Wealth seminar a front for Scientology recruitment, say exes

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Wealth seminar a front for Scientology recruitment, say exes

Post by Sponge » Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:45 pm

Wealth seminar a front for Scientology recruitment, say ex-members
Brisbane Times 29th Nov 09
http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensl ... -jy5t.html

Allegedly, two separate emails - seen by Fairfax Media - were written about the Sydney seminar, one for the general public and another for Scientology members.

Members were instructed to cut and paste the information and send to non-Scientologists to publicise the seminar.
The cult is really getting the shit kicked out of them in the media down under in Oz and NZ.
I want moarrrrrrr.

I love the scientological response...
Ms Crutchfield said she had not seen the second email but suspected it had been invented by the anonymous group that is anti-Scientology.
Lol, yeah, as well as being paid by big pharma, and we're all on psych drugs, blah blah.

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Post by Sea Horse » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:05 am



Subject: Teenagers Education Seminar
November 16, 2009

FREE Teenage Education Seminar being held this weekend

Carly Crutchfield knows that educating teenagers on life skills that will help them to be their best and achieve the most possible in their lives will have a significant positive impact on their lives. She has organised many events teaching the youth of today how to set themselves goals and targets and how to set out realistic and fun action lists so that they are continuously working towards achieving their dream. After Carly received so many requests from people telling her that they wish their kids could learn what she knows or that their kids would love her seminars, Carly decided to do something about it and arrange a teenage workshop so that she could help kids achieve the successes she has by reaching their goals and dreams. Her workshop, presented by Brent Williams, is an outstanding success and due to demand she has organised educational teenage workshops in Adelaide and Sydney very soon.

CLICK HERE to find out more and book now.

This is not really part of Carly's business – it’s something that she is doing through her charity group, CFoundation, as the event is completely non-profit. This free education seminars for teenagers covers subjects such as life, goals, money, motivation, decision making and other crucial life skills. CFoundation is a registered charity organisation and its purpose is to empower lives and create positive change – and what better way than to educate our youth!

At this seminar your teenagers will learn:

• Find out how to maximize their own style and individuality
• Find out how to make a career out of the things they love to do
• How to not feel pressured and confidently make their own decisions
• Learn what it takes to get and keep a job
• Find out how to get motivated in life
• Find out how to make more friends with ease

This event aims to educate teenagers on the importance of setting goals and targets for their lives that will allow them to be successful. Motivation and determination are two of the main keys to success and it is important for teenagers to realise what they are good at and where their passion lies in order for them to take advantage of the many situations and opportunities that life throws at them.

CLICK HERE to book now to secure you and your teenagers spot or call our office on 02 9371 4799 or email info@ccorp.com.au to confirm your place now!

Sydney: Book Now

Time: 10.30m –12.00pm
Date: Saturday 21st November
Email: info@ccorp.com.au

Adelaide: Book Now

Time: 10.30m –12.00pm
Date: Sunday 22nd November
Email: info@ccorp.com.au

Brent Williams is one of Australia's leading authorities on Youth related issues and is on the forefront of life skills education for teenagers. Having worked with thousands of teenagers in all areas of life, he certainly knows what it takes to give young people the edge in life. He also wrote the highly acclaimed book “The World at Your Feet”, and was recently awarded the Generation Y Young Leader of the year award which is a highly prestigious honor. He has been interviewed on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, ABC Radio, Radio 2UE, as well as featured in over a hundred different newspaper and magazines articles right across the country for his amazing work with young people.

The following is what some people have had to say about Brent:

“I have seen Brent work magic with small and larger groups of teenagers. He has a vibrancy and enthusiasm that is contagious and teenagers just want to hear what he has to say and put into action the things he suggests. I have been inspired beyond belief at the changes I have seen in some of the teenagers doing Brent’s courses. He helps young people be who they want to be....and more!” Kate vanderVoort, Former CEO Discovery Australia Inc.

“The girls who have been to Brent’s presentations have called it a ‘life changing experience’. I was astonished at what those young people have been empowered to do. The simple strategies that you use to achieve profound results is inspiring and within reach for everyone.” Sr Fidelis, Principal – Marist Sisters Whoolwhich

Note: Adults are welcome, however Adults can not come alone – each adult must be accompanied by at least one person under the age of 20.

Looking forward to meeting you there,


We are the architects of our own lives. Design and build the life you want.

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Post by caroline » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:37 am

Cached Scientology service completions for the named parties. (I'm getting a 403 on truthaboutscientology.com.)

Carly Crutchfield

Gareth Jekel

Tony Melvin
Purpose: To train the student to give a false statement with good TR-1. To train the student to outflow false data effectively.
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