Need help with list of 458 Apollo survivors and their fate

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Need help with list of 458 Apollo survivors and their fate

Post by Don Carlo » Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:23 am

APOLLO SURVIVOR UPDATE 2017 - Footnotes on next post. Comments, please.
Jo Albert see Jojo Zawawi
Alvan Adams ?
Barbara Levine Adams In Sea Org; Born abt 1948. Overboarded on the ship. Took 1989 course; m. Steven D. Adams, b 1954, in 1976 in LA; both ASHO staff; divorced 1984. "the HCO Area Secretary ASHO Day, Barbara Levine Adams."
Chuck Adams Out. Put in RPF. On CoS enemy list. Was married to Bella Venter Adams Pendery Cooper.
Bella Venter Adams see Bella Venter Adams Pendery Cooper
Vinay Agarwala Out. critic
Jeanette Barton (Nettie) Allcock In Sea Org. B. 1955. On 2007 Int Base list. Sister of Liz Barton Ingber. Married John Allcock; they shared a 1988 Sea Org address. Barton sisters took their step-father Noel Barton's name.
John M. Allcock In Sea Org. b. 1950. Richard John and Warrick Allcock donated to IAS Atkins 2006. On PAC RPF 2007, Son of Pat Stanley. John married Jeanette Barton "Nettie" Allcock.
Richard (Wak) Allcock 1948-2010 Died aged 62. Married Susan J. Kennedy, b. 1949, they had Ft. Harrison address in 1994. Son of Pat Stanley
Warrick G. (Wik) Allcock In Sea Org. b 1956. At Int Base in 2007. Son of Pat Stanley. Wife is Annie Taskev Allcock, b. 1947.
Note on Allcock names: Besides Wik, Annie, and Jeanette (Nettie) Allcock, there are three Allcocks at Int Base in 2007: Erica Marie Allcock (b. 1978); Michelle (Mishi) Janis (b 1980, daughter of Jon Lundeen) Allcock; and Shawn Allcock (in a 2014 CoS video). Info is welcome.
Wayne Alkire ?
Robert Almblad Out. declared. Active critic.
Vicki Alpe ?
Tony Ambrose see Tony Strawn
Amanda Ambrose 1925-2007 Died aged 82. Was an entertainer. Mother of Tony Ambrose / Tony Strawn
Eva Anderson ? An Eva Anderson has a 2008 course completion
Frances Anderson ?
Gert Anderson ? had psychotic break in early years
Ron Anderson ? Still in. Lives in Santa Barbara area, not active in the Church.
Goran (Joran) Anderson In Copenhagen Sea Org in 2010. Master at Arms, in the photo of two men throwing a man overboard; Goran on the left.
Tamia Arbuckle In Sea Org. In RPF; On Int base list in 2007. b. 1950, married to Mary Jane, b. 1955, who was a prisoner in "The Hole" in 2008. A poster said Mary died 2009 but no Mary Arbuckle on the 2009 Soc. Security Death index. Tamia and Mary had a baby years ago (Baby is not Bruce, Lynelle or Christopher Arbuckle). The baby could be the Shelby Arbuckle working at the Sea Org address on 6331 Hollywood Blvd. Info is welcome.
Gerry Armstrong Out. critic; married Terry Gilham aboard Apollo; remarried; killed himself.
P. Astrupgaard ?
Larry Atkins ?
John C. Ausley 1949-1995. Died aged 45. Out for being a joker and degrader. Wrote Ex-Scientologist Correction List!msg/a ... 1tqylxh3QJ . Brother of Liz Ausley Gablehouse. Married to Paulette Myra Fisher between 1973-1977. Paulette married Apollo survivor Rich Cohen.
Liz Ausley see Liz Ausley Gablehouse
Sue Baker ?
Molly Barnhart see Molly Barnhart Bornstein Baxter
Geoff Barnes Left quietly from the LA "hotel" around '82, married and living in Brazil.
Clarisse Barnett see Clarisse Barnett Brousseau.
Shelly Barnett see Shelly Barnett Miscavige
Carl Barney ? Went psychotic on the Apollo
Liz Barton see Liz Barton Ingber
Marion Barton see Marion Barton Witcher /Whitcher
Jeanette (Nettie) Barton see Jeanette Barton (Nettie) Allcock
Molly Barnhart Bornstein Baxter In. B. 1947. Married Al (Kate) Bornstein and had CoS staffer Jessica Leah Baxter b. 1973, who took her stepfather's name. Molly and Jessica disconnected from Kate. Molly had Dexter and another child by her 2nd husband Randon K. Baxter, b. 1947, who is on her Scientology-linked Facebook page.
Don Bateman In Sea Org. At Int Base in 2001 as Floyd Donald Bateman, b. 1946. Chuck Beatty saw him on Int Base RPF in the late 90's.
T'Shura Beasley Out; performed with Apollo Stars. married to George Beasley
Herbert Bryan "Baron" Berez Out; busted for marijuana
Libby Berry In. B. 1941, lives in Washington State, according to Radaris. Artist, 2004 award from CoS front Artists for a Better World
Bill Black ? Was in Sea Org; b. 1939 as Robert William Black. married Brenda Eileen, b. 1949 - made to divorce her. Familysearch shows Brenda on Gilman Springs Rd in 1995 with relative Robert William Black, and Robert William Black in La Jolla, Calif. in 2007, and at Gilman Springs Rd in 1991, with relative Linda Crooks Sukkestad. Linda Sukkestad, b. 1957, is at Int base 2001-2005, with alternate names Linda Gilbert and Linda Simmons Hight. Linda is related to Robert V. Sukkestad, b. 1952, at Int Base.
Gilbert Black ? B. 1943. From S. Africa. At Fort Harrison in 1992. At Sea Org residence on N Saturn Ave through 2002
Pamela Coulter Blehert In as a public. B. 1943. married Dean Blehert, b. Maurice Dean Blehert in 1942. Pam and Dean are writers and Pam runs the company Words & Pictures East Coast.
Fred Blesing ? last seen in 1990 in Clearwater working for the Freewinds
Bette Blundel Died. mother of Julie Blundell.
Bill Blundell Died. father of Julie Blundell.
Julie Blundell Out. messenger with eyepatch and bruised face shadowing LRH. Respecting her wish to comment anonymously. Daughter of Bill and Bette Blundell both who had been on the ship and have since passed.
Bitty Blythe see Bitty Blythe Tompkins Miscavige
John Blythe Bitty Blythe Miscavige's brother - he was in the engine room and nick named "donkey" as his job was Donkeyman.
Al Bornstein see Kate Bornstein, whom Al became.
Kate Bornstein Out. critic, author; performer, married Molly Barnhart on the ship. Their daughter Jessica Baxter and grandchildren still in.
John Bragin Out. declared. College professor as of 2014.
Joan Bristow Personal nurse to LRH
Bill Broderick ? . William S. Broderick married Rosemary J. Ambrose in 1975. Rosemary was at Flag in Clearwater in 1975, and was on enemies list in 1991. Bill spied on Tonja Burden. Bill had a completion in 1982. Intelius lists a William S. Broderick b. about 1948, living in California.
Ann Tidman Rush Broeker 1956-2011. Died aged 55. messenger. Married Charles Rush, then married Patrick Broeker who is out and quiet. Married next Jim Logan; he's a critic.
Pat Broeker Out and quiet; married Trudy Venter on the Apollo; then married Annie Tidman Rush
Trudy Venter-Broeker see Trudy Venter-Broeker Langton 1956. sister of Shelly Barnett Miscavige and of Camille Barnett Griffin, b. 1962, who has left Sea Org and is quiet; Clarisse married and divorced critic John Brousseau.
Allen Buchanan Died. On enemies list; was married to Jill Carlstrom,and in 1980 to Debbie Cook. passed away in 1992.
Anabelle Buchanan ? still alive 2014
Roger Buckeridge
Mo (Morrison) Budlong ? b. 1948 Snow White convicted felon. Married Helen P. Lowe in England in 1968. Helen also b. in 48. In the 1970's, " Mo Budlong, with his wife Helen Budlong, in charge of Internal Security of Scientology World Wide." Mo is in computer biz in La Crescenta. They have a daughter, Victoria, who took a course in 2004, and a son with the same name as his Dad, so either father or son may be the Mo involved in Narconon in 2004.
Ollie Budlong ? Might be the Oliver Budlong in Glendale in 2008 with wife Virginia.
Richard Bunnell ?
Wally Burgess In Sea Org. Was at Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Was at Flag in 2004 as Walter Burgess, seen on video 2008 at HGB. Australian. Working on Sea Org history project.
Tonja Burden Out. Spoke out. on CoS enemies list; was a messenger; Born 1959. At Flag in Clearwater in 1975 also called Tonya or Tanya.
James Byrne In, born 1941, a security guard in LA. Deceased wife Enid was in Sea Org .
Lisa Caetano ? At Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Sister of Julie Caetano and of Kevin Caetano. Married 1976 in Pinellas County, FL; husband C.E. Greene didn't do courses or donations.
Julie Caetano see Julia Caetano Fisher Schless
Sylvia Calhoun Out and doing well in 2014.
Lynn Fountain Campbell Out. commenter on the Underground Bunker
Grace Campleman see Grace Wright Campleman Kefover Lowrance
Kenny Campleman In Sea Org. Born 1958, son of Grace Wright Campleman Kefover Lowrance. Kenneth J. Campleman married Jean E. Bennick in 1987. On Int Base list in 2007.
Jill Carlstrom see Jill Carlstrom Gleeson
Cathy Cariotaki 1941-2007 Died aged 66 ; on CoS enemies list.
Lupo Cesaro ?
Candy Chaleff Out; an Indie. 1st married to Ira J. Chaleff who is on enemies list; now she is Candy Swanson; name on 1969 divorce record is Sandy
Neville Chamberlain Out. declared; on enemies list; spoke out under the pseudonym Dart Smohen; alive and well in UK 2014
Brian Charlton Out. "Samantha Catrisse is searched by her dad, Brian Charlton. He escaped the RPF in 1979 and left her and her mother (Linda Holling) behind."
Linda D. Cusworth Holling Charlton In; born 1951 in England. Married first Carl Holling, then Brian Charlton, with whom she had daughter Samantha Catrisse Charlton, born 1971 in England. Linda was at Saint Hill (AOSHUK), where her now-deceased parents Arthur Cusworth and Thelma Grimes Cusworth also worked; see Brian Charlton
