is Scientology? Maybe it is not you?

Merry Christmas Tom Cruise. I hope you have a better 2008.

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Post by hartley » Tue Dec 25, 2007 7:35 pm

Goodness. Well spotted Kilia, and thanks to PTS for reposting.

It was fun tracking this down. It comes so far as I can tell from a poster to alt.gossip.celebrities called 'London Sentinal' (sic).


The 'Blind Items' game on the newsgroup involves describing some gossip without naming names and posters have to guess who is who.

Of course we don't know how much of this is true. The one thing that struck me however is that EITHER the author knows more about Scientology than is said OR there are some coincidences here.

Tom Cruise's behavior matches what a Scientologist would do. He's having problems with his director that he can't understand, and the cognition comes to him that there must be a Reason for this that is not his fault. The 'Who' is - Mrs Spielburg! She is a Suppressive Person, and Mr Spielberg has become PTS.

That the trouble was caused by the unauthorized Church picket is instantly wiped from his thoughts. That's not important to him, THEREFORE it's not important to anyone. The differences in his and Spielberg's marriages also rings true - how could a rich and influential person not be in control of everyone around him?
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Post by InitialsTC » Tue Dec 25, 2007 10:59 pm


#1 This A list actress was paid a substantial sum of money and got the rights to produce a movie which had been previously unavailable all for making some comments in a magazine interview. Nicole Kidman - remarks about being pregnant by Tom Cruise twice. "

Wow, what a great woman, I'm sure Tom and Bella and Connor appreciate that...

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Post by InitialsTC » Tue Dec 25, 2007 11:38 pm

LOL@ that tabloid crap!

Someone really has too much time on his hand!

What a non surprise he doesn't give ANY NAMES AT ALL: lies all the way

Take parts of tabloids stories, then condensate this all, put it together under titles, not names and boom!
some mindless drones beleive that!

No wonder, they were so close to be in bed with Steven+Kate+ Tom all days and nights, everydays for years apparently and every where! at all places, parties and stuff! whoohoo!
and are also able to retranscript the sentencies words by words!

I can understand teens will not ask this article bashfest shame crap some truth to it, but you, if you are past 18, you have no excuses to be that naive (glib)

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Post by Wieber » Wed Dec 26, 2007 10:22 am

Has Tom Cruise decided that Kate Capshaw is a suppressive person? Has he taken that deduction to officials in the so called church where he has obtained their agreement that, yes, Kate Capshaw is a suppressive person? Is the so called church now running an operation with some weird name to fair game and destroy Kate Capshaw?

From what little I have read, heard and seen of Steven Spielberg's relationship with Kate Capshaw I have to conclude that she is the love of his life and the perfect soul mate for him. If the so called church is taking steps to destroy that relationship the members of that organization involved in doing that should be aware that they are in the process of committing an extremely evil and unconscionable act.

If the accounting of events in the chapters above comes close to the truth then I have to conclude that a certain 'greatest movie star of all time' is not only batshit crazy but is extremely stupid and insensitive as well.
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Post by Kallias » Wed Dec 26, 2007 1:50 pm

Wieber wrote: Is the so called church now running an operation with some weird name to fair game and destroy Kate Capshaw?
If they are, they're doing a fantastic job of it. Fantastic for Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg.

Until today I didn't have much time for her, as an actress or person. But now I think she's completely awesome and I'm going to watch that one movie I saw her in with a different point of view. She and Steven Spielberg will gain so much respect from people for this, which makes Scientology's twisted logic even more absurd. Does a smear campaign that results in positive PR for your victim count as a win?

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Post by Judith Anderson » Wed Dec 26, 2007 2:30 pm

If all this can be proven and gets out, TC will graduate from cultie whack job to pariah.

Strangely, a couple of his manuevers remind me of my cultie relative when he morphed into one of them - the CoS pod people. He was so earnest, so insistent, so taken aback when we didn't take the line and bite.

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Post by TMac » Wed Dec 26, 2007 2:33 pm

She is my new hero of the week



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