Dane Cherryholmes ? 1953 Dane Wylie Cherryholmes b in Calif
Helen Childs ?
Joni Chiriasi This is probably the Joni from Italy who married Bertie Van Hoeke on the ship, and was the Italian auditor at AOSHDK
Murray Chopping Out. SP declared.
Peter Church ? married on the ship to Sharon West in 1970. "Peter is from Delta Meters, Los Angeles."
Stanley Churcher Out. spoke out
Margo Clarke ? at Celeb Centre dedication 1969. Donated in 2002.
Karen de la Carriere Out. ex-wife of Heber Jentzsch; their son died of neglect. Critic.Attended 40th reunion.
Rich Cohen Richard W. Cohen b. 1947, lived at L. Ron Hubbard Way in LA in 1989. Married Paulette Fisher Ausley in 1977. 1977. Paulette Cohen was involved in Scientology writings, and appears to now live outside Sea Org.
Lee Collins ? At a Scientology address (S. Bronson Ave) LA
Haskell Cooke Died. Was Saint Hill staff. lef, after shipboard injury. passed away in early 70's in Mexico
Bella Venter Adams Pendery Cooper 1956-2011 Died aged 54. Born Isabella Mary Venter. Sister of Trudy Venter-Broeker Langton. Married to Chuck Adams, then Rick Pendery (born 1948), then Dale Cooper (born 1953). Bella and Dale took courses and donated. Mother of musician Rafferty Pendery and 3 others. ... 1327085211
Ernest Corbett Out. Spoke out. Student, not staff on the ship. South African. With wife Gaye, had son Mark who was a big CoS donor, and daughter Tracey, also in.
Gaye Corbett Out; spoke out. Student, not staff on the ship. Wife of Ernest Corbett.
Pamela Coulter see Pamela Coulter Blehert
Don Crom Out. spoke out.
George Cuthbertson ? Marriage record in Pinellas Co., 1978, for George A Cuthbertson.
John D. Danilovich born 1945. brother of Jeanne Danilovich John married Alycia Robyn, b. 1947, also in Sea Org.
Jeanne Danilovich see Jeanne Danilovich Franks Bogvad Sonenfild or Sonnenfeld.
Lance Davis In. On NY OT Committee list in their 2013 report . A Lance G. Davis b. 1954 lived in NY City in 1992.
Mick Davies In. b. 1956. Had N Saturn, Clearwater address with wife Missy in 1999. Came from Freewinds to recruit/fundraise in Clearwater in 2013.
Craig Defan In, b 1950, in San Diego area. Also called John Craig Defan. accused of being the Dorian author
Bill Deitsch Out. Sharone Stainforth said he went missing from the ship in 1969. declared; on enemies list. Brother of Fran Deitsch
Fran Deitsch ? sister of Bill Deitsch. Clear No. 398 around 1967, New Jersey.
Teri Descilo ? A Tesea B. Descilo b. 1952 was living in Miami Fl.
Terry Dickinson Out. forced to stay awake five days without sleep; left soon after
Bob Dilts ?
Jim Dincalci Out. on enemies list; critic; observed LRH's drug use. Attended 40th reunion.
Irene Johnson Dunleavy Howey Dirmann ? Left Sea Org in 1981; Born 1944, daughter of Leo Johnson, who neglected his family to pursue Scientology. married Tony Dunleavy, then Bill Howey, then Jack P. Dirman, b. 1946, who lived at the Ft. Harrison in 2007. "When Irene left the SO she managed the acting school of Milton Katselas for years and made excellent money. Jack started FASE (Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Education)"
Mike Douglas 1947-2003 Died aged 56. Married to Kima Douglas
Virginia Downsborough Died 2003. On enemies list. tShe took over Mayo's AAC and ran it for awhile as the FAA.
Kathleen Doyle ?
Stan Dronsica ?
Kima Dunleavy Douglas 1942-2013. Died aged 65. married to Tony Dunleavy and then to Mike Douglas. on enemies list; spoke out about Hubbard's drug use, Obit ... 1942-2013/
George Arthur Duggan In as a public. Born 1948. Widower of Scientologist doctor Megan Shields, born Grace Megan Shields; she died 2016.
Tony Dunleavy Out. declared; alive and well in 2014. married the late Kima Douglas . Officiated at Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's 1978 funeral. Was 1st husband of Irene Johnson Dunleavy Howey Dirmann.
Irene Dunleavy see Irene Johnson Dunleavy Howey Dirmann
Kima Dunleavy see Kima Dunleavy Douglas
Shane Dunleavy Out. Competitive bicyclist. son of Tony and Irene Dunleavy
Barbara Dutton 1960-2002 Died aged 42, in 1974 wedding photo; lived at Ft. Harrison. Findagrave photo of tombstone says "Thank you mom."
John G. Eastman ? "Rev. John G. Eastman" and Peggy M. Eastman in Glendale, Los Angeles in 1969.
Peggy M. Eastman ? had a Scientology position in 1969 as Peggy M. Eastman. Living with John G. Eastman in 1969.
Bill Eaton ?
Riggs Eckelberry Quiet. Born Tenir Riggs Eckelberry in 1952. Married 1973 thru 1977 to shipmate Carol Ann Wemple, then to Sheryle P Festa, who has completions 1981-2011, divorced Sheryle 1977. His mother, the late Renee Duke, was in CoS, as his brothers have been.
Rudolf Eder Out.
Tracy Ekstrand Out, was in Going Clear book.
Alan Ellis ?
Corrie Ellis Died. "a devoted South African woman (who followed MSH to the ship, became her Steward there, and died on the ship around 1970" said Ken Urquhart
Hana Eltringham see Hana Eltringham Whitfield
Guy Eltringham Out.
Anton Englehart ?
David C. Englehart. Born 1949. In Sea Org, photographed in 2016 in LA by Fred G. Haseney, posted at ... r-tv-show/. Divorced from wife Laurie. Their daughter Jessica M. Englehart, born 1982, works at the Ft. Harrison gift shop.
James Englehart ?
Laurie Noonan Englehart In. Divorced from David Englehart. Daughter Jessica works at the Ft. Harrison.
Daniele Ezekwe ?
Jannene Farnum ? on Clear List 1979
Belkacem Ferradj  Out. on enemies list
Craig Ferreira In. public. Born 1951. CEO of Survival Strategies. Craig Luis Ferreira's 2014 Facebook page promotes Scientology. His daughter Milena Nichelle Ferreira married Scientologist Nathan Lorch. Wife Debbie Louise born about 1959.
Julie Caetano Fisher see Julia Caetano Fisher Schless
Arthur Forbes ?
Dave Foster In. Born 1936. David K. Foster had Ft. Harrison address in 1987. David and Harriet Foster donated in 2006 to IAS. Their daughter Amy is out.
Harriet K. Foster In. Born 1942. married to David Foster above. Middle initial K. from address at the Ft. Harrison.
Bill Franks Out. Spoke out. Was Executive Director International. Attended 40th reunion. William W. Franks married Jeannie D. Danilovich in 1973 in LA.
Larry Frazier ? was commodore's staff aide for estates
Colin Jansen Freeman In. b. 1947, had Ft. Harrison address. Divorced Joan in 1986. "Former Dir I and R Joan Freeman was declared. Her former husband Colin Freeman (from Australia) was seen less than a year ago trying to route back in to the Sea Org. Colin said to a friend of mine that he never agreed with Joanies declare, but had to disconnect from her to stay in good standing. "
Mary Maren Freeman formerly Freedman Out. Indie Scientologist; married to Artie Maren and then Frank Freeman. Changed name from Freedman to Freeman along with Frank. Daughter of Adelle Vonnie.
Frank Freeman aka Franklin Out. on enemies list; Indie Scientologist; married to Mary Maren
Frank Freedman see Frank Freeman. Frank changed his name when he left CoS with David Mayo.
Nikki Freedman see Nikki Freedman Merwin
James Fuller ? AOLA staff as late as 2000. In 2013 a poster said James was "doing folder error summaries."
Judy Fuller ?
Sam Fullerton ? A Samuel Fullerton, b. about 1927 married in 1969, Shirley L. Brenner b about 1949 in LA. Too old?
Shirley Fullerton ? See Samuel Fullerton
Liz Ausley Gablehouse Out. Attended 40th reunion. Sister of John Ausley.
Terry Gillham Armstrong Gamboa Out. messenger. married 1st Gerry Armstrong. Married 2nd Fernando Gamboa, left the Sea Org. Daughter of Peter F. and Yvonne Gillham. Attended 40th reunion.
Julie Gillespie see Julie Gillespie Mayo
Yvonne Gillham see Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch
Janis Gillham see Janis Gillham Grady
Terry Gillham see Terry Gillham Armstrong Gamboa
Peter F. Gillham Out. Peter F Gillham divorced "Yvonne D. Wilson" 1971. Their children: Peter Jr., Terri and Janis are out. Peter F. sued lawyer and accountant over nutrition center
Peter Gillham, Jr. Out. On enemies list.` Son of Peter F. and Yvonne Gillham. VG
Jill Carlstrom Gleeson Out. Married Kerry Gleeson. Attended 40th reunion.
Kerry Gleeson Out. on enemies list; married Jill Carlstrom. He's an author on Efficiency. Attended 40th reunion.
Mike Goldstein Out. wrote Idenics with wife Rebecca Jessup
Rebecca Jessup Goldstein Out. wrote Idenics with husband Mike Goldstein. Sister of Amos Jessup, who recruited her into Scientology
Zulma Gonzalez ?
Jill Goodman Out. messenger. critic, in Bare Faced Messiah
Merle Goodman-Spence Out. on enemies list
Max Goodman ? At a Scientology address on N Bronson Ave, in 1996
Richard Gorman ? was a very early follower and "staff artist" on the ship. Now a Toronto artist.
Janis Gillham Grady Out. messenger. married to Paul Grady. Daughter of of Peter F. and Yvonne Gillham. Posts on Ex-Scientologist Message Board.. Organized 40th reunion
Jeff Gray ?
Derek Greene Out. Boy in chain locker. Left ship soon after
Felice Greene Out. declared; Was Saint Hill staff. Derek Greene's mother, pleaded to let him out of chain locker
Nick Griffiths ?
Bob Guilford Died. "Janet and Bob were in Miami when the Org moved to Giralda and ran the estates Div"
Janet Guilford Died. wife of Bob Guilford
David Gwillim 1948-2007 Died.
Dora Hannides Out. On enemies list.
Keith Hanson Out. "Kip Hanson left and sued."
Sue Hanson (Anderson) ?
Frederick William Hare 1930-2014 His Facebook page had many Scientology links, .Wife Doris Marie Eversole Hare (Dori) was an Ethics Officer; they married in Calif in 1981. Both involved in harassment of critic Steven Fishman,
James Hare 1943-2002. Died aged 59. Fred Hare's half-brother. Had sister Sylvia with a 1975 completion, whose late daughter Tina Wilson was married to Jeff Hawkins in the 1970's.
Fred Hare's father ? Must be 90-100 years old. Injured during rock-throwing riot against Apollo.
Gary Hart Out. Spoke out.
Jonah Harris Out. on CoS enemies list
Travis Harris "became psychotic while auditing on the Apollo in 1974." No further news of him in Scientology
Arden Harrison ?
Hugh Harrison Out. CoS enemies list
Bob Harvey ? in Guardian's Office; said to have raped Lavenda Van Schaick's sister to get info on Quentin Hubbard's lover
Jefferson Hawkins Out; Counterfeit Dreams author; married the late Christina (Tina) Wilson, daughter of Sylvia Hare. Later wife Catherine Nairn Fraser stayed in Sea Org and was made to denounce him.
Ed Hayes ?
Marcy Henderson see Marcy Henderson Sargeant
Stan Herron Out. Wrote about shady Scientology finances for Clearwater Commission
John Henry Out. Cook at St. Hill, then on the ship, then returned to St. Helena.
Linda Hicks Out or Died. Disappeared from ship - father didn't find her
Grace Hill. probably died. "50-year old New Zealander" tried to leave the Apollo; got confined to it.
Ralph Hilton Out, in Austria.
Janadair Hockaday In Sea Org. Born 1951. messenger; forced to divorce Marcus Swanson. Other surname Griffin
Dan Holeman Out, is the artist Daniel B. Holeman. Attended 40th reunion.
Sandy Holeman Out. left after 13 years. Attended 40th reunion.
Ron Hopkins Out. On enemies list
Jon Horwich Out. Had married Diana Hubbard; father of their now-out daughter Roanne. Wife Stephanie forced to divorce him when he blew. Stephanie remained.
Bill Howey ? born 1940 as William Duncan Howey. Had twins in Corfu with then wife Irene Dunleavy Howey Dirmann. Twins appear to be Bret Howey and Tammy Howey Terranzi Strickling. With later wife, Carla Sue Novinger, born 1950, Bill has a son, actor Steve Howey, born 1977, who is in Scientology and married to actress Sarah Shahi. Bill and Carla Howey run an acting school in LA.
Jim Howson In. took courses 1996-2003. Married the late Griffee Blythe 1951-2008 (sister of Bitty). Jim, his brother Mike Howson and Mike's wife Kate McNamara Howson are on staff. Mike and Kate's son Patrick Howson, born 1977, works at Bridge Publications. Mike and Kate's daughter Molly was "neglected and abused" as a Sea Org child and has spoken out. Jim's younger brother David Brian Howson worked for Sterling Mgmt, is a FSM (a CoS recruiter), married Cinzia Aversa, and has children.
Arthur Hubbard born Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard in 1958. quiet
Diana Hubbard born Diana Meredith de Wolfe Hubbard, 24-Sep-1952, in London. In Sea Org; was married to Horwich but always known as Hubbard. Daughter Roanne Leake has quit Sea Org.
Mary Sue Hubbard 1931-2002 Died.
Suzette Hubbard born Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard on 13 February 1955 . Quiet. Was messenger.
Quentin Hubbard 1954-1976 Died.
Blake Huffam Out. on enemies list
Brent Hurst ? last course 1995
Jay Hurwist Out. On enemies list; Indie in England
Judi Hurwist ?
Paul Ilott ?
Liz Barton Ingber In but inactive, probably ill. Born about 1952. Her sister said in 2007 that rumors of her death were wrong. Sea Org exec and wife of Marc Ingberg; Was sister of Jeanette (Nettie) Barton Allcock. The Barton sisters when young took the surname of their step-father Noel Barton.
Marc Allen Ingber In Sea Org; Born 1946. RPF survivor. In and out of "The Hole."
Gale Reisdorf Irwin Out. Messenger.
Andrew Jackson Out. Spoke out from South Africa. Wrote "Back in Comm." Son of Monica Quirino.
James J. Jackson Out. Did LRH taxes and helped sue IRS. Now wants boards of directors to move against Miscavige.
Monica Jackson. See Monica Mary Jackson Quirino
Anton James Out. Was Saint Hill Staff. declared SP
David James Out since 78, been quiet until recently. Married Bonnie McPeake on the ship at 19.
Steve Jarvis ? Overboarded. A medical doctor. Returned to the UK.
Laurie Jensen ? Last record found 1980
Karen Jentzsch see Karen de la Carriere
Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch 1927-1978. Died aged 50. Founded Celeb Centre. Maiden name Harding-Wilson. 1st husband Peter F. Gillham; their children Peter, Terri and Peter Jr. 2nd husband Heber Jentzsch.
Amos Jessup Out. declared sp; born 1945. At 40th reunion. brother of Rebecca Jessup Goldstein. L. Ron Xenu III said " the Chief Editorial Writer during that Era was John Knox Jessup. Does that last name ring a bell? Nate Jessup, Amos Jessup, Maria Jessup, Rebecca Jessup, are all his children. To add to the irony, Henry Luce (Life's Publisher) was Maria Jessup's Godparent, and helped fund her Bridge with the inheritance he left her. As I recall the story, John Jessup had sent the older brothers in to investigate this crazy cult that his daughters were so into. Low and behold, Amos and Nate went right up the ranks. Poor dad." from!topic ... S84VBxH7zc
Share Rice Jessup Died 1994. had married Amos Jessup. She died "while on staff in the Sea Org" said Nancy Many . Can't find Soc. Sec. Death record to get her year of birth.
Nate Jessup In; Last course in 2007. Born Nathaniel Foote Jessup in 1942, from NY address. Nate and Laurie Jessup were IAS donors in 2006 . Brother of Rebecca Jessup Goldstein.
Rebecca Jessup see Rebecca Jessup Goldstein`
H. Johannsen ?
Linda Johnson ? Linda P. Johnson born 1959 lived at the Fort Harrison; might be her
Sandra Johnson In. born about 1937, from her age at a race. "The Public Executive Secretary (at Saint Hill) was another Aussie, Sandra Johnson." "the Clearwater (Say No to Drugs) race was started first, in 1988, by (local resident) runner Sandra Johnson"
John Jones Out; quit as captain early on and talked to a British tabloid
Lois Jory see Lois Jory Reisdorf
Neville Jory (about 1940 - 2007) studied on the Apollo "with Ron." Step-father of Lois Jory Reisdorf.
Gene Juss 1949-2005 At Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Died age 56, cancer
Richard Kaminski Out. Spoke out.
Milton Katselas 1933-2008 Died aged 74. Only on the Apollo for three days. Later his actor training career destroyed for not being gung-ho enough.
Jacob Kemp ? promoted to CPO (ADMIN) in 1977. Last course taken in Tampa in 2009.
Pam Kirk Kemp Out; Pam Kemp, Hubbard's old friend," married in 1956 in England John Raymond (Ray) Kemp (1927- 1998), and had two children born in England with no completions. Ray and Pam had a mission in Orange County, CA. They have four grandchildren. Pam gave an interview in Palomar, CA in 1986 for Bare Faced Messiah. No death record for Pam yet in California or England.
Stella King Died aboard the ship
Ellen Klayman see Ellen Klayman Reynolds
Liese Klingvall Out. On enemies list
Tommy Klingvall Out. On enemies list
Rolf Krause Out. spoke out.
Marcus Lanciai ? Took course in 1988
Trudy Venter-Broeker Langton ? Born 1957. messenger. early wife of Pat Broeker. Sister to Bella Venter Adams Pendery Cooper. At Ft. Harrison in 1995 as Gertrude Broeker. Langton last name from sister Bella's genealogy notice, but no courses or donations under the Langton name.
Claire Popham Laubscher Out or quiet. messenger. born 1955 in England, mother Moore. Claire Popham married David Laubscher in 1976 in Pinellas County, Florida. David, born 1956, was living at the Ft. Harrison in 1995. She lives in England, but the white pages website doesn't show David with her.
Geoff Levin Out. People! musician. Children Collin and Savannah disconnected from him.
Barbara Levine see Barbara Levine Adams
Doug Lewis Out. on enemies list
David Lewis Light In. Born 1940. Superpower Bldg fundraiser. Was married to Janet Murray Light McLaughlin who was kidnapped and finally freed with her present husband. David and Janet's son is Daniel S. (Danny) Light born Sep 1976, apparently still in Sea Org in Clearwater.
Robin Lindsell Out. declared
Graig Lipsitz Out. declared
Pat Lipsitz. Put in chain locker.
Brian Livingston Out. declared. Was husband of Vicki Polimeni.
Vicki Polimeni Livingston Out. declared. Married Nick Polimeni, who is out. Next m Brian Livingston, also on the Apollo. Vicki at Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Brian was also at Flag.
Ann Tidman Broeker Logan see Ann Tidman Broeker
Bill Lowrance 1929-1999 Died aged 69. Full name William Ellis Lowrance. Married Grace Wright Campleman Kefover in 1977 in Pinellas Co. has Bill with birthdate at Ft Harrison. That birthdate matches Soc Security Death Record for death in St. Pete.
Grace Wright Campleman Kefover Lowrance ? Mother of Kenneth Campleman. Grace May Wright married James Campleman who died 1985. She next married Charle Kefover 1976-1977. Married Bill Lowrance 1977, and lived at Ft. Harrison as Grace Lowrance, and in 2001 at Sea Org address on Cleveland St., Clearwater, born 1925.
Alfred F. "Trey" Lotz. Out, independent auditor. wife Nicci Barbara Sager Lotz, born 1951
Jon Lundeen In. Declared, and then his declare was cancelled and he rejoined Sea Org. born 1952 Jonathan C. Lundeen. last course in 2003. Jon and Edy (Edith V., born 1948, had address at Fort Harrison) Lundeen have daughers Tammy (Ella Tamara) Lundeen WDC Sea org and Michell Yvonne Lundeen Allcock who works at Int Base.
Eric Magnusson Out; runs Personal Efficiency Program
M. Manning ?
Kay Manning see Kay Manning Steadman.
Nick Manning Out. younger brother of Steve Manning
Steve Manning Out; spoke out
Steve Manning's mother, cook on the ship - does anyone know her name? Is she M. Manning?
Mary Maren see Mary Maren Freeman
Dick Marks ? There's a public, Dick Marks in Philadelphia with "Education: Scientology."
Ernie Martin Out. on enemies list. Full name: Ernest Joseph Terrance Martin. Married Eva Hollis.
Sue Mason ?
Wayne Marple Died, left 1982. If he's the Wayne Marple who died in Sacramento, his life span was 1944-1994 and he died aged 50.
Michael Mauerer Out. Quit Sea Org 3X. public member; quiet. Son of Phoebe Mauerer who died 1989. Married to Carmen Gamboa. Michael, born 1953, appears to be the son of the Henry Mauerer who was a "researcher and contributor" in the 1951 edition of Child Dianetics.
Henry L. Mauerer, 1923-2006, divorced Phoebe Peterson Mauerer in 1974.
David Mayo 1940-2017 Out. Born in New Zealand. Put in RPF. Indie and critic; married to Merrill, then Julie.
Julie Gillespie Mayo Out; widow of David Mayo. Left 1983. On enemies list with David.
Merrill Mayo see Merrill Mayo Sorkin. 1934-2011. Died aged 67.Out. Put in RPF. At 1st wife of David Mayo; defended him.
Max McAll ?
Molly McBride ? Messenger. Might be related to Murdoch McBride
Murdoch McBride "Routed out." Wanted to leave Sea Org in 1976.
Frank McAll or McCall 1919-2012. Died aged 93; spoke out. Was at Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Frank Melville McAll married Pam Teggatz in 1976. Later married Margaret (Peggy) Ann Weeks in 1988 in Pinellas County, FL.
Peggy Weeks McAll or McCall In. "went crazy and was locked up on the Apollo in 1971." Margaret Weeks had completions 1980-1982. In Margaret Ann Weeks married Frank Melville McAll in 1988. Margaret Weeks McCall, born 1951, at a Sea Org address on N Saturn Ave in Clearwater in 2007. Peggy Weeks McAll had a July 2013 completion.
John McClean ?
Peggy McCoy ?
Pat McCullough ?
Jerry McDonald ? Alleged drug dealer and government informant. On 1982 Clear list.
Annie McGinley ?
John McGinley Out. on enemies list - at 1984 Fisher-Caetano wedding
John McMaster Died after 1984, when he was interviewed. Spoke out. declared. from South Africa. Looked "aged 42 to 50" in 1968.
Des McMillan ?
Bonnie McPeek / McPeake Married David James on the ship.
Warren Lee McShane In Sea Org, born 1951. Forced to divorce Marcy; they have a daughter Carly Ann McShane, born 1982; in Sea Org at Int Base. Their son Sean McShane, born about 1979, out of Sea Org, disconnected; Sean had married Mike Rinder's daughter Taryn; Taryn still disconnected from Mike Rinder. Warren has a sister with no completions, from his father's 2013 obituary, ... =167977137
Marcella A. McShane In Sea Org. Born 1952. Forced to divorce Warren. See Warren Lee McShane above.
Janice Mead see Janice Mead Schaffner
Lucy Meilczarek Died A Sylvester Mielczarek 1915 - 1996, and a Lucy 1924-2001 both died in Volusia FL'. no post-Apollo Scientology mentions for Sylvester or Lucy under either spelling.
Sylvester Meilczarek Died. A Sylvester Mielczarek 1915 - 1996, and a Lucy 1924-2001 both died in Volusia FL
Nikki Freedman Merwin ? Has been in Sea Org in Calif.
Rick Merwin ? born Richard L. Merwin in 1951. Has been at Ft. Harrison and in Sea Org in Calif.
Susan Meister 1948-1971 Died aged 23 on shipboard
Julia Migenes Inactive. Born 1949. Steward for LRH. "We were in Italy and she took off to sing opera." Now a noted opera singer. Had a daughter by 2nd husband Danjo Hotnik, and another daughter by 3rd husband Jervis Johnson. Jervis may still be in.
Bitty Blythe Tompkins Miscavige Out. Born Elizabeth Anne Blythe. Married to (Robert) Foster Tompkins 1976-79; they had twin sons, Justin, and Sterling William Tompkins, born 1976. When Bitty and Foster divorced, Bitty took Justin. Foster took Sterling William Tompkins. who has been in Sea Org and married Angela Suzette Barnett in 1996; Angela was at Int Base in 2007 but elsewhere, under her maiden name, in 2008. Bitty secondly married Ron Miscavige, Jr. (now out), brother of David Miscavige. Ron brought to the marriage for awhile his son Josh from a previous marriage with Sally Dupont. Sally Dupont married a man called Bob and took Josh. Bitty's daughter with Ron is author Jenna Miscavige Hill, born 1984. Tony Ortega said of Jenna, "her brothers had also left" (Scientology). Bitty's brother John Blythe, brother Jim Blythe, and sisters were in Sea Org. Sister Griffee left Sea Org to live with family and died 2008. Another sister Sarah (Cunningham) is/was very high up in Int Finance. Another sister Teresa (T.J.) was Bridge staff until she got pregnant and was sent to a Class V org. Another sister Jennifer M. Blythe married John P. Pantermuehl , a public member. Their mother Janna Lee Ransdall Blythe (aka Jana) 1929-1994, was also in Sea Org.
Shelly Barnett Miscavige In Sea Org. Messenger. Born 1961. sister of Clarisse Barnett Brousseau in Sea Org and Camille Barnett Griffin, who has left Sea Org and is quiet. Another sister Metarie died right after birth. Shelly is the imprisoned wife of David Miscavige
Decki Lee Moate Inactive or out. born 1947, also called Dekki or Deckey, lived in New Orleans, Calif. and Montana, related to Andrew T Norris.
Kenilee Moore ?
Joan Moreau ? Born 1953. in 1974 wedding photo. Married until 1993 to Stuart Moreau
Stuart W. Moreau ? Born 1950. In 1974 wedding photo. At celeb centre dedication 1969. Married until 1993 to Joan.
J. Moyens ?
Cathy Mullins Out. critic - told her story
Dave Murphy ?
John Murphy ?
Chuck Murray ?
David Myers Out. on enemies list
Tina Myers Out. on enemies list
Darlene Nagatani ? completions thru 1995
John Nelson Out. Removed by Miscavige. Founder of Advance Ability Center with David Mayo.
Gillian Addison Nieman 1945-1997 Died aged 52 in England. Gillian I. Addison married Malcolm D. Nieman in Uckfield, Sussex, England in 1969.
Malcolm Nieman Out; Spoke against Sea Org. Malcolm D Nieman married Gillian I Addison. At 40th reunion.
Laurie Noonan see Laurie Noonan Englehart
Gwen North Out, according to the Underground Bunker
John O'Keefe ? Married to Joke Reder. He had completions 1989-1998.
Joke Reder O'Keefe married to John O'Keefe. " Cathy Mullins said John O'Keefe was married to one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen -- I think she was from Denmark."
Pearl O’Krackel Out. escaped into Corfu successfully
Doreen Smith-Gillham Olendorf 1957-1990. Died aged 32 in a horseback riding accident; Messenger as Doreen Smith. Declared. 1st husb. Peter Gillham, Jr. 2nd husb George E. Olendorf. Her death record under name of Gillham.
Val Schomer Page In Sea Org. messenger. born 1962; fundraising for Ideal Orgs in 2013; disconnected from father Homer. CarmeloOrchards said in 2010 "Valerie Schomer, Homer's daughter was put in the chain lockers before she was 8. I'm thinking age 6 or 7. She was there for days (plural). She had fallen asleep at 2 AM outside LRH's door while being a Commodore's Messenger. 35 years later, she's still in the SO in LA...
Homer...has a room reserved for V. She is across town at L. Ron Hubbard Way. She has a daughter, S.O. also. I ran into her last year while visiting another friend. She (Val) was put in the Sea Org by her dad, when he joined in 1969 " In 1979, Valerie Beth Schomer married Stanton Louis Page, born 1958, in Pinellas County. Stanton Page was on HGB Sea Org staff list in 1984. Val's daughter, also in Sea Org, is Alyssa Erin Page, born 1986 in LA, mother Schomer.
Inez Park ?
Phillip Park In; in South Africa
Lee Perrell ?
Sven Peterson Out. on enemies list
Monica Pignotti Out. critic; author
Brad Pinch Died. Killed himself after being routed offlines and stuck with a huge 's.o.' 'freeloader' debt, said The Great Zorg on ESMB in 2010.
Nick Polimeni Out. Was married to Vicki Polimeni. Was previously married to Linda Forster Polimeni, who was caught and prosecuted for stealing files concerning Scientology.
Vicki Polimeni see Vicki Polimeni Livingston
Peaches Pook Out. CoS sent Tom Gorman to harass her and Kristi Wachter.
Ron Pook In, said Terril Park in 2010. Was ship captain in photo with LRH and eyepatched Julie Blondell. Born Ronald Lawrence Pook, 1940. married Peaches and married twice again.
Mark Pope Out; spoke out
Des Popham Out; Desmond Popham married Joyce Moore 1953 in London. Both spoke out
Joyce Moore Popham Out; married Desmond Popham 1953 in London. Declared. spoke out
Claire Popham see Claire Popham Laubscher
Bill Potter was bisexual. In the mid-1980's he contracted AIDS and died in the 1990's. His wife, who was a nurse, was at his side
Marcia Swengel Powell In; b. 1944, married Stephen R. Powell in 1981. Runs Scientologist matchmaking site. Has completions 1986-2012.
Linda Power ? transferred to CCLA with boyfriend Ron Shafran
Lyle Power ?
Bob Prior ?
Russ Purser Out with wife Nellie, who helped Mick Wenlock get a post-Sea Org job.
Christopher Quinn 1949-2010 Died aged 61 in Pinellas Co., FL. Messenger. "in Hubbard's room on the ship when Hubbard beat Roos." Death record matches his date of birth on his song-writing site.
Monica Mary Jackson Quirino In Sea Org. Probably from South Africa. At Flag Land Base. Mother of Andrew Jackson who is out and outspoken. Was on a list with Philip Quirino at Advanced Org Saint Hill UK in 1970's and 1980's; He was declared. "Philip Quirino’s children have served on staff at Scientology’s Flag Base and Chicago Org." Both Monica and Philip Quirino's sons left Sea Org.
Francis Quirion In. Was a tenor. "living under guard in Reclusive retirement home."
Louise Quirion see Louise Quirion Shekter
Sylvia Race Left; she was named in the 1984 Gerry Armstrong Case, along with David Ziff
Inez Racine ? Overboarded blindfolded
Mike Rapkin ?
Sue Rebaj OUT.Attended 40th reunion.
Iris Reaves Last Internet mention is her working at Celebrity Centre in 1972, so she changed her name or left California.
Lois Jory Reisdorf Out.messenger; born 1960 to Brian and Bronwen Lingwood. Mother and stepfather Neville Jory were in Scientology, both deceased. At Flag 1975 as Lois Jory. Lois Ann Jory maried Gary Albert Reisdorf in Nevada in 1977. Now in real estate. Spoke out to Leah Remini about son Brandon. Son Craig, in Sea Org, disconnected.
Charles Reisdorf Died 1992; was the man who had to push a peanut with his nose around the ship
Pauline Shirley Reisdorf age 93 in 2014, says peoplefinders; wife of Charles Reisdorf; they departed the Apollo in 1973
Gary Reisdorf Out. drove Hubbard when he was on the lam. Looks like son of Charles and Pauline. Gary Albert Residorf married Lois Ann Jory in 1977. Now in real estate. Spoke out about son Brandon on Leah Remini disconnection series. Son Craig, in Sea Org, disconnected.
Gale Reisdorf See Gale Reisdorf Irwin
Diana (Dede) Reisdorf see Diana (Dede) Reisdorf Voegeding
Ellen Klayman Reynolds In Sea Org and RPF. Ellen Klayman married Wendell A. Reynolds in 1973; they were made to divorce. Both in "Scientology's concentration camp for its executives," by Tony Ortega, Aug. 2, 2012, Village Voice.
Dusty Rhodes Apollo crew member, at Flag & Gold Base, recruited in Ukraine in 2016, said Rod Keller in the May 15, 2016 Underground Bunker.
Jerry Rice ?
Share Rice see Share Jessup.
Phil Rico ?
Cathy Albertina Neal Rubio Rinder Bernardini In Sea Org; born Cathy Neal in 1953 in Australia; might have divorced husband Mike Rinder; Scientologist site calls her Cathy Bernardini, source of Bernardini name unknown.
Mike Rinder Out. Messenger. critic . Son Benjamin J. Rinder, born 1983 in LA, mother Neal, and daughter Taryn Kelly Rinder McShane , b. 1978, disconnected from him. Taryn's husband Sean McShane has left Sea Org, but Taryn is still In. Mike's brother Andrew Rinder also in, a Scientologist in Australia. Andrew's son James's wife is Annalisa Rinder, featured in 2015 on a promo.
Terry Risvold Out. Declared SP; on enemies list
Jesse Rivera aka Jesus Jesse Rivera ?
(Captain) Bill Robertson 1936-1991 Died aged 54 after being declared
Joan Robertson Out; wife of Capt. Bill Robertson; left Bill and went to real doctors when she got ill.
Tom Rodrigues Out. Told his story. on enemies list
Sabina Roest ? Terrill asked about her; heard she was in Europe.
Ulf Ronnquist ? Born 1948. Was in Clearwater, then California. "was CO UK when I first joined, believe he ended up in the US with Devon Rowland." said Mick Wenlock. There are two girls with Ronnquist surnames, mother Rowland, born in LA in the 1980's with no completions.
Otto Roos Out, on enemies list
Robin Roos Out. on enemies list, AS "Robin Roos (Lamberson)"
Karl Rosenkranz Out; spoke out. on an Indie site in 2012
Bert Rossouw In. At Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Saint Hill staff, said Terrill Park in 2010
Claire Rossouw ? messenger . Wife of David Rossouw. In Sea Org. Targeted by David Miscavige around 1980.
David Rossouw Died around 2000. Messenger
Karen Rossouw ? Was in Sea Org around 2000. Told of being imprisoned in chain locker. Sister to David Rossouw.
Lola Rossouw ? Worked at Flag in Clearwater in 1975
Brian Roubinek 1944-1993 Died age 48. "directed the Washington break-ins for the Guardian's Office." Married Emily Watson in 1969. "I visited the Sea Org housing where the small children were cared for by nannies. These children lived in filthy, subnormal conditions. Many of them had multiple open sores and skin conditions. I remember Emily Rubineck at PR US was preparing a report on the poor conditions to get them corrected at that time." Brian married Vilia Charlotte Smith in Pinellas County in 1976.
Ann Rush see Ann Broeker
Charlie Rush In Sea Org; Linked in says "Charlie Rush is Administrator at Church of Sci., greater Los Angeles area." Several people report he was sent from the Int Base RPF to AOLA to be a never-to-be-promoted dishwasher. was drummer to Apollo Stars. Was married to Ann Tidman, who later married Broeker and then Logan. Charlie secondly married & divorced Linda.
Ernie Ryan In. "Ernie (Earnest) Ryan & wife, Catherine, are still in. Resides in Temperance, Michigan. " says age 65 in 2014, middle name Patrick
Liz Sabine Out. Voice coach in LA. Mother of Mark Sabine
Mark Sabine. Out.
Julia Lewis Salmen 1915-1979 Died aged 63. Was married to Ken Salmen. Had a clique in LA.
Beryl Salter In. Born 1952. Lives in Las Vegas; Married William R Okrakel in 1976, then married Norman E Hamilton in 1995. Facebook links to Jive Aces
Glenn Samuels Out. wrote "Scientology: A Walk Into Darkness." Married Maureen Sarfati; now divorced.
Maureen "Moe" Sarfati Samuels Out. Spoke out. a favorite of LRH, was at the Ft. Harrison in 2004. Made to run around a tree with David Mayo. Was married to Glenn Samuels.
Helen Sanderson Out. on enemies list
Rob Sanderson Out. on enemies list
Maureen Sarfati see Maureen "Moe" Samuels
Neil Sarfati Out. on enemies list; left in 1978 and went into food distribution business. Born 1945.
Marcy Henderson Sargeant In. Born 1961, sister of Mike Henderson. Exec at Mace Kingsley Family Center, Clearwater in 2014; Intelius says leader at Ch of Sci, San Mateo, CA. Married Craig Sargeant in 1979. Their son Trevor Reed Sargeant was in a Sea Org video, then was offloaded (story in the Blown for Good book). Other son Dirk R. Sargeant, b. 1986, in the Sea Org.
Rudy Savage Out. Ordered off the Apollo in Morocco after fighting with Norman Starkey.
Janice Mead Schaffner 1952-2013 Died aged 61. Married Bob Schaffner . He died 1987 in an accident. Janice donated in 1999.
Julia Caetano Fisher Schless In Sea Org. born 1960 in Calif; mother Jones. messenger ; Sister to Lisa Caetano and Sea Org guard Kevin Caetano. Julie Fisher repeatedly wanted to leave, was forced to divorce from now-critic Mark Fisher. Final husband Peter Schless, born 1953, songwriter "On the Wings of Love," he has been in "The Hole" at Int base.
Homer Schomer Out. Sued CoS; disconnected from daughter Val Schomer Page and granddaughter Alyssa Page.
Val Schomer see Val Schomer Page
Roy Selby Out. spoke out.
Ron Shafran ? Transferred to CCLA with girlfriend Linda Power
Louise Quirion Shekter ? left Sea Org with Mark Shekter when she got pregnant
Brian Sheen, studied on the Apollo, quit Sea Org, now suing CoS for making his daughter disconnect
Mark Shekter ? left Sea Org; has a Clearwater business with Louise
Alex Sibersky Out. on enemies list. With wife Andrea at the NY Org.
Andrea Sibersky ? Probably out. wife of Alex Sibersky on Apollo and at the NY Org.
Dan J. Sigal 1950-2009 Died age 58 in Pinellas Park, Fla.
Jouko Simukka ?
Blackburn Smith ?
Doreen Smith-Gillham see Doreen Smith-Gillham Olendorf
George Smith ?
Greg Smith "Greg Smith is still sucking the Kool Aid at AOSHUK. His wife Georgia former CO CMO UK was sent to the Gallows at AOSH UK for life in the the late 80's"
Morton Smithberg 1935-2004 Died age 68 in California.
Jeanne Danilovich Franks Bogvad Sonenfild or Sonnenfeld Born 1946. Sister of John Danilovich. Married William W. (Bill) Franks in 1973. Jean Delores Danilovich married Jens Michael Bogvad (from Sweden) in 1982. Jens got cancer and was sent to Europe to die. Jeannie married David Samuel Sonenfild, born in Australia about 1953 (also spelled Sonnenfeld). Jeanne and David left Sea Org to have a son born in 1995 in LA. She now runs Cincinnati org.
Mitch Spence Died. On enemies list
Rheva Spence ?
Michael Stainforth Died 2013 age 76. Sharone Stainforth's father
Sharone Stainforth Out. messenger. Born 1957. "LRH Commodores Messenger at age 10". Critic in the UK. Older sister and two aunts still in and won't speak to her.
Norman Starkey In Sea Org; born 1943 in S. Africa, middle name Fletcher
Maria Bosslar Starkey In Sea Org, wife of Norman; takes care of COS's dogs
Nan Carr Starkey 1941-1992 Died age 51. wife of Owen Starkey
Owen Starkey In Sea Org; born in S. Africa. brother of Norman Starkey; has son Sharder Starkey listed in 2007 Int Base list as "offloaded."
Kay Manning Steadman Out. spoke out. sister of Steven Manning.
Leon Steinberg Out. on enemies list. Attended 40th reunion.
Jill Steinberg Out. Attended 40th reunion.
Brigitte Sternberg ?
John Stevens Out. on enemies list
Norma Stipe ?
David Stokes Out. Student on the ship. Toronto org staff until declared in 2011. Disconnected from ex-wife, son and daughter. Created a blog, "Who is Ensifer?"
Ron Stone ?
Billy Strasser Out. Declared SP. Married first Sarah and then Jenny.
Scott Stratton ? Messenger. Took the Purification Rundown in 2001.
Ron Strauss ?
Amanda Ambrose Strawn see Amanda Ambrose
Tony Strawn Out. aka Donald Anthony Strawn and Tony Ambrose; son of Amanda Ambrose; arrested for sex abuse of daughters
Bengt Strom Out. on enemies list
Bess Sullivan ? Pulled off Sea Org post.
Laurel Watson Rock Sullivan Out. Born about 1949. Former LRH PRO. Went to the IRS as an informant. On enemies list; daughter of Frank Watson
Thor Sundergard ?
Janadair Swanson see Janadair Hockaday
Marcia Swengel see Marcia Swengel Powell
Kiki Swift ?
Rod Taunton Sharone S. saw him locked in a cattle stall on the ship. Now runs a consulting company on the US northwest.
Andre Taboyoyon Out. wrote affidavit. see his wife Mary Taboyoyon's entry.
Mary Christine Chambers Tabayoyon1950-2016, wrote declaration; she and husband Andre were disconnected from son Casavius Tabayoyon, who was adopted by Dan Przybylski, and changed his name to Michael Przybylski. Mary's obit says Casavius and wife Irene have two children.
Alethea Taylor In. Born 1951. Smurf reported in 2013 Alethea Caroline Taylor, the former personal secretary of L. Ron Hubbard, is now a public, living in California. She divorced Luten Taylor in 1984. Their son, a singer/musician, has no completions.
Luten Taylor "Out of the sea org and no longer active in scientology"
Pam Teggatz ? born 1942. At Flag in Clearwater in 1975. Pamela Ellyn Teggatz married Frank Melville Mcall in 1976. Completions 1985-1987 as Pam McAll. Completions 1987-2006 as Pam Teggatz
Ray (Rae) Thacker Died. Saint Hill Staff.
Jeanette Thorpenberg ?
Don Tidman Died 2003; Annie Tidman Broeker's father. Obit: TIDMAN, DONALD, 76, of Clearwater, died Friday (Jan. 10, 2003) at Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater. He was born in San Francisco and came here in 1986 from Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an auditor. Survivors include his wife of 32 years, Shirley Jean; four daughters, Jackie Cerda, Clearwater, Donna Jenkins, Seattle, Annie Tidman, Los Angeles, and Nancy Carrasco, Bozeman, Mont.; nine grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.
Donna Tidman ? "Donna Jenkins, Seattle" in dad's obit - A Donna Jenkins had a 2006 completion
Annie Tidman see Ann Tidman Broeker
Jean Tidman In Sea Org in Clearwater. Annie Tidman Broeker's mother. Born 1928 as Shirley Jean Hiller
Nancy Tidman Out. Routed out. Nancy Lynn Tidman married 1977 in Pinellas County, Fla. to a man with no completions
Janice Tidman-Welch ?? - could this be Jackie Cerda of Clearwater (named in father Don's obit - she had completions 1998-2000). Janice Tidman-Welch appears nowhere.
Geary Titus In Sea Org; Tony Ortega reported Geary pushed Way to Happiness on Boy Scouts in 2013
Maria Treloar ? Changed her name
Foster Tompkins Born 1948 as Robert Foster Tompkins. Was married to Bitty Blythe 1976-79; they had twin sons, Foster kept one, Sterling William Tompkins. Bitty took Justin. Foster in 1979 married Barbara Mithoff, b. 1952, ex-wife of Raymond Henry Mithoff, b. 1949. Bitty went on to marry Ron Miscavige, Jr and have daughter Jenna Miscavige Hill, b. 1984, of whom Tony Ortega said, "her brothers had also left" (Scientology).
Kenneth Urquhart Out. on enemies list
Bertie Van Hoeke Out. Flemish. On the Apollo, married Joni from Italy, apparently Joni Chiriasi.
Jill Van Staden Out. wife of Joe
Joe Van Staden Out. Critic; on enemies list, husband of Jill.
Ruth Vandersluys ?
Charles Varga ?
Bella Venter-Adams see Bella Venter Adams Pendery Cooper
Trudy Venter-Broeker see Trudy Venter Broeker
Bob Visk Out. quit Sea Org; husband of Lynn
Lynn Visk Out. quit Sea Org; wife of Bob
Diane (Dede) Reisdorf Voegeding Out. messenger. Was married to Peter Konstantin Voegeding. She is on enemies list
Walt Voelker ? might live around Berkeley, Calif.
Adele Vonnie In Sea Org. Mother of Mary Maren Freeman. "Adele Vonnie was able to transfer out of (Celeb. Centre LA, a Sea Org workplace) Treasury and get into Tech Training." Adele, a resident of Calif., married William Joseph Marten in 1979 in Nevada. Adele Marten took a course in 1980.
Alan G. Vos 1948-before 2011 Died in his early sixties. Interviewed in 1986 for Bare Faced Messiah. Lived in Mclean, Fairfax Co., VA in 1990 with wife Heidemarie (formerly Heidi Keeley). Died in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Sometimes called Voss. Heidemarie dedicated her 2011 cookbook to her late husband Alan.
Marie-jose Vos . A public member in the Netherlands, prodding members to disconnect on Facebook from critics.
Jeff Walker Out. From New Zealand. Became Class X auditor; blew; on enemies list; had married and divorced Susan Pomeroy
Susan Walker Out. Died 2010 aged "in mid-60's". Sue Pomeroy, her maiden name, was on enemies list.
Peter Warren Out. Peter Warren runs Exo-Brain, Inc. In 2004 the SEC charged him for defrauding investors.
Barry Watson ? active for awhile afterwards ?
Delwyn Watson 1948-1984 died aged 36 in London.
Frank Watson Out. Born about 1917 in British Columbia. quit; was married aboard the Apollo, and also was overboarded 5 times. Father of Laurel Watson Rock Sullivan
Laurel Watson see Laurel Watson Rock Sullivan
Ian Robert Waxler Out. quit. Attended 40 year reunion.
Art Webb In. In 2014 promo photo as Class XII auditor at Flag; Arthur G. Webb born 1942; has wife Caroline born 1948
Boyce Weeks ? Briefly appeared in a Royal Scotsman photograph with Fred Hare.
Francis Weilgart ? At a Scientology address on Fountain Ave in 2008. Donated with Nancy Weilgart 2004. They appear to have two grown children; one took courses in 2004; neither seems active now.
Bruce Welch ? Locked up for going psychotic. A Bruce Welch died in Clearwater; he was married to Evie; might be the same guy.
Carol Ann Wemple ? married 1973 and divorced in 1977 in LA, Tenir Riggs Eckelberry
Janet Thompson Weiland In Sea Org; born 1944. "Janet was on the Pac RPF as of September 2006." Mick Wenlock said "Kurt Weiland…Kurt…was in GO Munich back in the day... He married an American - Janet Wiland who ended up as PPRO Int when Kurt went over to OSA Int...Kurt was, I think, Austrian." Kurt born 1954, middle intial S., relative "Janet Sue Weiland." Kurt and Janet appear to have a child Cary Ross Weiland, born 1982, at a Sea Org address in 2008. Cary Weiland and Janet Weiland together "withdrew a claim" on the Slatkin fraud case. Liana Arlene Klingle Weiland, born 1958, in Sea Org, "gardener at Gold" was a later wife to Kurt Weiland.
Sharon West ? married on the ship to Peter Church
Karl Whitcher In Sea Org. Born 1950. On 2007 Int Base list and on 2007 public records as Karl Arthur Whitcher
Marion "Ozzie" Barton Witcher / Whitcher Out. Liz Barton Ingber "has a brother and sister in the Sea Org as well. Another sister routed out several years ago.". The "out" sister must be Marion, "Mazz," who told her story under the name "Ozzie" on ESMB, ... -beginning The half- brother, Andrew Barton, left Scientology for unknown destination. The Barton sisters when young took the surname of their step-father Noel Barton.
Karl Witcher see Karl Whitcher
Connie White ?
Hana Eltringham Whitfield Out. critic; on enemies list
John Wiley ?
Sandy Stevens Wilhere In Sea Org. born 1948, wife of Gregory T. Wilhere
Norma Williams ?
Rob Williamson Out. on several critic message boards
Dale Wilson ?
John David Wilson, Whitelight1 said he is known as David Wilson who is now a public member and along with wife Bonita Wilson, is a big donor.
Lewis Winston ?
Rochelle Wright ?
Michelle Lynette Jaramillo Yager In Sea Org. was messenger, born 1958; still in; made to divorce Marc
Marc A. Yager In Sea Org. messenger, born 1961. Marc was made to divorce Michelle Jaramillo
Ron Yoder Out. Quit
Bob Young  Out. On enemies list "Mr. Young chose to take a trip around the world and become no longer visible to the Church of Scientology"
Loy Young Out. Spoke out. Writer, attended 40th reunion.
Jojo Zawawi In. OSA asset for years. Polices Facebook to make members disconnect from critics. In 1974 Apollo wedding photo, Born 1957 as Joanne Naomi Albert. Married to Abbas Zawawi.
David Ziff Died around 1994. Quit; named in Gerry Armstrong case
Judy Ziff Out. Quit; divorced David in 1973; became Judy Graham but much of her work was under the Ziff name.

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Re: Need help with list of 391 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by Don Carlo » Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:53 am

Sources for the above include: ... tology.pdf
Google: "Name" + Apollo + Sea Org
Google: "Name" + "Sea Org"
Google: "Name" + Scientology
Google: "Name" + Clearwater (or Los Angeles, or Gilman Springs Road)!topic ... GxdcOQ--zQ ... he-Sea-Org ... ickens.php ... ding1.html
The Village Voice Series: Scientology on the High Seas ... e_hole.php ... pr1971.htm ... rt-1-of-2/
Counterfeit Dreams by Jefferson Hawkins
Hanna Eltringham Whitfield testimony at ... ce_29.html ... pr1971.htm ... zJ3Q&pli=1 ... post982246 ... sad/page10 ... ood/362772 ... 1968/page4 ... /#comments
2009 Int Base Voter list viewtopic.php?f=9&t=59880 ... e-500.html ... l-stories/ ... 0-1991.pdf

It's just too distracting to have the footnotes in the list, and keeping the footnotes numbered in order when constantly editing, would be too much. Google and will find almost all of the above facts. Also, many footnotes are one anonymous blogger's memory from thirty years ago, so they are hardly a source.

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Re: Need help with list of 391 Apollo survivors and their f

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I will be helping you a lot on this Don Carlo !

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Need help with list of 437 Apollo survivors and their fate

Post by Don Carlo » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:33 pm

We're curious about the messengers. 5th Draft of Messengers, in alphabetical order

1. Julie Blundell. Out and spoke out, but want to respect her request to speak anonymously. JULIE BLUNDELL ON THE APOLLO PHOTO
2. Clarisse Barnett Brousseau. In. Forced to divorce critic John Brousseau PHOTO #3
3. Ann Tidman Broeker (Logan) 1956-2011. Died. PHOTO #3
4. Tonja Burden Out. Sued CoS.
5. Trudy Venter-Broeker Cooper PHOTO # 13
6. Terry Gillham Armstrong Gamboa PHOTO # 13
8. Janadair Swanson Hockaday
9. Suzette Hubbard. Quiet PHOTO # 3
10. Gale Reisdorf Irwin. Out. PHOTO # 3
11. Jill Goodman PHOTO # 3
12. Trudy Venter-Broeker Langton PHOTO # 13
14. Molly McBride. ? related to Murdoch McBride?
15. Shelly Barnett Miscavige imprisoned wife of David Miscavige PHOTO # 12
16. Doreen Smith-Gillham Olendorf 1957-1990. Died. PHOTO # 3
17. Chris Quinn. Died. Would like more information.
18. Valerie Schomer Page. In Sea Org. CarmeloOrchards said in 2010 "Valerie Schomer, Homer's daughter was put in the chain lockers before she was 8. I'm thinking age 6 or 7. She was there for days (plural). She had fallen asleep at 2 AM outside LRH's door while being a Commodore's Messenger. 35 years later, she's still in the SO in LA."
19. Lois Jory Reisdorf ?
20. Mike Rinder. Out and critic. His wife Cathy Bernardini Rinder forced to divorce him.
21. Claire Rossouw ?
22. David Rossouw. Died around 2000, said blogger, but didn't say where or how old he was.
23. Julie Caetano Fisher Schless. In. Forced to divorce critic Mark Fisher. MARC FISHER-JULIE CAETANO WEDDING
24. Sharone Stainforth. Out and critic. MESSENGERS CLAIRE SHARONE AND JANIS PHOTO
25. Scott Stratton ?
26. Janadair Swanson. In Sea Org.
27. Diana (Dede) Reisdorf (later Voegeding) PHOTO # 3
28. Michelle Jaramillo Yager. In Sea Org. Forced to divorce Marc. MARC FISHER-JULIE CAETANO WEDDING
29. Marc A. Yager. In Sea Org. Forced to divorce Michelle. PHOTO # 4

Messenger after he left the ship: Pat Broeker PHOTO # 4

I couldn't find photos for Tonja Burden, Janadair Swanson Hockaday, Molly McBride, Chris Quinn, a youthful Mike Rinder, Claire Rossouw, and David Rossouw.

Image Suzette Hubbard, Clarisse Barnett (later Brousseau), Gale Reisdorf (later Irwin), Diana (Dede) Reisdorf (later Voegeding), Jill Goodman, Janis Gillham (later Grady), Doreen Gillham, Ann Rush (later Broeker) ... ding3.html

Standing left to right: Peter Gillham, Dave Murphy, Stuart Moreau, Charlie Rush, Gerry Armstrong,
Bob Young, Pat Broeker, David Light, Alex Sibersky, Alan Vos.
Ring bearers kneeling: left, Kenny Campleman; right, Mark Yager. ... ding4.html

Best photo of Shelly Barnett Miscavige
Stuart, Tony, Shelly, Lisa Caetano?, Bob Young, Clarisse, Peter Gillham, Gale, Suzette. ... ing12.html

Left to right: Shelly, Suzette, Clarisse, Gale, Dede, Janis, Doreen,
Janet, Anne, Kima, Terri, Gerry, Trudy, Pat, Alan. ... ing13.html

Sharone Stainforth said "L. Ron Hubbard actually took this photo, Claire Popham, Sharone Stainforth and Janis Gillham/ Grady,
behind me Peter Gillham Junior and next to him, John O'Keefe... Belkacem in the far left hand corner sitting on the floor

The same post has another photo with two messengers in white
hot pants. I can't copy over the url. ... date=false

Julie Blundell on the Apollo
Image ... ht-apollo/

Mark Fisher - Julie Caetano wedding
Wedding Party Oct 1984. The guys left to right are Jason Bennick, Andre Taboyoyan, Jesse Prince, John McGinley, HH Peterson and Gary Conley. The little girl is Roanne Hubbard, LRH's grand daughter. The girls left to right are my ex wife Julie, Lisa Schroer, Carol Bourke, Jenny Johnston, Fleur Thomas, Jackie Wolff and Michelle Yager. Out completely - Andre, Jesse, John and Jackie. Out of the SO but still connected to Scn - Jason, Jenny. Still in - Gary, Lisa, Fleur, Michelle, Carol and Roanne. Not sure - HH. - See more at: ... C2k3t.dpuf

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Re: Need help with list of 391 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by Karen#1 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:38 am

Greetings Don Carlo.
I was not a messenger, I was a Techie.
Some of the key messengers
Shelley Barnett (Miscavige) older sister of Clarisse who is the famous Shelley Miscavige
Jill Goodman
Trudi Broeker (earlier wife of Pat Broeker)
DeDe Reisdorf _-out. Sister of Gail.
Scott Stratton (Tech messenger at W and Gold Base)


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Re: Need help with list of 391 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by Karen#1 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:58 am

Very important messenger omitted
Terri Gilham.
Janice's older sister.
Janis and Terri were original messengers.

Terri left side, Janis right side.

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Re: Need help with list of 391 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Nov 28, 2014 5:25 am

Scott Stratton, but I only found he took the Purif Rundown in 2001. Anyone know where he lived or lives?

Brad Pinch of Toronto, who "Killed himself after being routed offlines and stuck with a huge 's.o.' 'freeloader' debt," said the Great Zorg on ESMB in 2010, ... 19802.html

Nancy Many mentioned that Share Rice Jessup died in Sea Org in 1994, but she must have died under another name. If anyone knows her given first name or her final married name, please speak up. Share was already on the list as Share Rice, so she's not a new addition.

Mike Silverman took the OEC course on the Apollo. There is a Mark Silverman on Twitter who said, #Scientology is basically a chain letter that went way the hell out of control, ... 7395519488 .

List up to 394 survivors.

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Re: Need help with list of 391 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by warrior » Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:34 am

Bill Broderick - He was Folder Admin ASHO [American St. Hill Organization] Day in the mid-70s; was said to have gone "over the rainbow" in the late '70s by executives in the Guardian Office and at ASHO. In reality he went undercover for the US Guardian Office to do undercover ops against Tonja Burden and Boston Attorney Michael Flynn. (Source: my own personal knowledge, substantiated by Carol Garrity here:

Marcy Henderson - Still in. Living in Clearwater in 2013. After her days on the Apollo, she was ASHO Day Technical Division staff in the 1970s and '80s, and then staff in the International Training Organization ('ITO'); while still at ASHO, she married fellow Sea Org ASHO Day staff member Craig Sargeant.
Her Facebook page:
Photo of Marcy & Craig in Red River, NM in January 2010: ... 9e7bf6c7de

Nick Polimeni - Out. See He was an early Sea Org member who goes way back to the Sea Org when it was called the Sea Project in 1966. He was previously married to Linda Forster Polimeni ( who was an undercover GO operative who infiltrated the California Attorney General's office, and she was my landlady in the mid-70s when I lived on N. Virgil Avenue in Los Angeles. Linda was caught and prosecuted for stealing files concerning Scientology. (See!topic ... ArkDU7lPWY and

Andre Tabayoyon - Out. He should have his own entry on this list.

Mary Taboyan - The correct spelling of Mary's last name is Tabayoyon.

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Need help with list of 395 Apollo survivors and their fate

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:41 am

Thanks, warrior. I made your corrections and added Andre Taboyoyan to the list, making it 395 survivors.

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Re: Need help with list of 395 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by warrior » Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:13 am

You're welcome, Don Carlo.

But after a refresh I still don't see Nick Polimeni's name on the list.

And the Tabayoyons still have their names misspelled. It's T A B A Y O Y O N.

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Re: Need help with list of 395 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by warrior » Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:24 am

I could probably add dozens of names of people who were on the Apollo since I have hundreds of Orders of the Day (OODs) from the Apollo, perhaps a couple of thousand Flag Orders, tons of Flag Personnel Orders, and a slew of Flag Conditions Orders, etc.

Also, do you want names of public Scientologists (non-Sea Org staff) who were on the Apollo to do courses?

And what about the other ships? Do you want names of Sea Org members and/or public who were aboard other vessels? Or would that be a separate post with a different subject?

Don Carlo
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Re: Need help with list of 395 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:30 pm

Wow, that's a huge offer. Why not start with the Apollo staff or any boat that Hubbard was playing commodore on. I'll take whatever you wish to give. One idea for you to save time is to enter the names in an Excel spreadsheet, with the first and last names on separate columns and notes like below as a separate column. Then you can enter names, and sort the list by last name, so the duplicates clump together and can be eliminated.

I think the course takers were a mix of participants, victims, and enablers, so they should go on the list with a "course-taker" note next to their names, but I'd like to first get the Apollo staff list.

The other advantage of doing the names in Excel or even Word is that if the Internet or your computer crashes, it will save your work, whereas you can lose all your unsaved work if your Internet goes down in the middle of an OCMB post.

If the other ships had separate crews that never served on the Apollo, sure - they were part of that era.

I don't need anyone's status relating to job, training, or course levels; to keep this huge list simple.
The useful categories are
Student or staff
What Ship
In Sea Org.
In (could be Sea Org or Staff or Public; please list what you know) or just say IN
Died; year if known.
? = unknown what they are doing now.
Whether they were a messenger on the ship.
Whether they've been in RPF.
Who they married
Do they have children who are in, or critics (don't need to list the quiet ones who are out)

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Re: Need help with list of 395 Apollo survivors and their f

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Nov 28, 2014 5:54 pm

Although it's great to get new names on the list, it's also really appreciated if you can confirm that some of the ones with a ? next to their name, are in Sea Org. I know some women married repeatedly but any of their married names might be helpful.
I want to highlight those who went from the ship to the RPF, or to early death.

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Need help with list of 424 Apollo survivors and their fate

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:30 pm

Speaking of early death, Share Rice Jessup might have died, in 1994*, in her FORTIES. I need a final married name, or even an official first name, and hopefully at least the state of death, to get her birth year. One of her husbands, Amos Jessup, was born 1945, so she was likely born in the late 1940's. If she was born 1947, she'd have been 47 at her death. This is shocking.

* Nancy Many reported the 1994 death of "Share Jessup," but I can't find a death record anywhere in the US for her. She had a later name Valois, but no luck there, either.

Added James Hare who died about 2002 (brother of Fred Hare) and "Fred Hare's father" anyone know his name?

Added "Steve Manning's mother" who was a cook on the Apollo. Does anyone know her name?

Removed one person: David Deitsch who is likely a miswriting of Bill Dietsch.

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Need help with list of 424 Apollo survivors and their fate

Post by Demented Source » Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:53 pm

Couple of years ago I read an article about Pat Broeker. According to the article, he currently lives in Prague.
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